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  1. Sodomy is disgusting and very destructive to the psyche ... something inside you knows that it is very wrong, not because society says so ... something much deeper inside you knows. I wonder if we are in the end times, it seems almost beyond belief these kinds of things. Many people these days say "whatever people do in their own privacy is fine ..." this doesn't work as you can see by now. It simply does not work. Actually why would you not care if people around you are defiling themselves ? Do you want to live in a neighbourhood of alcoholics ? Of people who go to sleep covered in faeces ? It's not okay because it affects you. Society always follows a symbol .. it is either the symbol of life .... or the symbol of death. In Hollywood they have started to have Cannibalism dinner parties, where human body parts (waxworks) lie in the middle of the dining table bleeding ... severed hands and severed arms. And then they serve dinner to the guests. People must already be dead to allow such things. The hour is already late. Only depravity & death is on the road ahead unless there is a 180 degree turn.
  2. Spain / Italy their graphs are going down ... the politicians were useless when the line was going up, and they are just as useless when the line is going down. Trust the virus. It will have finished before the politicians even start. They will still be playing with their jellybean-o-meter when the virus leaves us. They will clench their buttcheeks until Oct/Nov when there will be no or very small 2nd wave ... and after that they will be able to pass stools. And then things will be back to normal. All these ridiculous plans ... well the virus is just outpacing them.
  3. As for the pig ... I believe in the Torah it says that it is a mixed beast, having cloven hooves but which does not ruminate. It may be that both man and pig are mixed beasts that have evolved into omnivores and have multiple digestive pathways available to them, which is great ... but in terms of eating it is healthier to eat a stable and well defined animal that is of one type. Hmm ... I wonder really what this is all about. In the Torah it says that if you consume blood you take on the soul of the animal ... which is why the Last Supper happened so that they could be blood brothers with Jesus and commune after his death by sensing his soul ... because Jesus was conscious. But you would not wish to do that with a beast, and certainly not one that eats shit and that is mixed, perhaps it has a mixed soul ?
  4. Conscious man can comprehend the pure Yin and Yang ... out of a disordered chaos he makes order and tends to his pure type. And in marriage Yin & Yang meet and a powerful force of creation is brought into existence, a marriage is like an engine of God generating Creation Power. But if Yin is wobbly and has some yang in it, or Yang has a bit of yin in it ... then the meeting has less power, and is less valuable to God. Only a Conscious man can create order ... and order is where we should be going, and it requires a continuous straightening of the line ... otherwise entropy will take it and distort it and distort it ... until it is indistinguishable from the chaos. We are rising from chaos to order. So, it is a very bad sign that the sexual depravity is happening. It is not gender bending ... it is not about gender. It is always about course sexual feelings ... who you are going to fk, and in which orifice, or which hole you will screw. That's not gender, and it's not a relationship. It happens on a low level. It's not that people want to bend the rules and have their ears enlarged, or have their fingers sown on backwards ... no it's always about genitalia. That's not gender and not a relationship. In this society, 90% of the people hate truth ... they bury it, they attack it, they loathe, they loathe the smell of the Real. They have beautiful names for their burying, they call it compassion or world peace. I once wondered why San Francisco became the LGBT / Aids capital of the US ? Why there ? Well the answer is that in about 1840 there was a gold rush in that area ... and it grew from a stop on the American River of about 5 tents, it grew in 2 years to 30,000 people. And women did not go there - too dangerous. 95% men. 5% wives. These people were immigrants on the hunt for fortune, there was no law, no culture no nation, they were all from different places. The only things to do were pan for gold or get drunk, or murder people who had found a gold nugget. Murders happened in broad daylight ... no police. It was run by gangs and crews. Anyway, those men eventually shacked up together and sodomy San Fran arrived. What does this tell us ? The state of sodomy is not a "choice", it is the result of disorder plus violence lust and greed. If San Fran had been founded in a more normal way with more women, or one culture entering the area ... no sodomy. And ... of course with the intermingling of races and breakdown in authority ... we see a rise in disorder, sodomy and genital cutting off. I will not use the invented words for those things. There is no such thing as heterosexuality. There is only Sexuality. Humans are a sexual species that means they are divided man and woman. The alternative is Asexual reproduction, meaning offspring comes from one parent alone. You see ... the cunningness is to invent words to betray you. So cunning these people are, they are artists of undermining you. Cancer, mental health, environment destruction .... grave disorder, descent into chaos. The writing is on the wall. And ... any society that practices such things will die. And the only reason these people can continue is because they are supported by the work of previous eras of men and women, who lived straight and accrued a society. The degenerates are feeding off of it, otherwise they would simply perish. Anyway, transcend ... however you make your peace here, you must leave this place it is forsaken.
