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  1. On 12/30/2020 at 3:45 PM, Cgab1 said:

    I normally know about 2 or 3 people a year who get the flu, and never someone who has died from it. In 2020, I personally know one person who has died, and know of 3 or 4 others in my extended circle who have passed. At work alone, we’ve had about 25 cases of covid ( abnormally high number, even if is just the flu) 
    I’ve had the flu before, I’ve never had trouble breathing to the point where I’ve had to go to the hospital, and I’ve never noticeably lost my sense of taste or smell. I know several people who have gone to the hospital because they couldn’t breath, very unusual for the common flu, in my experience. Not trying to argue, trying to reconcile David’s assertion that there is no virus with what I see going on around me. If it is not a virus, and due to some other toxicity, how are elite protecting themselves, their children, their extended family, friends, etc?

    You are rather unfortunate I think. I do believe your awareness and perceptions create this. I also believe we entering into a new dimension and people will not want to stay. 

    for your information I knew 2 girls from school both died a year apart one was 36 and dies suddenly no health issues, the other developed an infection and passed away. This was 3-4 years ago .a couple of years previously a lady of 54 my mums colleague again healthy died after coming from holiday. Something wrong with her lungs. This was around 2015. It’s not unique. 

    it’s people manifesting it, they panic and become scared so a bad virus or flu can knock people out not the media and government have created a perception deception so people think they have covid and thus manifest these symptoms. You got to give them 10/10 for this. 
    focus your awareness on other stuff and higher your vibration. 

  2. 23 hours ago, josaphina said:

    Why dose noone answer to my new topic?  things are getting bad, even Gaeth Icke had a panic attack over these things!!! for gods sake people, we are dealing with a viris which will bring us to our knees............David got it wrong. Sorry David.....but there is a viris!!! wake up to that!! I know what you mean about the mask wearing but we need to move on from that now!!!.........we are dealing with something real that was man made and it will bring us down.  This is going to be a very dark winter indeed and people wont WANT to go out unless they have to!!!! its gonna be bad, You wont be able to blame it on flu ...........yes it is a flu but its a killer flu.................KILLER 

    Oh so shut up! He didn’t have a panic attack over a virus that is so deadly people are surviving even those with problems you plonker.calm down , it’s getting bad because of the spiritual and pyschkkigxattack breaking the human spirit! You create to her world if you think there is a killer virus believe it because it will get you! Awaken to who you really are and stop shouting nonsense that the cult want you to believe. 

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  3. I never thought that but people will say anything that doesn’t suit them. Someone just posted a picture of Gareth Icke in video with a beat up eye and to be honest it does look weird but could just mean something to him about his past. Not necessarily him being mason. Also another picture of Gareth with a rope around his neck ? It’s all very weird but again could just be something he choose to use for his albums. I don’t think Icke is controlled opposition but as I said people will find anything and make it into something.  

  4. It's all very strange. Yesterday was the Forbury knifing just in time for summer solstice and William's birthday. Now of course it was a terror attack. It's all so boring. 


    My question is the Trump rally was also on yesterday but would be UK time 21st June. I know something is happening but do you think the New World Order involved Trump and Prince William and will skip Charles? Harry has left so he was no good anyway.


    I know many people believe the Royals are being taken down and in some ways they are and yes there is an awakening   You can feel it, it's happening. 


    Icke did mention even those fast asleep will eventually awaken. It's happening and I'm seeing it more, although of course still people in their slumber of sleep.


    Do you think Trump is fighting evil or part of it. Q seems so precise? It's impacted so many sleeping Americans including my family..It's literally awakened them to more than what they are and 9/11, Bill Gates they are no longer oblivious to stuff .If you think they are pysop why?  Would be great to hear opinions from both sides. Thanks 

  5. 10 minutes ago, serpentine said:


    A missing train of Elon Musk satellities?

    Wow well wouldn't surprise me! I did think his space Dragon video of the astronauts ourside banging around was very strange. It looked so faked yet I sound crazy thinking that? 

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  6. No way. We are literally creating our own realities here. Icke knows this. 


    A great time to be alive. Maybe a little anxious at times but not in the mental health wise but just feeling and knowing that we are projecting this reality. If you don't like it change it. Many are doing just that not even realising they are  

  7. Anyone tell me what's in Antarctica? Some on twitter saying if you know what's there then you know why Trump is sending stuff there ?! 


    Also someone saying ' we warned you don't go there? 

    Really interested 

  8. 5 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    Well if the photo & article below showing the Queen on horseback at Windsor are legitimately from yesterday, as claimed, that quashes the theory that she's in hiding somewhere...



    I don't believe this is the New king but also do not believe these picture were of the queen from the weekend.



    We shall see if she re emerges after the summer 

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