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  1. They should find it much harder this year as everyone knows flu has been eliminated. Not that the sheep will even notice or care of course.
  2. I ticked all boxes on the premise that sometimes I feel well, other times not.
  3. This was posted on a local Telegram group - for those who frequent gyms, or have personal trainers, when allowed.
  4. How about this for an idea......compulsory vaccination for all politicians
  5. Until you get to the part where he says that the only way out is ...... MORE VACCINES. I was suspicious before, but that just confirmed it for me.
  6. It’s not a vaccine, it doesn’t prevent you catching anything or spreading it. It is gene therapy.
  7. Thanks for the detailed report, although I have been reading your updates on TDV Telegram. I’d like to come to Mexico too but I’m still trying to get back to the UK from the Canaries with a cat, which is proving impossible at the moment.
  8. My usual smart phone will be left at home and an old 2G phone will come out with me in the future.
  9. Time to get looking at the dark web and Monero I think
  10. Unfortunately Amazon Spain often refuses to deliver to the Canaries now, while strangely enough it’s often possible to get things delivered from Amazon UK, but not ES. Hi Emm, I’m in the Canaries, too, which island are you on, I’m in Lanzarote.
  11. Unless they send the tests from vaccinated people to a different lab, or just do fewer amplification cycles. That will remove most positives.
  12. But will they sell ebooks? They are the only ones I buy now, and only if no DRM or one that is easily removed.
  13. My question is what will the soldiers do when you tell them NO on your doorstep. Will they leave you alone, drag you out or what? This needs to be explained and made clear, but pigs might fly!
  14. Or maybe it’s not so controllable with regard to amount of amplification applied as in PCR tests.
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