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  1. I've somehow not thrown up yet listening to creepy Joe.
  2. I'd still put money on Biden not being the next President if I could find a bookie to take the bet. If nothing happens and he does get in then I might start thinking about buying a tent. One thing is for certain, the entire World will be watching. What a time to be alive lol.
  3. Trump is now banned/suspended from Twitter https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump
  4. I didn't hear the words 'concede' or 'Biden'. Just sayin'
  5. Not been looking at any of this for a good few weeks. Got bored. Is tomorrow a big day?
  6. Did he make Loose Change? The Loose change where you get banned from their forum for mentioning no planes on 911? I'll pass.
  7. Like this you mean? I wonder how it works if Trumps people have the footage saved?
  8. The MSM have apparently pulled all their election night live feeds from youtube....
  9. I think WH closed the bets when the AP called it, or certainly not long after. W*nkers.
  10. If the result stands, he'll last a month and be shipped off to a home to dribble into his soup.
  11. William Hill have closed my bet. Glad I didn't put more on! I still think hope this isn't over.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDU1kc3iK80&feature=emb_logo Election fraud caught live on CNN.
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