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  1. Watching this ... San Francisco street level video ...
  2. Work for salvation, make it happen. Everything has a price. Be wise, seek wisdom, seek real solutions, real teachers. Do what must be done.
  3. Yes Satan is rising on this planet. But why? Because God is dying, because people no longer go to Church, they thought they were above it .... they started to pick holes in the Church they started to bring it down because they felt they were progress they were superior. And the result is Satan is rising. Go back to Church before you and all your people perish. Wake the fuck up. Evil is coming for you, it will take your soul. There is no protection in this world of beasts just look how the animals kill and eat each other. Pick a path, Christianity, Buddhism Islam and do exactly what they say and leave this shithole. The idiots of this world are simply dismantling the few pieces of the foundation that are left, what is left of the church government and society ... they are pulling out the foundation stones, and every day Satan is rising. And people are starting to die, inside and outisde. There will be no magic revolution once society is destroyed. Everybody is going to literally die. This always happens when society collapses. Go back to church and if it is not good if it is corrupt ... then you clean it up. You do it. You be the light. You find the truth and put it back inside the church. If you won't do it, nobody else will. You do it. Today.
  4. True ... but what is the real cause ? The real cause is ancient. Rushing around pointing the finger at "bad people" whilst not cleaning up your own shit, and getting your own shit together. Actually that is the cause.
  5. @jupiter From memory and it seems a long time ago, Saville had some very weird family situation probably totally fucked him up. Doesn't excuse anything of course. I think if you look into the history of people you start to see things that fucked them up. So it's not that he is a monster, but people born in a bad way in a shit world get fucked up. This used to be the understanding. We should have a decent and natural society so that people are not fucked up. But today everyone just points the finger. Everyone. That's a sign of sickness right there. Who wants to live an honest life? Imagine how many people were murdered or raped in WW1 / WW2 ? So many people - and their families and descendants will also be fucked up. When you start to see the scale of the human insanity for thousands of years you stop pointing the finger at one weirdo. The idea that you fix one weirdo or twenty weirdos fades away. Because there are so many problems on Earth. The only thing to do is to fix your own problems.
  6. He might have done a lot of harm. But there are no crimes against humanity. Human beings their main problem is that they spend so much time pointing the finger, that they never fix their own problems - they don't even know how many problems are inside them. If they were more honest and tried hard to fix their own problems, then all the problems of the world would vanish. But they have invented this game where they don't fix their own problems and instead point their finger.
  7. @jupiter The fact is that until recently life in the UK was good for everybody. There is no point lying about it and saying things are all wrong. That is a lie. No, they were never perfect, but life on Earth is never perfect. UK has been a great place to live but some weird changes since maybe 2005 ish ... after that things got weird. Mostly due to the internet.
  8. Boris doesn't exist. Look in his eyes, he's just a twat, and ordinary nobody. He does what other people tell him. He is just a nobody, like most politicians. They are total nobodies with desperate insecurity. They have no power ... they just roll over when told. When it comes to Boris I think everyone knows it now. His face is very insincere.
  9. Kary Mullis is all over this one talking about corrupt money grabbing scientists, global warming is a hoax because precise measurements reveal the temperature is not going up ... all hosted by Sam Bailey. Global warming stuff at about 8mins begins.
  10. @Notimeleft Okay but one thing you have to understand is that viruses come to feed on diseased flesh. Rather than trying to eradicate the virus, better to make the flesh healthy, because there are always countless viruses. You kill one and another one arrives.
  11. Quotes from the fake birdman: "And now, the jig is up. Smeets, whose real name is Floris Kaayk, has come clean on Dutch television, admitting that his videos and accompanying blog were nothing more than what he calls "online storytelling." "I’m actually a filmmaker and animator. I am now eight months working on an experiment about online media,” Kaayk told the press, referring to the fact that he began documenting the fake flying machine project on his blog last summer. Kaayk also said the hoax was not, in fact, commercially-sponsored." Something interesting is that people go onto the internet to manipulate other people for fun. Such a miserable world full of losers who do not live a real life any more. I heard yesterday that social media manipulates you to become more herd-like because it's good for business, and they are no longer individuals with their own minds ... that's what Scamdemic is about largely. Humans are doomed if this continues. Projection : one thing humans do is project their own inner mess ... outside. Inside all humans are some light parts and some dark parts, but because most of them do not feel themselves inside ... they work with these parts externally by imagining that their boss is a dark part and their wife a light part. The whole society is doing this. It means that they have completely lost contact with feeling themselves inside. So ... when you see your boss you don't actually ever see him, because you are projecting onto him ... some dark fantasy, which kind of helps you work out your own dark parts. What this means to sum it up ... is that human beings are very low in their consciousness. They are primitive.
