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  1. But there is more. On the right you have a dumb manual worker wearing a hard hat and fluorescent vest ... so this picture is saying that manual workers, masculine men, are dumb racists. This is a typical liberal strategy ... "the deplorables" ... which actually shows the incredible level of malevolence and judgement that the "liberal" represent (of course they say they are the party of tolerance and respect). Next thing is that being wary of foreigners is a bad thing. Well no it is not, only phoney people want to open their front door so anyone walks in. Those people who have been taught to cut the genitals of their children off so they can be the first on the block to have a teenage sodomite covered in black ink. Such parents are fundamentally evil and destroy their families ... for them they can believe that everyone is just great. For real people and all of nature, you stick with your own in the main, with some intermingling on the boundary. And then ... this black guy over there who looks a bit pissed off ... is that what black people do then ... look pissed off whilst waiting for the white man do make a decision. I don't think so, black people are like any people they get on with life, and look after their own. And last thing ... the old white bastard man. Because all old white men are bastards. This isn't divide and rule, but a cunning psychologically constructed Liberal image ... which ultimately comes from some truly nasty and psychologically twisted people, that they are.
  2. There is more though. There has always been politics, just read Machiavelli or Plato. But what the hell is "identity" politics. It basically means that these people have no personal identity they don't really know who they are, because they were raised fake. And so politics or society or media ... is a place where they vomit out their non-entity-ness. It's not politics at all, but self-help or psychiatry. It is not politics at all. The meaning of "identity politics" is clear ... these people were raised in a way were they have not formed a basic human identity. It's not a problem to have problems, to have things to learn and work your way up. But the way this "generation" does not think it has any problems and so as they enter into industry they are attempting to de-humanise and de-reality-ise society. There is even a new word "derealization", I hear it more and more these days.
  3. (thought I posted this) I love the Royal Festival Hall it's a beautiful building with 5 or 6 floor, fantastic balcony, vast space with sofas and tables and corners bars cafes and restaurants for anyone to meet and it's just great. But it costs money to make it like that, a lot of hardwood is used there and high quality fixtures and fittings, and huge space. But the quickly erected concrete shells can be used to make ugly sterile cheap housing ... you can call it "modernist" ... but it isn't. Because human beings excel at twisting things, and using the same words whilst corrupting what lies behind, you have to be specific.
  4. AI is gonna be wank. You know what AI is, it's like this ... you have a computer model to forecast the weather in Wales. But this programme is a bit clever and it checks every day to see how the forecast went. Yesterday it forecasted 20C and it was actually 15C. Okay fucked it up by 5C. And it keeps checking every day. After a while it calculates that it screwing up the forecast by an average of 5C. And so on the next day it forecasts 10C, but it has calculated that it fucks up by 5C ... and so it outputs 10C-5C => 5C forecast for Wales. And that is AI. Pretty amazingly clever eh !!!! Ha. Well okay it's ... well it's a little better maybe, but I wouldn't worry about it taking over the world. Computer models like Neil Fergusons are based on the idiocy of their owners. And the idiocy of people is just getting worse. I think that AI will be used as some sort of smoke&mirrors to justify more totalitarian control in society ... they will blame it on AI, either that or Dominic Cummings. And that's really what AI is about. Another thing to be Terrified about. But in and of itself ... it's just not very intelligent. Probably some sheeples imagine that AI means the computer will be making decisions, but no machine makes decisions. Only souls can make decisions. A computer is simply a glorified toaster, very glorified, with electricity running through transistors. It is programmed to make electricity go through this transistor or that transistor ... and then it outputs 5C forecast for Wales. (but it doesn't know what a forecast is, nor temperature, nor has it every had Welsh Cakes ... computer doesn't exist, it's just a lump of plastic and copper wires). Only souls are intelligent and exist outside of mater.
