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  1. Most people have heard of the plans by the DWP to monitor bank accounts of benefits claimants, but it what people might not have realised is that it is going to be constant and automatic monitoring by AI for any indication that someone is committing fraud. It's obvious that is going to lead to innocent people's accounts getting flagged. Campaigners are warning this could cause serious problems for the government and millions of people. "Scrap plans to scan accounts of benefit claimants or risk new scandal, MPs told. The Department for Work and Pensions is seeking new powers to require banks to trawl the accounts of millions of people who receive benefits. The plan is close to being passed into law by parliament and will be “fully automated”, the government said. It will use artificial intelligence to flag activity considered suspicious by the DWP. In a letter to Mel Stride, the work and pensions secretary, 42 organisations, from Disability Rights UK to Big Brother Watch, said: “There are approximately 22.6 million individuals in the welfare system, including those who are disabled, sick, caregivers, job seekers, and pensioners. They should not be treated like criminals by default … The Horizon scandal saw hundreds of people wrongfully prosecuted using data from faulty software. The government must learn from this mistake – not replicate it en masse.” And yes folks, you guessed it, in addition to the nearly 23 MILLION people they plan to monitor with AI that INCLUDES PEOPLE RELATED OR CONNECTED TO BENEFIT CLAIMANTS NOT JUST THE CLAIMANTS. "The net would also trawl the private banking data of people related to welfare claimants including partners, parents and landlords. It would save around £360m a year – less than 5% of the total lost to welfare fraud, according to the government’s best estimate." And this is even though the DWP has already used the same software and found it made extensive errors. "Other groups backing the call for the data protection and digital information bill to be revised include the Child Poverty Action Group, the mental health charity Mind and Age UK. It comes amid concern that increasing automation in the welfare system is already leading to some worse outcomes for vulnerable people. Last year, researchers found 350 low-paid workers every day were raising complaints about errors in welfare top-ups, causing financial hardship and emotional stress. In 2022, the National Audit Office warned a DWP algorithm used to detect fraud in the universal credit system had the potential to “generate biased outcomes” which “could inadvertently obstruct fair access to benefits” Shameem Ahmad, chief executive of the Public Law Project, which joined calls for blanket surveillance to be dropped, said: “As the Horizon scandal shows, reliance on automation carries a high risk of harm. Using automation in a system that impacts the income of over 40% of the UK population is a huge risk … Tackling fraud is legitimate. Punitive mass surveillance is not the way to do it.”
  2. Not surprised by that, insane psychopathic narcissists don't usually seek therapy. Not sure what therapist would want Elon Musk in a session with them.
  3. No. It's not the same thing at all. People approach 'therapy' with a certain expectation, in the same way they approach those AI gfs with a different expectation. Searching the internet is not the same psychologically at all.
  4. Yes it is. So ask yourself why it isn't stopping you from posting that comment.
  5. Would you like to say more? It would be good to hear your experience.
  6. To correct you there, I didn't say anything about Kumbaya. Explain what you mean. What is the "reason" you are referring to and where did you get that information from? Again, that is quite vague. Who, what, how, why and how do you know this?
  7. I was checking one of the practitioners listed from the link you posted and this came up in the Google search listing. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/14505457/filing-history It's odd because on LinkedIn they list themselves as a "non profit" (with 1 employee , then 7 linked) but I can't find their charity number anywhere. https://uk.linkedin.com/company/pha-uk Also limited companies have to post all their accounts online for the public to see. A 'non profit' can in theory be a limited company but they would have to prove all profits were put back into certain charitable activities. A lot of the time when a non profit started out as a limited company, as they did, then dissolved one month before they had to make their accounts public, it means they are hiding profits. Also they changed their directors multiple times in just a few months! They don't have any oversight, they're not a group. It's just separate people listed in a directory. If you can verify your email you're suddenly a 'practitioner', which is a meaningless word anyway. There are lots of those online but most don't pretend to be a 'movement'. How do they vet the people listed? They admit they don't check anyone is even using their real name!!! Who checks their qualifications or criminal records? They admit they don't. They allow anyone to join them as a so called 'practitioner'. That does mean you don't know if that person is qualified. It is really just a database for freelancers, aka anybody. Also it's weird they are listed as a non profit but they say on their website they have a "don't ask don't tell" policy on money changing hands between the client and the practitioner, that is certainly going to make it easy for people who are dishonest to abuse it. They are using words like "People's Alliance" and "Ambassadors" to create a sense of authority, but those are all self given titles to create a sense of trust from the public, again not a good sign. They use trigger buzzwords like "grassroots" and "organic", whoever designed their website knows how to market a business! They have created a 'feel good' narrative to pull in customers. It concerns me that