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  1. 1 hour ago, Shy Talk said:

    It's beginning to look as though the ptb have had their hands forced by the number of people starting to wake up and smell the overwhelming stink. It appears they're already doubling down worldwide and will call a 2nd wave/lockdown within a few weeks rather than risk waiting for October and flu season, when the whole house of cards may have already given way.

    Yeah I agree.... the riots thing didn't make it worse? But going to work and see family did? Bollocks!! I dont think they're going to wait now either. Bastards. 

  2. This is really interesting and well written. I was in deep thought today and feeling a little frustrated at some attitudes "we need to do something" "just eat this" "just do that" just, just, just - its JUST more consumption isn't it? More words, more posturing, more "I know best" - we dont really "know" anything but its useful to be able to get your thoughts in some kind of order - 


    Tolstoy identified 4 ways of dealing with the complexities of life - one was retreating into childlike ignorance (most people?) Another was instant gratification and pleasure seeking, the third was dragging out life too weak to bring it to an end but feeling utterly miserable and the fourth  was realising this life was evil and meaningless - basically the strong commit suicide and see the blessing of being dead.


    I like tolstoy and things like this kind of writing helps me keep going. 


    My partners best friend recently took his own life - they are all falling to pieces and I feel like the only one who is like "well duh - why on earth wouldn't anyone idolise the thought of death" 


    Anyway thanks for your writing and hopefully my contribution isn't too garbled - I'm somewhat pessimistic but it keeps me on the straight and narrow 

  3. 17 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    Exclusive: Half of UK’s imported Covid-19 infections are from Pakistan

    More than 65,000 people have travelled to Britain on 190 flights since March 1 from Pakistan, which is reporting 4,000 Covid-19 cases a day, and has seen a new spike in the disease after easing its lockdown measures. Most are thought to have UK passports.

    With up to two flights a day from Pakistan, there have been reports of some arrivals almost instantly going to hospital for intensive care, amid concerns that the influx has led to localised clusters.



    Why could the geniuses at the helm not pre-empt this?

    I live on the flight path and the PIA flight was coming in and going out every day of lockdown.... and Qantas

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  4. 2 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    More f*ckwittery that I observe, but am too weary to comment on...


    L'Oreal to remove the word 'whitening' from its products

    The decision comes as beauty brands receive backlash for their skin-lightening products amidst ongoing protests for racial equality.




    ...except to wonder if we're allowed to have tooth whitening toothpaste still, or should we be pretending to desire black teeth now? ?

    But they sell tan products too right? Odder and odder....

  5. 18 minutes ago, Given To Fly said:


    how do you determine what is a black-owned business ? it's racist as fuck going in to ask what colour is the owner.

    i mean fucking hell, all i wanted was a bottle of lucozade.


    are black owned businesses going to but up BLM flags to signify ?

    Well I wanted to buy a memorial gift for a loved one yesterday and when I googled memorial gift ideas the first hit was "black owned business" 

  6. 19 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    There is probably a tiny minority of people who are genuinely, for whatever reason, 'actual racists'.


    The thing is this type of thing going on at the moment pushes some every day folks to pick a side ..... this kind of thing can easily turn the ill-informed racist. So many people now have totally unstable senses of self and no moral code - it's easy to fall into the trap I think. 

  7. I have noticed my last two weekly shops have been costing more - by around 20 quid! Looking closely it's the fresh produce going up in price! For example peppers have gone up by 25p a pack! Lots of things that were 80p now a pound, things that were a pound now 1.20....it soon adds up!!! Of course beige food is still cheap as ever 

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  8. 12 hours ago, motleyhoo said:


    I believe more and more people are venturing out into the warmer weather and travelling around now.  More people are getting back to work, and they're finding out that not only do they not know anyone infected, no one they work with knows anyone infected either.  The story is going to unravel.  It's mostly the elderly and die-hard Covid religion freaks glued to the CNN's and BBC's now.

    Yes it's all pretty much back to normal where I live now.... kids are playing out on streets again if not back in school and the funniest and best thing is people have been buying alcohol from the shop and sitting outside the closed pubs as this week has gone on it's gone from 4 people doing at the beginning it to about 20 yesterday ? .... the odd person in a mask but I gather it's those with underlying conditions...

    A man behind me at the till the other day was talking to anyone who would listen about it all being complete bull shit ?

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  9. 6 hours ago, Messenger said:

    I have a message too.....


