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  1. The pandemic gave us the opportunity to see what we are really up against and how the state wants to kill off our use of the divine spark and how we can use it against them. Coming together to embrace the chance of liberty and prosperity as a collective culture is how we are powerful against the state, knowing that we have love, joy and kindness to attack them with is the strongest force in nature and they won't be able to stop us if things did start to manifest into a rebellion against the state and we used those powers against them.
  2. What do you mean by NWO can not start with 350M yanks and 70M brits?
  3. Well said, there is nothing to prove only that you are able to see that freedom is already abundant in the world and it's your choice to take that freedom and use it too your own advantage, like you say people was forced to have the vaccine to travel, they was no free to walk into an airport and get on a plane because there was rules that undermined that freedom during the pandemic, hence not many had that freedom, however they did have the freedom to resist the rules and not take the vaccine (luckily in the UK unlike other countries). And you are also right in saying that we can all choose to leave when the time comes, this is where the ultimate freedom lives with human life, being able to choose when and where you are to be at any given point in time. Its not wise to preach about bringing down bills or having the best health because no one has that freedom in the world no matter who are, so noticing this is the first step towards becoming a free'er human.
  4. They come here for the value of the currency and the human rights and yet they are the reason that they are being destroyed. It's an absolute joke that these people can come to the UK on such easy terms and our government allows this to happen, it needs to stop.
  5. We have a good chat going on in the perceptual dominance thread You should join in and we can talk more about seeing the light and how everything works. Come and join in, let's discuss.
  6. Your examples are not explicit, they are hypercritical. You say that David does not have freedom, yet he is free to do whatever he wants in the world, you say about brining down bills, yet he is nor a central banker or a CEO of lets say an energy company, so that's kind of hard and even still the central bankers and big CEOs do not even yield the freedom to bring down their own bills, this is hypercritical of you to determine someones freedom from such subjects that affect society as a whole. Yes I do regard myself as free also, I am free to do whatever I want, at any time of the day or night (of course this is dependant on my net worth, but that's the same for everyone. Even the worlds wealthiest do not have the freedom you are describing).
  7. Yeah man that's it, that's what I am trying to say, the divine spark is something that we can use when we all come together and embrace life with all our differences and all work towards eliminating the hardship that is bestowed upon us from the governments and corporations. When we accept the freedom of nature that is abundance and joy and happiness as our own cult then we will be much tougher to deal with instead of being separated.
  8. That's it mate, that is the divine spark, being able to create a world and reality that you choose and feel happy and joyful living. We need to notice this power because it can fundamentally change the reality that we all live under the control of government and corporate power. The divine spark is something that needs to be highly considered from us as a community to use and engage upon to use for the better and to control our own narrative that is free from tyranny that is aimed to bring our lives down.
  9. Agreeing to not use AI will be the best chance we have at defeating these monsters. Musk is one who needs to be brought to justice with the whole thing because he is front and centre with the AI game, twitter has AI integrated into the platform now and it's clear that censorship is still a massive thing on the platform even with Musk claiming it's about freedom of speech. This is the reality agreement scenario playing out perfectly I think, he has created this reality that people think twitter is now for freedom of speech which it is clearly nothing close to it and people are just agreeing that it is. The perception of free speech is what people are agreeing too, not the actual accountability for freedom of speech on the platform.
  10. I'm surprised there is not one already, why don't you make one.
  11. You're right there mate, humans are much more powerful than AI and we don't need it, it is good for certain things but most of the use cases we certainly do not need to have in our lives. AI is good for analysis and other use cases like analysing certain things (not everything) but yeah we really do not need some super conscious power that can do everything for us.
  12. Unfortunately I don't have the skills to save humanity from the demons
  13. This play greatly inline with the law of resonance.
  14. That's the problem with AI, it is already programmed to be a certain way, so the only way to get AI that is beneficial to humanity is to develop it with a sense to be so.
  15. Okay, so I guess that you define David breaking free as travelling aboard when he likes, to have better health care and to defy the ageing process (insane and can not happen) plus reducing his bills. Let me touch on these things for a minute, I'm pretty sure that David does enough travelling aboard as and when he likes, he does not have to consistently travel to redeem the ability of freedom. There is only so good health can be in a person and also he is most likely happy with his health so he has freedom there much like travelling as and when he pleases. Reducing his bills means that he must take over certain companies and become the appointer of pricing policies which is another case of insanity, David could go live off grid and feed off the land and live with heat from camp fire but yeah I guess you wouldn't call that free considering your attitude. Freedom is the ability to be whoever you want to be and maybe when David says he is free, he means that he is free to think and feel how he wishes and to not be brought down by the tyranny of the government lies and media corruption like others. This is where he is free in a sense that allows him to be whoever he wishes and to think and feel the way he wants, this is what freedom is, freedom is not having an unlimited budget of money because all you do is spend and when you spend, things are not free. Honestly mate, if you can not say or tell me anything about the nature of breaking free, then I doubt you really know what freedom is in the first place. I'll ask you again, can you define breaking free for me and we can continue this conversation as adults or are you here to just moan and groan.
