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  1. Could just be freight planes. If I had to guess, id say that is most likely... bringing in all the Chinese made things people consume. The cabal run Australia , they are not limited to China. Im of the opinion they helped set up todays China, and certainly helped provide capital so that industry could be moved to there. Victoria is more likely a test run in my opinion, rather than a case of the Chinese owning the Victorian government (and not other state governments). The phones do listen to us though, it is not unusual for example for people to see ads that feature things they were talking about around the phone.
  2. I would like to compile a list of countries where the government has banned people from getting out, going abroad. First one.... Australia. And yes you can apply for an exemption but most get knocked back. Save for a funeral or some other very specific and rare circumstances, its not permitted, and almost all of the planes are grounded. So for all intensive purposes its a lock in. Others I have heard about are some South American countries, Bolivia and Columbia, though I dont know their current status.
  3. Well can't blame Flare for seeing it the same of some of the rest of those. I admit I didnt take it too seriously either, at first. But now we know they have other plans with this one.
  4. Yep, spotted that years ago. Every states police 'dahn unda' has some kind of symbolism on them, and they dont take it too well when you point it out to them, who they are working for.
  5. This Is Hideous, Horrific, And Happening - SOS Canadians and Americans
  6. For those who assume the violence by Victorian police on an innocent woman was faked or staged
  7. COVID UPDATE: 'Coincidences' point to a September showdown. We will have to stand firm against the MSM tidal wave of BS to stop legislating mandatory vaccines. BTW, how does one embed vids here folks?
  8. Dave Oneegs recently created a video that has reached 300,000 people around the world. 99% Unite chats to the man himself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lewgCbTrOXY
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