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  1. We've known this was part of the plan for some time. Should be really picking up steam now.
  2. Anyone reading this who is there, know you have my support and prayers from here in the US.
  3. I'm in the United States. Texas specifically. False flag incidents have been recently ramped up.
  4. I'm here in the US, in Texas, trying to follow story. I wouldn't be surprised if they claim it was "domestic right wing " terrorism..... But who knows.
  5. Are you asking this based in n this quotation, or image, or something else? Edit to add: also, do you see eyes in this quotation as metaphorical? Are you linking this to the "all seeing eye". Have you researched who wrote it? If so, what did you find?
  6. I have much personal knowledge regarding mental illness/false societal labels of mental illness/ and the powers that belong to those considered mentally ill. I have some questions. A little confused by your comment. Do you believe telepathy is always in the form of hearing the thoughts of others? Can it be different? Can you explain further why you think they would hear the prayers and the voice of God? And can you sort of rephrase the parts after " outside the law". Sorry to be a pain, I understand If you don't want to.
  7. I formated my reply wrong @Michi713. My unwavering and unshakable belief in God and Jesus was formed through an experience which came to me in a "dream"
  8. Let me share a prayer story. A few months ago, on the phone with my mother, I mentioned how-while my wife and I are certainly not rich- we are very blessed. I then spoke about done of these blessings. These were not words I would have said not too long ago. And for context I am in my forties and she is eighty. She got very emotional, and said....."can I read a prayer to you. I keep it with me, I have for over twenty years, and I say it everyday". The prayer was about how she prayed for me to someday become content with my lot in life, and though I may not be rich to feel as though God is with me and giving me strength. This is the power of prayer.
  9. I'd also like to add that we should not forget that God and Jesus love to hear about our blessings and what makes us happy. They are made happy in this way. This should be a part of prayer.
  10. I think I've told this here before. I am a Catholic. Some years ago I sought out a priest who deals in exorcisms. Not a lot here in the US do anymore. I wanted to ask some questions. After he answered, I asked him about prayer. I told him that I like to speak to my dead loved ones, and I know that they can intervene for me, but I also knew I can not pray to them like God and Jesus. He told me that they are closer to God than me, and as part of my prayers I can ask them to pray for my intentions. This is now part of my prayers.
  11. My unwavering and unshakable belief in God and Jesus was formed through an experience which came to me in a "dream".
  12. @Michi713 I am curious how you came to your ideas about what prayer isn't. Because while I agree that prayer can not just be a list of requests, asking God for help..and being specific..is part of it in my opinion.
  13. @alexa My wife and I are both strong believers, Christians, Catholics. Though I have never experienced it, she is sometimes moved by God to look to a certain Bible passage for answers. This is similar to what you post. Thank you for sharing!
  14. In my opinion, the powers that be have been coming at us for centuries, longer, using false paradigms....divide and conquer..... The more macro my view, and as the years turn in to decades seeking truth, I feel like I can see everything clearer and for what it is. I look at their goals, endgame. They put things into place and adjust accordingly over many,many years. One thing they desire is to separate us from God (I am Catholic, insert your own spirituality, etc). Here in the US, over half a century ago, they made sure to lead us to this place by.....equating Christianity with Conservatism.....and liberalism with science......so religion is anti science....right vs left.....north vs south..... When covid happened I was shocked that they were rolling out something so quickly and definitively that really got so many of their goals in motion. When Trump was elected, his use of the term fake news and his talking about conspiracies were meant to intentionally destroy the real "truther" community. They've been telling us what would happen. Trump would look to be in the lead. Biden would look to overtake him covid mail ballots. Both sides further exasperated. I have been expecting something to happen while the result is still in limbo....like bioterrorism...or a new boogeyman....China or Russia...so that we could be asked to choose one side or the other. It remains interesting and fluid.
  15. Is there rumors that the middle east might come to the conclusion that Trump blew up Beirut and make him a target?
  16. Trump has served the elite well. From day 1 on about "fake news". I knew instantly this would lead to discrediting and damage to the truther community. He has riled up conservative/right wingers. Misdirected many potential truthers into the misguidance known as Q. So much more. Just the same old false paradigm being carved out deeper and splintering into more and divisive sections
  17. Q is misinformation, disinformation, a limited hangout. Trump is an "elected" US President, which means chosen to advance the agenda.
  18. Futurama is one of my favorite shows. That is a great episode. ? That being said, ..... The guiding force is God.
  19. I'm in Texas. I agree. Wedges are being created between many factions. Within states. Within the country. State to state. It's all ramping up.
  20. I hope and pray that, whatever happens, there will be a functioning and fruitful forum that lends itself to discussion and learning. True story...?... I am a semi-long time (a little over ten years) into what many call the rabbit hole. I belong to different forums, but have never belonged to "conspiracy theory" forums. I had lurked and searched of course. The old DI forum was not a place I went incredibly often but did from time to time. When coronavirus hit, I thought to myself "I need to create an account somewhere." DI was my first thought. I signed up, surprised to see the old site gone. Anyway, ... I look forward to the future. I appreciate all of you.
  21. Great thread. I'll definitely revisit... "beware women grown old who were never anything but young" ~ Charles Bukowski
  22. When the people turn on the news and are told who won an election, the winner has to be believable. The events leading up to that moment must be enough to make the majority of the people believe that the results happened as they did. I don't know if he is actually running, but a third candidate would certainly help write the possible narratives. For example.. imagine a new wave of virus appears in the fall. The American economy is ruined. Trump's ratings plummet. So how did he win? Well, guess the third candidate took votes from Biden...
  23. I'm in the US, Texas specifically, and I have seen these signs. Going cashless is high up on the elite's to-do list. I am actually surprised that I haven't heard more talk in the news about the virus and a future cashless society. I am sure they will work it all in......
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