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  1. David was spot on and on top form as usual. I had to listen to it over two days as it was a long one but there was a lot to cover and also to recap from before. I agree with what @MarcusOmouse said also. David did state he didnt like some of things Rose did and i was pleased to hear that. But at the end of it all we might not always agree with each other but we are all on the same team. We need a good mix of minds if we are going to get through this and bring an end to it all, so we must embrace each others foibles so that we see more perspectives on things. I also liked when he stated again that the rona doesnt exist, which we were all saying here at the start in March 2020. We all suspected it was flu rebranded and we can still see that they have not proven otherwise. Hats off to David yet again for another blinder.
  2. Im in North Essex not that far from Ipswich and Colchester, so not a huge distance away. Telegram is your best bet for finding more local people.
  3. If you want to donate or support this case use this link as the one in the message was not working, What a surprise lol ! Not :-) Everything is working against us until we see it :-) https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/the-coronavirus-act-2020/?utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=Update24242078onTheCoronavirusAct2020isNullandVoidNovember212020&utm_medium=email I have just had a quick look at the governments response document and it is as they stated laughable! So here is link to it as it is not easy to find either. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ksC4y78dUq_8r3rqyXvLezjMGtzJ_IRV/view
  4. The NHS England letters have come from a Doctor Nikita Kanani with the new barcode you can write directly to at either NHS England, Skipton House. 80 London Road, London SE1 6LH or you can find her on twitter below. It truly sickens me, i used to go to meetings and training events at Skipton House. I know the inside out of that building. Back in the day when the NHS was still semi normal but being steered into this path, im furious to be honest. Anyway i suggest if you get a letter with this new barcode on, you write in and see what the response is. I am going to do it for my kid and my mum and see what lame response i get. My MP doesnt know what he is dealing with me and i am still waiting now for the third week for a response from my last email. I want to use any info i get as evidence against them and i will. I have asked him three times now about the false positive rate from the PCR test and i am not going to let it go. Pressure them all, write to them all, do not let them think that what you accept what is going on and keep responses as evidence against them. Did you know it only takes only 10% of a constituency to force a bi -election. This is what we can do in the coming months and get Boris out by forcing bi-elections all over the UK. There is something we can do but it takes evidence. Collect your non answers from your MPs to force bi elections which then could make bi-elections occur and we can get the dead in a ditch oven ready out by next summer :-)
  5. My mum also said it is a new version of the flu vaccine that they want to give her. I told her not to have it. That is so sad but i saw it coming. It is old that they will get at first. Heaven help us all when the cv vax starts being dished out to the care homes. It is worrying me so much right now and i am glad that i can write about it here as i will not go anywhere near fake book or any other social media right now as my views are too strong.
  6. Both you and Ziggy have made me realise that i should write to NHS England and ask them about this barcode! Maybe you both should as well and ask them what it is it all about. Although we know already lets hear from the horses mouth instead of just accepting the BS. I am going to post off a formal response in the next few days and i will let you know of the response when i get it. I am not accepting them issuing my kid or my mum without their consent. They are not products to be scanned and purchased in a supermarket FFS. Write to them and ask the same, the merrier. Dont let them think they can get away with this!
  7. Regardless of what happens next it is ultimately clear to see that Trump is not fitting with the PLAN. I was about 60% sure before the election but now im 100% sure that Trump is not controlled. It is clear to see how it has been playing out that he is not a yes man to the powers that that be and i hope he can pull out all the stops and prove that he won the election. There seems to be some good evidence but i hope that they can get the meat out soon before the narrative completely slips to Biden. There is still time but it has to be more or less sorted by the end of the year otherwise the time has lagged too far. I stand with Trump, i always did but i did wavier sometimes but right now i do think he is with the people and not with the PTB.
