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  1. If you want to donate or support this case use this link as the one in the message was not working, What a surprise lol ! Not :-) Everything is working against us until we see it :-) https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/the-coronavirus-act-2020/?utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=Update24242078onTheCoronavirusAct2020isNullandVoidNovember212020&utm_medium=email I have just had a quick look at the governments response document and it is as they stated laughable! So here is link to it as it is not easy to find either. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ksC4y78
  2. Please @GarethIcke and other admins back up this forum asap. We all know full well we are likely to be targeted again soon. We have too much truth here and too much info here. As David has just said we have to much here, we are going to be targeted again like we were a few months ago. I dont want us to lose all that we have here since last time.
  3. The NHS England letters have come from a Doctor Nikita Kanani with the new barcode you can write directly to at either NHS England, Skipton House. 80 London Road, London SE1 6LH or you can find her on twitter below. It truly sickens me, i used to go to meetings and training events at Skipton House. I know the inside out of that building. Back in the day when the NHS was still semi normal but being steered into this path, im furious to be honest. Anyway i suggest if you get a letter with this new barcode on, you write in and see what the response is. I am going to do it for my kid
  4. My mum also said it is a new version of the flu vaccine that they want to give her. I told her not to have it. That is so sad but i saw it coming. It is old that they will get at first. Heaven help us all when the cv vax starts being dished out to the care homes. It is worrying me so much right now and i am glad that i can write about it here as i will not go anywhere near fake book or any other social media right now as my views are too strong.
  5. Both you and Ziggy have made me realise that i should write to NHS England and ask them about this barcode! Maybe you both should as well and ask them what it is it all about. Although we know already lets hear from the horses mouth instead of just accepting the BS. I am going to post off a formal response in the next few days and i will let you know of the response when i get it. I am not accepting them issuing my kid or my mum without their consent. They are not products to be scanned and purchased in a supermarket FFS. Write to them and ask the same, the merrier. Dont let them
  6. Regardless of what happens next it is ultimately clear to see that Trump is not fitting with the PLAN. I was about 60% sure before the election but now im 100% sure that Trump is not controlled. It is clear to see how it has been playing out that he is not a yes man to the powers that that be and i hope he can pull out all the stops and prove that he won the election. There seems to be some good evidence but i hope that they can get the meat out soon before the narrative completely slips to Biden. There is still time but it has to be more or less sorted by the end of the year other
  7. Heres the latest case update.... COVID-1984 UPDATE |20-11-20 After having no red flags raised by the legal advisers at Westminster Magistrates Court this week, we understand that the warrant application is now before the nominated judge and that a decision is imminent. I realise that things are not happening as quickly as we would all like but please understand that it took six weeks to get to this stage in my family's PCP against BOS and its receivers in 2013, so in reality the case has progressed at a relatively rapid pace. We must also take into consideration the fact th
  8. Mark my words lock down 3 will happen in January from 1) The symptoms of those that have the flu vaccine (which will create a positive PCR Test) 2) The deaths caused in the elderly by the new vax for Cv 19 which is going to be used on them regardless of the effects of the flu vax on them and will have been adminstered on them within weeks of each other. This will all happen in early January as it is not likely many of them will get the CV vax before Christmas but more likely just after. I think what will happen is going to be horrific and i think the
  9. Good for you man, best thing to do with it as far as i am concerned. Im ex an NHS worker and i say NO. I could see the take over happening years ago and i stepped out. We are produce for their products, we are the dollars and the pounds for the share holders. We are mice in the test center, we will die from their experimental BS. Say NO and use natural alternatives, Vit C, Vit D, Zinc and Garlic do a good job. I have not seen a doctor in years. Black Onion seed (nigella) and raw vegetables like carrot and salad all help the immune system.
  10. BTW we have now all been issued a BARCODE both my kid and mum have had letters through inviting them for a flu jab. Both letters include a personalised barcode. FFS my kid is not having the school nasal flu vax which this year includes a snort of monosodium glutamate, along with other crap which apparently protect them and others. But when you read the details of fluenz they can 'shed' the virus matter for several days after and also they can suffer for a few days from symptoms which are similar to the flu. So what is the point of that exactly???? My mum is also in hi
  11. I love it. I said in March on the old forum it was a re-branded flu virus! Proof is in the pudding, now i can eat my chocolate cake lol
  12. There is hope, there really is. I found a newspaper tonight in my local chip called the Light. A Truth paper! Here is a link to it https://thelightpaper.co.uk/assets/pdf/The-Light-Issue-3i.pdf Please read the link, it is being distributed widely and needs our support. It is getting the word out far and wide. Well done to those involved.
  13. Amongst all the crap some good news i received in my inbox a few mins ago. Gov still trying their hardest to avoid COVID 19 exists or has been isolated. Dr Kevin Corbett et all case against the government dragging its heels but proving the lies. Update on The Coronavirus Act 2020 is Null and Void! To our Great Supporters, We received a pathetic response from the Government Legal Department on Friday, 13th Novemb
  14. I heard on talk radio Dan Wootons show today that Labour do not want the vaccination to be mandatory. Lets hope they stick with that. (although that wont stop it being mandatory by workplace/transport/travel etc.
  15. You can find daily updates here. https://www.thefreedomcycle.com/covid/biggest-criminal-fraud-case.html Court has agreed arrest warrant should be issued. So it should be happening soon.
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