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  1. I reported you if thats funny as well ?
  2. lmao at can we have a BAME section Only if we get to stand at the glass window pulling faces can we have a BAME souvenir shop as well ? T shirts and stuff " i saw the BAME at the DIF " Cups with pictures of happy Muslims on them executing someone for blasphemy That kind of stuff Oh and also might as well go the whole hog and have a Necrophilia sub forum as im sure all the good people will agree this should be a safe space for people who fuck the dead
  3. Yes I think the HDBLT people should also be segregated Im frankly sick of their bullshit and dont want to listen any more of it I think its a great idea Also make all the jews on the forum have a yellow star avatar yay
  4. Lol bit of both :p Second time around we had a new doctor fresh out of school She hadnt developed her poker face yet because when she was trying to wrestle with the placenta she was making ewww faces lol Couldnt help but laugh
  5. I missed my first childs birth because I wussed.out at the last second :p when I went back in the delivery room I looked at a little baby at the other side of the room who was screaming i thought oh look a little baby and then it dawned on me its my son so.I went over and started talking to.him and he went quiet and was listening my wife was given demerol and was babbling about a book sale at wallmart lol
  6. https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/status/1276637109319802880 " Masses of Israeli and Palestinian protesters are taking a stand as Israel moves dangerously close to the illegal annexation of more Palestinian land " Now might be a very bad time to do that
  7. Having seen this on Gareth Ickes page it seems appropriate to have as a topic on here
  8. does that mean all black people are responsible for Dorothys suffering ? Are those not the new rules ?
  9. Anyone know the name Dorothy Dow ? Didnt think so .......... https://twitter.com/CB618444/status/1276958789657337857 Dorothy Dow was 83, a mom, a grandma. They took her medical alert device, broke her phone, arms, fingers, cut her head & face, burned her alive. Left 4 dead. She used her CPAP water resovoir 2 douse flames but died in agony weeks later. National media silent. HER LIFE MATTERED!
  10. Live Art is basically human body parts , fetus etc shipped via embassies around the world who were given permission to do so by the Cabal ( cannoy recall exact details but they available if researched ) Its full on Satanic behavior Anyone remember Al Gore being caught driving around with a trunk full of human blood bags ? Its that kind of thing but way worse I stopped researching it tbh Just like I cant watch the video of Skippy torturing what sounds like a child in extreme distress Same as the Podesta bros artwork.esp
  11. Yeh I get that the photo on the boat is evidence of nothing Same as posting a photo of Robbie Williams wife and asking if shes a tranny ? And that James Alefantis and his Skippy parade of sick bastards are all in on it as well They ritually sacrifice human beings and they are trafficking children for sex and sacrifice through their NGOs and " Save the Children " charities Anyone ever had the misfortune of researching the " live art " connection through Embassies ? Its fucked These are all the same people harvesting bab
  12. Btw who asked if Williams wife is a tranny ? As if that is going to derail the topic enough to stop people talking about RITUAL HUMAN SACRIFICE and diddlers all over the media and TV screens
  13. $65,000 spent on " hotdogs " flown to the white house for Obama ? You know whats on Anthony Wieners laptop ? Video of Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton rituall sacrificing a small child The video of it has been available on the dark web for some time but Im not going anywhere near that shit I dont want people to see it either , not everyday people , it will scar them for life Thats why they wont just come out and spill it like it is OK so some of us want it confirmed because we know they do this anyway But
  14. Nobody will.enjoy it when the wolves come out to.play And the Turks are not the only breed
  15. I noticed Adam Green sharing the work of Robert Sepehr today ( or yesterday ) Bridges are being built and connections made We can reclaim our heritage from the Marxists with relative ease We just have to realize they will not surrender their false authority voluntarily They will need to be physically removed and to hell with their accusations and squirming The choice is a stark one seeing as this past month they have declared their intent to genocide for all to see At that point who cares what bullshit statements they
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