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  1. Those are telegram links and you can preview the posts in a web browser. Basically the P.I. (vaccinepolice) called the Dover family and asked about Tiffany and if he could do an interview with her and show she's fine to put this whole thing to rest. He also went to their property where her in-laws live and noticed they're (Tiffany's husband) building that large house right next to in-laws.
  2. https://t.me/stewpeters/14801 https://t.me/vaccinepolice/3920 Now it looks like she and her family got paid big time to keep quiet?
  3. The other one posted by @Velma. https://peertube.dragonborn.app/w/a2tvmrrrejimkAB6zYSVG8 https://www.bitchute.com/video/Q4syv5Ih5pHC/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/FIMaXck1VuqM/ https://rumble.com/vwvm04-world-economic-forum-evils.html https://rumble.com/vww58j-world-economic-forum-evils.html
  4. Don't worry about it too much. If the tools you need run best on windows os then just use windows. If you have a more powerful system you can do what @k_j_evans has done and virtualize windows. Or have two hard drives, one for linux and the other for windows and you select at boot time which drive to boot from. (this approach avoids partition tinkering) What is a good alternative to MS depends on your needs and tools/software you're using. If MS Office or Adobe products are very important to you then it's best to run them on windows. Nothing wrong with ubuntu as you mentioned above and if you don't need newest libraries and such then stick with LTS (long term support) releases.
  5. For most part what Canonical/Ubuntu does is take what Debian produces ( a snapshot of their sid/unstable repository), add some of their patches and rebuild the packages from source into .deb files. Vast majority of the software is developed by others. Regarding the Microsoft funding, they co-operate with MS on some projects mainly WSL ( Windows subsystem for linux ) where Windows users/developers/admins can get access to gnu/linux utilities via command line so they don't have to run linux on their machines. etc. MS will support anything that brings then money and Ubuntu is the most used operating system on their Azure cloud platform. If I'm not mistaken even Ickonic streaming platform is hosted on azure? Red Hat - Fedora - CentOS are basically one entity. (Owned by Red Hat) As of now, Red Hat bought community created CentOS (this distro just rebuilt Red Hat source rpms without the branding, hence the name) and it's now the upstream for Red Hat Enterprise. They beta test what subsequently lands in Red Hat E. Fedora is desktop/developer orientated and tends to push new technologies. Ubuntu is more popular because it's way easier to start with. There's only on OS, Ubuntu. You can download it on their website. No account/license needed. Anyway, to cut this story short, MS is actually making shitloads of money with Ubuntu, way more than Ubuntu gets, and they're not funding anything useful to destop users with Ubuntu. Not a competition at all.
  6. It's not yet released due to plandemic. Last release date was for January 1, 2022, but that obviously didn't happen.
  7. Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal rejects Elon Musk's Twitter takeover bid - tweet https://www.reuters.com/technology/saudi-prince-alwaleed-bin-talal-rejects-elon-musks-twitter-takeover-bid-tweet-2022-04-14/
  8. "You smell nice"

  9. https://t.me/jordansather/5799
  10. Dobrodošel @Timzladen! That's just a tic disorder most likely? It looks weird because he's looking at the woman next to him when it happened.
  11. Cut me some slack will ya... last time I played it was in elementary school when we played it to pass time before the class started. I'm interested in playing if you want? Sans cheating of course...
  12. Cheating! https://nextchessmove.com/
  13. lol e8->e1 d1->e1 a2->a1
  14. Today, they've released part II a week after the first one. Seems like there will be two-three more till the end of the month? 20min all combined max? I suggest you watch Renegade movie/documentary about David's life if you're interested. These are just short clips.
  15. The movie is two hours long and it's mostly not that interesting at all except that ending. I've uploaded just that speech, because IMO that's the important part. https://www.bitchute.com/video/7oEn51CCebLN/
  16. https://truthtalk.uk/2022/wef-puppet-zelensky-pushes-europe-to-transition-to-green-energy/
  17. In March three top cyclists suffer heart attacks, two die https://freewestmedia.com/2022/03/28/in-march-three-cyclists-suffer-heart-attacks-two-die/ https://endmedicaltyranny.substack.com/p/march-was-not-a-good-month-for-vaccinated?s=r
  18. Buried Bombshell: Tennis World Rocked as FIFTEEN “Fully Vaccinated” Players Unable to Finish Miami Open https://thelibertydaily.com/buried-bombshell-tennis-world-rocked-as-fifteen-fully-vaccinated-players-unable-to-finish-miami-open/
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