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  1. Total madness but I would hope they say the same to the likes of Amazon, essential items only allowed to be sold. It would make as much sense as the crap they’re doing already, but of course it’s not part of the agenda.
  2. For me I find a car essential so I would wear some sort of face covering for the test....also put in a complaint, though maybe wait until after you’ve passed! I saw a photo of a lady wearing one of those nets they sell lemons/oranges in, plenty of holes to breathe through so you could assure the examiner you won’t be passing out through hypoxia.
  3. I think it’s time to add to my ignore list, not wasting any more time reading rubbish.
  4. The trouble is that over the past 8 months we have proved that PCR test is not fit for purpose, the so called virus has never been isolated/purified, along with many other lies about overwhelmed hospitals etc. completely debunked, but although the governments know all of this, nothing changes (for the better).
  5. My question is how does this work if you are exempt from mask wearing?
  6. In that case they would have to remove the exemptions. I can totally see that happening with them saying that there’s no choice, it’s mask or vaccine in order to leave your house.
  7. I can’t help with that, but if you haven’t heard him speaking after his release from the police, here it is. Apologies if it’s already been posted.
  8. I remember my driving test many years ago. I had to leave a maths class so everyone knew where I was going - no pressure then It was through Southall in rush hour traffic, definitely no practice for motorway driving - except perhaps on the M25. Fortunately I passed the test so didn’t have to admit failure to the entire class.
  9. Well done for sticking to your principles. I hope you find friends who can teach you anything you haven’t already learnt. Definitely try an exemption card for the test, it should work or they are discriminating against you which, at least in the UK, is illegal (at present).
  10. in other words tell us what outcome you want and we’ll provide the backup poll !
  11. It took the police 3 hours to notice there wasn’t any social distancing ! Shows you the level of intelligence of the police, or at least it would if it was the real reason to charge a peaceful rally.
  12. Looking forward to reading about it when insurance companies refuse to pay out after accidents because drivers were wearing masks - not that they need more reasons not to pay of course. Personally I will never get into a vehicle driven by a masked zombie.
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