  5. Well, it's simply a reality that the western culture has plunged in the last 20 years. Perhaps the roots were there before that. And it seems to be that generation more or less who has the phoney values. Why that should be I don't know, probably the environment and society their parents were in affected what they were taught. And, such values make people fake and impossible to deal with, they have fundamentally phoney ideas about life, and so have little hope to improve the situation ... and the just make more ridiculous demands about life. Isn't that really what the problem is with the current culture ... there is a group of phoney people making ridiculous demands on society, and have fundamentally unreal ideas about life. It's impossible to connect to them, they become a severed sub-culture who are anti-life ... or liberals. There is no communication with them. They destroy everything they touch and never look back, it's as if they are wound up wrong. Perhaps the parents of the millennials were simply watching exciting advertising on TV ... and then repeated that to their children, and that was their parenting. And so the millennials are raised by phoney advertising were everything is just great. Another possibility is that the parents of millennials achieved success in the service sector which rose in an economic wave ... which they didn't really deserve, they just happened to rise with the tide. So the parents were just lucky and taught their kids, the millennials, that life is so easy. Except that the wave didn't come for millennials. And also that the parents, the boomer generation, had roots that were still hard working ... the values of hard work from the industrial revolution and the wars ... but the parents did not comprehend the value of that ... and so left that out of the parenting of millennials. Which left the kids with large expectations, but no practical skills or work ethic or real world orientation. The problem is that without wounds, without struggle and conflict and bloody knees, there is no connection to reality. You just live in a head full of adverts.
  6. Isn't it something like this : to be raised with everyone falling over to make you feel comfortable and accepted and special with values and promises and world peace and disney land. And so there is not the slightest reality in it. If something goes wrong, how could it be inside me .... as I am so special and accepted, it must be somebody else's fault. And what need is there for responsibility or tradition when I am so wonderful and everything is right. This is the way to hell, via total fakeness. The fake news, fake culture, fake politics, fake food, fake everything .... because everyone is so accepted and special. To which generation this points to I don't know ... but I see that young people around 20 are not like that, they are more straightforward and honest.
  7. Is there something very wrong with the millennial generation? Are the problems we see today a result of this generation entering and taking positions of authority in society. Society seemed to look very different 20 years ago, but rapidly a shift has happened in a generation. Is there something badly wrong with that generation?
  8. South Atlantic Anomaly It's intensity has been reducing for almost a century, it's getting better rather than worse, the "splitting" is of the anomaly as it weakens perhaps it will split into smaller areas. (It's not splitting the entire earth field, just that anomaly) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Atlantic_Anomaly
  9. You don't seem to be aware of them, as you continue talking about utopian fantasies that don't look much like they are going to appear. At some point you have to start working towards things that have a hope of working, rather than imagining stuff that will not materialize. Interestingly it seems that many businesses will continue to do "working at home" and reduce office space and save themselves some rent - so a big prolonged shock can have upsides. That seems to be what mankind requires to change ... and then it will fall into slumber again until the next time. Very slow pace of change.
  10. The only way to get out is known as "Salvation". This requires a deliberate and fanatical effort to change your state of consciousness so that you live in a higher plane, through many years of persistent practice. If that is not done you will at best always be in this world or a world like it because your state of consciousness is so coarse and insensitive that it requires repeated torture. More or less, everyone gets what they deserve. Apologies for the inconvenience !
  11. Okay, I agree with you about the vaccine industry and claims that are not true. My point was actually only about the spinning of a new narrative aimed at D. Cummings to prevent people asking awkward questions about the apocalypse that did not arrive.
  12. Invoking Elemental Powers This is a Fish/Lion that is typical in Japan .. invoked to prevent fire in a new roof in Japanese buildings ... to cause Water to rule. "Man Friday" said in Robinson Crusoe, he said that if you wish to swim well then you should eat fish, because as they are good at swimming so shall you be. Also Fish(Water) / Lion(Fire) is a symbol of Yin/Yang and therefore of pure Power. Our Inner Beast Is Alive We are not people lost in our heads, we are fully functional and strong because our beast is alive. Masculine Power Like the Scotts raising kilts, Virility and Patriarchy, well ordered hierarchical power ... frequently on Catholic Churches. How different from the loosh beta males of today who are always "sorry" and "compassionate". All the great sages were male almost without exception, he that has strength creates space for the heart ... that is the order of things. Integrating Our Mixed Beasts We are fragmented mixtures of things, we work to integrate them and become One. Griffins are half eagle half lion, a lot of work to integrate. Also the symbol of multiple elements (air and land) and possibly Yin&Yang. Warning To Outsiders Severed heads. Symbol Of Degeneration In Scotland where sodomy has been introduced into their "church", they have put up a gargoyle from the alien movie, which represents where they are at ... insect life.
