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  1. definitely autumn now the leaves are changing colour and falling.
  2. seems unusual that the beeb mentioned that the man led away was of african appearance according to one of the witnesses.
  3. well its simple shit wages + drivers retiring + no driving tests for 2 years is gonna do it. plus dvla not doing any paperwork for the 60,000 plus hgv applications afaik.
  4. surely they could have contacted a zoo don't they tranquilise animals all the time?, they seemed in a hurry to kill it.
  5. im tempted to say :- i am a super mutant, i am unstoppable and you hit like a radroach :)
  6. anybody buying an electric car hasn't been paying attention to the dire state of the grid or the lack of new power stations for when every thing is electric.
  7. yep it has a shelf life :- https://www.bp.com/content/dam/bp/country-sites/en_au/australia/home/products-services/fuels/opal-factsheet-storagehandling.pdf
  8. i thought they had to have special piping for hydrogen because it made pipes brittle or was that another gas. cant see the greens agreeing to hydrogen if they want to get rid of fossil fuels, I'm sure they'd class it as one.
  9. well what are they gonna do against china fook all i think its the manufacturing floor of the world.
  10. looks like Christopher reeve, dunno why google put it up.
  11. well the government has been spooking the herd, shouting there's no problem whilst simultaneously shooting their metaphorical guns in the air. they could easily have d noticed it if they wanted.
  12. well my mums been transferred from eon to eon next without them telling her, hmm i wonder why they did that? i did notice they have grants available if you cant pay your bill:- https://www.eonnextenergyfund.com/ all very strange
  13. needs food grade c02, the co2 without impurities about the only place making it is the big fertilizer plants making ammonia, they've closed down due to high gas prices. the governments in talks with them, but they should just nationalise it since its such a vital industry.
  14. been to two diy shops for some postcrete to repair my fence neither had any or any concrete. i wonder if all high energy manufacture is shutting down? if so it doesn't bode well long term.
  15. i hear quiet a few fertilizer plants have closed down due to high natural gas prices, hopefully the farmers are able to get hold of enough to make their crops grow well.
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