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  1. Planning for a Vaccine that doesn't exist ... sound a lot like the cleanup at Fukushima
  2. That's actually completely the wrong way around. You are the only one you have access and control over ... try to right your own life ... put your own house in order, this is no quick fix. The problem with society right now is everyone is talking and watching and complaining about other people. They want to inform other people, or be informed by others ... Anyone taking care of themselves ? You are the only person you can look after - if you try to do something to anyone else it quickly becomes totalitarian. Put your own house in order. It may be a long job. If you accomplish that then well done, then you can think about others. Otherwise you are the blind helping the blind. That is the entire problem with mankind. They seek to help judge complain or lead others ... and they cannot even see what they themselves are, the do not take care of the business it is theirs to take care of. And the internet has only accelerated the lack of being responsible to your own responsibilities.
  3. Fight ... but not in the way they want you to. Getting information out is "okay" but it's not really the answer. The bone blood and bellies need to be nourished ... that's a very different thing to "getting information". Without the foundations looked after it just doesn't matter which birds are nesting on the roof. It's another manifestation of being too concerned with what you see out there with your eyes and not with what's in here, and how the real structures of life should be. The principles upon which you should live. People around the world seem to have lost the fundamental principles from which a life is made. The internet is like a big piss up ... where people stare through their eyes at "amazing things" and no longer care that they sit in their own sh1th0le. This isn't spiritual. Getting the information out ... is what internetty people tell themselves to mask the fact that they are doing nothing but pouring out their soul through their eyes and getting weaker. Instead of building up inside, they are like colanders with two big holes aside the nose. One principle is that real knowledge has to be worked for, and known through effort and through the physical world, and through trial and error. That is the only way. Otherwise you just end up in your head.
  4. Wasn't it about this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QAnon
  5. Is the UK the only country that is undergoing maximum retardation ? How on Earth can the Health Service and Dentists just ... stop ? What is their problem are they insane ? In Germany they still seeing patients almost normally apparently ... not sure what it's like in other countries.
  6. Sometimes life is telling you something ... listen or you are doomed. Of course it's an evil situation in the Levant, but what can you do. It happens to everyone, the festering darkness expands in an area ... and you can fight and fight hard, but if it fails you should leave. You can't "just leave" at the first sign of trouble, but if the writing is on the wall then you should in fact leave. Life is much better if you are simply practical .. take care of filling bellies, of having a roof over your head ... that comes first before ideologies. Once you are in a conflict like that ... when will end ? Everyone hates everyone. Everyone knows people who died, they are religiously existentially angry. Everyone wants to kill, to take revenge. In this situation between Palestinians and the other groups, the justice of the matter is clear to see ... but ... This is a difficult world, it's not a perfect world, and there is an art to knowing when it's time to leave. Even Julius Caesar rejected many battles, and refused to fight, because the conditions were poor ... because he would have lost needlessly. Practically and financially speaking I think it's all very do-able. And if not my forecast is simply for the death of Palestinians, and already many are living in other countries ... they will be absorbed into other nations, and Palestinians will cease to exist. Isn't that what is going to happen? For decades I campaigned on the issue for justice ... but ... The area has become a cancer on the planet full of violent and evil energies and dark people involved. Get out now is my advice. Yes you will "lose" ... but you will also "win". Otherwise you will actually "lose" everything. Knowing little about Islam I have looked it up and it seems that Islam / Muhammed's connection with the Temple Mount is of only slim relevance to Islam, it's not important at all really ... Muhammed may have been there briefly in a dream journey and met other saints there ... all fine, but no particular need to plant a giant mosque there. Better take the whole lot to Saudi Arabia, all the Islamic artifacts ... and just make a new city - that seems inspirational to me ... you could have the Dome of the Rock as the centre piece of a new city with the artifacts in a large gardens for visiting, sure to be popular for visitors and the city spread out around there.
  7. Britain ... at least in parts seems to be more Jewish than Christian. Where are the Christians ? In the working classes ?
