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  1. Recently, I've decided to just follow wherever the interest at any particular moment takes me and I try to get at least something positive out of it. I'm listening this channeling session for an hour and there are at least two or three things that stand out for me. Technology addiction, losing contact/touch with nature and body health.
  2. You posted that video in coronavirus mega thread and I watched the whole presentation afterwards. It was very interesting. screamingeagle posted the link above for the cosmic secret so you can watch it when you have some free time.
  3. Just to follow up on my previous comment. I do see a point in what C. Good says about Global Galactic League of Nations and how pretty much most of the countries around the world are involved. Their whole MO is compartmentalization and it was inevitable for other countries around the world to see what was going on and demand a piece of the pie. So they create multiple highly compartmentalized programs and give them something to shut them up while they do their thing in secret. This is how you recruit talented scientists and engineers from around the world. Now that I think about it the tv series Star Gate ( SG1 & Atlantis) were like disclosure in so many ways. It's mind-blowing now when I listen to DW & CG and it's almost like with everything they say I immediately remember a scene from the show where that happens. Crazy.
  4. https://www.bitchute.com/video/zO8XsCwbHooc/
  5. @oz93666 Remember when I started a thread about this on the old forum? Link to cached thread from the old forum. There should be something like reddit's AMA (ask me anything) where we could just ask DI some questions.
  6. Well, I'm also not convinced about Q think, but nevertheless, DW does present a whole lot of interesting research and information.
  7. Yep, I saw it and it was good, Corey Good. ;-) I also started a thread about 'The Cosmic Secret (2019)' before the forum was hacked. This is another documentary from D. Wilcock and C. Good, but this one is more focused on our secret history, who are the ETs that came to Earth, genetic manipulation, etc. The Cosmic Secret (2019) - cached thread
  8. Two more. Black Ops military Secret Space Program and Global Galactic League of Nations.
  9. https://ontheroadtosouljoy.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/wpid-cosmic_disclosure_gaiam_other_logo_1.png https://www.gaia.com/series/cosmic-disclosure Cosmic Disclosure is a tv series hosted by David Wilcock where he interviews Secret Space Program insiders like Corey Goode. There are more than 150 episodes at around 30 minutes each. They talk about SSP, different ET groups, technology, ascension, our hidden history, giant bones discovered all around the world, elongated sculls, etc. etc. The first few episodes that I've watched start with C. Goode describing his experience in SSP, what he did, what were his impressions about certain ET groups, his life on a research vessel, replicators for food and other things, etc. Here's the link with all the episodes listed with short description for every episode so that anyone interested can just skim through to get a better idea of topics discussed. https://www.thetvdb.com/series/cosmic-disclosure/allseasons/official
  10. Half way through and it's DI at his best. Yes, it's nothing new (at least for me since I follow his work regularly), but it's a nice recap of this whole farce. It's nice to know I can count on DI for best research and dot-connecting. He's proven right yet again, and his calm and fearless approach to everything is what I admire.
  11. Honesty is always the best policy. IF anything like what you said happened I would feel better knowing the truth. But it is a bit weird that such an active moderator wouldn't chime back in after/during the hack of the forum, if nothing else to say a few words why he's leaving etc.
  12. Here's a short video (8 min) from David Wilcock where he talks how reptilians worship AI as their god and are controlled by it. He also mentions nanotechnology which is used to 'enhance' the biological beings in some ways, but comes at a price of losing your soul. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAgVf3Ab0fA
  13. Certainly surprised me today when I opened the forum tab. ?
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