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  1. 29 minutes ago, Rolandson said:

    The father of a friend mine can't smell and taste not so good since yesterday.He has no cold or anything like that. I know it is not Covid but what could it be?

    I know loads of people now who have tested positive and the loss of taste/smell is what most of them report- no coughs, no temperatures..... it's annoying that they go for tests though I keep saying to my friends and family to stop going for a test for every sniffle! I was with my friend on Saturday and she had no sense of taste and smell... she went for a test and that came back negative though. 

  2. 8 hours ago, Basket Case said:


    Corporations are made up of PSYCHOPATHS. 

    Corporate psychopaths have bought and paid for the vast majority of World Governments. 

    Corporations and Governments run by PSYCHOPATHS are damaging OUR planet. 

    'We' the people don't get a say in it.. Despite all the petitions in the world to sign... Despite all the charities to donate money to... Despite all the illusions of voting and 'Democracy'. 

    As Odds said, stop with the 'WE'.. I'm not part of your understanding of WE, and I'd guess neither are most who visit this Forum. 


    BC :0)

    Out of likes...

    Bravo! 👏👏👏

  3. 13 hours ago, Messenger said:

    I agree Jode, it is not for me to decide but clearly humanity are destroying Earth and I am witness to this every day and I was even a part of it for many years. So how do we raise consciousness of humanity to get people to realize the bigger picture which is to have respect for the planet and not be so focused on their selfish vices.


    Example. I'm sitting here at my desk watching a video on youtube and I see this car pull up outside and I know who it is, this lady who is severely obese, always smoking a cigarette, she always has dunkin donuts coffees, and today I see her pull into a parking spot and light up a cigarette. I know what's coming so I keep a close eye on her. I look away for a moment and then next thing I know is the cigarette butt is on the ground.


    How do we teach these unconscious selfish people that this behavior is NOT ok? Maybe we need more corona psyops. I'm really tired of watching humanity's selfish behavior and so I am starting to shift sides and as each day goes by and I witness these selfish acts by unconscious people I begin to agree more with the people who want to reduce the population.


    Imagine in a century if the population continues to grow and say for example that in addition to the already 7 billion people on Earth, I guess that maybe 45% are smokers, 40% of them litter their butts. Now imagine if in a century from now we take on another 2 billion people of which a few million take up smoking and of those at least a few hundred thousand are litterbugs.


    At what point does humanity say, enough is enough? When do people learn that something they are doing is wrong on so many levels? When the Earth is one giant pile of cigarette butts? When our water is so toxic that we can no longer drink it? When our soil is so toxic that we can no longer grow food?


    As long as I am witnessing people throwing down toxic cancer-causing litter on the ground which gets into the water and soil, I say the culling must continue. For anyone who doesn't like it I encourage them to eat some cigarette butts. Yes, eat them, even if they aren't yours. Eat em up because that's where we are headed.


    Of all the creatures on planet Earth, humans are the most destructive. How many animals have gone extinct due to animal poaching so that some rich bitch can have ivory earings?

    Are humans the most destructive? Really deeply inside dont you think your neighbour already just might feel horrific and have given up? How about changing the question to what kind of world do humans need so they don't need to consume so much...drugs, donuts, whatever? Consumption is the problem and who benefits from that? I dont know the answer but I'm not ready to give up on humans yet the system has created an almost impossible place to live  prehaps if she felt love and meaning she wouldn't need cigarettes and donuts?

  4. 3 hours ago, Messenger said:

    and when I see shit like that I cannot help but think that humans deserve three or four more corona events.

     I think this is the point...to make humans completely and utterly lose faith in each other. To see each other as worthless entities. I mean we wont fight for each other if that's how we view each other. We certainly wont look after ourselves if we come to believe our existence doesnt mean all that much. 

    I dont like seeing suffering either we arent equipped mentally to cope with such large scale, daily doses of traumatic events and we only see these things because of the media. . . . . I believe most individuals are just trying to live their short lives the best they can in the only way they know how. Culling humanity, deciding who is worthy to live or die? Well I don't think that is a job for you messenger. Who gets to decide who is worthy, and how do you come to that decision? 

  5. 2 hours ago, zarkov said:


    They changed policy on forest management.

    Forest firefighting was and is all the rage - putting out all the smaller naturally occuring regular fires  in the name of "saving the environment!" !

    Simlple "green" policy with a devastating outcome.

    Saplings/young trees are far more resistant to fire.

