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  1. not a good thing, as all the corporations will move to unperson him. all his social media and internet presence will go. credit card companies will blacklist him, he'll be lucky to have a bank account.
  2. 2.4 million have been given the vaccine so far in the uk afaik.
  3. seems a bit strange that the dems seem to have lost their minds and are desperately trying to get rid of trump with less than 2 weeks left of him in office.
  4. they couldn't possibly do 2 jabs a year unless gp's just jab people and do no other treatment.
  5. the president should just sign an executive order declaring them publishers which they clearly are.
  6. well the dwp could say you willingly made yourself ineligible for benefits if employers require vaccination before offering you a job. i wouldn't worry yet your probably way down the list of the to be vaccinated.
  7. happy new year. would have said it sooner but the powers been off since 7pm and they only just got it back on.
  8. sounds like when they used to get a bonus for putting people on lcp the nhs where bumping people off all the time.
  9. probably tier 5 will be masks outside and you have to have written permission the leave the house like spain a few months ago, the final compliance test imho before lockdown is lifted.
  10. i assume they have commercial grade 3d printers with ventilation and their health and safety team will have read the msds sheets for any product they are using or they would be in trouble.
  11. i think trumps team would have done something by now if they could have, don't buy the last minute dramatic bit imho.
  12. well viruses can damage your organs and even cause heart failure, lung damage etc. so its not like covid is much worse just made into a new boogeyman. people aren't really informed on how bad flu or a chest infection can get (death).
  13. if you can't hack standard food then you could try ensure drinks, they helped my brother keep his strength up. you might even be able to get your gp to prescribe em for you. https://ensure.com/nutrition-products
  14. i did see info saying he was against 5g and trying to take out at&t was part of that. pretty dim of him, better off going around 'adjusting' the 5g towers individually in his area. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/nashville-police-have-person-interest-connection-rv-bombing
  15. i don't think so, it would unravel too quickly. pretty hard to substitute somebody without arousing suspicion. if she'd have died they would have used she expired from a rare undiagnosed condition excuse which was about to make her keel over anyway. most people would buy that.
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