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  1. Please @GarethIcke and other admins back up this forum asap. We all know full well we are likely to be targeted again soon. We have too much truth here and too much info here. As David has just said we have to much here, we are going to be targeted again like we were a few months ago. I dont want us to lose all that we have here since last time.
  2. Regardless of what happens next it is ultimately clear to see that Trump is not fitting with the PLAN. I was about 60% sure before the election but now im 100% sure that Trump is not controlled. It is clear to see how it has been playing out that he is not a yes man to the powers that that be and i hope he can pull out all the stops and prove that he won the election. There seems to be some good evidence but i hope that they can get the meat out soon before the narrative completely slips to Biden. There is still time but it has to be more or less sorted by the end of the year other
  3. Heres the latest case update.... COVID-1984 UPDATE |20-11-20 After having no red flags raised by the legal advisers at Westminster Magistrates Court this week, we understand that the warrant application is now before the nominated judge and that a decision is imminent. I realise that things are not happening as quickly as we would all like but please understand that it took six weeks to get to this stage in my family's PCP against BOS and its receivers in 2013, so in reality the case has progressed at a relatively rapid pace. We must also take into consideration the fact th
  4. You can find daily updates here. https://www.thefreedomcycle.com/covid/biggest-criminal-fraud-case.html Court has agreed arrest warrant should be issued. So it should be happening soon.
  5. Looks like Cummings has left today, leaving from the front of downing street this evening with a box and a bizarre looking painting with skulls on it. Looks like Boris is lining the UK up for BRINO. Watch closely in the coming days.
  6. Alnitak


    Trumps speech last night in full, about Voting Fraud
  7. He talks about that in the latest update i just posted. I dont know if he can get through the quagmire but we have to take some hope from somewhere. I have to for the sake of my kid. Putting on a brave face everyday without a shimmer of hope is getting harder and harder.
  8. Now this is good news. There are whistle blowers now involved. Please listen and share.
  9. I have just been emailed this update about the Michael O'Bernicia case from Johnathan Trapman of The Freedom Cycle. Really hope this is going somewhere. The Revolution Is Under Way Dear Well tomorrow should see the laying of the case before the judge who is expected to agree and
  10. I asked for this also about 2 months ago but nothing has happened yet, i made a post called come together by region. Just post your area in this section thread and see if anyone responds. I was going to do my area but i dont have enough time at the moment to manage it
  11. Real Muslims do not have violent tendancies. This is a set up to trigger a fight between Muslims and Christians and those Muslims who engage have been set up or controlled to do so. I have seen history repeating time and time again throughout Egypt Churches being hit by 'fanatics' during things like Coptic Christmas and special event occasions. Egypt was manipulated into revolution i am sure by external forces and this is what will happen throughout Europe if we dont find a way to stop it. Agent Provs will be used to spark events as we are seeing now in the light of day.
  12. SAGE are the root of this as Dr Mike Yeadon said in his interview with James Delingpole (not sure about the spelling of James surname but i posted it about a week ago on the main Cv`984 thread). I really thought Boris was waiting to see what happens in the US election but no. He is unfer the control of his controllers and thus here we are facing another full lock down in whatever shape and form it is going to be. I predict schools will be excluded as they have not had the flu vax yet. But i expect it will be non essential retail and non essential business to be hit excluding Amazon and Ebay an
  13. I think we have to take hope in anyone with courage right now because it is not looking good. Plan towards great reset is rolling in. Just saw Daily Fail stating national lock down next week. Anyone who is prepared to stand against this needs our support regardless of success or failures in the past. No one is perfect and people learn a lot from their mistakes. I will watch the video you posted @zArk
  14. Im furious, glad im not living in wales but i am steaming because i have family and friends there. I would do a naked demonstration if clothes are not deemed essential. If books are not deemed essential i would take my book collection to the offices of the psycho's that are doing this and make a nice fire pile close by. Hope the people of wales are going to find ways of non compliance. It is the only way to end this nonsense. Virtue signalling, reset, scam agenda. Nice thread Danny, the madness continues......
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