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  1. It seems to me that the best option for the Palestinians is for a new city or cities to be built for them somewhere in the Islamic world. Perhaps Egypt, Libya, Oman. The USA / Israel can pay huge amounts, and with large contributions from the EU and from the Oil Nations it could be done successfully. I think it would also be a good idea to dismantle and move the Dome of the Rock and take the Rock with them, and any other Islamic shrines in the region and just leave. Then the new cities can have a new Islamic centre and relocate the Dome of the Rock (and the Rock) and other shrines around them. I think this is financially possible given the amount of interested parties. And I see no other solution. The viscous evil coming from Israel / USA/ UK on the subject cannot be really opposed, it is the dark wound that they carry. Do not oppose evil. I think that there are not so many muslim shrines in the area - most are simply stone houses. They could be dismantled stone by stone along with the topsoil and graves and relocated quite easily. Dome of the Rock would need more work but not that much, it's full of bullet holes anyway. It would be better for it to be re-located somewhere far away from the evil there. And the people too.
  2. @Truthspoon Amazing graphics ... from cosmic dust slowly aggregates centres of mass ... some will catch on fire and Shine and bright forth Light into this plane ... others, even larger, Vanish and return to the infinite beyond. All these bodies are alive, everything lives even Light ... it is difficult to step out of the species intelligence to see ... the scale of the thing. Between bodies are not increments but orders of Magnitude ... not improvements ... but colossal shifts upwards. Anything is possible, everything is alive, everything is ... open, because it is Real.
  3. Who knows ... I doubt you would be able to sell know except with a large reduction, and that might be a huge mistake. For instance during Brexit some people who panic sold lost a lot of money, many others simply shut up shop and took it off the market. I can't see a lot of value in selling unless you are going to move to the Andes and work the land. Best bet is to do something useful with your time, give your child physical and practical skills, don't watch Tv, don't watch the news and simply wait until there are no more cases ... and then all the bs will evaporate, given the charts it might be in 4-6 weeks on this trajectory. Assume society will recover and the BS will evaporate ... and if not and we all buy it, don't worry either. Use this time profitably and do cool stuff. Also keep the kids away from all the degenerate behaviours masks and idiocy ... My flatmates and I are brewing up some kiwi kefir in mason jars which is good fun, and learning qigong.
  4. Is the UK the most retarded country on the planet ?
  5. Is this forum actually running from the David Icke server ? Could it be ... and this is just a shot in the dark ... that the hacker has copied the forum and it is running from a different machine and we are now logged in to the hackers computer's copy of the forum ? Perhaps that's a wild question, don't want to worry anyone.
  6. PASSWORDS : if you use the same pwd here as you do elsewhere it seems like it would be good to change it ... for important things. Unless it can be ascertained that the hacker did not have the passwords ... are they encrypted ?
  7. Also when you are high up in a plane you can see the curvature of the Earth. It's slight but it's there. I would know the difference. What about water in the sink in the Southern hemisphere? There are man secrets and so on ... but maybe not this one ... anyway that's my view.
  8. hmmm .... amid the humour some good energetic ideas ....
  9. Re, the depopulation agenda ... I think we have too many people. The problem is not the amount of people but that they are part of a healthy integrated society. We society is damaged one response of people in their desperation is to squeeze out as many as possible. The current levels of population are fully unsustainable on the level of traditional cultural society ... only if people live like animals or robots and become soulless do the numbers alive today work. What needs to be protected is not the numbers of people, but the web on inter-relation. The corporations and banks and materialists have destroyed it. It is difficult to see a way bay in truth.
  10. When I stand at the beach the horizon looks slightly curved to me, also the heavenly bodies look round, and boats seem to descend below the horizon. Another thing is that on some days I can see the waves on the horizon, meaning I can see the crest and troughs on the horizon. My eyesight is pretty good for long distance.
  11. Said scientist got back to me with enthusisasm for doing a study .... but doesn't seem to be doing anything. I am sure if you stuck on the internet : "We gonna be testing the 5G on 5000 squirrels and 2000 lemmings... we need £50,000". You could get that in a week I'm sure. And yes we have degenerated such a lot ... it's only fruit that really want to be eaten because it is a recipprochal action, rather than theft. But in a way ... if you steal nature makes you pay back whether you like it. That's Karma.
  12. Faster to reinstall the server and remount the db ... then find a way to back up the entire machine image or something, have to expect more of the same
  13. Some enterprising people should buy a 5G transmitter and a pair of guinea pigs and test the thing on one of them and see if they get sick. Or bees. Should be quite easy to do. If the animals get sick just livestream it on the internet. > just emailed one of the scientists who is campaigning against and suggested to him ... crowdfunding $100k would not be difficult.
  14. @numnuts Sherlock's powers are not just observation, but a flashing and intuitive mind. Which is rather like the mind that can open to communication with spirits. The era in which he lived 1859 1930, saw an incredible flowering of European culture in many avenues, before WW1 turned it into a mechanized desert ... and into which you can still lower a bucket to draw from the well.
  15. The R RATE is the latest moronic term the herd is orienting itself around. Other moronic terms were "we need a vaccine", "everyone needs to get tested", "herd immunity", "ppe" ... it's one emotional anchor after another. The first question should be is ... what the f is actually going on, if you are not even recording the death rate properly then what ... The second question is what is your actual strategy ? If you are trying to not overload the NHS then well there is 50% ICU capacity when normally there is 5% so no problem. If you are going for herd immunity ... then what is the benefit of damaging the natural circulation. The morons do not understand the first thing. What are they basing their ideas upon ... that the flu is going to vanish ... and somehow nobody will get infected ? The R RATE. They people are just bleeting.
  16. A lifeboat that is not maintained and "ready to go" is not a lifeboat. So with regards backing the site up, it's important that restoring the site should be a well practised procedure that is regularly practised because shit always happens. Preparation for the inevitable. Anyway good luck with the recovery ...
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