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  1. im sure the nhs has enough sedatives to bump off 1 in 3 of the population.
  2. i thought you had to be super fit to drive an f1 car, don't think you could do many laps if you were sub par.
  3. i doubt all those nasty biological weapons and nuclear power plants will stay safe with large portions of the population dead.
  4. just killing off people willy nilly is a terrible idea if you want to preserve infrastructure, lots of highly skilled technical people dying would soon lead to the collapse of civilisation. it takes a lot of effort to stop entropy from destroying everything. probably better to make selected people sterile if you think their linage wont contribute anything to a more technologically advanced society.
  5. the punishment for being a muslim apostate is death if male or life imprisonment if female https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apostasy#:~:text=According to some scholars%2C if,and for females%2C life imprisonment.
  6. well covid pass will soon morph into a national digital identity paper, so jobs a good un as far as the government is concerned if you've signed up for it.
  7. ive seen some posts that seem to call for violence on this forum, and im sure the government could cook something up if people are foolish enough to post daft things on here or twitter or on faceache. some poor sod got 5 years for having a few books so my faith in the justice system isn't very high.
  8. if there was a mass die off i expect a large number of empty buildings to burn to the ground quickly.
  9. sajid is there to ensure that doctors and gp's get the elbow and are replaced with ai like :- https://www.babylonhealth.com/ai https://www.gpathand.nhs.uk/ as part of the 4th industrial revolution afaik.
  10. well the government are probably not that bothered about some football fans, but antivaxxers stand in the way of full digital shackles in the shape of vaccination passports which will eventually be needed to enter everywhere and also to carry out transactions. vaccine passports mean total control just imagine having to produce it to buy a cream bun and being refused as the nhs health algorithm says your cholesterol is too high ect.
  11. purely coincidental you keep getting cv19 symptoms and having to reschedule your appointments, i bet your really gutted :)
  12. id be worried about what the Chinese are up to in those deathcamps if i was him, lots of stories of organ harvesting and bio weapon testing. maybe he should look into it.
  13. well i assume a lot of sports females take performance enhancing drugs so that may be why they get more blokey later in life.
  14. strange i heard Marilyn Monroe had been pregnant whilst making some like it hot and had a miscarriage.
  15. mayor a middle class wanker, lets build all over the ship building historic sites only the dirty proles worked there so they wont be missed.
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