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  1. I'm inclined to think its advanced human (military) tech. Me and my partner have seen UFOs and he was convinced aliens and I was convinced its just really advanced technology that we dont know about yet. Also how egotistical are humans? IF there was entities from else where why would they be interested in us? Either destroying or helping us? Neither scenario makes sense I'm sure they'd have their own shit to be dealing with.
  2. Yes exactly this the mainstream actually seems to be sticking up for Palestine which isnt something I usually see. Lots of houses starting to put up Palestinian flags flags too. Something is shifting?
  3. I never understand any of this stuff. But it seems important? I do wonder if 'they're want people voluntarily using bitcoin and then will come in and make it illegal or something? I dont know maybe someone could help me and explain what this all means
  4. I'm not sure... how strong would the wind have to be? The ships strange circling in the water making a phallic symbol and then all the power going off at exactly the point of the narrowest bit of the canal.... Why didnt the other ships behind it get blown about? I think it's a bit fishy
  5. So any more thoughts on this? Trade/cargo backlog is 3 days now including oil? The q anon lot are going mad on it.
  6. But I cant help but wonder if it's the other way around. What if you don't take the vac... it would surely serve the PTB long term better if those who wouldn't take the vaccine died. And those that had it then trusted in future outbreak/vaccine cycles.
  7. I dont know if any of you have heard of richard grannon but he is interviewing icke on his YT channel at 4. Hope it doesnt get taken down or cancelled RG has tons of amazing content on his channel!
  8. It's a retracting needle. They are used to prevent needle stick injury.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-55986900?fbclid=IwAR0T7ZoVcZykXJVcbjebZ8E6O0Gx7-T9RKjDxZy-4Bjej1Jm30Edv4ui99Y
  10. Just adding about my friend I did post on the main thread. In hers 20s health care worker developed bells palsy within 12 hours of receiving first dose
  11. Oh god - Those 85 thousand deaths coming - shit like this makes me hope I'm one of them. I cant stand this world sometimes
  12. https://www.fastcompany.com/90553471/the-pitchforks-are-coming-if-we-dont-reform-capitalism-says-davos-founder Its dressed up to appeal to the masses isn't it. . . They are going to be begging for it. Now I'm waaayyyyy down the hierarchy ladder. I'm a stay at home mum (and student) my partner has a good job but we dont own our house or any assets we drive a shit banger of a car lol.... we sometimes feel the system is not in favour of couples like us - we live on a council estate, the schools are shit, the kids dont have the best of everything we have to watch our money closely
  13. That's a bit insane. Talk to the school? Our school are pretty much operating as normal other than lunch time not being in the main hall. They arent frightening the kids though! I'd talk to the teacher
  14. Me too.... and we would find a new pleasant way to live, exchanging trade and skills, farm the land just to sustain ourselves - not farming for endless consumption. I dream of a nice community like this - however, I'm aware even safe havens eventually have someone come along and become a tyrant - it would be my ideal but I think naturally eventually a hierarchy would form and it would become about power. The human race is wierd - there is so much to marvel about and be happy with but the power game takes over
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