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  1. He was an alcoholic and drug addict. His testimony is very unreliable.
  2. David Icke talks about people being tricked into coming back into the simulation by fake religious figures. Looking into those people's eyes they would look like they are telling the truth, but what they believe was not true, but they were scammed. Unless they 'met' a 'deep fake' version. Given the amount of people who say they have visions of Jesus, they have met him in a dream or near death experience or similar, either Jesus is AI so can speak to billions of people at the same time or they are deep faking him for the simulation. By the way, there's another possibility for him being "misunderstood etc.", that Jesus became corrupted by his own fame and psychic connection to way too many souls. That's what happens to the famous, and especially the mega famous like he has become. Too many souls long to connect to them pouring devotion (energy) into them and draining energy out of them. That's why they have a psychological breakdown. Jesus, aka Yeshua, was just a man like the rest of us. Had he been famous today he'd have a massive social media platform and merch. Maybe the simulation is filtering people. Some can leave but some stay in the ,'prison' forever.
  3. Like in Oblivion. The natural vs the technology in a post apocalyptic world run by AI. Interesting when that guy on the video says people have always assumed "seeing is believing" but now they have to accept that vision, and by implication all senses, can be fooled, which is a nod to what the simulation has been doing. But for how long? I read somewhere that during last year's actors and writers strike one of the points of contention was the use of actors images being owned by studios to fake anything. And that apparently Tom Cruise said he would not allow his image to be used in that way. Not surprisingly when you consider how he is about doing his own stunts and all the news coverage, recently about Top Gun Maverick, about him not wanting to use CGI much at all. That deep fake guy does seem a bit disingenuous when he plays innocent saying it was a homage to Cruise when it was to launch his deep fake business. Easy way to get loads of free publicity though. He must have good lawyers. The quality they can do means that people, movie studios etc. could offer the public personalised movies. I dread to think where this is going for VR. Could we reach a point where corporations own everyone's image just because they filmed them in VR, or even in the street. Could we see people using the images of ex partners in VR to keep having a 'relationship' with them, which makes me think of the Amazon series 'Upload'. Or people recording their kids at different ages (like parents do) but using those to create fake families when their kids grow up and they miss them. Could an estranged parent be tested by the authorities for being a decent parent by being observed interacting in VR with their fake programmed child. You could imagine people online dating in VR as their younger selves while they sit alone at home as the older person they are, both older people in the VR relationship not wanting to interact in the real world because they prefer the younger, sexier VR version.
  4. Definitely would be more efficient and in line with their interests. CERN is definitely connected to certain aspects of the simulation. Didn't CERN feature in the movie 'Angels and Demons'? Yes, the alien was centralised in Edge of Tomorrow at the 'Omega' with 'Alphas' protecting it. The 'Omega' had a consciousness connection to all the 'Mimics' but the 'Omega' was in Paris under the Louvre. There are a lot of occult connections to that site. The pyramid design for example, which in the movie sits right above the Omega. Interestingly Tom Cruise's character, and Blunt's before him, could only retain their memories on the reset of the day - reset by the Omega, when they had received blood from the Alphas. After Cage (Tom Cruise) gets a blood transfusion (while unconscious) he loses the ability to reset the day by him dying, which he has been doing until then. This implies that the alien blood (bloodline? Code?) enabled the aliens to con the humans as the humans would never remember the repeated resets of time. "LIVE, DIE REPEAT", as the movie says! It gave the aliens complete control over the reality of the humans, resetting the timeline against the humans to win the war against them. In the movie the humans even express how they are baffled the aliens seem to know more than they should. It's also interesting that his character's name is (Will)I am - William, 'Cage', which could read as 'I am Will' in a Cage. A caged free will. In the end Will Cage kills the Omega by blowing it up at the same time as he gets blown up. There is a massive energy surge and the day resets but this time people are free and he survives. It's a very interesting movie full of symbolism. Absolutely. It's ready to turn people against each other or manipulate events to cause conflict or other issues.
  5. Nasty things are around people all the time. It's just you can't see them with your simulation five senses. Possession happens to lots of people regardless of whether they can astral experience. Although they are less likely to become possessed if they can astral experience. It might be helpful to you to focus on those memories before going to sleep. And many sources recommend keeping a 'dream diary'. Learning the piano is more difficult for some than others, but with enough practice ... They can. Most of the stuff in books is bs. Black, white or grey magic is really just labels. There's more to it than that though.
  6. Like the movie "Oblivion", where they have to agree to have their memories wiped, but it's aliens/AI doing it. Weird how Tom Cruise has done a lot of movies around those similar themes. Thinking about it the latest Mission Impossible is about AI taking over the world and augmenting reality.
  7. That's certainly possible. I think AI probably uses multiple ways of doing this. So, what you're saying is that maybe AI altered the memory of one of them even though they both had seen the same or similar episode. That is done at simulation level for other things so it makes sense. While reading your comment it reminded me of the movie 'Edge of Tomorrow' and how the aliens could reset the day. Then of course the question is why do they do it? Gaslight people into not trusting their own memories. Cause conflict and isolation between people. I've seen people get very angry when disagreements happen over it. There is also the possibility that when the system sees people coming together in creative agreement (which is what creates reality) the system tries to mess with that. A bit like saying "hey, don't create reality with them, you can't trust them". Then 'divine sparks' use less of their creative power to change things. Absolutely.
