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  1. Is anyone connecting to London Real at the moment?
  2. I cant get onto london real to watch the Icke interview. Anyone else having probs? Is it being streamed anywhere else? Bitchute?
  3. It was beautiful to see so many people doing this in Germany. MSM today just focusing on the Brixton demo's yesterday which fits the divide and conquer plan.
  4. More speakers at speakers corner, speaking some much truth. The movement has started
  5. Found a few vid's of todays London Demo March from hyde park via Oxford Street to BBC
  6. Alnitak


    Thanks @Storm in the garden yeah got the odds against me where im living at the moment. I will look at dehydration, i just dont get much time to do anything which is also a big problem for me. It is just a case of chop it up and put it on, or does anything else need doing apart from them packing it? (Got a kid under 8 and im on my own and im working 6 days a week) .Might be best us to get as much tinned stuff in as i can for now. Got a storage space if needed for them and can use my relo's for overflow storage if needed. Get the feeling this winter is gonna be worse than this spring summer and that doesnt really seem possible but the way things are going i feel it is coming. Anything anyone can do in the coming months is gonna help, even if you dont need the stuff you can use it later or give it a neighbour or other family members.
  7. Im not bowing down to it but it is getting on my wick, got enough cold callers on the phone as it is without being pushed into a smart meter. Im not doing it and i did make it clear and it seems to have stopped for now. I said i had safety concerns and the person on the line said oh no there are no health issues with smart meters. Im not convinced, i like your emf paint idea @chocomel if i ever move to somewhere with one. So does the big brotherment have a target that has not been met about installing smart meters? Are we not acquiescing to their will to impose 24/7 control on our energy consumption.
  8. Ive been getting a ringing in the ears also but it is not constant. It feels like a frequency change. I get it maybe once of twice a day i feel like an adjustment in energy is happening. It could be my own brain doing it or it could be from around me. I am an empath so i dont know if it is an adjustment in the general toxic soup we are living in.
  9. There was another one the following day that i watched yesterday. The docs were re iterating what they had said and were angry because of the censorship. Just looked for the video to post it but of course it has gone. It might be on Breitbart, i will look there. its obvious we are being lead down a path to vaccination rather than a path to prevention and treatment. Disgusting world we are living in right now. I am feeling sick to the core of how bad things have gone. Just so glad to be here to be able to rant :it out
  10. Full video of the Doctors in USA talking about hydroxychloroquine and death numbers etc, you tube keeps taking it down. I am so happy they have stood up and spoken out. Hope our UK medics will start talking now. So nice to see Dan Erickson again too. Could the tide be turning? https://www.bitchute.com/video/c7rrMPoXqGvn/
  11. Alnitak


    Looks like the processing plant stories have gone quiet whilst they ramp up general CV fear mongering 2 wave scare stories instead. Like today the virus causes long term heart problems. Also number of cases increasing around the world (all suits the masking agenda). I was hoping to move somewhere during the summer that has a bigger garden but it is looking unlikely now. So does anyone have any tips on what i can grow during autumn and winter in the UK in a small garden that gets no sun in the winter?
  12. I am being constantly harassed at the moment by my utility company to get a smart meter installed. Text messages every other day. Last week a chance to win £1,500 if i had one installed. Friday 3 phone calls from different numbers to install a smart meter. Anyone else having a lot of pressure to get one installed. Its like they are getting desperate now. Makes me feel it is going to be used as a tool later down the line, maybe switching peoples power off if they dont comply with something in the new stassi state that is being created.
  13. The plan is for sure to keep them until the 'injection' is ready and the 'entire' population of the world has been given the DNA altering shot. But i hope they will only be here until either A) Trump wins the next election there and overthrows the deep state or B) We revolt and over throw the government and deep state here. Either way its a bumpy road ahead.....
  14. I managed to get someone to remove their mask today in a local shop. It felt great It was when i likened the masks wearing scene to being like a 1970's horror movie that did it i think! I then also pointed out the reasons why surgeons wear masks and why they should not be worn for long periods of time. We can crack them bit by bit.
  15. Its the teaching Unions calling for it. Daily Mail today also trying to 'normalise' the idea of kids wearing masks in school. You can see exactly where this left agenda is steering towards. Its the same pressure that was being put out to get people to wear masks in shops. Resist, sign the petition, tell parents to check their kids schools (secondary mostly it seems).
  16. Petition to stop mandatory masks for children, launched by us for them. Please sign and share as any child being forced to wear a mask is child abuse! No schools should be suggesting this, for kids of any age. https://www.change.org/p/gavin-williamson-mp-do-not-make-masks-mandatory-for-children-in-primary-or-secondary-schools-in-uk
  17. Dr Rashid Buttar has done a nice short and easy to understand video about RNA vaccines. Its a good one to share far and wide.
  18. Psychological Warfare That was my thoughts when i came out of my local shop this afternoon, all the staff masked, all the customers masked. Just me and my kid not masked. My child was really disturbed after it and will probably never want to go into a shop again until this is over. No thoughts from gov on how this is going to effect young child and old children either. Thats what this mask wearing crap it is psychological warfare keep people in fear, to drain away our spirit of resistance and to make us more unhealthy or ultimately ill enough to be added to the statistics. In USA people wearing masks are getting false positives on Covid tests, there are also cases of breathing and lung problems from prolonged wear. The bill that has been passed will not be reviewed for 6 months - 12 months by the way. Are mainstream media reporting on that.... NO NO NO! People think it will just be for a few weeks, lets tell them all its for at least 6 months then see how they feel about it. The good news is my co-operative store were very co-operative when i said i was except
  19. I just found this, dont know if this is really anoymous. But either way some good points made. Also check out Brand New Tube a lot of people are moving over there. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/anonymous-warning-to-bill-gates_AxkW2mIilJHt7Pe.html
  20. Alnitak


    A whole farm is now in quarantine in Herefordshire. Another blow to food in the UK. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8517851/Four-workers-escape-coronavirus-hit-vegetable-farm-Herefordshire.html
  21. MSM are pushing this mask agenda with full force. Im not going to comply but i might have to hand this Bill Gates mask for emergency use only. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bill-Gates-Celebrity-Microsoft-Fun-Card-Mask-All-Masks-Are-Pre-Cut/192787879622
  22. A lot of stuff is probably coming out soon. Latest Q drops include Rachael Chandler, Bill n Hilary and a full list of celebs. See this x22 report with a lot more info. Media are too afraid to report on this properly and are using soft reporting to brush it over as they are too afraid to implicate anyone.
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