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  1. wouldn't surprise me if there want lots of deaths from people not being able to heat their homes, better to blame it on being super cold from the governments pov.
  2. cbdc where they can make your money expire. charge you transaction fees on everything and stop you from buying things they deem unacceptable, lovely
  3. taking a dog near a herd of cows is not a good idea, it could easily spook the animals. which is probably what happened.
  4. they use the mobile phone network:- https://www.smartdcc.co.uk/our-smart-network/how-do-smart-meters-send-readings/#:~:text=The communications hub transmits the,these to the DCC servers.
  5. well its a salami slicing of your usage as you'll have to use less and less to get any money back, they can sod off if they think im sitting in the dark and freezing to save a few quid.
  6. there's been speeches by Schwab at the opening of the wef 2023 event, dunno if they were in person or pre-recorded though.
  7. xbb1.5 seems to equal a runny nose, hardly likely to make anyone run for the hills.
  8. does get a bit tiresome and doom-laden if you pay attention to all the conspiracy theories going around, i can see why some people would choose to ignore them and have a more happy outlook. ignorance can be bliss for some people and a lot less stressful.
  9. looks like the nhs is joining the 4th industrial revolution as Klaus names it, they're getting rid of targets too and introducing some ai afaik as well.
  10. ground source heat pumps are the ones that might possibly save you money, but realistically they can only be fitted to new builds due to needing underfloor heating and a room just for the equipment. air source ones just make your electricity bill skyrocket when they dont work in cold weather and need electricity to thaw out the heatpump afaik. they cant even guarantee the electric atm, no chance when everybodys got a heatpump instead of a gas boiler.
  11. probably broke her hip, having a general anaesthetic is always risky but much more so with advancing age afaik.
  12. well the fire was in a block of locked down flats, lots killed since the authorities had jammed the doors so people couldn't get out and the fire service weren't allowed near. saw photos of iron bars jammed into holes in concrete walls to stop doors from being opened. think it was the last straw after the quarantine with erratic food supplies afaik.
  13. looks a bit like one of those wooden ones they sometimes put round building sites, hard to tell though.
  14. boston lab in the usa created another strain of captain trips as well. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-11323677/Outrage-Boston-University-CREATES-Covid-strain-80-kill-rate.html
  15. bad advice depending on the dose you need, you can go into a coma and die if you don't take it (levothyroxine), its one of the hormones you need to stay alive, usually you get given it if your thyroid or pituitary is gone or damaged.
  16. not sure landlines work anymore in a power cut, a lot have been converted to digital i.e. fibre to cabinet afaik. i could be wrong though
  17. it'll be sunak with his digital pound to save the economy i think :(
  18. if i had skin cancer i'd have it removed asap, procrastination only leads to bad outcomes :(
  19. I'm not worried about the earthquakes you'll probably not even feel them, the pollution is a worry and of course a stringent check needs to be kept on the companies to make sure they don't cause any pollution.
  20. they'd have to give everybody a central bank digital wallet and issue smartphone or some device to people who needed them. might take some time, id think they both run in parallel with physical cash still being accepted whilst it was slowly converted to the digital pound afaik.
  21. i dunno i think we might look back fondly on lizzy once mad king charles has be on the throne a while.
  22. the telescope was probably hit by some more micro meteorites and turned into a piece of junk.
  23. wef shill boris who apparently flew to the Ukraine in april to tell Zelensky to keep the war going. we know his marching orders where to make fuel and food unaffordable. i assume mad liz will be tasked with aggroing Russia and getting all the 16-60 year British males conscripted and killed off.
  24. most of the pubs in my area are already gone, probably 80% knocked down afaik.
  25. strange they're using cricket flour, seems to be about 7 quid for a 100 grams on amazon.
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