  12. @pi3141 Maybe your own choices. However your attitude to the church is not intelligent. This world is full of corruption and yet these places hold knowledge practices and solutions even amidst the corruption of this world. The church is beyond any person who happens to be in there, what they say or what they do. The practices and structure of the Catholic and Orthodox (i.e. the real churches) are ancient and there is plenty of light int hem. Navigating this world it is useless to look for the uncorrupted. Here, there is no such thing. How difficult has it been to keep a church in existence for 2000 years in a half-hell world.? It was not easy. The teachings of all the great teachers are completely corrupt, for instance Buddhists are taught they don't exist. What kind of a teaching is that? Yet the rule is to follow it to the source and do the ancient practices the same way they were done and then answers come. Whether any of this interests you, is up to you.
  13. @pi3141 Do you think I feel hopelessness? Then you are mistaken, I just see with my own eyes the reality. And I heard the words of the sages who say that "narrow is the gate". Then I work as they indicated. I am therefore doing what they instructed and follow them. And I see they were right. What are you doing?
  14. Says who? How many people released roadmaps today? Many. One person has a roadmap for one party rule, another for rule by aliens, another for rule by the military, another for rule by Nutella. So what. Don't give these twats your attention. And beware journalists, all they do is to find the world's greatest freaks and tell you they are coming for you. That is journalism. Fuck the journalists. Go back to work and live a normal and good life like a good man, and forget these losers.
  15. Well in the end they are right. That's the problem, in the end they are right about human beings - something is terribly wrong. Perhaps it's not their fault after all they didn't ask to be born. But they are violent corrupt and destructive, greedy and lazy. So ... spirituality happens when you can connect this shock of the horror of human beings with the high intention ... this is not so easy to do, because those who want to excuse human beings and be "compassionate" and basically lie that things are okay ... those rarely allow any of human reality to be known. Otherwise that only want to talk of the dark don't know the light. But there is a fertile river that runs from one to the other, that perhaps few people have the heart for. But if you do ... then you have a problem and you work for a solution. Then you will find the answer. Otherwise you will be buried here like so many others and the wars and shit will continue.
  16. People only talk like this when there is a lot of corruption. Normally they ... just get on with life and it is reasonably okay. I think especially young people who have been miseducated so they don't know any history or culture and have no families ... and simply very unhappy and they don't realise that life used to be pretty good up until maybe 20 years ago. So we should aim at getting back there. Bringing it all down will result in the death of most of the people in the West as it is always does when society collapses.
  17. The destruction and fall of society comes in the following stages : first there is a loss of contact with a higher goal and a descent into material pleasures, then there is widespread corruption, then people turn against the system and bring it down ... afterwards everybody dies. Fixing the first problem is the only way to fix this situation, and there are no other ways.
  18. This is all bullshit. In Spain during the so-called Inquisition ... prisoners in the Spanish jails begged to be moved to the Church jails because the treatment was so much better. In the Spanish jail 10% of prisoners died. Not something you hear every day. In amongst all the research into history ... one thing you have to know above everything is that a certain type of human-c*** is always around telling you how horrible people are, they ... divide people. They tell you that you were mistreated and pointed out "who dunnit". These kinds of human-c****s make very good journalists. A lot of them at the moment seem to come from the UK. In black countries they tell black people to be more white and bleach themselves. In white countries they tell the whites to be more black. The look through history and tell you that you were wronged. That you should be free because you are so great and never need to earn anything. These human-c***s like the one in the video up there .... these are the people who destroy human societies. They are experts at mixing fact and fiction, and pointing the finger ... at making you angry. Beware of these people. Beware of these ... greasy slime people.
