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  1. So kids will be locked in whilst surrounding people are subjected to 5g or some other interferences or attacks of one kind or another.
  2. Clue is in the word Womb - man. Only a woman has a womb.
  3. I met a chap who is fitting electric charging points at houses for their cars, he said only people who have their own driveways can have one as its illegal to drape electric wires across pavements. A point i would like to have answered is why aren't electric cars self charging. They have a wheel in each corner so surely they should be self charging.
  4. I know not many people watch the soaps but Eastenders and Coronation Street pushing the same stories. Both have a male characters going through breast cancer. As we all know soaps push propaganda onto the public. Is this another problem for the double jabbed?
  5. Of course its a trap, and deflection. LOOK OVER HERE, NO LOOK OVER THERE, NO LOOK OVER HERE, NO LOOK OVER THERE.
  6. That's an observation looking from the outside. When your'e looking from the inside to the out and living it too of course he's emotional.
  7. No he hasn't, this is a normal reaction to what is happening in Australia. People that are not reacting need to question why not!!!!!!! Dumbed down people have no emotions and would rather do and feel nothing.
  8. The Head and reception teachers were the first to have jabs in our primary school. Two weeks ago the reception teacher was rushed to hospital with chest, neck and arm pains. Sent home in a lot of pain and now back in work on pain killers and doctors saying we don't know whats wrong. The head took ill in the school with a breathing choking fit last Thursday and i have no update on her yet. This morning another teacher has severe headache as soon as he got to school. All teachers have been jabbed. Yes the school has got 5g but i havent felt any effects lately.
  9. I see it like this; If i were a farmer i would have no use for old animals in my herd. I would have no use for any sick or unhealthy animals either. Only fit healthy stock are kept and bred from. If you apply this to society right now it makes sense to me anyway.
  10. Yes exactly, everyone who saw that will be shopping today, everyone with money that is.
  11. 2 days solid now petrol stations are jammed full of people getting petrol in Stroud , the staff in Tesco garage say there is no shortage of petrol, yet another load of bullshit from mainstream media.
  12. You bet they have, ive had problems to for weeks at a time then back to normal. Good you are aware of it when its happening.
  13. I remember the icelandic volcanoe sending sulpher gas clouds over uk. I was doing a carboot sale and could see it and taste it that was when i bought gas masks being athsmatic it worried me a lot.
  14. The primary school where i work has had locks fitted on external doors that can only be opened with a fob. To keep kids safe apparently. I can't believe this is even legal. I feel like im working in a high security nut house.
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