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  1. "The powers that be" don't want the practising of yoga because it does open the chakras and the 3rd eye. Dropping words like satanism into the same sentence as yoga is exactly what they want.
  2. Yes it did the same to my kidney just one of them when they turned the shit on back in March 2020. Speaking to others at the time who also complained of a bad back pain not realising it was kidney pain . Unless you were out and about asking people like i did you wouldn't know anything was happening to anyone. Heavy lungs too and suprise suprise the horses i was looking after 2 of them were making funny little cracking sounds as they breathed and their lungs were laboured. Like i said unless you were out seeing people and dealing with horses you would not know any of this. I put it all up
  3. There's a programme called "Peep Show" I think its called, in one episode a box of "CORONA" is on the fridge and they are ridiculing people who believe in Lizards and the ruling of the world elites. Sorry i can't put it on for you to see but maybe someone more technically minded could find it and post it.
  4. Ive got a bill hook Their temperments are going downhill fast too. Surely they can see no-one is ill around them, no coughing or spluttering or anything at all, they all watch tv and do as they are bloody told. I don't drink the tap water either, i'm sure its helped me to remain sane and awake.
  5. Obviously the powers that be have released different viruses in other countries.
  6. I know a care worker doing 12 hour shifts in an old people's home she had vaccine a week ago and i saw her yesterday for the first time. She told me she was very sick (actual puking) and had a violent headache straight afterwards. My observations are she looked an absolute wreck and had lost weight too.
  7. I agree but to get him to do that he would need to be a damn site healthier than he is now. I am almost ready to go with my 18yr old son. Ive broke my horse to drive over last few months. Getting the rest of the family to follow doesnt seem to be happening.
  8. 1. Everyone made to stay in their homes. 2. Radiation turned on (in specific areas) 3. Anyone with underlying health problems are immediatly affected and contacting doctors for help. 4. Doctors delaying diagnosis but notifying hospitals. 5. Patients told to stay home even if symptoms are serious. 6. Patients unable to get any treatment whatsoever. 7 Radiation turned up and pinpointed on that home where patient lives. 8. Symptoms worsen. 9. Doctors delaying all medical help 10. Death. All this is my families experience right no
  9. Same here Fluke, i was outside a chip shop as they have a table in doorway and man behind counter wanted to know where my mask was. Dickhead behind him frying chips started shouting lanyard at me. I couldn't give a shit what they think but people are behaving quite frantically in shops now shopkeepers and staff etc. Imagine how frantic they will be when they realise they are being radiated in their own homes to raise underlying illness to the forefront then zapped while they sleep once doctors and hospitals are alerted but not treated and left at home to die. (exactly whats happening to my
  10. If Johnson can cycle 7 miles in London you can walk your dogs wherever you like
  11. The plan is to cause hardship and misery to as many families as possible. I'm sick of hearing the millions of pounds given to the Arts, Theatre's etc.
  12. Trying it on with me too and i'm in council property. I have been getting letters and cards for roughly 1 yr and they go straight in the bin
  13. They won't be able to have a lockdown if people get vaccinated so i do think its all a bit odd that suddenly older people can only have 1 shot and not the follow up a few weeks later.
  14. "Truth seeker" not conspiracy theorist that's what i tell people.
  15. So far ive heard of 2 local people with chronic migraine after covid vacc from a lady working in old peoples home. Not residents but staff.
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