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  1. the distances are just too vast for any being to make it to earth imho. plus all the sci fi movies and special effects in films will probably make people think its all fake unless something like the Battlestar Galactica flies over their house.
  2. i thought marburg was like ebola in that it didnt spread much? anyways im surprised that invites for the cv19 vaccine booster haven't gone out yet in the uk, have talked to a few people who've had the flu vaccine invite but nothing about the cv one. i thought the government where speeding it up?
  3. well every council in the country has been quietly closing roads and altering road layouts, im sure they'll do more of the same if there's another lockdown from September onwards since they seem to be more active with their road plans during lockdown.
  4. would think now is the ideal time to whack up all those barriers and implement movement restrictions whilst all media is blacked out, at least that what i'd do if i was a french government wef Gosse stepper.
  5. does seem to have gotten more windy here in sheffield over the past few years.
  6. i don't think the elites will be happy with the situation, since they started targeting government officials and police officers families, they will probably order the army to restore order. the elites don't mind a bit of mayhem but i think its getting too close to where they live and they definitely wont stand for that.
  7. i can see the lack of decent brakes on e bikes being a problem, most of them seem to be very anaemic compared to motor bikes. some of the fast ones look to have very small wheels as well, they seem to be an accident waiting to happen.
  8. paracetamol is the safest afaik so long as you don't overdose on it. ibuprofen can cause stomach irritation and bleeding afaik so can aspirin as both thin the blood and are anti inflammatory afaik.
  9. some strains have human to human transmission supposedly so they can kill all the birds and it would make no difference if that strain gets really transmissible.
  10. great they want you to be a virtual prisoner in your own house but being a filthy peasant want to build a house in your garden, the only thing keeping you sane and stopping you running amok.
  11. wouldn't surprise me if there want lots of deaths from people not being able to heat their homes, better to blame it on being super cold from the governments pov.
  12. cbdc where they can make your money expire. charge you transaction fees on everything and stop you from buying things they deem unacceptable, lovely
  13. taking a dog near a herd of cows is not a good idea, it could easily spook the animals. which is probably what happened.
  14. they use the mobile phone network:- https://www.smartdcc.co.uk/our-smart-network/how-do-smart-meters-send-readings/#:~:text=The communications hub transmits the,these to the DCC servers.
  15. well its a salami slicing of your usage as you'll have to use less and less to get any money back, they can sod off if they think im sitting in the dark and freezing to save a few quid.
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