    Grow alkaline food. :classic_biggrin: :classic_cool: And love thy neighbor, just not thy neighbor's wife or underage daughter (that means you Joe Biden :classic_dry:).


    Motley, we will overturn the mask laws, they cannot stay like that forever, and the music still sounds the same even if people are six feet apart. We will work through these challenges and squash the demons. See that one under my foot, in my avatar. :classic_biggrin:

    Messenger you make me smile with every message about alkaline food...you've finally drip fed me enough to look it up! And I'm going to try to include more and get off the acid! Lol..... though I'm not promising miracles or perfection. We dont eat processed food as a family but even fresh food is messed with these days isn't it and we definitely eat a lot of chicken and pork so I'm going to try (with two fussy kids!) Just wanted you to know that your drip feeding is working (at least here!) 



    Also I heard a great lecture on the love they neighbour rule the other day. It was something like treat others as you want to be treated doesnt just mean "be kind" it means figuring out how you want to be treated and figuring out what makes you feel loved...then do that to others. It was great very eye opening and inspiring 

  10. 14 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    It's the reaction to Gab all over again.


    Don't get me wrong, I'm all into free speech and all that. I was active myself on Gab for a while, but I stopped using it as even I was getting uncomfortable with the some of the material other users were posting and sharing.


    But then again, I guess this is what happens when 'left-leaning' social media sites like Twitter and Facebook start kicking users off for 'violating Community terms and conditions' (ie posting material that challenges mainstream narratives) so you end up with the 'new' alternative social media networks attracting "that kind" of people.



    I find they turn into a bit of an echo chamber also - they start off well and eventually you just get a load more people shouting loudly about their beliefs and not much two way conversation/learning. I like to talk (or type) to help me think and sometimes I dont know where I stand on an issue and appreciate space to thrash it out.... it's hard to find 

  11. 12 hours ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    Thanks to Max Igan for including this in his latest video and to his forum member Brucelee for posting it.


    It's a song for school children in New South Wales about the "pandemic monster thing". It is pure unadulterated brainwashing and child abuse, including the promotion of isolation and threat of "penalties" for "not listening" to safety advice.


    Of all the things happening surrounding the "virus", I find the targeting of children among the most sinister. I have heard that my local primary school has been spraying children with good only knows what! But, of the most concern to me, is that parents seem to be going along with it - how can that be?



    I'm a parent and I'm not "going along with it" my 6 year old IS back in school because she wanted to go. We talked a lot and speak each day after school about what she likes and doesnt like - I'm putting in enough effort at home for her to be relaxed and not worried. Infact she really likes her smaller class and the activities they are doing are so much better yesterday they moved their desks outside as it was such a lovely day - usually she is in a class of 30 but at the moment its 7. . . She loves that there is no pushing, shoving, snatching, smacking....all things that she experienced prior. So there are benefits as well as consequences. And if I found out school were singing anything like this or she was coming home frightened I'd take her back out - and I told school that! 

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  12. That's interesting.... seen as the tests are up to 80% wrong? Also wasnt the recent Beijing outbreak at a market....the corono was found on the salmon???? (Not sure if said salmon had any symptoms the papers didnt say ?) so where are we heading now? You can catch it from food?

  13. 8 hours ago, Storm in the garden said:


    Of course you may be right. I don't know the guys background and he could be doing things behind the scenes that don't even reach the public arena. If he is then fair play to him.

    I was really generalizing, and as much about the Hollywood 'celebs' as anyone, who are so quick to give advice about social injustice from their mansions.

    And of course also referring to my dear countryman Bono, the globalist puppet. 

    I would readily admit to not knowing the social history of Manchester, but from what you say it sounds like the universal plan of screwing the working classes.

    ??? that made me laugh but yeah it sounds about right! 

    The city centre is terrible and the areas surrounding it. Wythenshawe is further out closer to Cheshire than manchester, it's really strange as it's a large council estate but surrounded by really well to do areas. I remember years ago david Cameron was doing an interview and a bunch of teens were doing wanker signs behind his head ? that pretty much sums it up here 

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  14. 1 hour ago, kj35 said:

    His background is about as poor as it gets in Britain. So he has some life stories to draw on...I'd wager. Myself and many like him would not  have eaten without free school meals.


    I've posted about Wythenshawe where both he and I grew up on off topic thread. It'll give a wider picture of his background.  He's a fantastic fella imo

    His family is in my neighbourhood. His nieces play with my kids. They are all sound. 

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