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  1. 22 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

    Better start making plans for when it does go down ! (it'll only last a week or so but enough time for the damage to be done) if it does expect some forked up scheme for conditional identity based access to come out of it

    There is lots of talk about conditional identity based access to the internet and social media today! Lots of petitions flying around to bring this in on the back of the racism in football. Makes me sceptical to be honest - were the tweets and posts (that were vile!) Real people - or bots! 

  2. Lots of "winter lockdown" talk in the papers the last two days. I dont check them often but the independent yesterday said the lockdown this winter wont be because of c.19 but because people havent been exposed to other common respiratory illnesses through the last 18 months. So immunity will be low. It says babies and elderly will be most affected (crystal ball too) So they are going to solve that problem with locking down again aparently 🙄 

  3. Well this tech - human stuff worries me. I have always thought they'd save the vaxxed rather than depopulate via vax (the deaths that occur because of vax probably arent enough). Maybe its paranoia but I feel the vaxxed will be saved and something will be released to kill/maim the unvaxxed. Then they will have full trust in the gov. Then the gov will come out and be like whoops we used some technology that makes you like hybrids now when you have children, and the normies will be like that's ok you saved us......


    Until next time.


    Grim stuff. Lose lose i think either way 

  4. Do you really think they will make them compulsory. Too many young people are saying no. We can't all be sent away? Can we? The health care system is already failing.... they will lose maybe 20% of their staff if they fire those who wont have jab...


    I can't actually believe compulsory vax is even being considered. (I mean...I can...but I can't)

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  5. I'm inclined to think its advanced human (military) tech. Me and my partner have seen UFOs and he was convinced aliens and I was convinced its just really advanced technology that we dont know about yet.


    Also how egotistical are humans? IF there was entities from else where why would they be interested in us? Either destroying or helping us? Neither scenario makes sense I'm sure they'd have their own shit to be dealing with.


  6. 3 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Are the Soviet Israel mob ready to throw some of their own under the bus again? A lot of shills speak about Israel as a project that is linked to white supremacy, they see the West and Israel as the same settler colonial apartheid states, hence why they don't care about what zios do to us in the West. We even see groups like Sinn Fein expressing solidarity with Palestine, but they won't stand up for the Irish. Are TPTB allowing anti-Israel sentiment to appease their new anti-Western attack dogs?


    I still stand with Palestine, but something is suspicious.

    Yes exactly this the mainstream actually seems to be sticking up for Palestine which isnt something I usually see. Lots of houses starting to put up Palestinian flags flags too. Something is shifting?

  7. I never understand any of this stuff. But it seems important? I do wonder if 'they're want people voluntarily using bitcoin and then will come in and make it illegal or something? I dont know maybe someone could help me and explain what this all means 


  8. 2 hours ago, oz93666 said:

    People shouldn't fall into the habit of thinking there is a conspiracy behind every news event ..


    There was a strong side wind , the tall stack of containers acted as a sail ..an incompetent captain and the thing went off course and got stuck ...


    This event will not change the world ... just delay some shipping for a week ...big deal! 

    I'm not sure... how strong would the wind have to be? The ships strange circling in the water making a phallic symbol and then all the power going off at exactly the point of the narrowest bit of the canal.... 


    Why didnt the other ships behind it get blown about? 


    I think it's a bit fishy 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Covidiot said:

    IMO if you take the vaxx your dead. Depopulation is the only outcome that makes sense for this charade. I know it's not what the "hoper's" here want to hear but I think thats whats going on.

    But I cant help but wonder if it's the other way around. What if you don't take the vac... it would surely serve the PTB long term better if those who wouldn't take the vaccine died. And those that had it then trusted in future outbreak/vaccine cycles. 

  10. 4 hours ago, SimonTV said:

    Someone spotted the fake needles going in to people at drive through injection sites... weird one. Could that be an isolated case or are they making many vaccines like that. I assume the nurses would notice that the needle vanishing in to the syringe. Well, you would think so. 





    It's a retracting needle. They are used to prevent needle stick injury. 

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  11. 2 hours ago, BruiseL said:

    Anyone in a similar position that can help me please? I work in a care home and have refused the testing so far. My boss told me Thursday its now mandatory for all staff, quoting H&S for the reason. If staff refuse they'll be sent away without pay and forwarded to HR. I handed in my resignation with immediate after my shift ended, stating the reasons for not wanting to be tested. My boss rang me yesterday to ask me to reconsider. I don't want to lose my job and asked how many times do I need to be tested and its 3 times a week unless someone tests positive and then its daily! I told him my concerns for my own health using these tests but I don't have a choice in the matter. I told him this is coercion and carries a jail term, he said he understood my feelings but that's how it is! I'm due back to work Wednesday and I'm genuinely stressed and pissed off about this. I don't want to contribute to the numbers but want to carry on working. One of the three tests can be done in private so effectively reduces the tests to two. Advice anyone? 

    If you go on https://www.powertothepeopleuk.com/  there is a letter template for refusing pcr test at work. The girl who own the site is a lawyer and there is lots of helpful legal advice on there 

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  12. My dad is having his jab today.(his choice and hes been really quite frightened by the whole thing I'm not going to argue with him) He is a fit and healthy man but a transplant recipient so has been shielding. I havent seen him in a year now.... so if he gets it after having the jab I will be FURIOUS because he has been locked up in his house for the best part of a year! And his health deteriorated because he couldn't do his usual activities! 

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  13. On 27/01/2021 at 9:08 PM, Velma said:


    Care homes have been out of bounds for the best part of 2020, with no visits permitted and the elderly have been dying alone and neglected. All staff are required to wear PPE and abide by the ‘hands, face, space’ regulations. The residents have since received vaccines, although they still have to isolate themselves from family and friends. So, how in the name of hell has the death rate tripled? How are they getting infected? From what or by whom? The number of deaths should be in rapid decline, not exponentially increasing. Their story does not compute. Unless of course, vaccines are killing them.

    Yes so I am always a little sceptical of what I see on the social media platforms unless I know the person, and I shit you not a friend who I know very well actually posted last week about her gran - in a care home hadnt seen her since February 20. (Used to see her once a week). They went in jabbed them and now EVERY SINGLE RESIDENT HAS COVID!!!! But wait she then explained .... someone who was a vaccinator took it in as an asymptomatic carrier (so it wasnt the vaccine but the vaccinator) but wait it got worse...she then said and I shit you not "Its not that I'm upset if she dies, she is old and had lived her life, her husband is dead, she has no life...... I just feel sad I cant say goodbye"


    I swear my head fell off at that point. I'm not bothered that she dies of covid now she had the vaccine but I have been shouting for months "granny killer" to anyone who gets to close/wont wear a mask/questions the narrative....


    That kind of does it for me... death by covid now ok but death by covid before now was not ok 🙈

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  14. My friend (nhs worker) had the jab Thursday and developed bells palsy friday :( shes only in her twenties and the most maddening thing is she already had tested positive for covid a couple of months ago...why on earth she agreed to have the vac I don't know 

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