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  1. My ex partners cousin in his late 30s had blood clots 13 hours after vaccine. Her aunty also died from vaccine
  2. They don't care about the over 40s being vaccinated. The real war begins now because they know its the under 40s who breed the most. The propaganda will be ramped up to 11.
  3. This is long war. You won't see the real effects from this vaccine for decades. By then it will be too late If you think people are just gonna start dropping dead you are being silly Sterilization is the key
  4. Remember in that one x files episode where skinner is injected with nano technology. And krychek uses a decice to make skinner sick at will. Well through these vaccines the nano technology will be activated through 5g towers in the near future. Also research nano domestic quell Brace yourselves That is my opinion
  5. This forum is full of agents. If you are smart you can see who they are
  6. My ex partners aunty has died from the vaccine. 1st dose she had a stroke and then the 2md dose she died that day
  7. My ex partners aunty has died today from the vaccine. 1st jab she had a Stroke. 2nd jab today and died hours later. Obviously they will try and cover it up
  8. Has anyone have a photo of the certificate used to say if you have covid or not?
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