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  1. needs food grade c02, the co2 without impurities about the only place making it is the big fertilizer plants making ammonia, they've closed down due to high gas prices. the governments in talks with them, but they should just nationalise it since its such a vital industry.
  2. been to two diy shops for some postcrete to repair my fence neither had any or any concrete. i wonder if all high energy manufacture is shutting down? if so it doesn't bode well long term.
  3. i hear quiet a few fertilizer plants have closed down due to high natural gas prices, hopefully the farmers are able to get hold of enough to make their crops grow well.
  4. id think they'd need some blood tests at least to find the cause imho, don't know whether they'd get any though. seems the incompetents at nhs procurement ordered all their blood test vials from one supplier, surely there's more than one? also seems the company has some link to bill gates now since one of the companies he's linked to now have a stake in it afaik. seems odd that there suddenly a shortage.
  5. vx nerve agent is persistent in the environment and considered an area denial weapon, also seems some of those pesky terrorists may possibly have some. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VX_(nerve_agent)
  6. once lots of people have had the booster jabs the passports will be back on the table, i don't think they're going away since the gov seems to be following the wef plan afaik.
  7. i like morrisons for home delivery at least they don't do a lot of stupid substitutions like asda tend to do.
  8. wouldn't that mean each house would have to a have a drive and the offices some parking spaces?
  9. its called sds or sads or sunds if caused by brugada https://www.healthline.com/health/sudden-death-syndrome
  10. could be an old b17, hard to tell. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_B-17_Flying_Fortress
  11. oh the horror think of all those houses with drawers full of cutlery, unregistered knifes with no serial numbers on them ;)
  12. wouldn't you see the razor blade shaped lump under the sticker, id think it would be pretty obvious to most people.
  13. well id probably accidentally pour something flammable over it and be careless with a flame ;)
  14. i think the police will just be ordering a shit load of Boston dynamics tech to boost their numbers, wont be fun trying to outrun a pack of cop robot dogs or some robot parkouring cybercop.
  15. well if Pfizer has been up to no good I'd assume they'd want to get rid of any evidence that might be laying about, might start to get worried if lots of their manufacturing plants and other facilities had accidents too.
  16. well they kill loads of cows with tb all the time afaik and nobody cares about them. some posh person imports an alpaca against advice and there's a right to do when its tb test is positive.
  17. at least with the tablets you can stop em if they start wreaking havock with your liver, your fubared with this.
  18. wot you dont like the keystone cop clown car you biggit :)
  19. hope he's getting steroids as well they help a lot when you've copd and a chest infection.
  20. theyre trying to phase out warfrin and similar products since they need frequent inr tests and get people to take noacs like dibigitran afaik. https://www.bhf.org.uk/informationsupport/heart-matters-magazine/medical/drug-cabinet/novel-anticoagulants
  21. anybody noticed a lot of the choices your offered are to not provide a banking service to people or organisations? seems they're not keen on providing banking services to a lot of people and need the results of the poll to justify it.
  22. landlines are being axed soon so no need for any scheme
  23. well its the who that define what a pandemic is, and they seem to have altered their definition of what one is. the politicians and doctors just says there's one if they are told so by the who.
  24. well they've posted up the genome there for everybody to see, if you don't believe its real i don't care. you do your own research, im sure you'll find the info if you look hard enough.
  25. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sars-cov-2/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/NC_045512 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/projects/sviewer/?id=NC_045512&tracks=[key:sequence_track,name:Sequence,display_name:Sequence,id:STD649220238,annots:Sequence,ShowLabel:false,ColorGaps:false,shown:true,order:1][key:gene_model_track,name:Genes,display_name:Genes,id:STD3194982005,annots:Unnamed,Options:ShowAllButGenes,CDSProductFeats:true,NtRuler:true,AaRuler:true,HighlightMode:2,ShowLabel:true,shown:true,order:9]&v=1:29903&c=null&select=null&slim=0 easy to find.
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