  8. Heres the latest case update.... COVID-1984 UPDATE |20-11-20 After having no red flags raised by the legal advisers at Westminster Magistrates Court this week, we understand that the warrant application is now before the nominated judge and that a decision is imminent. I realise that things are not happening as quickly as we would all like but please understand that it took six weeks to get to this stage in my family's PCP against BOS and its receivers in 2013, so in reality the case has progressed at a relatively rapid pace. We must also take into consideration the fact that, before he rules on the matter, the judge will have to ascertain whether the Director of Public Prosecutions is electing to take over the case, on the ground that it is of such importance that it cannot run as a private prosecution. Either way, in the absence of a miscarriage of justice, the warrant will be issued and as soon as there are any developments, you will read about them on this page. This has been submitted under the Peoples Union of Britain PUB
  9. Mark my words lock down 3 will happen in January from 1) The symptoms of those that have the flu vaccine (which will create a positive PCR Test) 2) The deaths caused in the elderly by the new vax for Cv 19 which is going to be used on them regardless of the effects of the flu vax on them and will have been adminstered on them within weeks of each other. This will all happen in early January as it is not likely many of them will get the CV vax before Christmas but more likely just after. I think what will happen is going to be horrific and i think the care homes are going to see the impact badly. The deaths will be marked off as CV and no one will say it is from the vax. I feel bad to have come to this conclusion but i think this will happen and if anyone can get their relatives out of the care homes they must do so now. Younger people that have the CV vax will seem ok but the effect of exterior electrical and magnetic forces should be watched closely. The ingredients of the Pfizer vaccine includes some lipids that may include nanoparticles.
  10. Good for you man, best thing to do with it as far as i am concerned. Im ex an NHS worker and i say NO. I could see the take over happening years ago and i stepped out. We are produce for their products, we are the dollars and the pounds for the share holders. We are mice in the test center, we will die from their experimental BS. Say NO and use natural alternatives, Vit C, Vit D, Zinc and Garlic do a good job. I have not seen a doctor in years. Black Onion seed (nigella) and raw vegetables like carrot and salad all help the immune system.
  11. BTW we have now all been issued a BARCODE both my kid and mum have had letters through inviting them for a flu jab. Both letters include a personalised barcode. FFS my kid is not having the school nasal flu vax which this year includes a snort of monosodium glutamate, along with other crap which apparently protect them and others. But when you read the details of fluenz they can 'shed' the virus matter for several days after and also they can suffer for a few days from symptoms which are similar to the flu. So what is the point of that exactly???? My mum is also in high risk catagory is going to abstain from this years flu vaccination. Which might caused her a stroke a few years ago. (It happened a week after the vax which i personally do not see as a coincedence). But the fact of the matter is we have all been created with a barcode in the NHS system. We are products for the big pharma system. Say NO or just dont comply as you can PLEASE!
  12. I love it. I said in March on the old forum it was a re-branded flu virus! Proof is in the pudding, now i can eat my chocolate cake lol
  13. There is hope, there really is. I found a newspaper tonight in my local chip called the Light. A Truth paper! Here is a link to it https://thelightpaper.co.uk/assets/pdf/The-Light-Issue-3i.pdf Please read the link, it is being distributed widely and needs our support. It is getting the word out far and wide. Well done to those involved.
  14. Amongst all the crap some good news i received in my inbox a few mins ago. Gov still trying their hardest to avoid COVID 19 exists or has been isolated. Dr Kevin Corbett et all case against the government dragging its heels but proving the lies. Update on The Coronavirus Act 2020 is Null and Void! To our Great Supporters, We received a pathetic response from the Government Legal Department on Friday, 13th November, which was the latest time to the day that they had to respond! This was after they spitefully rejected our reasonable request for urgency. The truth is they are dragging their heels at every opportunity as they are terrified of our legal action against them! So far it has now been over 3 months since we commenced our legal action on 7th August. Their lamentable response is now available on our Case Page for your amusement. We were very happy that they decided to pad out their response by including a "full chronology of events and relevant legislation passed". This is nothing short of an own goal, as it just demonstrates the massive, completely unprecedented amount of ludicrous secondary legislation that has been churned out. All passed in an under-hand, unprecedented way without any real Parliamentary scrutiny or checks and balances. We are now compiling a response to them and we will have plenty to say about it. Of course the most important is the way this Government of Occupation has abused, assaulted and defiled our Constitution, our Common Law, our Democracy, our Freedoms, our Sovereignty, our Legal System, our Parliament, our individual Legal Rights and our Human Rights. Further, they have falsely declared an "emergency period" which is something they have invented, instead of declaring a State of Emergency. Had they done this, we would have the protections given under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, as this would automatically have been triggered. There is no excuse for this, as a State of Emergency has even been declared over strikes historically and has been deliberately avoided now in order to create this tyranny and control over us. Other issues include the false claim that many of of our challenges are out of time when we had already commenced those challenges. Also, the fact that our Claimants are not business owners and somehow it is deemed that they are not victims. However, we can all be considered victims when the businesses and services that we want and need are taken away from us with unlawful legislation. Further, the Government Legal Department cannot be considered at all credible as it thinks that this fake and corrupt secondary legislation can somehow have precedence over Statute Law! These are just some examples of the many failings of this response. They are defending the indefensible, you can be assured that we intend to fight this every step of the way and take back our Rights and Freedoms that have been stolen from us by this Government of Occupation! It is so important that people get to know about our legal action and it would be amazing if you could: Send this email to everyone you know and ask them to support our case to end this tyranny and insanity and, Share our link on Facebook: https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/the-coronavirus-act-2020/. Also please donate anything you can to our campaign which is for all our futures. Thank you again for your help in our fight against Government tyranny and oppression. Together we can break down 'Gates of Hell', defeat the Dictators and take our lives and freedom back! Best wishes, The People's Brexit
  15. I heard on talk radio Dan Wootons show today that Labour do not want the vaccination to be mandatory. Lets hope they stick with that. (although that wont stop it being mandatory by workplace/transport/travel etc.
