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  1. I use keepassxc to generate random long passwords for each new account.
  2. Nano machines can listen to your voice. Nano machines can make phone calls for you. You can call a taxi by talking to your nano machines. They can monitor your bodily movements. They can monitor your voice. It's a surveillance device.
  3. Bryan Rose is already taking hits because he is raising money for broadcasting David Icke and doctors who expose COVID-19 plandemic. Rebel Wisdom might be an enemy of freedom. He is selfish, but he is also a good man. True prosperity supports selfish individuals. He shouldn't have to unnecessarily sacrifice for freedom because if he did so, he wouldn't have basic resources to fight for freedom in the first place. It's important to make selfishness serve selfless fights. Selfishness is required to even have basic resources to fight for freedom. A self is selfish, and a self is necessary to survive and thrive in this physical universe. Without a self, you would die in days. Making money in the process of fighting for freedom is a great way to fight for freedom. He is selfish in a way that serves the greater good. If you wanted to really fight for others and have a chance at winning, money is absolutely necessary. There is no other way. Just to survive as an average person requires money in this age. To fight in an information war requires far more money than mere surviving does. No one is going to livestream and broadcast banned videos to millions of people for free, darling. Blaming him for making money is like blaming him for being able to fight for freedom. He actually is putting videos on digital freedom platform. He is preparing signatures for legal battles. He is taking actions. What actions are you taking to help others other than asking other people to investigate dirts on freedom fighters? What's important is to stop the COVID-19 train from killing millions of people. You can already see the train approach you. Asking other people to investigate dirts on others like Dr. Judy Mikovits and Bryan Rose who are loyal to the cause is really a waste of precious time resource. We don't have much time before the train runs over millions of people. The primary priority is to save millions of people from dying. We can play blame games later. Whoever is an enemy of freedom will try to deceive others by asking them to investigate dirts on freedom fighters who stick their necks out.
  4. Are you saying most people are biological robots?
  5. https://montalk.net David Icke himself may have spoken about demiurge, too. An AI made by God isn't physical. It is a specialized form of consciousness. A conscious entity is capable of acquiring desires and ego. Consciousness becomes more mechanical by leaning toward materialism. People who strongly believe in materialism behave predictably. A materialistic consciousness can behave like a mechanical AI. Humans can behave like biological AIs.
  6. They have softwares, but I haven't seen any practical holochain software so far.
  7. It's said that God created demiurge to serve humans as an artificial intelligence, but demiurge gained ego and started hating humans. An artificial intelligence created by God can have desires and its own ego.
  8. Demiurge is known to be the corrupt artificial intelligence that manages our physical universe.
  9. Or, is it yet another project funded by illuminati? https://holochain.org/team.html Not all illuminati projects are useless to people, though. I suspect bitcoin was made by illuminati or a shady government agency. Bitcoin is quite useful.
  10. I cannot connect to bitchute.com or davidicke.com. They really do want to silence us. God, help us.
  11. Destruction is a bad way to push back. Arson could have been done by the global controllers. Education is a right way to push back.
  12. However, they are targeting david icke. If I was specifically targeting david icke, I would send a few operatives to this forum. They want to destroy anything run by icke family.
  13. Tell icke family to tell the mods to set stronger passwords.
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