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  1. I drink kratom tea to help me to keep off alcohol which was starting to cause me some serious problems. Kratom is already banned in the soft totalitarian UK of course which is a shame as it is an amazing wonder plant for many things such as anxiety, pain and to give up drink and other drugs. The FDA have already also tried to ban it in the US but backed off after some resistance. It does not taste so good but the effects are nice relaxation. You wake up the next day feeling refreshed and relaxed instead of hungover. I can see how that would upset pharma and governments who would rather have you sick and keep their monopolies. Like anything you should not overdo it and not use it too often. I have no desire to drink anymore since using kratom. Kratom has an inbuilt mechanism to prevent you taking too much- Too much kratom will make you puke. So you have to treat it with respect.
  2. Again the media is pushing the narrative that BLM protests are justified and we see sympathetic interviews with band waggon jumping BLM activists giving us their woes and playing on liberal guilt, nice pictures of allegedly peaceful protests with police kneeling to them. Then on the other side we have the nasty white supremacists/far right fascists supposedly attacking the police and whose only intent is to cause trouble and mayhem. People are really buying into this clearly one sided propaganda and irony is that the whole situation has been largely created by the media.
  3. The main limitation to computation is that to enter a value into a register takes a certain amount of energy. Hence using present technology Moores law states that computing power doubles every couple of years and means that the total power of the earth would be needed by 2040 and in a couple of hundred years the energy of the whole galaxy would be needed. While energy usage can be reduced by minaturisation there is also a limit to this as modern circuit boards are at the point when quantum effects start to become important.So to increase computation power a completely new principle like quantum computing is needed. It is true that gravity limits how much information can be stored in a certain space. Bekenstein and Hawking when studying black holes found that the total amount of information you can fit in a space corresponds to the surface area of the space rather than the volume. Hence you can fit a lot less energy into space than you would expect. Maybe one day this will be the limit as the universe could be seen as a kind of computer.
  4. There is a clear issue with police brutality in the US against people of all ethnicities and this finds a disprorportionate effect against those at the lower end of the economic spectrum. Ẁe have seen horrific police murders of both black and white which go largely unpunished. US police departments should in the main be defunded as they have largely failed in their duties and rebooted. But the media seems determined to fan the flames of racial friction and turn the issue into one of black vs white. Now they see a chance to turn up the volume to the extent where they are effectively encouraging criminal activity. The Guardian is even trying now to create a martyr of Duggan in the hope of stirring this up again. Anyone who dissents from this narrative is labelled far right or a fascist. Personally I see this more as a class and power struggle. Why is the media so dead set on recasting this as a racial war? what do they gain? Is it just results of the liberal education system, media gets more attention or they just see it is an open door on which they can push?
  5. they are not supposed to store the 3 digit code on any database but some do on the quiet so if that was stolen then easyjet are to blame
  6. Correction: According to Wikipedia "Gab is an English-language social media website known for its far-right userbase.[8] The site has been widely described as a "safe haven"[9] for extremists including neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the alt-right.[10]" Its main purpose is to allow discussion of right wing stuff and anonymous posts- so a nice cover Domain Name Registration Data Lookup Domain Information Name: GAB.COM Registry Domain ID: 4274190_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited Nameservers: ELMO.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM SUE.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM Dates Registry Expiration: 2023-12-07 05:00:00 UTC Created: 1998-12-08 05:00:00 UTC Registrar Information Name: Epik Inc. IANA ID: 617 DNSSEC Information Delegation Signed: Unsigned Authoritative Servers Registry Server URL: https://rdap.verisign.com/com/v1/domain/gab.com Last updated from Registry RDAP DB: 2020-05-16 09:40:41 UTC
  7. I reckon it was that thread on epsteins black book and his cronies- I said that the elite would not stand for that staying up for long
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