    Regular firefighting allows forests to become predominantly mature - older trees are much drier! and when this extended at scale then enormous areas are put at risk with obvious outcomes.

    You would think it was planned !

    When left alone, forests manage themselves quite well - many small controlled fires usually from lightning strikes, eliminates older drier forested areas  while leaving the younger healthier  more resilient forest areas intact.

    Ecofascist policy is the problem - Put out all the small fires, then wait for the really devastating fires to occur. 


    Indeed - it's where the phrase burn off the dead wood came from. A process of new life and rejuvenation not destruction

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  6. So "they" must know something we dont about next year and I'm in my second year of uni now and all face to face lectures cancelled until june (so basically the whole year). My exam for june is cancelled and will now be remote (some are saying this is better but I'm gutted and dont see why that decision is made now for june???) Anyway I'm venting but none of my fellow students seem arsed and are all "better safe than sorry"


    I'm in a large housing estate positive tests running rife loads of kids "bubbles" off from the local schools. My own kid sent home to isolate when her teacher tested positive.... funny thing is lots of positive tests but none of these people are ill? if people stopped going for the tests no one would know any different? Friend works on covid Ward she says it's full again and it's getting her down but its patients that were end of life anyway (not anyway like they were dying let them die I don't mean that they deserve their chance like any of us I just am stating the fact that they are mainly 70 plus and already had life threatening issues) I know one person who couldn't get cancer care in time and is now terminal. I had an operation cancelled back in may and heard nothing and although it's not life threatening condition it is debilitating and I'm in bloody agony. All for a illness with no symptoms? I know five positives personally only one had symptoms and the symptom was loss of taste she still wasny actually Ill it's so baffling

  7. 44 minutes ago, Velma said:


    Elon Musk goes further, he reckons virtual reality will be so advanced it will be impossible to tell the difference been reality and the virtual world and we will all live in a simulation. I don't believe that because I have five senses, that tell me life is real, unless his neural implant blocks them. Which I won't be getting!

    And when you look around- at the people - I reckon like 80% would go for it as long as it was worth likes and shares on social media they would jump in the pods. It's scary.


    My daughter though she reminds me to keep fighting shes 10 and not into electronics she absolutely loves the great outdoors and her friends. Shes been sent home from school as her teacher tested positive. She is a wreck. Hates being stuck at home and having to miss football practice and matches as well as school. Loads of schools round here have kids home again now. It really is utterly shit for them.

  8. 8 minutes ago, Velma said:

    According to Desperate Dan Andrews from Oz, this wouldn't happen if people didn't protest!

    Would they say that if it was a BLM protest? I doubt it! 

    It is really awful ... was getting resisting arrest? Had anyone seen the footage leading up to it? The police were very heavy handed 

  9. 12 hours ago, banjo dog said:

    All I know about her is that she used to be married to Tim Healy from "Aufwiedersein pet". We need more like her go girl go.

    Well eamon Holmes was a complete twat there wasnt he.... she gives a load of stats and he says "so what you're saying is get back to work' .... that isn't what she said 😳

  10. 19 hours ago, Mr H said:

    think the real free thinkers with the balls to back it up will start their own communities or move to a different country (if permitted)

    Me too.... and we would find a new pleasant way to live, exchanging trade and skills, farm the land just to sustain ourselves - not farming for endless consumption. I dream of a nice community like this - however, I'm aware even safe havens eventually have someone come along and become a tyrant - it would be my ideal but I think naturally eventually a hierarchy would form and it would become about power. The human race is wierd - there is so much to marvel about and be happy with but the power game takes over 

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  11. Hi another poster said she would start a thread over here on the "tackling obesity issue" but I cant find one so I thought I'd start one.


    I'm obese - a size 18. In and out of the diet industry since 11 years old. I HATE the diet industry now and will absolutely not return to a slimming club. I dont want to be obese but I struggle to restrict...once I start restricting I binge - infact I only have to think about it and I'm craving crap food....


    I have been trying to get in touch with this intuitive eating movement....

    I'm doing ok and seem to have finally stopped gaining weight after my last diet attempt failed but I'm obviously suffering being overweight. I feel like there is a lot of weight bias on this forum so havent approached this before...

    I'm a single mum of two and one daughter is very active but fussy as hell with food and lives on plain pasta, quorn and lettuce and cucumber and sometimes broccoli.... doesn't like fish, doesnt like meat, doesnt like much really. She has a socially acceptable slim physique and looks a picture of health - but I imagine she isn't very well nourished.