  8. "Resist not evil" "Vengeance is mine" This reminds me of a lot of British mythology of the glorious Captain Scott and his "heroic" death riding ponies on glaciers ... hmm great plan. Meanwhile Amundsen sledded his way to and back from the pole with no problems. Let's all clap for our heroes. Something a bit dumb about all that. If I was Palestinian, should I stay in rubble with festering darkness on the other side ? What for ? To please the white man who wishes to project his insecurities on me ? Defeat the virus, Defeat the middle east, Defeat "terror" .... it's boring now. I would be very grateful to walk in to a new city of my nation in the Islamic lands with all the holy relics ... and for the first time in my get a good night's sleep. Resist evil ? Well it's worth a shot, but what is the point in continuing to fight a war that you will lose when you can walk into a house in your own land ? This world is full of evil, have no illusions, better to be practical. Evil is not really resisted through war, only rarely. It is resisted through wisdom, through choosing well with what is at hand ... with no thought to how you look. Same with the current degeneracy, those who are practical do much better in my opinion. Others simply drown in the swamp, and others imagine they are fighting it.
  9. So many unhappy angry agenda groups ... it's difficult to make sense of it any more. It is clear to me that there is no way forward except with the re-establishment of Christianity. You cannot run a society on bullshit, it will just continue to fragment until everything is a favela.
  10. Total wank .... from what I've seen. The main work of the New Age elite is to ... be completely idiotic, and surrounded by very-happy morons. They know nothing whatsoever. Quite a lot of this bullshit is going on in the USA, and on the internet ... different groups try to lay claim to various traditions. Meanwhile existing and authentic modern traditions (last century) are being corrupted, books re-written with all the principles re-written ... because the ego-human hates truth, and buries it. That is the nature of the beast ... one person in a million finds gold and brings it into view, and it draws many people towards him. Then those people start to bury the gold because they absolutely hate the Truth. Something extremely fubar-ed on planet Earth; probably only get sent here if you were really bad in the last life. It has become extremely hard actually to find a real spiritual guide, as it always is. Real esoteric power is not easy to create in yourself, it takes a great deal of work and an unusual inner structure - no cabal could buy it. There are natural barriers ... and other barriers ....
  11. These politicians are empty shells ... they do nothing but follow the fashion and the fashion is technology. Then just watch the fashion and then run forward to stand at the front. They have in total zero to contribute to anything, they have zero skill in anything, they may as well go to Hollywood. Same goes for the BBC. There is just no substance there. All career politicians should have lead weights tied to their legs and taken out in the Atlantic on a trawler. Same goes for the NHS ... all "executives" should get on the trawler as well, same for the police etc..
  12. One strange thing that I held onto when I was young ... was a mortal fear of ... well I noticed that people would never change. If they did something for 10 years, then they would never change it ... because it was like losing 10 years. If you do something for 20 years and somehow you realise it was not good ... it's hard to be honest. Because to be honest means you feel the crushing grief that you lost 20 years. And if you've done it for 30 years .... even worse. It's this ever tightening noose around your neck. I was terrified of that. This world is full of evil. And the way I see it, everyone takes a beating once in a while. You have to accept that, and cut your loses.
  13. Jeez ... just go into a public toilet to see the mess ... that's where humans are at. Yes, from time to time they make something clever ... but it won't be long before they zap themselves or something. Their rare moments of genius are punctuated by long periods of idiocy. Fear their idiocy more. Yes, sunspots, full moons, and bad windy weather ... definitely screws people up, those are good days to get run over. And what this means is that this species is unconscious zombies. LUNACY Car crashes are more common during a full moon with men particularly vulnerable to the ‘werewolf effect’, research reveals Blokes behind the wheel beware the full moon on Saturday May 18 https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/9048871/car-crashes-common-during-full-moon/ Why ? It is because with the Moon on one side and the Sun on the other, there is an unusually strong Balance ... which is rare in our tumultuous world. If you are Conscious on this day you can enter deep meditation with total ease, you simply have to sit down and bang it's deep. But if you are Unconscious (99.9% of the humans) then they feel extremely unbalanced by this strange state and are consequently very disturbed.