people who are already vulnerable through illness, mental or physical, will be easily taken advantage of through using their database. One other concern is they say all practitioners charge fees (none listed upfront) but they have a long list of volunteer positions they want people to work for them for free. Why are volunteers expected to help them run a business for free where practitioners get paid? Also they ask for donations, but what for? There is literally no financial transparency. Their linkedin page says they have 1 employee and 7 linked employees, but those are just freelancers. So it's one person behind a computer screen running it. They are trying to make themselves sound like a big organisation but they are just a few freelancers on a database looking for cash paying, off the books, clients. They are not doing any charitable work. It is a business. So expecting people to work for them for free while practitioners get paid and the people who run it get paid (and keep the donations) is unethical. Calling themselves a non profit while practitioners make profits on fees is unethical and illegal. Their 'partners and affiliates' pay them to be listed and are all for profit businesses, which means they are lying about being a non profit. Also I tried their 'free health check' and it was just designed to sell stuff. They are misrepresenting themselves and they are full of red flags. Unfortunately there are people out there ready to exploit people looking for alternatives to the mainstream, it's a multi billion pound industry. If you're looking for psychological help or natural health advice the best you can do is read around the subject online, or a few books on the subject, then check out the main qualifying body for the professional you are looking for. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. I don't trust that so called 'People's Alliance', on the face of it it seemed ok to begin with, I can see their marketing and clever use of language will pull people in, but after checking them out a bit it's one red flag after another. Just one other strange thing on their website. There is a guy listed as a doctor and they go to lengths to tell you he is "happily married with children", seriously how is that relevant to his ability to provide treatment? It's fluff to make you feel good about him and make him sound 'reliable' and 'trustworthy', but if someone is doing that to convince you then it's dodgy. So divorced doctors are no good now? When was the last time you asked your dentist if they were happily married to see if they were qualified? They prove they are just agents for freelancers as they have a legal "Disclaimer" so you can't sue them when things go wrong. Also it's them admitting they don't even check the basic information about their freelancers to see if it is true or not. Their disclaimer reads - Disclaimer Notice Please note that local health hubs and practitioners are independent and act autonomously. We rely on practitioners to be honest about their expertise. It is therefore important that you do your own due diligence when choosing a healthcare practitioner listed in our directory. It's completely unmonitored. It's just a database anyone with an email can add their name to. None of the people listed know each other! It's not an 'Alliance' it's just an Etsy for 'alternative health'.
  8. They do the same to any disabled people.
  9. Didn't the People’s Health Alliance dissolve their business in March 2023? Technically they can still run their website but that's not a good sign if they have dissolved it.
  10. So you don't want to discuss anything.
  11. That's a logical fallacy. Every system had not been overturned BEFORE it was then overturned. When a system is losing that is exactly when they increase propaganda! Your argument would be to say in 1943 "Why oppose the Nazis, if you could defeat them you would have done by now". So your next point answers your first... It's exactly because billions have waited for Jesus, a saviour, to save them that is the reason it has gone on for so long! But that bs is over now. That's just the system talking. Fact is if you think like that you have already lost yourself, which is probably why you projected that in your first point in your comment. It's very unlikely everyone is getting free from the system. It's possible, but not likely. However that all depends on yourself. You have given up, ergo you have "given up" aka sacrificed yourself, to the will of the system - that IS perceptual dominance - they control your perception that you have no power, you BELIEVE it, and then you create a self fulfilling outcome while blaming everyone else instead of taking responsibility for yourself. This creates reality within the simulation. Numbers matter but numbers are also individuals. Watch this. What do you think of what Icke is saying in it? https://davidicke.com/2024/02/05/they-are-losing-and-they-know-it-david-icke/
  12. Which is the plan. While politicians are fiddling away the public funds on anything they want and they keep their corporate friends from paying taxes.
  13. What next? Bodycams on the unemployed to check up on them? Retina implants when they become available? Telling people what they can spend their money on, eat, where they go? Hand over their internet usage data to the DWP and the tax office? Seriously, wtf. You can be damn sure if they do that to the people on benefits it's everyone next. They always pick the lowest hanging fruit first when they are starting some agenda against the public.
  14. Hang on a minute, does this mean the public is allowed access to the bank accounts of politicians so we can make sure they're not stealing from the taxpayer? Thought not.
  15. Exactly. Next they will say people have to allow cameras in their homes. And of course that is while THEY break all the rules they want.
  16. That depends on if you trust the government and what they are telling you. What their real motives are and what they really want to do with that power.