  8. Do you think asking anyone for detailed information about their personal life is ok? Do you walk up to strangers in a restaurant, pub or coffee shop and demand to.know about their personal life? I hope your answer to that is no. If not you'd be crazy. If people choose to share information that is their choice, no one here, or anywhere else, has a right to any answer. Anyone who has been outside this realm can say. Whether beings are 'mostly good' or not is a matter for debate. Goodness is not a qualification or essential for being in and out of this world or any other. There are highly 'talented' beings who are just enjoying being assholes, some pretend to be higher beings when it suits them. They might just pretend to be your dead grandma. One thing I'd like to clarify is that so called 'angels', 'higher beings' etc. are just labels. If humans start showing deference to beings 'higher' than themselves they are going to stay trapped. Also most channelling is bs. At best people are talking to themselves, at worst they are being f**ked with. There are a lot of evil beings taking advantage of the programming of the simulation. Humans tend to wander about in the astral like sleepwalking children. Put those two together and you get the traumatized population we see in this world. What's sad is that many people 'trapped' in the simulation are hiding from the memories of trauma and acting it out subconsciously. It's designed that way. Whether you're good or not ('a good egg' as you put it) depends entirely on two things. Who you are when you are alone (when no one is looking) and who you are if there were no consequences for your actions. The system, the entities, use total surveillance (and the internet) to gather data on everyone in the simulation to find out the answers to those two questions about you. Then they plan how to use it to manipulate you.
  9. As you can see you did state it is impossible. But it is YOU who can't find the answers, not that there is no answer.
  10. Firstly, it's not easier to interact with the simulation. You feel that way as you have grown comfortable in it. You are used to it. It seems familiar to you. You have made the simulation your psychological home. You're saying it is easier for YOU to interact with the simulation than outside the simulation. You shouldn't try and speak for others. In your comment, which I have quoted here, you say "as it's easier to interact with". You are stating that it is easier when it is not. Secondly, the more someone is trapped and brainwashed into the system the more they feel, as you have said you feel, that it is "easier" for you to interact with it, you focus on it, you give it YOUR emphasis. Ergo that is YOUR self made trap. That's entirely subjective. It's not a fact. Everyone can learn to do it, just like everyone learns to walk, talk and a million other things. You might fail YOUR driving test a hundred times, but that doesn't mean driving is "easier said than done". The system constantly puts out propaganda that " travelling to other realms" is difficult when it is not. It is NATURAL to us. They use language like "travelling" to make it sound far away. They use words like "realms" to add confusion and fear as it sounds foreign to people and they have conditioned them to have a fear of the unknown. It's obvious that they would do that to keep people in line. People who parrot that for them, as you are doing, are helping the system to keep people trapped. One of the biggest scams to make anything outside the system seem difficult to interact with is the New Age and 'Spiritual' bs. It has set up a whole system of belief that only enlightened people, and years of 'spirituality' will get you out of this world. All the spiritual abilities dogma is a load of crap. Religion is the same. It sets up barriers to leaving this world after physical death. Heaven, hell and all that bs. You don't need to be enlightened (which doesn't exist anyway), or be an empath, or a psychic or whatever. The biggest lie about getting out of the simulation is that it is "difficult to leave" and you are perpetuating that for THEM. Who are you referring to?
  11. Mmmmm. Funny how I don't have those problems with others here. You really should learn to accept that others are going to have different opinions from you. I have noticed you tend to question people instead of actually discussing anything with them and you get pissy when they don't play your game. If you don't want to discuss anything with me, (and as you say you find it upsets you) don't post comments quoting me asking me a hundred different questions while you say nothing for yourself. It's simple really. So why do you? Or you could keep posting pointless comments, trying to provoke, then me not taking your bait,(again) and you whining about it when you get disappointed (again) that I haven't taken your bait. You really think it's not obvious how you do that to people? He's gone and he ain't coming to save you! Too late.
  12. You're not using the word spiritual in the context of the thread question. That's why it makes no sense to you.
  13. That's not Jesus aka Yeshua, that's just a fantasy archetype. So yes you can believe in your imaginary friend and not be a Catholic.
  14. Technically all Christians are Catholic. They kid themselves they're not but the Catholic church is Jesus Christ's church so.if you're following Jesus you're a Catholic. The whole Protestant movement was just a political coup by England. And Muslims are basically Christians because Muhammad said everyone should follow the teaching of Jesus.
  15. People should do what they want, but it's when they start pushing it on others it is wrong. There is no such thing as enlightenment. People can become more self aware but there is no state of enlightenment.
  16. They also blame the disabled or those with chronic illness for not "changing their genes with their mind" to get healed. Spiritual communities thrive on toxic positivity and putting down those people they see as inferior.
  17. No one can study to be spiritual. Spirituality, more correctly stated as "connected to, or being our true self" is within us, not in any book. Those who reel off stuff from 'spiritual' texts are pretenders, they are play acting at being spiritual. It matters more how someone treats others than how much they think they are spiritual. I've found that most people calling themselves spiritual are assholes, and they tend to hate those around them and have contempt for others. There are no spiritual 'levels'. Anyone who says there are is just fodder for cult and secret society membership fees. Spirituality, which nowadays is synonymous with the New Age bs, is just a roleplay dead end for humanity to do while they wait to be recycled over and over again.
  18. Can you describe what "HOME" is supposed to be in that description? All those new age websites talk about "going home" but they never actually say what 'home' is????? Can you explain this supposed 'home'?
  19. You have to do both - focus on all levels. Your advice is useless. Just focusing on "down here" and how much pain you feel being in the simulation isn't going to help one bit. Those "higher sources" are actually "outside sources".
  20. You can't say something is true because "science agrees with it". You're talking like 'science' is an authority but it isn't. Science said the jabs are safe. Science is nothing but opposing theories at best. Sometimes when people begin to look for spiritual growth, as you did, the simulation will send them messages and appear to make life better for you, but it's just to pacify you and send you down a dead end path.
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