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  1. Hi all. So I'm in a mums group theres a lot of us and I can see one of them is starting to ask questions!!! Yey horrayy only getting quite quickly jumped on with harsh lockdown needed ... I want to post reply some links I've seen some great stuff on here about the numbers and excess deaths not really being excessive, numbers without underlying conditions, numbers of deaths from other causes putting covid deaths in the shadows ect...to save me days of scrolling does anyone have any links to hand. (There is no point in me mentioning icke or 5g ect but I think she might take notice to the pcr test stuff) I dont want to risk getting lynched but do want to let her know she isnt alone in her thoughts x
  2. The article states "He also noted that, because people of advanced age are receiving the vaccine first, it is entirely possible the deaths could be coincidental. Around 400 people die every week in Norwegian nursing homes." but we are not able to apply that logic to covid death?
  3. https://www.deccanherald.com/international/world-news-politics/new-deadly-virus-disease-x-much-more-fatal-than-covid-19-could-affect-humans-scientists-935136.html?fbclid=IwAR0c1nm1oEt9zHTHUJMeqsyqXZ_9O3QHLHgoeBwTiYx6ObAhrN5CzPGr9D0 Disease x anyone?
  4. I dont think they are acting.... BUT I worked for the NHS for 15 years and cried almost every day, I was exhausted and stressed all the time - that is true of nhs staff because it's so overwhelmingly shit now. It wasnt like that at first and then they got rid of the PCT and they all went corrupt as they became responsible for their own funding so they made cuts to the middle and bottom and increased the lining of the pockets of the top managers.
  5. I'm having some thoughts I'd like to brain dump...probably rhetorical but I dont really have anyone to talk to.... Its being reported most of the positive cases are high school kids (makes sense after they started testing high school kids???!!) Well then why arent our teachers dropping like flies??? Which also makes me think why arent our police, nurses, drs, supermarket workers dropping like flies??? I have school age children so I now know lots of people who have tested positive - most no to mild symptoms a couple were really quite poorly but didnt need hospital care - why isn't this making anyone cynical about the restrictions because practically everyone is recovering from this "virus". The hospitals are reported as overwhelmed but also this will be due to isolation periods surely and staff having to go off sick? See I worked for the NHS for 14 years and the only reason it was ok not to go to work was if you were dead. And I'm dead serious - they came down hard on sickness. The surgeons I worked with would come in cramping up from the flu each winter, nasal drip everywhere, knackered and ill and still perform 8 hour surgery on patients who had cancer (so very poor immune systems) so what gives there. Why was it ok to put staff and patients at risk every single day then because they just simply couldn't cope if you went off sick but now there is no mention of staffing levels? Are they overwhelmed with more patients? Or are they overwhelmed with less staff?? Anyway needed to get it out my head ...
  6. See it's all inverted crazy nonsense because now they say "death is normal. Of course some people who take the vaccine will die - but they may have died anyway not because of the vaccine" which is exactly what WE were saying about covid deaths but were told we were evil because we didnt care about granny's death..... its mind boggling
  7. Because they teach this in school, college and university. I am in my 2nd year of my degree and just doing a paper on it you can critically evaluate the methods used to reduce racism/prejudice but you absolutely cannot argue against systemic racism existing. They dont teach critical race theory or any counter argument for inherent systemic racism. It's very frustrating!
  8. He doesnt even vaccinate his own kids!!!
  9. My assumption is non mask wearers wouldn't be the type to go for a test either? Where as mask wearers would ....
  10. Oh that is fucked up how come they could make this when filming stopped.... that's insane! Hollywood does love profiting off peoples misery though doesnt it
  11. What film? The link has disappeared
  12. Oh god - Those 85 thousand deaths coming - shit like this makes me hope I'm one of them. I cant stand this world sometimes
  13. I fucking hate Christmas.... I have such a shit dysfunctional family that wont take no for an answer when I just want to stay home with my kids..... This lockdown looming sucks for everyone obviously but every cloud and all that....total silver lining for me I can just stay home with my kids
  14. In the run up to xmas too where people buy more non essential items because they buy gifts.... fuck the absolute psychopaths
  15. How do you find the original numbers to cite all these numbers? Because I've seen graphs and numbers by the pro lockdown lot that do show excess deaths. Also I'd have actually thought there would be excess deaths from the untreated cancer, heart disease ect ect. Stats concern me because they seem to be really easily manipulated.
  16. News headline on itv (I'm just watching as I'm in manchester I dont normally bother) "How covid-19 is helping to kill off cash" ....
  17. Why are the daily mail all of a sudden publishing this stuff??? It is not a well thought of news source....
  18. Legends!!!! Those bloody massive fines though!
  19. It doesnt matter about "beliefs" does it. What matters is the evidence suggests lockdowns is a huge over reaction. I believe there is a virus doing the rounds - I'm not convinced it's a novel virus, but I managed to be on this forum for months without attacking anyone else's beliefs and without having mine attacked.... Prehaps your level of discourse is the problem? Because you sound very arrogant? I've been following this for a few days and Burnham isn't against lock down or tier system at all. He just wants more government money ....
  20. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/coronavirus-manchester-lockdown-tier-2-3-restrictions-update-boris-johnson-b1043898.html%3famp The manchester mayor is fighting it...but it seems to be that he is fighting for more government money to support rather than fighting for no lockdown. I'm glad someone is saying no though for Manchester
  21. Yep...I think that's why people keep talking about Japan ect "no lockdown and low cases" - they have a really sophisticated track and trace system......
  22. I havent watched the news in months but with everyone discussing liverpool at the school gates I watched this morning.... I actually was dreading a second lockdown but was thinking "naaahhh no way" I was watching those people who had screamed for lockdown back out enjoying their lives and i thought no way will anyone want to go through that again.... Yet here we are... i feel just totally lost I have gotten through the last 6 months by just trying my best - home improvements, spending time with kids, lots of journaling, reflecting, planning...... I'm just getting back on my feet and so are my kids. I dont think I'll survive this a second time. I really dont think I can do it :(
  23. https://www.fastcompany.com/90553471/the-pitchforks-are-coming-if-we-dont-reform-capitalism-says-davos-founder Its dressed up to appeal to the masses isn't it. . . They are going to be begging for it. Now I'm waaayyyyy down the hierarchy ladder. I'm a stay at home mum (and student) my partner has a good job but we dont own our house or any assets we drive a shit banger of a car lol.... we sometimes feel the system is not in favour of couples like us - we live on a council estate, the schools are shit, the kids dont have the best of everything we have to watch our money closely and sometimes when surrounded by people who have the best (matetially) we cant help but compare. But we are sovereign, we work hard, we are greatful for our safety and nice home.... we realise one day we might get the pay off from working hard but we also realise we might not. We would love to get off the council estate and work towards that goal. We have no debt.... Even with all the hardship and worry and frustration, even when life seems unfair I wouldn't want to be controlled by socialist system. Even though it promises equality.... but the problem is I know soooooooooo many people who will literally be begging for this!
  24. Yeah I know it's so annoying one of the school teachers went for test for a sore throat! Only symptom. It's not even on the list of symptoms to go for a test for....it came back bloody positive and now all year 5 kids are off for two weeks. If people stopped going for tests this would be all gone in weeks
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