  16. You can find daily updates here. https://www.thefreedomcycle.com/covid/biggest-criminal-fraud-case.html Court has agreed arrest warrant should be issued. So it should be happening soon.
  17. When the Health Professionals start to question things the whole scam will fall apart. Its starting now, a good article in the British Medical Journal written by the Editor. https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4425 Kamran Abbasi, executive editor Author affiliations When good science is suppressed by the medical-political complex, people die Politicians and governments are suppressing science. They do so in the public interest, they say, to accelerate availability of diagnostics and treatments. They do so to support innovation, to bring products to market at unprecedented speed. Both of these reasons are partly plausible; the greatest deceptions are founded in a grain of truth. But the underlying behaviour is troubling. Science is being suppressed for political and financial gain. Covid-19 has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale, and it is harmful to public health.1 Politicians and industry are responsible for this opportunistic embezzlement. So too are scientists and health experts. The pandemic has revealed how the medical-political complex can be manipulated in an emergency—a time when it is even more important to safeguard science. The UK’s pandemic response provides at least four examples of suppression of science or scientists. First, the membership, research, and deliberations of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) were initially secret until a press leak forced transparency.2 The leak revealed inappropriate involvement of government advisers in SAGE, while exposing under-representation from public health, clinical care, women, and ethnic minorities. Indeed, the government was also recently ordered to release a 2016 report on deficiencies in pandemic preparedness, Operation Cygnus, following a verdict from the Information Commissioner’s Office.34 Next, a Public Health England report on covid-19 and inequalities. The report’s publication was delayed by England’s Department of Health; a section on ethnic minorities was initially withheld and then, following a public outcry, was published as part of a follow-up report.56 Authors from Public Health England were instructed not to talk to the media. Third, on 15 October, the editor of the Lancet complained that an author of a research paper, a UK government scientist, was blocked by the government from speaking to media because of a “difficult political landscape.”7 Now, a new example concerns the controversy over point-of-care antibody testing for covid-19.8 The prime minister’s Operation Moonshot depends on immediate and wide availability of accurate rapid diagnostic tests.9 It also depends on the questionable logic of mass screening—currently being trialled in Liverpool with a suboptimal PCR test.1011 The incident relates to research published this week by The BMJ, which finds that the government procured an antibody test that in real world tests falls well short of performance claims made by its manufacturers.1213 Researchers from Public Health England and collaborating institutions sensibly pushed to publish their study findings before the government committed to buying a million of these tests but were blocked by the health department and the prime minister’s office.14 Why was it important to procure this product without due scrutiny? Prior publication of research on a preprint server or a government website is compatible with The BMJ’s publication policy. As if to prove a point, Public Health England then unsuccessfully attempted to block The BMJ’s press release about the research paper. Politicians often claim to follow the science, but that is a misleading oversimplification. Science is rarely absolute. It rarely applies to every setting or every population. It doesn’t make sense to slavishly follow science or evidence. A better approach is for politicians, the publicly appointed decision makers, to be informed and guided by science when they decide policy for their public. But even that approach retains public and professional trust only if science is available for scrutiny and free of political interference, and if the system is transparent and not compromised by conflicts of interest. Suppression of science and scientists is not new or a peculiarly British phenomenon. In the US, President Trump’s government manipulated the Food and Drug Administration to hastily approve unproved drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and remdesivir.15 Globally, people, policies, and procurement are being corrupted by political and commercial agendas.16 The UK’s pandemic response relies too heavily on scientists and other government appointees with worrying competing interests, including shareholdings in companies that manufacture covid-19 diagnostic tests, treatments, and vaccines.17 Government appointees are able to ignore or cherry pick science—another form of misuse—and