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  1. I think we have to take hope in anyone with courage right now because it is not looking good. Plan towards great reset is rolling in. Just saw Daily Fail stating national lock down next week. Anyone who is prepared to stand against this needs our support regardless of success or failures in the past. No one is perfect and people learn a lot from their mistakes. I will watch the video you posted @zArk
  2. Im furious, glad im not living in wales but i am steaming because i have family and friends there. I would do a naked demonstration if clothes are not deemed essential. If books are not deemed essential i would take my book collection to the offices of the psycho's that are doing this and make a nice fire pile close by. Hope the people of wales are going to find ways of non compliance. It is the only way to end this nonsense. Virtue signalling, reset, scam agenda. Nice thread Danny, the madness continues......
  3. This is a long one but it is a must to listen to. Its Doctor Mike Yeadon who has been questioning things for a while. He is confirming this is a casedemic. 10 % of test results are positive, the rest are false positive. He says the government are committing a criminal act. He might be ready to join court cases etc as he is getting really angry with whats going on. If anyone can save this video and move it to bitchute or brand new tube they should as it will likely be removed soon. He says 'the reason this is not over is because sage wont say its over'. Listen and share to anyone doing court cases. Here is your evidence right here ladies and gentlemen.
  4. Hats off to Desmond Swayne again, he is the only one that can see the wood for the trees and is calling them out. Im off to New Forest West if the vax becomes mandatory.
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    Do Something

    Vernon Colemans three liner could be fairly effective also. Distrust the government Avoid Mass Media Fight the Lies We just all have to remember that over the last 7 months what we have been through is similar to torture. See Amazing Polly's video This is torture. The manipulation techniques that have been used on the global population are similar to the mind control that was used in MK ultra experiments. Then along with that they watch BBC, ITV etc, so constant daily brainwashing to be broken down. It is hard to get them out of it, its just finding the right tact that will fit where you live locally. I have managed to wake a few up and i am finding more like minded as time has been passing, as people are getting ground down by it they are more likely to consider that things are not normal now. Definately keep it simple and just focus on 3 points to get their attention.
  6. How are they going to force them into lock down? This is China MK2 if they bring the army in. He is right to question the stats, arent we all! Obviously all planned to be rolled out in steps across the country. Im disgusted they are even threatening force. Perhaps we should force the house of commons into lock down/house arrest also then But it is not a laughing matter, peoples lives are going to be destroyed. Government are showing their true colours now.
  7. Musk launched another load of sats a couple of days ago. He is going to test his internet beaming soon to northern USA and Canada apparently. But also the election in US is hotting up, could be a few plugs pulled to stop things getting out?
  8. No threat unless its manipulated? Does anyone have a link to the asteroid that is the likely candidate?
  9. Im waiting to see the suicide stats, i wonder when they are going to publish those :-( Sadly im expecting to see at least a 30% increase on previous averages unless they changed them to cv 1984
  10. A lot of you think writing to your MP is a useless exercise. Because they fail to answer valid questions. What they do not realise is every avoidance and every incorrect statement they reply with can help with court cases against them. It is all evidence that can be used against them. Does anyone have the link to the ONS page about the combining of the flu stats with the covid stats. I was trying to find it as i am going to give my MP another good blasting shortly
  11. We have to do the opposite of what they want us to do, when we can without causing big uproars. Like the gym owners in Liverpool. As David says non compliance, we are not doing it! This will buy us time. The people were mostly co-operative on the 1st lock down. This new round is showing clear signs that a lot of people aren't having it. Keep not following the orders, in the meantime we can then work on our plan - The Big Clear Out of our public sector and corrupt system. Not sure how that can actually come about but we must be close to the tipping point now in the number of people who are feeling this is not right, that something else is going on here. 7 months in now people are not all hoping for a rushed through vaccine, they are hoping for some common sense, a government that does what it is supposed to do and a return to how things were. I have spoken to a lot of people the last few days who are on the verge of rebellion and they are not the types i expected at all. Remember remember the year 2020 Track n trace, treason and vax plot I see no reason why the 99% Can not stop this rot
  12. NASA sending a craft to asteroid Bennu tomorrow. It will land on an area named 'Nightingale' and take rock samples. Is this the asteroid that was being mentioned in the age of truth? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8854829/NASA-prepares-touch-rock-sample-asteroid-Bennu-TOMORROW.html The craft landing is called OSIRIS-REx - Osiris is the Egyptian Lord of the Underworld and Judge of the Dead, brother-husband to Isis, and one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt. The name `Osiris' is the Latinized form of the Egyptian Usir which is interpreted as 'powerful' or 'mighty'.