    My youngest is built more like me - she is chubby and soft and loves her food. She definitely gets her comfort from food like me - and I dont mean chocolate and sweets but we both love delicious rich dinners like stews and pies (homemade but still calorie heavy arent they)

    None of us eat processed food ever


    We try to eat fruit for breakfast and some variation of sandwiches or pasta salads for lunch, and some kind of meat, veg, carb combo for tea. None of us eat chips but we like rice which isn't so good but it's cheap and filling. My food budget is around 60 pound a week so I really cant do all separate meals for us. We all love fruit but it's gone in the first two/three days between the three of us that's why cereals/biscuits ect are classed as "cheaper" because they last


    Some days I dont eat breakfast and lunch so they have more of  the best and fresh food...


    Anyway just wanted to start a thread and get some thoughts on how others manage

  12. On 8/8/2020 at 6:49 AM, rideforever said:

    We have to be kind the dark parts inside, and speak to them .... we have to bridge the Light into the subconscious.  That is the job ... to reach upwards to the Light and actually let it heal all the fragments inside.

    This really rings with me.... but it's also very lonely work isn't it. I've lost most people now since I've began doing "the work" I have my children and a partner who is pretty stoic and calm (mostly but not always haha) but I find it so hard to find  people I feel connected to in every day life (I find them online but it's not the same is it). I would give anything for a deep and meaningful chat over a great dinner and bottle of wine but I feel myself just zoning out from others or just feeling like a nodding dog while they gossip and moan about their neighbours and friends ........ it all feels so superficial now sometimes I miss being "asleep" and living for chasing the next fix that helps me feel alive - it was all utter nonsense of course and I was lonely inside but i used to feel comfort in company and now i dont really like people very much at all 😂

  13. On 7/28/2020 at 1:30 PM, Mr H said:

    Yes I have tried them.


    When I was younger in a recreational setting - magic mushrooms and lsd.


    And very recently at the end of last year in a spiritual and ceremonial setting I did Ayahuasca

    Wow I have heard so much about ayahuasca in people trying to heal themselves with cptsd ..... I want to try it but I'm scared haha.


    I did lsd and speed ecstasy in the 90s. Wouldn't touch any of it now though as it's so heavily cut with other substances now. The only trip I had was on MDMA and it was quite wonderful haha. I had a very heavily traumatic childhood and I always think that experience was as close to care free joy as I will ever experience - my child inside definitely came out to play that day.


    I drank heavily and took coke throughout my marriage with my husband - havent touched it since we divorced and now have managed to massively cut alcohol use and get my act together. Maybe one day I'll achieve complete tee totalness- its definitely becoming less and less appealing to me as I approach 40

  14. 2 hours ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

    I've just posted this on todays news, I think it's probably better on here.   They are in on it - up to their beady little peado eyes.
    What to expect in the office .....   1984 eat your heart out, jeez...
    The latest from the BBC, I'm lost for words, I really am, this is breathtakingly - awful:



    Click here to see just how bad this page is in its entirety:





    Couldn't read it all got to a point where my brain was just going "bla bla bla" and refused to take it all in 😂 but.....


    If Covid-19 dies out in the coming months and a vaccine is found quickly, many homes and workplaces could return to something like "normal".

    But aspects of Laila's imaginary life may become reality for many of us, particularly if there are continued outbreaks and no vaccine is found.


    Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine..... it's just more bullshit to make people want it?!

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  15. 5 hours ago, Given To Fly said:

    but i will say i'm exempt for medical reasons

    No need.

    I havent worn one yet and only once have I been asked to put one on (in aldi) and I just said no thanks with a big smile and that was that. No need to explain. And apparently they dont have the right to ask if you have a medical condition or not. 

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  16. On 8/1/2020 at 5:22 PM, Shy Talk said:

    The key to how this plays out may well be children, who have basically been unaffected by the deadly virus to this point. It feels like the authorities are keeping the children angle up their sleeve to be used to usher in 2nd lockdown/mandatory vaccinations a few weeks after schools reopen (there'll be a rise in infections once autumn kicks in). It could be emotional blackmail on a huge scale.

    Yes remember at the very beginning when children were the "super-spreaders". It makes sense that they will use this again 

  17. 1 hour ago, Shy Talk said:

    Seeing as no-one in authority has any credibility left it's hard to see how they'll manage to get a mandatory vaccine over the line . . . unless the manufactured second wave affects children significantly. Bank on it.

    This has been my fear since day 1.... kids next 😞

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