indulge in anti-competitive practices that favour their own products and those of friends and associates.18 How might science be safeguarded in these exceptional times? The first step is full disclosure of competing interests from government, politicians, scientific advisers, and appointees, such as the heads of test and trace, diagnostic test procurement, and vaccine delivery. The next step is full transparency about decision making systems, processes, and knowing who is accountable for what. Once transparency and accountability are established as norms, individuals employed by government should ideally only work in areas unrelated to their competing interests. Expertise is possible without competing interests. If such a strict rule becomes impractical, minimum good practice is that people with competing interests must not be involved in decisions on products and policies in which they have a financial interest. Governments and industry must also stop announcing critical science policy by press release. Such ill judged moves leave science, the media, and stock markets vulnerable to manipulation. Clear, open, and advance publication of the scientific basis for policy, procurements, and wonder drugs is a fundamental requirement.19 The stakes are high for politicians, scientific advisers, and government appointees. Their careers and bank balances may hinge on the decisions that they make. But they have a higher responsibility and duty to the public. Science is a public good. It doesn’t need to be followed blindly, but it does need to be fairly considered. Importantly, suppressing science, whether by delaying publication, cherry picking favourable research, or gagging scientists, is a danger to public health, causing deaths by exposing people to unsafe or ineffective interventions and preventing them from benefiting from better ones. When entangled with commercial decisions it is also maladministration of taxpayers’ money. Politicisation of science was enthusiastically deployed by some of history’s worst autocrats and dictators, and it is now regrettably commonplace in democracies.20 The medical-political complex tends towards suppression of science to aggrandise and enrich those in power. And, as the powerful become more successful, richer, and further intoxicated with power, the inconvenient truths of science are suppressed. When good science is suppressed, people die. Footnotes Competing interests: I have read and understood BMJ policy on declaration of interests and have no relevant interests to declare. Provenance and peer review: Commissioned; not externally peer reviewed. This article is made freely available for use in accordance with BMJ's website terms and conditions for the duration of the covid-19 pandemic or until otherwise determined by BMJ. You may use, download and print the article for any lawful, non-commercial purpose (including text and data mining) provided that all copyright notices and trade marks are retained. https://bmj.com/coronavirus/usage I have read and understood BMJ policy on declaration of interests and have no relevant interests to declare.
  18. Looks like Cummings has left today, leaving from the front of downing street this evening with a box and a bizarre looking painting with skulls on it. Looks like Boris is lining the UK up for BRINO. Watch closely in the coming days.
  19. Del Big Tree talks about Dr Mike Yeadon's response to Handcocks Vaccine Consultation. If this video gets removed there is a link under it to another site with it on.
  20. I bet that number also doesnt include money Boris gave away to GAVI or the funding of the WHO etc. I am sure it is a bigger number than that. Its despicable so much money public being thrown around for a re branded flu virus of which about 50% of us probably have herd immunity to it already as it has been knocking around for a year or two already.
  21. Not for the general public but they have to for health professionals. They also have to publish the trails and testing data.
  22. What is in this shot if it has to be stored at - 70c that seems really strange. They will not get suitable freezers for that very quickly i dont expect. As soon as the full ingredients are published i will be giving it a good bit of scrutiny
  23. Sir Desmond Swayne is the only one who has raised most of this in the house of commons. You can see the plan Hancock and chums have in mind. Mass test 15 million people in the next 3 weeks with the army involved. 'Positive cases' will go through the roof so that everyone remains in lock down through December until end of March. Ramp up the fear so everyone will want the vax. Im disgusted with it all, whenever i see any of their faces i feel sick to the stomach. All of this is pure evil and an exercise in mass mind control. How much money has been thrown around now on testing, furlough etc. This country is literally on its knees, destroyed in 8 months. Dont get tested unless you really really have to work. Its the only way to keep the numbers down.
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