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  1. A sudden amount of info on women and their monthly cycle being totally messed up with heavy clots and women that have gone through the menopause actually bleeding again brought to my mind the old woman in the tower (locked in) who is shown with blood on her crotch, in the animated film "Pet Goat 2". Film is also full of phallic symbols. Its on you tube check it out, i think this short film is saying even more than thought.
  2. They only want certain parts of the population to have what they are injecting into people. They pick and choose who has what. (in ref to the headline, blanket spraying.)
  3. David Icke Not Wrong, shills poking their heads up out of the shit pile they sit in, on view for all to see. Bugger Off.
  4. Red heads were the origional race of people in Britain. I like Red hair.
  5. I'm just the cleaner but no way would i want to.
  6. You have reminded me of an experience i had when i was 10. So in 1976 i lived on a farm in Wales about 3 miles from a village Goytre. When visiting friends we were offered some Tortoises (ive always thought of them as mini dinosaurs) they were found upside down all layed out in a field next to the village so of course village kids gathered them up. The company ICI was about a half mile down the road so everyone kind of knew thats who had done this. About roughly a few days later men in suits were knocking at doors looking for these Tortoises. My friends lied and didn't give them up. Ours
  7. Last weekend, (20th - 21st March) the Head Teacher and reception teacher at my school both had their vaccinations. Both reported flue symptoms a banging headache and one was very sick (vomiting) by Friday these symptoms have gone but they both told me they don't feel right, like they've forgotten something, their heads are not clear. Driving is also difficult as they cannot focus on what they are doing. I think they look quite blank in their expressions personally.
  8. "The powers that be" don't want the practising of yoga because it does open the chakras and the 3rd eye. Dropping words like satanism into the same sentence as yoga is exactly what they want.
  9. Yes it did the same to my kidney just one of them when they turned the shit on back in March 2020. Speaking to others at the time who also complained of a bad back pain not realising it was kidney pain . Unless you were out and about asking people like i did you wouldn't know anything was happening to anyone. Heavy lungs too and suprise suprise the horses i was looking after 2 of them were making funny little cracking sounds as they breathed and their lungs were laboured. Like i said unless you were out seeing people and dealing with horses you would not know any of this. I put it all up
  10. There's a programme called "Peep Show" I think its called, in one episode a box of "CORONA" is on the fridge and they are ridiculing people who believe in Lizards and the ruling of the world elites. Sorry i can't put it on for you to see but maybe someone more technically minded could find it and post it.
  11. Ive got a bill hook Their temperments are going downhill fast too. Surely they can see no-one is ill around them, no coughing or spluttering or anything at all, they all watch tv and do as they are bloody told. I don't drink the tap water either, i'm sure its helped me to remain sane and awake.
  12. Obviously the powers that be have released different viruses in other countries.
  13. I know a care worker doing 12 hour shifts in an old people's home she had vaccine a week ago and i saw her yesterday for the first time. She told me she was very sick (actual puking) and had a violent headache straight afterwards. My observations are she looked an absolute wreck and had lost weight too.
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