  16. Personally, I think the moon landing was fake and that we have never been to there. It's a touchy subject because I am calling it a huge lie and it comes across like I am crazy to say such things but however there is much evidence to show on planet earth that the moon landing can never have happened due to the nature of our universe that we all home with planet earth. I am a flat earth-er and would consider it basic knowledge now I am close to hitting 30 years old, it's a strange concept when being brought up on a spinning ball that floats in space and is 70% water. However, I used to live in Australia and thought to myself, how could birds fly if gravity was so strong to keep water connected to the earth, a bird's wing span as small as a meter is certainly not strong enough to test a power that can keep hundreds of tons of water stuck to a spinning ball, also the flight times on the spinning ball is another reason why I think humans have never been to space, it takes 22 hours for London to Perth (western australia) and then 22 hours to do the exact same flight backwards, this is a conception that I feel reigns true with the earth as on the spinning ball theory, it would either take longer or less time to complete the journey. What do you guys think, do you think the world is more a spinning ball or do you think we live in a kind of dome and that water does not curve. I am interested to speak to more people about the subject and get to know more about what others think about this touchy subject.
  17. How do you define David breaking free, give me an example and I will try to take this conversation further because it's a really interesting topic we have here.
  18. The divine spark is merely the ability to choose a career path or to enjoy a particular hobby, the very nature of love, joy and compassion, the very things that are most powerful in this world. Surely you work in a career that you are happy to continue working in, right? Then you have the divine spark. It's not a miraculous miracle that mimics a meeting with god or something, it's the ability to create a life you want to live, and to choose the way you want to live and feel comfortable living. David says about the spark to be used when fighting the tyranny of societal governments and power because as a collective, if we use the spark to generate love, joy and compassion for the lives we lead then it's not defeat-able to the powers that seek control against us.
  19. Yeah for sure, people need to wake up and see the AI narrative as completely sinister towards the application of genuine human existence. It's a powerful tool and should be considered deadly under certain circumstances, we must act as a collective to open up about the dangers of AI when being mixed with reality, it can completely alter our perception and that is a really bad thing for the divine spark because the AI will steal the ability for a human to have the divine spark and for them to be able to use it effectively. Noticing how AI can be used against us is the key and tool we need to propel the narrative about as it's fundamentally another form of intelligence that is programmable from the very type of group that seek the demise of the masses, hence it will be used against us with full force. Just like Icke says, they want total control over the AI and over humanity.
  20. They are not illnesses they are insecurities in the people who have these so called illnesses. Insecurities that are most likely caused by social stigmas and depression etc, they are just another way to promote the agenda, like you say to weaponise feminism and masculinity. People need to be taught that it's okay to feel good in your own body and that it is bad to want to feel like the opposite sex. Its not a mental illness its a form of curiosity and wonder that is being used by the state and government to push the agenda. Transgenderism is a very dangerous tool that is being used to alter the way society operates and the morals that are bounded to society, if we start accepting men and women and women as men then there are no boundaries anymore and it becomes ruthlessly unsustainable, even more so when you consider hormone therapy and anything else that is suppose to vindicate upon the nature of being normal and heterosexual.
  21. Do you have confirmation that NATO has accepted Ukraine into the organisation, I see some news circulating this week saying that they have?
  22. Transgenderism at it's worse is baseline pedophilia when children are concerned. This is one of the fundamental parts of the transgender movement that is out right unlawful and inhumane. People need to realise that it is okay to be who you want to be but behaviour has to be considered and when things go left, you have to take action and make right the things that are wrong and left. These people are being promoted because of the demonization of the human mind in society and it's completely wrong. The movement is not sustainable for humanity at all and completely destroys the minds of children who follow it, it should be banned out right completely and made illegal for under age people to see anything to do with transgenderism. Even more so with the sterlization of children and hormone change amongst the young, it needs to be illegal because it ruins lives and impacts them for the worst.
  23. The great reset seems like the likely candidate for all this nonsense. AI is going to play a huge part in the great reset, however the advancements with AI and how many jobs it is going to be able to handle is another reason for war because there is going to be so many people just living and not doing anything with their lives, just costing to live. But yeah I make you right, the mass immigration is most likely the great reset in full swing to destroy the western culture and leave the east to take the reigns.
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