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  1. But I cant help but wonder if it's the other way around. What if you don't take the vac... it would surely serve the PTB long term better if those who wouldn't take the vaccine died. And those that had it then trusted in future outbreak/vaccine cycles.
  2. I dont know if any of you have heard of richard grannon but he is interviewing icke on his YT channel at 4. Hope it doesnt get taken down or cancelled RG has tons of amazing content on his channel!
  3. It's a retracting needle. They are used to prevent needle stick injury.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-55986900?fbclid=IwAR0T7ZoVcZykXJVcbjebZ8E6O0Gx7-T9RKjDxZy-4Bjej1Jm30Edv4ui99Y
  5. Just adding about my friend I did post on the main thread. In hers 20s health care worker developed bells palsy within 12 hours of receiving first dose
  6. Oh god - Those 85 thousand deaths coming - shit like this makes me hope I'm one of them. I cant stand this world sometimes
  7. https://www.fastcompany.com/90553471/the-pitchforks-are-coming-if-we-dont-reform-capitalism-says-davos-founder Its dressed up to appeal to the masses isn't it. . . They are going to be begging for it. Now I'm waaayyyyy down the hierarchy ladder. I'm a stay at home mum (and student) my partner has a good job but we dont own our house or any assets we drive a shit banger of a car lol.... we sometimes feel the system is not in favour of couples like us - we live on a council estate, the schools are shit, the kids dont have the best of everything we have to watch our money closely
  8. That's a bit insane. Talk to the school? Our school are pretty much operating as normal other than lunch time not being in the main hall. They arent frightening the kids though! I'd talk to the teacher
  9. Me too.... and we would find a new pleasant way to live, exchanging trade and skills, farm the land just to sustain ourselves - not farming for endless consumption. I dream of a nice community like this - however, I'm aware even safe havens eventually have someone come along and become a tyrant - it would be my ideal but I think naturally eventually a hierarchy would form and it would become about power. The human race is wierd - there is so much to marvel about and be happy with but the power game takes over
  10. Hi another poster said she would start a thread over here on the "tackling obesity issue" but I cant find one so I thought I'd start one. I'm obese - a size 18. In and out of the diet industry since 11 years old. I HATE the diet industry now and will absolutely not return to a slimming club. I dont want to be obese but I struggle to restrict...once I start restricting I binge - infact I only have to think about it and I'm craving crap food.... I have been trying to get in touch with this intuitive eating movement.... I'm doing ok and seem to have finally stopped ga
  11. This really rings with me.... but it's also very lonely work isn't it. I've lost most people now since I've began doing "the work" I have my children and a partner who is pretty stoic and calm (mostly but not always haha) but I find it so hard to find people I feel connected to in every day life (I find them online but it's not the same is it). I would give anything for a deep and meaningful chat over a great dinner and bottle of wine but I feel myself just zoning out from others or just feeling like a nodding dog while they gossip and moan about their neighbours and friends ........ it all f
  12. Wow I have heard so much about ayahuasca in people trying to heal themselves with cptsd ..... I want to try it but I'm scared haha. I did lsd and speed ecstasy in the 90s. Wouldn't touch any of it now though as it's so heavily cut with other substances now. The only trip I had was on MDMA and it was quite wonderful haha. I had a very heavily traumatic childhood and I always think that experience was as close to care free joy as I will ever experience - my child inside definitely came out to play that day. I drank heavily and took coke throughout my marriage with my husb
  13. Yes remember at the very beginning when children were the "super-spreaders". It makes sense that they will use this again
  14. Yeah I agree.... the riots thing didn't make it worse? But going to work and see family did? Bollocks!! I dont think they're going to wait now either. Bastards.
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