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  1. Well that was an anti climax, Hancock apologises and Johnson says case closed after handjob called for a police investigation into the very same thing Neil Ferguson did last year can't make this shit up. This is all without even mentioning the fact the bit of the side was his uni friend appointed as his top aide paid for courtesy of us of course! I give up, they're continuing to take the absolute piss and all the public can say is 'it's a private matter between him and his wife' is everyone ok in the head?
  2. Nice, exactly this! I've only started feeling confident enough myself in the past fortnight to no longer hang a sign around me as the Nazi's had the Jews doing. On the odd occasion I have forgotten it I've only been asked once where my mask was which led to a confrontation with 3 staff members. I largely put me not being questioned down to the fact most of the time I'm with my 2 young children, however I can honestly say my partner is aggressively questioned weekly. I've posted some of these encounters in the past. He has honestly been told on at least 3 occasions 'we don't care if you're medically exempt, you're not being served' I've made complaints on his behalf when this happened in Tesco, TfL and Starbucks just this week. TfL have been the worst offenders, he's had bus drivers refuse to stop motioning his lack of mask before even asking his reason, he's had 2 bus drivers call the police on him and had an aggressive confrontation with police inside a station. Thank God the magical words of 'I'm exempt' have kept the police off his back, where we've seen others hesitate for a split second and literally the police pounce and use violence against them echoing sights we saw in China last year. I'm getting sick and tired of these false martyrs exercising their own rules and blatantly breaking the law themselves, police included and the saddest part is many of the public think it's justified.
  3. Scientology is currently up there rightly or wrongly as one of the world's most demonised religions. But as with anything I believe there are a lot of potential truths which outsiders need to take a deeper look at. The concept of the Thetan (the immortal soul) is something which has drawn my curiosity time again. Excuse the wiki quote but I feel this sums it up quite clearly: 'In the primordial past, according to Scientologist teachings, thetans brought the material universe into being largely for their own pleasure.." The universe is thought to have no independent reality, but to derive its apparent reality from the fact that most thetans agree it exists. Scientologists believe that thetans fell from grace when they began to identify with their creation, rather than their original state of spiritual purity. Eventually, they lost their memory of their true nature, along with the associated spiritual and creative powers. As a result, thetans came to think of themselves as nothing but embodied beings.' Many of us would agree that indeed we have lost our connection with the universe and the true meaning of life and our abilities as creators. As DI says himself, we have become obsessed with the physical body failing to understand the nature of reality and power of the mind to create our own reality. Hubbard has become a laughing stock in the mainstream and simply credited as a sci-fi writer. We know that many on a quest to understand spirituality have had to enshrine their findings and beliefs within the context of fantasy novels, just so they can get their thoughts out to the masses without being called crazy straight of the bat. I don't really want to get into whether Scientology as we know it has become corrupted and a cult (we know this happens with nearly everything that comes out in the mainstream or via Hollywood - technology for example) and the deeper meanings are lost. My question is do you believe scientology holds any truths, if so what? Let's have an open and friendly debate without focusing on the heavily cited negatives that may have evolved since its conception. There's other parts such as working on trauma and the role of planets which I only have a basic understanding of but would love more insight into.
  4. Thinking of the people! If true hopefully the unvaccinated will pull together and get on a boat out of there.
  5. I've been thinking a lot about this lately, as OP says something hasn't entirely sat right with me and David's views on this. As many are pointing out global warming/climate change vs pollution are two different but interlinking things. I definitely agree the Earth goes through cycles, along with the fact other natural causes such a geothermal temperature increases can lead to melting ice caps, however I feel the effects of pollution are much worse than what they are admitting. It's not in their interest to solve the impacts of pollution, besides big business wouldnt let them. This figure of 10 years before climate change becomes irreversible keeps being quoted and I feel they know this will be when resources are scarce (I remember been taught in 2002 we had 30 years to go so this timeline has long been drawn out). If we're heading for a highly competitive time in terms of resources, it makes sense why in the lead up to this 10 year date they'll want to get the population under control and begin decreasing numbers. Ultimately the rich will be safe in their underground or mountain high bunkers whilst the rest of us are left to fight for what scraps remain. Best thing we can aim for is life off grid.
  6. I have it on my phone Bong but can't upload here as it's pdf. Probs a typo, but just a note it's Reg 174
  7. I'vejustaene the news headlines sensationalising this in the las 24 hours. Historic Royal Palaces say "It is said that the kingdom and the Tower of London will fall if the six resident ravens ever leave the fortress. There are seven ravens at the Tower today — the required six, plus one spare!" However during my time as a tour guide visiting, I always interpreted it as no birds will remain and wikipedia backs this up "if the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it."
  8. I'm glad you shared your dream. In the last week I've had an apocalyptic dream too (have them every so often), you know in movies when something hits Earth and you see the surge coming. I always relax rather than panic, embracing the impending doom, but the meanings you've dug up resonate with where I'm at right now.
  9. My partner was literally grabbed in the neck by police today at West Croydon train station screaming "Wear is your mask?" bear in mind this was off the train walking through the station where face coverings aren't mandatory...after eventually saying gtfo my throat I have asthma and I'm exempt anyway they backed off from my partner, but not before grabbing their next victim which my partner managed to capture! I'm really dumb founded but I shouldn't be really. I think this is my partners 3rd police interaction regarding masks. But these images show you the completely unnecessary heavy handedness of it all, why not ask "is there a reason you're not wearing a mask mate?".
  10. So if the virus has already mutated this new vaccine will be useless then?
  11. Was given the QR code at an O'neils pub few weeks back and just left it on the table didn't even look at it. Then this week going into a Franco Manca was told we have to scan the code, I asked was it compulsory to be told yes, so said bye then. The lady looked shocked and confused. Later that evening I laughed to my partner saying why didn't we just fill in fake names (as we ended up walking around for an hour in the rain, trying to find somewhere to eat). Glad I didn't give my money to a place making it compulsory though. The right to choose is freedom imo.
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