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  1. No it's a 135 euro fine. And no prison sentence.
  2. I'm sorry to interrupt but this thread was fine but seems to be getting all over the place lately. Why are people even talking about trans kids or robots in this thread ? And not about the unrest in the Netherlands ?
  3. Vaccine not mandatory is very good news and quite a relief I must say. Didn't expect it from a Globalist.
  4. This documentary is huge is France. Really surprised YT hasn't deleted it. Are the tables starting to turn ?
  5. Will the migrants crossing the channel be on quarantine ?
  6. Adama Traoré: French anti-racism protests defy police ban Thousands of people have joined protests in France over the 2016 death of a black man in police custody, defying police orders not to assemble due to coronavirus restrictions. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-52898262
  7. How about bringing back the Entertainment section back ?
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