  17. Firstly, why do you assume anything I commented on did not include my experiences? Secondly, why do you think you have the right to demand anything from anyone about this? Only a narcissist thinks you have to prove yourself to them. Where is your experience that disproves anything anyone has said? Where are YOUR personal experiences? You haven't told us anything about your experience of this. And why are you so desperately interested in this? If you don't believe in what David Icke has written about perceptual dominance why are you wasting your time on something you argue isn't possible? What are you gaining from simply taking a position of opposition, without any actual discussion on the topic from yourself, instead you demand others provide you with all the answers, which makes no sense. List several detailed and practical examples of these "demonstrations" you're looking for? It sounds like you're looking for parlour tricks. You're talking about this like a child asking for proof without an understanding of the situation. This is not Harry Potter. It would also be useful if you would explain what perceptual dominance means to you.
  18. You asked in your previous comments for examples of divine sparks overriding the system - you then say no one answered that. You also said in your last comment that I did not answer that. However, here is a quote of mine from the comment I posted in reply to Connor Wiseman in the comment directly above yours in this thread which gives an example of divine sparks overriding the system plans for complete control. I commented "Our power as divine sparks can override the whole system if we just come together. The system wants to shut people up, stop them communicating with each other. We must never let them isolate us. The system wanted to see how people would react to isolation and separation by using a pandemic. They failed. They underestimated the way people would refuse to accept that as permanent. The pandemic was actually a great example of divine sparks perceptual dominance overriding the system. The system wanted everyone to give in, but instead people resisted and refused.". Your thoughts?
  19. Actually I answered many things you commented on, not that anyone here is obligated to "answer" anyone else. I certainly don't expect to make demands on people's replies and neither should you. Also, why are you focusing on me? Just because I started the discussion it doesn't mean I own it. The value in this discussion has been everyone in it. Difference of opinion, common ground, exploration of agreement and everything else here. A discussion isn't meant to be the interrogation you're trying to make it into. Also, I, and others, have asked you many questions you have ignored, but no one has brought that up as it is your free will to choose what you wish to discuss. In my last comment to you, the one you're replying to in your comment quoted here, I asked you several things you chose to ignore. We already live in a society that pressures us, tries to take away our choices and free will, the least we can do for each other here is not replicate the behaviour of what the system does to us. I see which TV shows you enjoy! You criticise the quality of discussion in this thread and that's your contribution.
  20. That's true. THEY have had a long time to study our psychology. That's why it's important to understand our own psychology and theirs too. They are actually very predictable. You only have to know a narcissist to know how predictable THEY are. Also as they have a hive mind it makes their behaviour quite limited. Not that you should never underestimate an enemy, but knowing how they think and behave certainly helps. It's one of the reasons they hide 'outside' of this world (most of the time). They don't want us to learn about them. They use human lackeys (the elite) because then it hides their existence and us learning about them. It's harder to defeat an enemy you know nothing about. It's interesting that Icke talks about how the conflict in the astral is driving many of them to manifest here while at the same time we see a massive increase in narcissists in this world. There is a qualified psychologist, Dr. Les Carter. He has been a therapist for about forty years and he says that he is shocked at the increase in people coming to him for help because of a narcissist in their life. He estimates that 20 years ago there were around 5-6% narcissists in the population, he now puts his estimate at 38-40%. He even says that he now gets narcissists coming to him pretending to want therapy (hiding they are narcissists) but obviously they reveal themselves and he has been attacked several times. He also says he gets threats by email all the time for speaking out about narcissism.
  21. In one comment you said there aren't any predators or parasites then in your comment quoted here you say there are.
  22. I agree. Our power as divine sparks can override the whole system if we just come together. The system wants to shut people up, stop them communicating with each other. We must never let them isolate us. The system wanted to see how people would react to isolation and separation by using a pandemic. They failed. They underestimated the way people would refuse to accept that as permanent. The pandemic was actually a great example of divine sparks perceptual dominance overriding the system. The system wanted everyone to give in, but instead people resisted and refused.
  23. Store loyalty cards have been around for years. Why shouldn't people be angry,? Even if they can't change things they have a right to be angry. Your criticism of "everyone complaining" is you saying people should suffer in silence, but why should they? People have the right to complain. And doing it in public, such as on this forum, encourages others to QUESTION EVERYTHING. Complaining IS "doing something". For a start it creates a different perception of reality. If no one complained then others think everyone is happy with it. And as we know from psychological research that pressures people to go along with the majority, which would then be easy for the elite and governments to control. Governments hate people complaining in public, look at China etc. What you're suggesting is censorship. You're literally criticising people for exercising free speech. Given the way supermarkets have taken over where are millions of people meant to go instead? You're being too hard on people and you're unrealistic about the alternatives. There just aren't enough small shops that people could shop at anymore and what about the fact that most people don't live anywhere near small independent shops. Where are you suggesting millions of people go to shop instead of supermarkets when supermarkets shut down all the local shops? And let's not forget the way supermarkets control the supply chain and prices of all foods and other products.
  24. Eventually you see all supermarkets link upwards in ownership to a bigger corporate structure. Everything leads to the top of the pyramid.
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