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  1. You know best. Be safe because they will try to waste your time n energy. lol
  2. I meant children in adult bodies. Sorry but I wouldn't call people who gives me dirty looks as 'friends'.
  3. I think we should help them get their name (77th) out there. Many people are still not heard of them. In fact, if it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't have known. How about creating a mock username like 77thMember or 77thMyGod or something like that with description underneath to say 'supporting the propaganda and I get paid for it'. You know what I mean...you guys can come up with something more punchy or catchy. Obviously make it a sock account where normies hang about.
  4. Send a telepathic vibe TZC. Be proud not wearing one and send out "Look at me, why are you wearing one?" and smile. Be nice to them than upsetting them because you'll get more upsetting situation which won't help you. Enjoy your freedom. If they feel jealous, they can do the same. It's time you ditched caring about children giggling at you. Spitting, burping as they walk past you is a sign that they are on lower vibration. Be glad that they are not your mates and laugh.
  5. Are you sure this fakebook group you belong to isn't full of 77th? You could be the only sane/genuine person. lol The above is truly sickly to read. I am left nauseated. I can understand what they are saying if this a real pandemic. I would do the same but we know it's a scamdemic.
  6. Try to go outside when it is dead quiet. Is the ringing still there? If the noise follows you around then it could be tinnitus. However, if you only hear it indoors, it's probably radiation such as wifi from neighbours or even ultrasonic waves etc. I've been suffering from this for the past 2.5 years and cannot sleep because of it. Not tinnitus. They used to turn it off once a month to give me respite but no longer. You might have to accept whether it's tinnitus or you are a TI.
  7. mnn I remember SSE was pestering people frequently. I sent a temp letter which I downloaded from https://stopsmartmeters.org.uk/dont-smart-meter-me-notice-of-non-consent-for-smart-meter-installation/ Your rights here. https://stopsmartmeters.org.uk/dont-smart-meter-me-notice-of-non-consent-for-smart-meter-installation/ Everyone has a different set-up of meter but if you can, I would paint the box containing it, not the actual meter, with black metalic anti-EMF paint and leave it at that. If utility company complains that it's not sending signals, tell them that they should revert back to the traditional meter. lol
  8. WEll.... I clicked on the link you provided and that wasn't what I meant but likewise, I've never heard of that before. LOL It must be the allah the false god working through me.
  9. Armour of God? I didn't say that. You have never seen bharka? You don't live in the UK then. lol
  10. Nice...really positive. A sexsual image to draw your attention (cream & cherry) but 'top of the cream' is a fly, allegiance to the Lord of the fly (demon I'm not gonna mention the name). Things to come is a drone operation 'cherry pick' (cherry picked by drones). You have been warned. Wear your bharka. I must say, they always have sexual connotation on that plith. t'was blue cock, then there was a hand with thumb up, now the breast....I mean whipped cream with a cherry on top. I wouldn't be surprised if they are monitoring a bio something around that area to measure how people are affected by the sculpture. i.e. whether it incites fear or sexual arousal. A sheep carted away.... need I say more?
  11. https://web.archive.org/web/20200722024413/https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32668870/
  12. May be you should try Rude Health oat Barista version....Waitrose sell them.
  13. That really makes sense! Tell this to normies and see what they say. I'd expect varied answers and could be entertaining.
  14. It's because of programming in school system. Many of us who have dropped out one reason or another....kept the free thinking.....programming failed.
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