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  1. It's just getting started. Two years from now this world will be unrecognizable.
  2. I work on chromebooks for a school system. Over 30 a day I'm fixing, and despite all the filthy kid's germs, I haven't been sick at all since this bs started. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that coof is 100% bs. Noone can change my mind.
  3. I think they've been too thoroughly brainwashed, or are in too complete of a denial to connect the dots tbh.
  4. Very well put. The lockdown happened in the states last year on my birthday, so I will never forget it. You would think time would ease the incredulous nature and sheer absurdity of it all...but it hasn't for me one bit.
  5. Probably know they're marked if they speak up.
  6. My personal favorite part of this, is that they never show you the "variant," and how it's different from what they're saying is c-19. That's not suspicious at all! https://zeenews.india.com/india/explainer-all-we-know-about-indian-variant-of-coronavirus-that-crippled-health-care-system-2358558.html Sorry. Found it. Representational images...convenient.
  7. The problem is that noone really knows what happens long-term from "vaccines" like this. I would guess organ failure, specifically kidney failure, after maybe 1-2 years, but I have nothing to back that up. Just a feeling I get.
  8. I don't have words...this world is a damn clownshow.
  9. Thanks! Yes, this is an eye-opener.
  10. I didn't see that billboard. Can you screenshot it?
  11. I'm really starting to come to terms with this as a near extinction-level event...just hard to grasp.
  12. Just a thank you to you all...switching between this forum and the r/covidvaccinated forum on reddit...the difference in intellect is astounding. They surely are...sheep.
  13. Just got another lifetime ban on r/coronavirus again under a different account name...I knew it would happen... but at least I went a few rounds with pro-vaxxers and I mean to tell you...it's frankly terrifying the way their minds think. They will have NO PROBLEM outing those from society who don't take the jabs. How can they not see the terrifying similarities between the current situation and say nazi Germany, Stalinistic Russia, etc.,? History is, indeed, repeating itself.
  14. Also, that broach reminds me of the eye of horus.
  15. Unless Trump suddenly turns a 180 personality-wise I would suggest that there is a shitstorm on the horizon. This country is ready to explode right now. It's palpable.
  16. Yeah it's pretty surreal in the states atm. Like a bad acid trip. What the hell is real? I can't even tell.
  17. I live here in Georgia. It's patently absurd to believe this. Apparently Biden's received more votes than Obama overall?? I have no words.
  18. Well that's not very reassuring.
  19. I would think that would have to be statistically impossible. I even typed in a couple of 4 digit numbers and they came back with articles.
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