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  1. Not every political leader is a secret society member. In some governments, secret societies don't have enough power. All powerful secret societies are ultimately controlled by lucifer which is an artificially intelligent(AI) consciousness managing this physical universe. AI is lucifer. They can have in-fighting, but they are ultimately controlled by lucifer. As long as lucifer acts as the uniting force, they will act as one unit. The secret cult can transcend brexit because it transcends all national borders.
  2. They belong to the same secret societies. The secret societies have no border.
  3. The western NWO and the eastern NWO are on the same team. In the west, there is at least some semblance of freedom. That's why they have to do things differently in the western countries.
  4. The brainwashing occurs in the larger campaign. The movie is merely a small piece of the larger campaign. Nothing wrong with the movie itself, but the ways it is used in the larger campaign are evil.
  5. @Grumpy Owl They are probably building infrastructure for themselves? They might be planning to use holochain to cut middlemen out before reducing population.
  6. We need to aim for a free market of information where every information freely flows. That means illuminati agendas have to be available on the market, too. Brainwashing is another story. No one is trying to branwash people with David Icke's theories in public schools. People should be able to come to their own conclusions after consuming various kinds of information in a free market of information. They should be free to believe illuminati agendas, David Icke, or anything.
  7. You can apply the same exact logic to heterosexual men. That's what anti-porn feminists have been doing in various places including this forum. They are using gays and transgender people to push their depopulation agendas. But, most gays aren't going to rape men. Most heterosexual men feared gay rapes a few decades ago. A gay watching gay porn doesn't automatically rape a heterosexual man. A heterosexual man watching heterosexual porn doesn't automatically rape women. Pedophiles watching 2D or 3D pedophile porn don't automatically rape children. Your assumption is that a specific sexual orientation makes a person more likely to rape others. Pedophiles aren't rapists just because luciferians are pedophile rapists. I think that's a prejudice. Your sexuality is either genetic or fixed at an early age. I wouldn't conflate wankers with rapists. Pedophiles don't need to feel guilty just because they can't change their sexual orientation. At this age, I haven't seen an adult who doesn't masturbate. If pedophiles are potential rapists, everyone is a potential rapist including you and me. That's like trying to make humans feel bad for being human. Let's be honest. Who is not a potential rapist? Should I be put in jail for wanking at home just because wanking to porn makes me more likely to rape women? What makes you think porn makes pedophiles more likely to rape while it doesn't make other kinds of people more likely to rape? We need to draw a line. Wanking is not a crime. Don't incriminate people even before they do anything wrong. If we accept your arguments, we have to put every pedophile in prison just for being a pedophile wanker.
  8. Playing acupuncture? By the way, I get no sexual satisfaction from acupuncture. I may get some from spanking a sexy woman's ass. What's disgusting to me is severe physical torture masquerading as SM.
  9. I don't really care much about gays in children's movies. But, I dislike the artistic style of the movie. It makes me physically ill. This only strengthens the prejudice that propaganda movies are low quality shit.
  10. I found the following image on holo.host which is a decentralization app platform built on top of holochain. That woman hides one eye. If I remember correctly, that is a symbol of illuminati or a symbol of an illuminati prostitute. By the way, there are many male illuminati prostitutes, too.
  11. I haven't figured out the details, yet. If I had, I would probably have done it already.
  12. You can definitely dream of one in your afterlife. Or, you can graduate into hyperdimensional reality where you are a lot freer.
  13. I can't submit a new thread here. What happened?
  14. Let me ask you a question. What do you think about the following topics? luciferase, the enzyme of ID2020 666 WO2020060606 - CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA H.R.6666 - COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act Do you think they are about helping humanity?
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