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  1. seems Kissinger has been speaking at davos and wants a ceasefire soon, not surprising cant have a 4th industrial revolution if everything has been nuked.
  2. seems its another ploy to get you to stop eating meat :- https://uk.yahoo.com/news/nhs-issues-warning-anyone-eats-163442613.html
  3. i try to never use self service tills your doing somebody out of a job, although soon a lot of jobs will be gone due to automation :(
  4. ive had shingles a few times when i was young, can happen after you've had chicken pox and are a bit run down so the virus surfaces. not surprising the vaccine that redirects your immune response could cause a flare up.
  5. is some wef henchman busily working away in the lab making an airborne more fatal version of this, seems a bit odd they pick that one for their simulation.
  6. probably think there may be food riots in the autumn so got to get the fuzz tooled up to suppress any dissent.
  7. remember the wef want you peasants dead, the lack of planning in energy, food and other supplies makes sense if a large portion of the population is 6ft under.
  8. its growers cutting back on crops they need to grow in heated greenhouses afaik.
  9. mints a bit of a weed just don't plant it in the garden, basil is tender and doesn't like a lot of freezing weather afaik. you can buy a lot of live herbs and plant them in bigger pots, that way you can harvest a little bit at a time and let the plant regrow.
  10. i thought people where mostly starving to death since they aren't allowed out.
  11. many breeds of animals and different varieties of the same plant is necessary for disease resistance. seems from your posts your a fan of rewilding, not a great idea in the uk where we don't grow enough food at the moment imho.
  12. be accurate it was brawndo the thirst mutilator :)
  13. last year in the uk you could get compost with peat in it, this year its all peat free and not half as good. i went in wilko and got some cheap seed potatoes, found some old potato grow bags when i was i tidying up the shed so started a few bags of maris piper and charlotte off. got some small tomato plants going and got strawberry's all over the garden. nice to grow a bit of you own food. also got a quiet a few cans saved, keep getting a few extra each week.
  14. well if i was working for the gov id put the chemicals in the fuel at the refinery, if you had government operatives working there you could send any altered aviation fuel batches where you wanted them. much harder for peeps to prove anything if only a few people working at the refinery know what's up.
  15. i thought i saw somewhere it was a soviet era nuclear bunker that was supposed to be under there, i dunno how accurate the reports about it are though.
  16. i think he means they altered the definition of what a vaccine is to include gene therapies afaik.
  17. thought they could only take 100, obviously just a ploy to get people to vote conservative. we all know it will not be allowed to work.
  18. lots of calcium in milk, very good for an upset stomach. will keep drinking it as long as possible before those vegan zealots have it banned.
  19. i thought a lot of ev vehicles had the batteries under the floor of the car, so if they don't have adequate protection there's a chance of damage if the car hits something whilst at speed. i could be wrong though.
  20. I'm sure China will buy everything Russia has to sell. they'll be like shut and take my money.
  21. well a normal car fire is easy to put out, a lithium battery fire on the other hand is a nightmare afaik.
  22. how would they even make that many chips in the next 4 years, the man lives in fantasy land but is still very dangerous because politicians listen to him and the wef.
  23. i think bidens become a liability with his cognitive deline, he's going too far off script and even his handlers are worried he'll start ww3, when all they what is controlled demolition of western economies imho.
  24. yes cashless will be fun, negative interest, money that expires, also can be tagged so you can only buy certain things and maybe even geolocked to a certain area. what fun :(
  25. or maybe some of that anthrax from Fort Detrick that they made more virulent for vaccine purposes of course, bomblet available for that too. on the Ukraine refugees, how long before £350 a month for any refugee, then £350 a month fine if you don't take one etc. got to get the population up to 150m to keep the growth going and GDP up.
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