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  1. Yes your right but i was happy to see them vote against this. I forget the climate stuff, they were also anti brexit. None of the current system are what we want. The decks need to be cleared.
  2. Believe it or not the Lib Dems actually all voted against the Corona Virus Act yesterday. So they are not involved in any shape or form, they are on the our side. There just isnt enough of them in parliament to make any difference.
  3. Who's got their fingers in all the pies .....
  4. Dr Heiko was released this afternoon from Wandsworth Police Station, following his arrest on Saturday at Hyde Park and having been held for 22 hours. He has given a nice little speech on his release that was posted on Brand New Tube. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/dr-heiko-schöning-wandsworth-27-sept-2020_lX4a727bZuzxqse.html
  5. Im waiting for more info about this policeman that was shot today inside the police station. The culprit was apparently on the terrorism list so high chance he was a migrant. Either that or he is a patsy (or both) who was lined up for a nice false flag at an appropriate time when a lot of stuff coming to light about the CV-19 and government are now in -fighting with MPs to maintain their control.
  6. Im not saying they are giving us everything by any means, but at least they are giving us a bit more than the usual suspects. Ian Collins doesnt give anything to us, he is well in with the agenda. Julian, Mike, Dan and Mark are all at least questioning some of it. I was hoping for something about Vallance from them today but the other news (possible ff) took over everything. Kind of well timed to block out any discussion about the Corona Virus Act or Vallance etc.
  7. Heres a little ditty in the style of the well known 5th of November number. Please feel free to share it, use it or meme it. Remember remember the year 2020, Track n trace, treason and vax plot, I see no reason why the 99%, Can not remove this rot I am starting to write again, i used to write a lot of poems and songs. I am feeling them coming back in our time of need.
  8. Im so glad i have an old phone. But its already being said that the app will give 30% false alerts. Also no one in media seems to be asking how long a person is staying positive on the app. So if someone stays 'positive' in app for 14 days from date of confirmed test that would fit with what we are being told. If that positive remains on positive status for weeks or months after then eventually people are going to be constantly told to self isolate LMAO. Hope all the public service is forced to download it, then organise a protest when half the country is self isolating
  9. Belgium has stopped using the PCR test They will use hospitalisations instead. Julia Hartley-Brewer was on fire this morning on Talk Radio. Watch from 2hrs 36 min ish when she was talking about the PCR test false positive rate and other false positive tests. She talks to a statistician to get the figures right. Her whole show was brilliant today, she is doing some real journalism.
  10. Waiting for Russia Today to come back on....
  11. Piers Corbyn has been arrested again!
  12. until

    There is a live stream here. Well done all i am with you.
  13. Ive been using shungite in water for the last month or two. I notice the taste difference from the normal tap water after about 30 mins. It probably needs longer but i drink a lot of water. I think it is worth stocking up on shungite while you can. One of the things we import from the EU is chemicals for cleaning drinking water so who know what will happen if we have a hard brexit. Shungite should be able to make most water types drinkable over time. Elite shungite is better but normal raw black shungite is fine for improving tap water.
  14. Alnitak


    The war on food continues in the last few days: One beef farm no longer contracted to major supermarkets due to poor conditions for cows Chicken processing plant for major supermarkets (cant remember where but another one) about 100 staff tested positive this week aparently Wheat crops failed this year in many areas apparently due to weather conditions pushing the price up for wheat. Its not looking good for this winter is it? Stock up on what you can while you can.
  15. Yeah i dont think we can really go on normal dating apps, or new normal dating sites
  16. Hey lovely Admins, can we have a new forum section called regional groups or something similar? Then people can make regional groups within it? Clock is ticking we need to get local groups together sooner rather than later. Many of us hate facebook and dont go there! We need to make something here if possible. We know you are all busy but a new section to add local groups would be brilliant. @GarethIcke @Webmaster
  17. I think Farage was just doing some great reporting with this and now the MSM/Agenda Operatives are using it as another divide and distraction agenda. It suits them, the same as the BBC anti patriotic theme. It all adds to the distraction of what is really going on and about to hit the fan. Keep the sheeple confused, make them want to fight for the wrong causes so that we can pull the rug from under their feet.
  18. Some of you may have already seen this. But i only just found it today and a lot of new members joining might like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ey_Bj8I01AI This has Arabic subtitles which is good.
  19. This is disgusting and i am sure this is what all GP practises are doing at the moment. There are a few people in my area also not able to get appointments. Might be lucky to get a telephone call from a doctor in about 2 - 5 days. This is criminal, rightly said @Velma Is this deliberately to inflate deaths as more people are going to die with this non service from GP's. A lot of towns dont have walk in centres and are about 30 miles from a hospital. Government need to be sacked, all of them marched out of the house of commons by the police. On another note i checked out crowd justice today, found loads more interesting court cases in progress against the government. We need to make a new section somewhere on this forum for court cases/legal action and maybe another for petitions.
  20. Doctor John Campbell has done a comprehensive review of HCQ which further proves evidence of cover ups. Its a long video but he does go deep into the research done by various studies.
  21. I also witnessed a lot of similar stuff going on in Egypt when i lived there. Egypt is well under the Illuminati thumb in all ways. 2011 was a manipulated revolution as probably Mubarak was not playing ball completely with the plan. Sadly the rot has set deeply throughout the world. Salam Alekium Nour
  22. Welcome Gary and its great to see you here. I also remember your case really well. I hope Boris will man up and help Julian Assange in the same way but im sure its not very likely. Will check out your YT tomorrow and look forward to seeing more posts from you.
  23. It could be in this section or maybe make a new section called regional groups? Or something similar. Would be really nice for non facebook users to start to get together with people in their local areas.
  24. Great turn out for a protest in Dublin yesterday. Check it out. A great speech by Prof Dolores Cahill. https://www.bitchute.com/video/hClyQt603OjX/
  25. Here is a full video about the chromosome 8 DNA findings and the PCR test using WHO guidelines. Please get this copied anyone that can as it will get pulled off soon for sure and its one for the evidence pile for sure. It echoes what Doctor Andrew Kaufman has been saying all along. It is the full video of what is used in Max Igans video.
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