  5. Well that's the thing about real intelligence ... is that it has to actually solve things in the real world. That's why mantras are just robotic and useless instructions. You have to learn how to be wise and get what you need from real life situations. In this case, the writing is on the wall. Palestinians are already much weakened - the whole situation used to be a much bigger deal, now ... it's dying a slow death. What's best for the Palestinians ? As for Christ's teachings ... does anyone ever read them ? He said the poor would always be with you ... and he threw over tables of the moneychangers, the advised his students to carry swords, he said most of the people are going to hell ... and so on. He knew what was right, but in this world ... this is a world of chaos ... it just doesn't work to ride one white horse telling everyone what to do. People have no idea about Christ's teaching they never read anything. Oh by the way, the Dalai Lama now lives in India along with the refugees ... but as for him, when he was 13 he trusted the Chinese -through his own paralysis- and this lead to a lot of Tibetan culture being destroyed ... before he finally got the message and left ... and moved to India where they have a sanctuary ... for now. Tibet meanwhile ... over there, such as it is, the Chinese are busy populating until until Tibetans are a minority people. And the Tibetan Buddhism, some of it is in crisis with multiple claims of Lamaship ... it's not going in a good direction. But it was the British that began the dismantling of Tibet anyway. So there are many ways to lose, and lose badly ... and most find them. My way the Palestinians keep a lot and get a new start.
  6. Yes that is true. But what if it's not possible. What will you do then ?
  7. @Basket Case People who are not exhausted and are not desperate keep on trying to change the system. Those that are don't have time or the inclination, they save themselves and find the road home.
  8. The only single thing that counts is making it. Or Salvation. Everything else will be dust in time. The only thing that will continue is Salvation. Perhaps you are not exhausted enough, perhaps you haven't seen enough, perhaps you haven't failed enough, perhaps you haven't suffered enough. One day you will have.
  9. You can still love people even though they are brainwashed ... well not really brainwashed but clearly they need the mainstreamnarrative. If they had the strength to be more individual then they would be. So that's how it is. It is not easy to wake up. One day it will all blow over.
  10. I don't know anything about that. In the film, they mention the "Well of the Souls" which according to Wikipedia is under the Dome of the Rock; and that Tanis is a possible resting place for the Ark of the Covenant. There are some other abandoned historical settlements on the coast of Libya.
  11. I don't know what the f is going on any more, just watching Borish and Keir Starmer ... what the hell are they talking about? Back to the death rate charts, well through Europe they are tending towards nothing ... few more weeks and it's gone. The virus is doing the UK politicians a favour ... you could not imagine more idiocy. What's really going on ... I have the sense that in the Left wing dominated industries there has been a campaign to not help the Government. Where the f is the PPE and Ventilators they ordered (sorry not been keeping up with the news) ... and why didn't they ring fence the nursing homes ... etc... This is just the Government's fault. What about the civil service, aren't they doing procurement ? It's not Bojo's job to call round suppliers. It's just mental. Now they are yapping on about testing and testing and fk knows what ... it's just empty words bouncing around empty heads. Even the Coronavirus is embarrassed about all this, difficult to keep kicking someone when they are down.