  19. CBS said that Maxwell said that Epstein said .... he had some tapes on somebody.
  20. It's just brain-washing. You can make human beings do many things, but not meteors. Meteors don't care how many lives countries and children are destroyed by the insane human beings. It is easy to destroy human beings, you can make them kill themselves Hari-Kiri, or make them cut the genitals of their children off. Human beings you can do anything to. You can make them jump off the roof. Just ... start putting scenes of jumping off the roof into Netflix series, and at some house music ... and before long around the world people will do it. But meteor's will not. So the impact of meteor-fear is only going to be at the human level. Countries might star a SpaceForce or make ships to destroy evil meteors and things like that. But meteors themselves you can't brainwash. Human beings as they become increasingly phoney ... because they no longer read books, work with their hands or have any contact with nature, with the family, or with the church ... they are just puppets and anyone can tell them anything. Cut your head and they'll do it. Such is their desperation. They are just dying as all natural life is being destroyed. They try to pretend it's progress and great ... meanwhile cancer is increasing, mental health is increasing, the economy is declining. They pretend and pretend. Then one day it collapses and people start dying in large amounts. Happened many times before.
  21. Consensus comes from well ordered and natural society. "Freedom" means disorder.
  22. This is all rubbish. I am 50 and live in the UK ... the law and life here has been just fine. Good even. Perfect, no it's not perfect ... but people lived pretty well and were pretty positive. That was until about 2005. Globalism/Corporatism/Internet these are the main things that are destroying everything. It's nonsense to say everything is wrong. Of course there is corruption and there is always corruption, and there is always the overcoming of it. That is why there are the 4 estates who function independently. And there is an opposition to the Government - there is meant to be. That is why there is tradition, that is why there is monarchy and Government. All these things exist to keep some sense of checking on each other and balance. And it has worked ... reasonably well in an insane world. Yes you can find every idiot on the planet is corrupt in some way. But this world is at least 50% dark and this is a reasonable way of running the world here. There is none better. If all this is destroyed the result will not be paradise, it will be death meaning the majority of British people will die. Of that I guarantee you because that's what happens when society collapses. The society as it has been was built by people who were practical and were smarter than you. At least some of them were honest and tried to do things that worked. And it is easy to slag everything off, you have to see that. Why not try to help the situation by making the system work. Well ... in a dark world it is difficult to know what to do.
  23. @Notimeleft I don't really care if any groups are corrupt or not, or the people have crazy and insincere ideas. I don't care because the more I look I know everyone is like that. The only thing I care about is ... is there anything here at all that can help me? Do these frauds and fools know anything useful? Sometimes they do. As for Theosophy I couldn't give a fuck about the modern generations, I care only if Blavatasky and that era knew something. I have never found anything useful in them personally, and afaik she wrote down stuff that she did not see herself and there are much better reliable sources of practices and information out there. As for just living life as it is. Well if that's how you want to do it, okay. But from my perspective human beings have fucked themselves. And they are going down. They no longer live with dignity. Inside they are deeply damaged, frightened and what hope do they have. You have to fight against this. You have to be a warrior. Nothing is for free. And all the stupid plans mankind has are not going to work, because they do not see clearly enough to know what the problem is ... .let alone finding the answer. So yes you need guidance from a higher source. Jesus ... who really knows Jesus? Who does any of the practices that Jesus and his students prescribed? Very very very few. All those people who think they are Christians ... they have no the slightest idea who he was and what he wanted you to do. There is something indeed truly dark and unconscious about this entire planet. Just watch some nature programme some day. Did you hear about the crows who attack frogs and peck through their skins to eat their livers ... afterwards the frog starts to die and exploded due to multiple organ failure. Weird fucking planet. The entire planet is dark and unconscious and vicious. When you look at a person is there something in there that is different? Only very rarely, humans are polite and well behaved but only on the surface ... and the surface is thin. Blavatasky and their universal bullshithood .... all this will never work. Only individual great courage, high quality teachers, and years of deep practice will work. Narrow is the gate to life, and few find it. If you live far away from society maybe you have a different choice, which is more natural and so on and you can live more normally. Good for you.
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