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  1. That twitter video is an alarm bell ringing. She didnt answer the questions raised very well either. Its good she is giving people a chance to voice their feelings, it is helping people to feel less alone in this mess. But on the other hand she is still in the network. She was probably aware of Event 201 in November, So within her circle of contacts she would have been well aware of this pandemic possibility. I hope her intentions are good, just have to watch with an open mind.


    All i can say is question everything and do your research. 

  2. 14 minutes ago, Orange Alert said:


    I agree with your opinion about punishment for leaving the EU.  But, however tempting it is, direct action such as ramming migrant boats is the wrong solution ethically and tatically . The migrants are not our enemy, it is the controlling elite.



    Well said and if we had a bigger country with plenty of space and quality homes we could welcome them with open arms. But it is clear this government is doing nothing about this. They are coming in on trucks and boats. For every detected migrant there must be at least the same number not being detected. Bumbling Boris can't send them back because usually they are not holding any ID cards. It is the elites destroying the Middle East hence giving them the free ticket to try to come here and for sure they wont want to stay in France if they are stuck in a camp there and here they can have a nice hotel room with all meals  and £40 a week spending money, along with possible perks leading to a flat or house here. 


    We already gave France millions or was it billions to stop them coming ( i think it was under Theresa May's government the deal was made). We should withhold that payment until it is sorted out. France just wants rid of them and is probably encouraging them but giving them bad treatment there. The French are escourting them into UK waters as well, see Nigels earlier videos. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    How do you know they were Romanians? The article mentions nothing about the origin of the migrants, though it does say the truck driver was Romanian.


    Romanians wouldn't need to be smuggled into the UK, "freedom of movement" and all that.


    Yeep your right, it was late when i posted that and i didnt read it properly. I cant edit it now, the option isnt there. 

  4. A lady started talking to me a few days ago, i was outside a small shop without a mask. She could see i had no intention to mask up. We had a long chst and i found out she knows everything and i didnt expect it at all. She is very distressed from the whole thing, she has cancer and has had numerous hospital appointment cancelled and cant get a GP appointment. 


    So wearing no mask equals wearing an arm band, or any other symbol. We will grow in numbers. The day after she met me she came to my house and told me about  neighbours who are really distressed about going shopping also. So i gave her some exception cards and that now four of us instead of the one that i thought i was originally.

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  5. It really is time for us to come together by area or region. I wonder if the admins could make a new forum section called regional groups or something. So that we can bring people together and make our own groups. i dont like facebook and avoid using it and i think something like this would be useful to start bringing people together to make support groups/protest groups or what ever we need to do.

    Basically were in for a Winter of discontent as it stands, we need to find local support. If people want to keep their exact location anonymous (as this is a public open forum)  they can choose another area not a million miles away from where they really are. Once they see a member who is within a certain distance of them they can then start to chat in the messaging area. I would love to meet up with some like minded within my region. How can we do it?

    What do you all think? How can we come together? 



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  6. There were also a truck load of Romanians found today and caused huge delays on the M25




    This is surely just the tip of iceberg. There must be loads more coming in undetected. Those detected are being put up in 3 and 4 * hotels at our expense. I wish the government would give me a 4* hotel stay for free. We are all paying for this and none of them ever leave.


    Im so happy Nigel Farage has been following this story and is now investigating the whole thing. Also Mike Graham on Talk Radio weekdays from 10 am - 1pm is questioning Serco on this. Mike's show is also on You tube and he is really questioning narrative in general these days, i would say its one of the best MSM radio shows we have at the moment.



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  7. uK column news today suggested that Turkey could have been involved in this. Its near the end of the hour. 




    Having lived in the middle east previously there was usually a pattern of 'incidents' occurring on or around the time of religious events. This was just after Eid when some people may have still be on holiday. I feel awful for the Lebanese, they have been attacked for decades, almost as much as Palestinians. Every time they re build they get knocked down again. i hope the truth will come out about this. It is definately suspect, that explosion was not normal, there was a trigger for sure.

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  8. One interesting thing Hallett has been claiming is that Will and Harry are not sons of Charles. This is in the document he submitted to the common law courts on the 9th July that William is the son of King Juan Carlos of Spain. Who incidentally has just gone into exile. (stating its to do with allegations from an ex). But it could be by order of another powerful woman dont you think 😉


    There was a pic of Will and Harry on the Daily Mail today where William looked like a dead ringer for the younger King Juan. Its the nose that gives it away.


    So thats a tick for Hallet in my book. I am also sure about the claims on Harry and James Hewitt. So if those two are not Royal line then likely the alleged claim of HM not being of the lineage seem more likely to be true. Im not saying Hallett should be King but if he can at least bring the truth out it would be good as it would change the system of control. It does seem odd to me that King Juan has gone into self exile at the time that Halletts document is due for a response from the Monarchy and Government.



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