  12. The situation is a disaster, maybe a bigger disaster than you realise. And the groups that run the show are all there as stated. But what is wrong about your view, in my opinion, is that mankind is undeserving of this situation. I would say mankind is exactly deserving and he reaps what he sows. To sow different requires people to take care of business; their own business. The more they concern themselves with others, with authority, with whatever ... that is when they become weak. If they simply take care of business everything else will vanish. The evil is rising because people are weak, they dissipate through their eyes staring at phones. As they become weak dark forces emerge. The real evil ... is not the powerful groups ... but the distraction of people from their daily lives, that inevitably leads them to ruin and weakens them energetically, they literally pour out their spirit from their eyes into their phones. That's my view of it. Many people today on the internet claim we are all free and whatever, I think they are wrong. You reap what you sow. Disease appears on rotting flesh.
  13. And what do all those words actually mean ? It's just empty words isn't it, just another dream that some magic pill is gone fix everything like the lottery. Another day when you don't deal with reality in front of you, when you don't take care of business. When you obsess about somebody else, somewhere else, some different dream ... meanwhile you don't fix your leaking roof. What's the use of it. YOU are giving them your energy by dreaming that they are doing all the bad things ... when you are so innocent. You would perfect and free and fluffy ... if only they weren't bad. That is victimhood ... that is exactly when you give them all your life and energy and whatnot. Unless you say ... I have 2 arms and 2 legs and I will work today, and I will count today, what benefit can I bring myself and others today.
  14. Isn't this just another utopian dream ? Like there is a "magic solution" that we just didn't see yet ? Is that likely !!! It's not likely at all. We are where we are because we cannot do better. We struggle and this life is a struggle and there is a reason ... we are not ready to be "free", not by a long way, in fact the beatings we get are the only way existence can teach us. And that's why everything is a mess. Probably you dream of winning the lottery so you don't have to do anything anymore - well existence does not want it that way. But yeah ... sometimes we feel something "free" something on the edge ... it's a sense of our future, of what we might be if we continue to learn, if we continue to engage with the life in front of us, to learn from it. There is truth in all things, Governments, Anarchy, Religion, but each person must choose to learn and work their way up, to straighten what was crooked - nothing works without constant effort. Many people have Utopian dreams ... some "system" they think will fix everything. When you think like that ... you are just dreaming, you aren't learning from the meat and potatoes that are in front of you. Sorry if it seems boring, but struggling honestly with daily life is the foundation of wisdom. Chop wood, carry water. Fill bellies, empty minds.
  15. Well let's put some flesh on the bones. Can we really have as a principle not to harm living beings ? What about the endless war going on in the blood stream ? Killing millions of organisms every day. Is it different for the celestial bodies that fight it out up there ? That idea is fine as an orientation, it teaches what is good and life giving, and what is bad. And it is a fine idea to begin with. But it is superficial. What of a person that lives badly ... his entire organism being a harm for all of existence. And another person lives well, uses all his faculties and grows ... that person becomes beneficient. But ... if we only had saints, life would have no sand from which to make pearls. We need conflict in fact, at this level. We must engage with whatever comes, good and bad, and learn from it ... learn deep lessons and learn to transform all situations inside and out into growth ... growth of intelligence which is the fundamental direction. Most people think they are "just here". But actually you are continuously transforming energy as part of a vast permaculture, air food even what you think ... all these are transformations of energy inside your "engine". We are engines that are continuously active ... but whether we transform well > to higher substances, or badly reflects our level. Plants also transform through "photosynthesis", everything does. And so on ...
