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  1. Not sure if already posted, but this telegram account is rather interesting. https://t.me/s/intelslava
  2. Going to be a bit windy tomorrow. Stay safe! Nail it down!
  3. mishy

    20th Anniversay

    And as if by magic it vanished from the news. I can't recall seeing any interviews with family members, when considering how many young kids would have lost loved ones and who would now be in their 20's/30's is telling. Is there no new movement from these people saying 'those buildings fell funny'?
  4. mishy

    20th Anniversay

    So less than a month until the 20th anniversay of the shit Hollywood movie "9/11" being broadcast on live tv. Full of CGI and actors. You couldn't make the timing up with whats allegedly going on in Afghanistan. I wonder if they'll have the balls to show the plane impacts again on the telly. Will it be a big thing in the news or will they ignore it completely like they have done in other years? https://septemberclues.info/
  5. I've somehow not thrown up yet listening to creepy Joe.
  6. I'd still put money on Biden not being the next President if I could find a bookie to take the bet. If nothing happens and he does get in then I might start thinking about buying a tent. One thing is for certain, the entire World will be watching. What a time to be alive lol.
  7. Have a look at this live stream from the new mass vaccine hub at the ExCel centre in London. It's dead. Heard the people filming having a chat with someone from the NHS saying he's only seen 30 or so people go in. NHS woman said "oh it's busy in there, there's a big car park underneath" It's fucking dead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pObKZBgw-q0
  8. Trump is now banned/suspended from Twitter https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump
  9. I didn't hear the words 'concede' or 'Biden'. Just sayin'
  10. Not been looking at any of this for a good few weeks. Got bored. Is tomorrow a big day?
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