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  1. And they’re still doing it. Every time I walk into a supermarket there’s some idiots thoroughly coating hands and trolley with the toxic shite.
  2. Trump did remove funding from the WHO at one point, however he then gave even more money to GAVI.
  3. Even the blue masks are triple layer. When I had to travel in 2020, I removed 2 layers leaving one very thin layer.
  4. Having recently spent 10 days with my elderly (96) father in hospital after having a stent inserted after a heart attack I quite agree. We were lucky in that officially no masks etc. however the hospital still insisted on them and only reluctantly gave up after we said we were exempt. When they got my father on his own they continued to harass him about it though, even when he already had on an oxygen mask! I am certain that it was only because of the close observance and hands on approach from family that he escaped being killed, they really tried to get him into ITU where we couldn’t see him.
  5. But what if digital ID is only issued if your vaccination status is up to date?
  6. One possibility I’ve heard mentioned is that they could say you need a digital ID in order to access the internet at all.
  7. It has been cancelled. I heard it on UK Column today, something to do with the venue I believe.
  8. Another way of getting B12 into the body is via transdermal oils. I’ve read good reports about these https://www.b12oils.com
  9. I would agree, practically every person I know who is awake to the plan is of boomer age.
  10. In my opinion “There is no virus” is supported by the number of worldwide FOI requests asking if the virus has been both isolated and purified and if a sample is held. Since 2020 the only responses (that I’m aware of) have been that they have not isolated AND purified the virus and no sample is available. Until this has been done, I will keep my belief that Sars-CoV2 is a computer virus and doesn’t really exist. Oh and the only human caused climate change is geo engineering - the idea of blocking the sun or needing less CO2 is absolutely ridiculous, in fact on the level of 9/11 bullshit or the fake moon landing.
  11. In my opinion we don’t need any political parties and members of parties, what we need is totally independent MPs that answer to nobody other than the people who voted for them. Anyone who is a member of a party always has to toe the party line, which is absolutely what we don’t want as it is always the opposite of what is good for the people and usually goes against any common sense or logic.
  12. I too have the human version from India. I bought it together with hydroxychloroquin and azythromycin just in case as I always get chest infections or bronchitis with a cold. So far though, my usual saviour essential oils has worked the same as before, so thankfully no need for pharmaceuticals.
  13. Taking into account no more free tests, I was very surprised when yesterday I received a 7 pack of lateral flow tests through the post. I did not request these and I have never tested, and am obviously still a pure blood. Additionally a month ago a PCR test came through the letterbox, and a month earlier I received an email invite to test new C19 drugs! Has anybody else been pestered in this manner? As I haven’t even seen a doctor in years and I have opted out from any NHS data sharing, I really dislike this unwanted and unasked for intrusion into my life.
  14. Regarding the lifting of restrictions, the only time I’ll be celebrating is if they are REALLY lifted. This means treating jabbed and unjabbed the same, everybody free to come and go as they please (including international travel). Of course there will still be much more to be taken down and reformatted - education, judicial, medical, banking, government etc before we can have a world we’d like to live in. Somewhere there is no corruption and people are honest - I know, it’s not likely to happen any time soon!
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