  16. Although I have respect for Jewish law and wisdom and practice, how many actually keep it up these days. I heard about this book a few years back. The interesting thing about this book I suppose is that it is opposed by Orthodox Jews but also somehow music to the ears of relativist people who which to be told there is no Judaism or God or anything so they can "do what they like". But this is not the case, Judaism is very fine, and there is great wisdom in the Talmud for instance. So basically Orthodox Jews are not really the problem ... it is always the lower world and lower people who simply cannot understand God at all. They cause all the problems, trying to use these ideas to expedite their violent aims. They do not comprehend other aims. (nice artwork on the cover btw)
  17. Yeah, I was reading a list online of great american inventors going back. And I noticed that some fairly insignificant female inventors were sprinkled about through the years ... but the interesting thing was that all the females were added to the list in 2014 after a policy change - the date of the addition to the list was included. So it seems that following a new agenda historians had been scouring the history to find any female who had done something - even if it was comparatively very small - and sticking them in. Must protect the false self and its ideologies. Anyway yesterday the PLO withdrew from all agreements and accords with Israel and America. The Islamic world should rescue them and all the artifacts as well.
  18. The Lancet as a NWO Tool Just been looking in back issues of the Lancet today and surprised to find so many Gender Equality articles ... what the hell has that to do with medicine ? And many political articles as well. WTF ... are these people scientists or ... a degenerate version of that? Medicine/academia/science has clearly sold its soul to the devil. Here is one where the Lancet discusses BoJo winning the last election: Prospects for a New World Order Richard Horton Lancet January, 04, 2020 To be progressive simply means that one believes in the power of social reform to improve the lives of individuals and communities. But to claim to be a progressive today is to be in a diminishing minority. The UK election last month delivered a large majority to a Conservative Party that campaigned on a platform of regression—regression to a state of “splendid isolation”. Conservatism is in the ascendancy across the western world. Repressive regimes, regimes that deny freedom of speech and undermine the rule of law, govern billions of people East and West. The notion of Enlightenment, and so trust in science to protect and strengthen societies, has lost its lustre. It is neither the best of times nor the worst of times. But it is a dark time. For many health workers the values embedded in the very notions of health and health care—social protection, universality, equity, quality, sustainability—feel threatened. The gap between medicine and the public that it serves has never been greater. What prospects are there for a revival of progress and progressivism? What hopes might we have for a new spirit of amity and cooperation between peoples? Note : actually the values embodied in health care are ... HEALTH. HEALTH PERIOD, that's what medics do. They don't campaign for chopping the genitals of young children off so everybody can be equal. FFS. Health Workers .... Feel Threatened .... here you see the Lancet actually conditioning "health workers" to feel threatened. Grooming ... you could call it. Tell them what they should feel ... you should Feel Threatened ... and then maybe buy a subscription at the Lancet. Pretty low level of "journalism". I imagine a lot of this grooming is going on in the medico-scientisto-whatever industry. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(19)33180-0/fulltext
  19. I hate this kind of thing ... they aren't making software, but an ideology ... the have a "Team" ? Can't people just make stuff and sell it without "getting everyone on board" ... vomit.
  20. Now that is where it's at ... finally a statistic that means something. I would like to see the same for the UK.
  21. Yes that is correct. This feeling ... of ... never giving up, to hold the cause ... well I understand it well. And there is value in it. But at the same time on this planet it can lead to death ... this world is so un-natural ... it is chaos. So, you do have to fight ... but if you are in this kind of situation, I believe the writing is on the wall. I used to campaign for justice. Anyway ... you know in Taoism they say that you conquer this world by allowing things to take their course. And that you tame a wild horse by giving him a large field. Some things just need space. There is an art to walking through open doors rather than struggling with closed ones. There is such violent emotions in Israel connected to ideas of a hollocaust and viscious military money and insane zionists .... it's like a triple cancer. I would simply avoid it. Saudi, where Muhammed, was born ... where Mecca is located ... is allies with the US - what the hell does that say ? Everyone is going to compromise and work out deals apart from ... Palestinians ? It's like they are being required to hold a standard that everyone else isn't ? It's like the externalized guilt or something. It's like with nuclear power and electric cars ... and whatever. At the end I am all for being simply practical. You can't fight human insanity for long.
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