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  1. Wallace Simpson was so obviously a man too. Looking at pics of her with King Edward lots have a covering over wallace's adams apple but some don't and obvious to me its a bloke.
  2. I took my tv to the tip felt much better for it too
  3. I agree, as i work in a school i expect to be told vaccinate or leave. Can't wait, sick to the back teeth of shitty toilets and glue all over tables
  4. weird thing to do though. They will either be recruited into military or be experimented on.
  5. Radio 4 this morning reported that the uk government want to send asylum seekers to the volcanic island with 2 air bases on it one British the other American and nothing else. The only people living there are for servicing the air bases. Its 4000 miles away guarding the Falklands. Why on earth would uk spend a load of money doing that. Its reported on FT news.
  6. Well the heart chakra opening came before i ever meditated and out of the blue. My 3rd eye works too and when that opens it actually goes right around your head (the energy or can feel like heavy pressure) in a band. Now after seeing your rainbow occurance i went onto newsbeforeitsnews and found an article about the Square block and it also went on about how people will be controlled by light, different coloured light. Information to a person and info from. Is this not the "Ark of the Covenant" in plain sight depicted by the rainbow. Covenant meaning knowledge.
  7. Good work Danny. Firstly i have always thought there was another way to read the Bible after all "Bi" means 2 ways. Also chakras are so very fantastic as my heart chakra opened and cracked in my chest like an egg. For 3 days i could see laughter rippling up into the sky when i laughed. I felt overwhelming love and i could see peoples thoughts travelling across under their eyes over bridge of their noses as they thought. I could see some people had a light before them as they approached me. Very interesting information and yes its amazing how you are guided to it. It happens to me a lot so i d
  8. There are a few videos on brand new tube, interviews with the public and some on the bad behaviour from police when they stormed in.
  9. People are ignorant sometimes a small instance comes to mind. I found a deer trap in the woods, it was old so i picked it up and placed it at the entrance to the woods on a post for people to see and be careful of their dogs running around. As i was doing this a lady said what is that? I explained it was a trap and she said " O i didn't know they were real, I thought they were only in books" I was incredulous couldn't believe a 30 something year old woman had the mind of a 5yr old. Of course there is going to be trouble from police at protests from now on. This kind of behaviour has be
  10. Probably making more space underground at RAF Stanbridge. I remember when protesters were on the news at the gates of fracking somewhere up north and never did any lorries go in or out. I thought then they are building underground. Fracking was just a cover for vibration and booms.
  11. Uk Column mentioned yesterday (weds) that many people are migrating from uk. They said they will be discussing this in a future programme. They are live every Mon, Weds and Friday. You can see all other programmes on their site. Be interesting to know where everyone is going.
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