  13. I think this is the right path and only common law can bring justice right now. The system is now so corrupt that normal courts are not going to favour the people and only the elites. I have been following the events here unfolding and i feel we have some hope here. This website has updates on how things are unfolding https://thefreedomcycle.com/covid/direct-action.html
  14. This kind of fits as a possible reason why some councils were telling people to make an emergency grab bag. Could it have been a pre warning for those in the know to tell them to get moving away? Uk Column reported on this about two weeks ago. We do need to check mate them and expose anything we think they are planning. No fear only love can win.
  15. If i am ever given a home test to do by any door knocking 'official' its gonna be a banana swab. I will video the whole procedure ready as evidence in case of a positive result
  16. Brian is going for it.
  17. This is a must watch - Misuse of PCR test - worst crime against humanity. Its on brand new tube so cant load an image but all is coming together between questioning medics, scientists and lawyers around the world. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/misuse-of-pcr-tests-worst-crime-against-humanity-ever_jIEzyvxLUfKKocD.html
  18. Can we opt out of the NHS? There is basically no NHS services anyway at the moment. Its not a legal requirement to be a patient of the NHS is it? Can we not say we want to unregister from our GP and unregister from our NHS number?
  19. Remember, Remember the Year 2020 Track n Trace, Treason and Vax Plot I see no reason why the 99% Can not stop this rot
  20. A second lockdown is purely to destroy the economy and jobs, to increase reliance on the state to encourage larger compliance with the vaccine and digital ID agenda. A second national lockdown without furlough will clobber almost everyone that doesnt work for the public sector. Public sector employs 4 - 6 million including larger public contracted corporations like Serco. There were about 10 million on furlough in the first time around of which about half have returned to work. The only private sector jobs that will remain will be supermarkets and those that were deemed as essential in the 1st lockdown. Online giants will still work like Amazon other than that we will be stuffed. The smart cities would come later, when the full impact of a 2nd lockdown destroys most city centres and office buildings they will start to redesign them. I have heard 19th October being banded around, its clear the fear and case figures are being ramped up. Its weeks away, all we can do is 1) keep visualising Boris, Handcok, Whitty and Valance in handcuffs on their way to prison and the rest of the MPs being arrested. 2) Visualise people taking off their masks in unison. 3) Use these next couple of weeks to spread the word and try if we can to wake up any sheep we can. Some mornings i just cant believe we have now been in this limbo for over 6 months. I keep hoping to wake up and everything be back to normal. We can win this but we have to try to not let things all drag us down, raise ourselves up, spread love not fear.
  21. 19th October seems to be being banded around for the 'official' date of the 2nd wave . Scripted and planned in advance and would fit with the US election timescale to force mostly postal voting. I hope it is not true but i've seen that date a few times now. The date also adds up to 6 1+9 = 10 so is a 1, + 1 + 2 +2 = 6
  22. Yes your right but i was happy to see them vote against this. I forget the climate stuff, they were also anti brexit. None of the current system are what we want. The decks need to be cleared.
  23. Believe it or not the Lib Dems actually all voted against the Corona Virus Act yesterday. So they are not involved in any shape or form, they are on the our side. There just isnt enough of them in parliament to make any difference.
  24. Who's got their fingers in all the pies .....
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