  13. I don't feel such 1984 society will happen. I don't think people really understand what is happening to them ... some conceive that a dark force is rising to take over the world, but I don't think it is like that really ... parasites feed on diseased flesh. And what is the future for diseased flesh ? The future is death, not 1984. For 1984 to happen there would have to be people healthy enough to maintain the structure of a society, and I am not sure that is going to happen. It is difficult to say if we will survive, I supposed the question is whether existence believes it is worth reviving human beings, or whether they have had their chance and it's time to move on. The misbehaviour that is occurring today is only possible because of the deep foundations of the society ... that they are sitting upon. Such people could never build up a society, and they cannot really maintain a society. Once the roots are chewed through there will be collapse, suffering and death. People will become like animals but it won't last long - Governments will institute martial law, but it won't last long. Many things in a society must be functioning for things to continue. There have always been poor and stupid people .... but there has not always been degenerate people. There has always been nature to return to ... but that is not possible today. The safety nets are almost gone aren't they ? Both the body and mind is diseased. What is good in this world ? Christianity is being eaten alive in some parts of the world, and strengthening in others. Buddhism is certainly being damaged, as are many parts of ancient India with the new materialism. Tibetan traditions also are being damaged; I am not sure about China. These foundations emanated bright energy, if they vanish ... What might happen, is that a new movement might come from some direction and push society in a new direction ... and on that journey things become a bit more straightened out. People will not be told that they are to behave themselves again ... but the effect of the new push would be that they behave themselves, and that they have hope. Could be a new economic system, or it could follow the collapse of the service sector, or a pandemic ... and people would start living in a different more basic way. There may be a wide-ranging return to marriage. Or a rule by corporations. Or a new type of guild system and guild communities. Or a new world teacher might appear. Or the celestial bodies might re-orient themselves and people find themselves being more clear headed and sort things out. That might be where society goes to save itself.
  14. You repeat like a photocopier all the words phrases images and reasoning of the matrix, by the way. The very phrases themselves ... perhaps you don't see it. Most people do, and they think they have free will. That is the whole problem. Good luck all the same.
  15. Ruling elite ... I am starting to question this idea. Are we so helpless ? Are powerless and lost in victimhood ? Is this our situation ... or just a defiled view of life ? If as a truther you spread victimhood ... aren't you really just another part of the system ? Isn't the belief in powerlessness the whole problem that causes people to act in a powerless way ? It's great fun to talk about these things when life is so easy.
  16. This is a perfect way to live for an insect, because an insect has no conscious intelligence ... and it would seem that many human beings prefer to live like that than to learn how to be conscious. It is not easy to learn because it is easier to be a slug, and only strong pressure can work to make you conscious. Atheists have many opinions about belief and God and the church ... all stemming from never going in and doing what is asked. But of course there are many bad things happening everywhere. If you don't comprehend yet ... you are slowly dying and one day will be coughing blood shitting yourself and choking to death, like all of us. I suggest you make much more of an effort, because what does this atheist world give to you ? Nothing. Yes nature is good ... but it is a lower world. There is no morality that you should follow and there is nothing that you should or should not do .... because learning does not work like that. In the church you practice various things and slowly you come into knowledge, it takes time and works on the physical, emotional, energetic and psychological level ... slowly growing. There are no rules to follow ... people who talk like that are Atheists who have no idea what the church is about. People don't go to follow rules. They go because by going the feel something higher inside them, inside they introspect, they share, they love, they pray, they attempt to commune with a "higher world". They are good people. Even if some of them are more robotic and go out of habit ... well at least they have the small amount of common sense to do something that may lead somewhere, it is either that or chopping off your genitals and destroying the ecosystem like "society" is doing. At least they have that much sense in their heads.
