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  1. Well they dont want people to fly at all soon so killing off a lot of the pilots will help
  2. The sick individual finds himself at home with all other similarly sick individuals. The whole culture is geared to this kind of pathology. The result is that the average individual does not experience the separateness and isolation the fully schizophrenic person feels. He feels at ease among those who suffer from the same deformation; in fact, it is the fully sane person who feels isolated in the insane society - and he may suffer so much from the incapacity to communicate that it is he who may become psychotic.”
  3. anybody know if the symbol means something else?
  4. His group chat on telegram is pathetic. Got banned for telling them to stop posting fake information. The moderators are nazis
  5. They are called cityboysHQ Unless there is another meaning ?
  6. i definitely think there was some sort of takeover at the beginning of the 20th century. The explosion in technology has been unreal
  7. Me and my partner do not wear masks and never have done
  8. No i don't have concrete evidence unfortunately. i can only describe what happened to me and the people around me and draw conclusions from that. I'm just trying to remain open minded. I also refuse to believe they could carry on this farce for so long, with just overhyping the flu. All i know is that something new is here that wasn't here before. Around September 2021, in my local area, something was going around that was causing people to be ill and to lose taste and smell. What it was i can only theorize. Whatever it was, the symptoms mimic the Flu, apart from the loss of taste and smell. Usually i would write this off as a coincidence, but because my partner, her sister and a few other people i know had exactly the same symptoms, that made me believe it was something else I did notice people were only falling ill after the jab rollout. Never before. ..My theory is they overhyped the flu until they could roll the vaccine out, and now the vaccine is causing a mutation of the flu which is still not that bad
  9. You are claiming it doesn't exist. you are wrong I can differentiate between the flu and what me and my partner had. Never has the flu caused so many people to lose taste and smell.
  10. I've had the flu before and this virus was different. It's not just flu renamed. Sorry to burst your bubble That being said. It's all still one big con
  11. It was in September 2021 that made me believe that Covid was a real virus. I was always on the fence as to whether Covid existed or not. But then i thought surely they wouldn't be able to continue with this charade with just rebranding the flu?? Unfortunately i have always suffered with flu so i have a pretty good idea on how it affects the body. So this is my take on the whole situation.... One day in September i started to feel unwell, and i gradually got worse. Fever, bad aches and pains, hot sweats, weak as a kitten. Everything was exhausting to do and i had to go home from work. Got straight into bed and couldn't get up. My initial thought was that i had the flu because the symptoms were literally identical. My second thought was that it was strange i was getting the flu in September as i usually get it between December and February. But then the next day something strange happened...I lost my sense of taste and smell. This has only happened to me once before in my life when i had a really bad cold, but my senses returned in about 3 days. But i have never lost my senses when I've had the flu. And then my partner who i live with started to feel unwell and she had the same symptoms as me. She also lost smell and taste. She has never had this happen before and the last time she had the flu was when she was a child. This was when i suspected that this was slightly different than the influenza virus. Also it is interesting to note that her sister who was double jabbed at the time, also felt really bad and had tested positive for Covid. She also lost taste and smell. Many people we knew in the area were falling ill at the time. Just to note my taste and smell didn't return until 4 weeks! And it still hasn't been right since. So i'm pretty confident Covid does exist but it isn't much different than the flu and the mass hysteria is ridiculous. The question I'm wondering is where the hell did it come from? Was it released in late 2019 but it wasn't as potent as they thought it would be? And they had to over hype it? Or was it deliberately made mild and the vaccine rollout has strengthened it significantly? Perhaps even mutating the flu virus? I don't think we will ever know
  12. Customer came in to my work yesterday to purchase a van. He said he had two jabs. First jab he was fine, but a few hours after the 2nd jab he was up on a roof and he started to feel really bad. Turned out he had clots on the brain
  13. This is fake unfortunately. Two different people
  14. Game on my phone that my daughter was playing How sick is this
  15. There is definitely a new strain of flu. I fell ill in september and then 2 days later my partner aswell Exact same symptoms of flu but with one difference. We both lost of taste and smell for weeks. That's never happened before
  16. I've lost smell and taste before from a cold but that only lasted a few days This has lasted 3 weeks. My partner also has this problem. Definetly a new strain of virus. It's definetly not deadly to the average person though.
  17. It definetly exists me and my partner both had flu symptoms but the only difference was that we lost our sense of smell and taste. And that's hasn't happened to us before. And I have flu every year. If it wasn't for that anolomy I would of swore it was just flu.
  18. I've slept walked before and have seen people sleep walking. I've never seen some flung across the room at 80mph.
  19. 1 OK The camera has always been in my neices room since she was a baby. The video is 100% real. If you want proof I can send a photo of the room with the camera in it. I can even send the screen shots of the Facebook messenger. My mother sent me the video originally, as my sister sent it her first. Unfortunately the video is very real.
  20. I don't think she fell. Kids can't just fall with that much forward velocity. Also look at the orbs and listen to that weird voice in the beginning
  21. My sister is going through a hard time she is not speaking to many of us. Lots of negative energy
  22. No baptism. The house is a new build. I don't think moving will do the trick
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