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  1. What an interesting thread. Great to read others experiences. I have had sleep paralysis a couple of times and it is absolutely horrific and so frightening! Only a couple of spirit type experiences (although I'd love to have more I'm so fascinated by it) When I was 9 I was hit by a car and knocked unconscious- I had a dream where I was in a dark tunnel and at the end was just the brightest most white light - I obviously since have learned about near death experiences but at 9 I know I had never heard about such a thing to have imagined it or made it up. When I came around there was a blond woman holding a half cast child (boy around 2 years old) and they had this magnificent river of light around them and the woman's gaze kept me so calm...there was a crowd around me but I can only remember these two. Once the paramedics arrived she left and then the pain came! A few years ago I kept getting "ear worm" of the song mystify me.... and seeing a man in a leather jacket with curly hair....as I'd drift in and out of sleep he was there singing mystify me....at the time I was on a facebook group as a young lad had gone missing and people were joining forces to search I happened to mention my visitor and a woman messaged me to say she was sure it was her brother who she had lost to suicide...probably a coincidence and she probably really wanted to believe it was but whatever happened I am still friends with this lovely lady many years later .. My mum tells me when I was a toddler I used to say I didnt like the lady in the grey dress who came into my room...I dont remember this though. Lol
  2. So are we back on the side of the police now????? So confused
  3. Have you checked out that ladies website I was reading it a couple of days ago will try and find the link .... it speaks of gates and how the democratic americans are trying to force legalised abortion when they don't want that law changed they are pro life...its absolutely fascinating whatever your political beliefs to hear it from someone living it.
  4. This is me..... I'm trying to limit time on the web and have disabled social media. Absolutely no TV news allowed..only watching documentaries! I have two children though so I can easily find joy in them - I remember being in my 20s I think the 20s is the hardest ride actually. Harder than teenage years as you figure out who you are. As suggested above keep your eye out for something each day that's sparks a bit of peace or joy - I dont want to sound cliche but a walk in nature if you can
  5. Jode


    Well my hope came from something really silly but since it happened I've been in a much lighter mood. We were travelling in town and the traffic was flowing...on a 50mph road I think (though I'm not the driver so not entirely sure) three lanes each way of flowing traffic....and about 10 adult geese and approx 30 baby geese came waddling out from behind some bushes and started to cross the rd. My other half slammed his breaks and put the hazards on and I was panicking but as each car came up behind it slowed and as soon as it was realised what we were stopped for every single car stopped! And all these geese and babies swaddled across 6 lanes safely and I cried. And yeah i had a "see people are good more than they are bad" moment and i realised a good 20 cars had stopped throughout the lanes to let them go by. It still warms my heart now. So that was my hope and I've felt kind of fuzzy since.
  6. So now it's quite clear the agenda is defund the police. So my thoughts are going in two directions.... 1. Do TPTB want to dismantle the police? If so why? (My thoughts are usually if the masses are screaming for something TPTB wanted it first - like lockdown). My theory - to make room for technology tracking and social credit system ?? Relying on neighbours shaming each other (like you see now anyway). 2. I assume TPTB NEED the police? Remember we were all pretty pissed at the harassing dog walkers and checking shopping trolleys. In other European countries (I'm UK) there were many videos circulating with police brutality. So is it like reverse psychology? The normies will panic at the defund the police and make a case for some kind of reform but keeping the police therefore probably in the long run making the police even more untouchable, even more tyrannical? Any other hypotheses or thoughts? Cheers
  7. I dont think that's what happened...people started throwing bricks at the horses? They were fleeing I think...but I dont know for sure but the news footage looks like the horses got scared and ran. Beautiful animals and they will do anything to try to protect their rider
  8. I mean - he didnt deserve to be murdered because that's not justice - but he wasnt a "good man". His last prison sentence was served because he held a knife to a pregnant (black) woman's stomach and threatened to kill her unborn baby if she didnt let him rob her home..... that's not a "good man"
  9. I went back to look but couldn't see why this was meant to be floyd? Apparently was a 14 year old boy...when he shouts his name out it sounds like he says something like diablo!
  10. Fucking hell...my heads just fell off.... (off to find clip)
  11. Sorry - that wasnt the right link...this is the one showing the clear sidewalk
  12. https://www.bitchute.com/video/0cNFdBcvzgUc/?fbclid=IwAR3V1BGUiuVD5baZXMb02rd1sYtLfTEAibePTx4X6MGeZGSPqFvUQsIm5_I Has anybody seen this? It is a different camera angle of George's murder...it shows the sidewalk is clear of other pedestrians (I.e. where the footage from the mobile phone user was filmed). What do you think? Could someone have edited it to look this way? Is there a reasonable explanation that it looks like no one is on the sidewalk?
  13. There is no virus involved btw. Millimeter microwaves are able to cause hypoxia all on their own, see: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mX1fSrTzvWIxJBOC0Q8POLD0XhBQSpDv How does this correlate with the lack of illness/symptoms in children do you think?
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