  17. Lockdown is more or less over, just look at the death rates ... not really noticeable any more. But that would mean of course that the CV19 manufactured panic was a lie from day 1, it is only a small thing. So ... the experts and newspapers who have been lying to us from day 1 now come up with a smoke and mirrors story ... circling around Dominic Cummings ... it's his fault, he ruined everything etc... This prevents the following truths to be acknowledged: 1. The lockdown is over and CV19 is at such a low level it is no longer significant 2. The lockdown was not needed as CV19 is a short lived wave of infection 3. The experts and newspapers are fully guilty of destroying the nation's economy 4. Let's redirect hatred towards billionaires
  18. This is everything you have been taught and everyone in the UK (and elsewhere) was taught. Taught to distrust and destroy in yourself your avenue of growth and to worship that which will destroy you. You have repeated it 100% correctly like a slave. You should be much more cynical and skeptical than this.
  19. Traditional architecture represents Conscious Man ... a man who experiences a high state of reality. It is like the beauty of Nature, but a higher level, it is Conscious Nature - which is the role of Man. You create what you are ... the people who make ugliness are ugly inside, in their inner functioning - they are unhappy, discordant, fragmented, negative, vengeful, desperate. Their ugly manufacture represents their ugliness inside. Conscious Man cannot exist without constant daily pressure against the forces of disorder, that was what the Church was for - those people continuously raised their consciousness. Hobbit homes are fine, but they are like man going back into the Subconscious Natural world ... they are "real", but it is a large step down from the Conscious Architecture. Golden section : period houses reduce ceiling height the further up you get ... often according to the Golden ratio, which is actually a mathematical ratio of proportions ... this is "pleasing to the eye" ... which actually means that your intelligence is functioning at a high level of meaning as you witness the building, your intelligence is calculating subconsciously the proportions. Gargoyle : I don't know the true history, but what is underestimated is the level of conflict in this world, it is not a friendly place and the places of sanctuary here are built with a mixture of love and violence - which reflects this mixed world. In one hand you have the Bible, in the other the sword ... and you know when to use each one. In other words this is a world of work and requires direct engagement of the forces here ... And so Gargoyles are a bit of darkness put on the outside of various buildings to ward off negative forces and keep sanctuary inside. Beauty an illusion : a sentimental song to grieve over the pain of love lost whilst you watch the clouds roll overhead .... that's part of life, but another part is to enter more deeply into relationships and discover yourself, the other, and love ... to engage. All these different moods of life eventually lead to great wisdom and joy.
  20. Abortion is murder. But only someone who has purity can follow such rules. Our society is in chaos so murder is normal, these people understand nothing whatsoever and you cannot stop their insanity - they destroy themselves, each other, the planet, and their children. How then shall you judge them for more insanity. As for why a soul incarnates into a child that will be aborted ? Who can say, but existence knows what it is doing. Many souls have evil pasts, some need to suffer in order to grow, some humans have almost no soul, some souls can benefit with earnest effort even if their lives are very short.
  21. Some options: 1. Join an "intentional community", farming or religious or simple living types. Doing it yourself is very very difficult requiring much labour and experience. However many of these communities are LGBT friendly, but you might be able to find one where people are normal. You can also do a workaway in a centre where you can become permanent resident. 2. I have a residency in a cheapish Asian country. I can go any time and stay permanently. Cost of living min £70/month, but more realistically £400/month. 3. I have taken up Qigong seriously for health, as I wish to disconnect myself from the medical system and even from any drugs or herbs. 5G, cancer, nuclear waste pollution, psyops, awful food in the supermarket ... we are under attack. Don't just sit there and massively boost your health as part of your life. 4. I have learnted to cook fast cheap and healthy, normally a one pot meal I eat for the whole day ... and I have gradually removed all bad things from my diet which took some years. 4. I have taken up Zen meditation with a serious teacher and do it every day and study. Although I used to want more, a happy society, I no longer do ... I see the world is in a very frightening state and although you can still have some fun here and there, it is going down. "Salvation" in the religious sense is real and is the only solution. Occupy yourself with forward motion and don't worry about what is behind. There are no other solutions - but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy what there is to enjoy. Once you have done what you can, relax and let it be.
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