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  1. Like this you mean? I wonder how it works if Trumps people have the footage saved?
  2. The MSM have apparently pulled all their election night live feeds from youtube....
  3. I think WH closed the bets when the AP called it, or certainly not long after. W*nkers.
  4. If the result stands, he'll last a month and be shipped off to a home to dribble into his soup.
  5. William Hill have closed my bet. Glad I didn't put more on! I still think hope this isn't over.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDU1kc3iK80&feature=emb_logo Election fraud caught live on CNN.
  7. It's so blatant lol I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates your posts bam, I look forward to more random twitter posts that give me hope lol
  8. Yeah it's so obvious. The voter fraud is what stopped me putting a grand on Trump instead of the £100 I appear to have now lost lol.
  9. Wisconsin Michigan has just flipped ligh blue. Biden has a slight lead :/
  10. Well, it looks like he may have 4 more years to do it. The bookies have totally flipped. I took Trump @ 6/4 now 1/4.
  11. Bitchute is working for me here in the U.K. (Virgin media) GLP banned my I.P. a couple of weeks back, but I can use my VPN, although they ban some of those IP's quickly also.
  12. I put some shorts on especially!
  13. I'm starting to think (Hoping?) that they've pushed too early. I know Icke goes on about how they can't go from A to Z directly as people will be like WTF? This feels like they've gone from P to Z though and missed out loads of the alphabet!
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