  14. Yeah ... I agree with you retriever, only problem with your plan is that by the time we all die we know goddam well it won't have happened. Just the opposite.
  15. Well obviously you are completely right. But at the same time, life is the art of what is possible given the insanity and cruelty of various groups. Certainly the Palestinians and Islamic world just suffer due to this issue. And I think a very large amount of money could be extracted with this deal. And from the point of view of the Palestinians, just thinking about them, it is time for them no longer to be used as "cause" in the same way charities use dead babies for their causes, so they can project their issues on the wrold. The people need to see the end of it. In Libya they have access to a very large aquifer with thousands of years of water in it .. and there is land aplenty. Or lower egypt down the red sea it is sparsely populated (although there may be farms) ... or other places. The art of what is possible. Moving the shrines into a new Holy city and simply ceasing all communication to Israel and cutting your loses. You have to know when to cut your losses on this planet.
  16. It seems to me that the best option for the Palestinians is for a new city or cities to be built for them somewhere in the Islamic world. Perhaps Egypt, Libya, Oman. The USA / Israel can pay huge amounts, and with large contributions from the EU and from the Oil Nations it could be done successfully. I think it would also be a good idea to dismantle and move the Dome of the Rock and take the Rock with them, and any other Islamic shrines in the region and just leave. Then the new cities can have a new Islamic centre and relocate the Dome of the Rock (and the Rock) and other shrines around them. I think this is financially possible given the amount of interested parties. And I see no other solution. The viscous evil coming from Israel / USA/ UK on the subject cannot be really opposed, it is the dark wound that they carry. Do not oppose evil. I think that there are not so many muslim shrines in the area - most are simply stone houses. They could be dismantled stone by stone along with the topsoil and graves and relocated quite easily. Dome of the Rock would need more work but not that much, it's full of bullet holes anyway. It would be better for it to be re-located somewhere far away from the evil there. And the people too.
  17. @Truthspoon Amazing graphics ... from cosmic dust slowly aggregates centres of mass ... some will catch on fire and Shine and bright forth Light into this plane ... others, even larger, Vanish and return to the infinite beyond. All these bodies are alive, everything lives even Light ... it is difficult to step out of the species intelligence to see ... the scale of the thing. Between bodies are not increments but orders of Magnitude ... not improvements ... but colossal shifts upwards. Anything is possible, everything is alive, everything is ... open, because it is Real.
  18. Who knows ... I doubt you would be able to sell know except with a large reduction, and that might be a huge mistake. For instance during Brexit some people who panic sold lost a lot of money, many others simply shut up shop and took it off the market. I can't see a lot of value in selling unless you are going to move to the Andes and work the land. Best bet is to do something useful with your time, give your child physical and practical skills, don't watch Tv, don't watch the news and simply wait until there are no more cases ... and then all the bs will evaporate, given the charts it might be in 4-6 weeks on this trajectory. Assume society will recover and the BS will evaporate ... and if not and we all buy it, don't worry either. Use this time profitably and do cool stuff. Also keep the kids away from all the degenerate behaviours masks and idiocy ... My flatmates and I are brewing up some kiwi kefir in mason jars which is good fun, and learning qigong.
  19. Is the UK the most retarded country on the planet ?
  20. Is this forum actually running from the David Icke server ? Could it be ... and this is just a shot in the dark ... that the hacker has copied the forum and it is running from a different machine and we are now logged in to the hackers computer's copy of the forum ? Perhaps that's a wild question, don't want to worry anyone.
  21. PASSWORDS : if you use the same pwd here as you do elsewhere it seems like it would be good to change it ... for important things. Unless it can be ascertained that the hacker did not have the passwords ... are they encrypted ?
  22. hmmm .... amid the humour some good energetic ideas ....
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