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  1. oh look somebody who was supposed to be dead wasnt :- https://uk.news.yahoo.com/thousands-raised-teen-dead-breathing-miracle-105923838.html
  2. hmm wonder what the relevance of the batch number is? are some batches not up to qc? dont think they mention the batch no. on any other vaccination? do they?
  3. well they require full life support for organ donors afaik, so anybody dying anywhere else but hospital wont be an organ donor afaik.
  4. yes he definitely improved the races for me with his entertaining commentary, f1 went downhill quiet a while a go so I don't watch it anymore just not worth watching anymore.
  5. I have my reasons, not gong to go into them though. btw definitely not going to show anybody my papers to get into a shop or a pub etc. as with any medication you have the right to refuse it if you think it will harm you. I took a risk it might bite me in the ass, time will tell.
  6. seems a bad batch of az vaccine might cause blood clots more countries stop using it. https://uk.yahoo.com/news/five-countries-halt-one-batch-194206193.html
  7. i had my jab on Tuesday and the same day the pharmacist from the doctors phoned up to ask me if I wanted to take rivaroxaban anti coagulation for my afib. they haven't bothered about it before, coincidence? btw Sheffield arena seemed rather empty when I was there doing recon, of course they hand you all the bumf once they've given you the jab including the patient information leaflet that tells you the side effects. insight the building next door which seems to be an IT consultancy does seem to have a very big diesel emergency generator which they were testing whilst
  8. yeah what he really means is he'll live in a nice big house with loads of facilities and you'll live in a one room apartment and like your insect burger or else.
  9. well investing some of the money in canned goods and consumables for your hobby which are bound to increase in price would seem a good idea too.
  10. china had those stores for years saw this video about one ages ago, don't fancy shopping there :-
  11. less than 60, think that's close enough for the forum :)
  12. I've been wondering do the oldies and the disabled get the Pfizer one and able bodied people get the az one? strange that everybody in my family has had the Pfizer one except me who was offered to az one?
  13. usually when i have something delivered the driver knocks on the door and has taken a photo of the parcel and is nearly back to the van by the time i open the door. they don't hang around.
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