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  1. Because they teach this in school, college and university. I am in my 2nd year of my degree and just doing a paper on it you can critically evaluate the methods used to reduce racism/prejudice but you absolutely cannot argue against systemic racism existing. They dont teach critical race theory or any counter argument for inherent systemic racism. It's very frustrating!
  2. He doesnt even vaccinate his own kids!!!
  3. My assumption is non mask wearers wouldn't be the type to go for a test either? Where as mask wearers would ....
  4. Oh that is fucked up how come they could make this when filming stopped.... that's insane! Hollywood does love profiting off peoples misery though doesnt it
  5. What film? The link has disappeared
  6. Oh god - Those 85 thousand deaths coming - shit like this makes me hope I'm one of them. I cant stand this world sometimes
  7. I fucking hate Christmas.... I have such a shit dysfunctional family that wont take no for an answer when I just want to stay home with my kids..... This lockdown looming sucks for everyone obviously but every cloud and all that....total silver lining for me I can just stay home with my kids
  8. In the run up to xmas too where people buy more non essential items because they buy gifts.... fuck the absolute psychopaths
  9. How do you find the original numbers to cite all these numbers? Because I've seen graphs and numbers by the pro lockdown lot that do show excess deaths. Also I'd have actually thought there would be excess deaths from the untreated cancer, heart disease ect ect. Stats concern me because they seem to be really easily manipulated.
  10. News headline on itv (I'm just watching as I'm in manchester I dont normally bother) "How covid-19 is helping to kill off cash" ....
  11. Why are the daily mail all of a sudden publishing this stuff??? It is not a well thought of news source....
  12. Legends!!!! Those bloody massive fines though!
  13. It doesnt matter about "beliefs" does it. What matters is the evidence suggests lockdowns is a huge over reaction. I believe there is a virus doing the rounds - I'm not convinced it's a novel virus, but I managed to be on this forum for months without attacking anyone else's beliefs and without having mine attacked.... Prehaps your level of discourse is the problem? Because you sound very arrogant? I've been following this for a few days and Burnham isn't against lock down or tier system at all. He just wants more government money ....
  14. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/coronavirus-manchester-lockdown-tier-2-3-restrictions-update-boris-johnson-b1043898.html%3famp The manchester mayor is fighting it...but it seems to be that he is fighting for more government money to support rather than fighting for no lockdown. I'm glad someone is saying no though for Manchester
  15. Yep...I think that's why people keep talking about Japan ect "no lockdown and low cases" - they have a really sophisticated track and trace system......
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