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  1. @Tinfoil Hat Get lost. My view is simply that the anti-establishment rubbish is starting to smell as if its been left out in the sun too long, soon they'll be trying to bring down the Post Office because it's run by freemasons or something.
  2. You are too lazy to even think of something to say; you have no alternatives or real understanding of the situation. You are just here with Tinfoil taking potshots and saying "something is wrong", but with no alternatives. No shit "something is wrong" ... that' s the easy part isn't it. Eventually it just becomes a useless game to indulge in, like everyone else on the internet saying "something is wrong".
  3. Sure they are. Although it's difficult to tell from those photos if more than 3 people are involved in each case.
  4. And what would you say ? That everything is just great. Do you have any idea what is happening in the world. Just take a step back and look. Everyone is running around gawking and pointing fingers ... few are doing anything practical. Not that pointing fingers is wrong exactly but a useful analysis has to be offered and solutions and personal efforts. Pointing fingers because a big excitement for human beings a long time ago, lynch mobs too, also the cry to "bring down the Government" (that feeds you). You call claim things are wrong, but who exactly has an alternative. On a ship eventually people who talk like this are thrown off because they destabilise things without offering any useful alternatives. Or alternatively any time anything wrong is noticed people start comparing it to the Hollocausthoax-thing ... which is also not useful. If only pointing fingers fixed things, eh ! Like a magic came out of the end of the finger and made everything better.
  5. Who cares. Stop vocalising your inner problems.
  6. Whatever your problem is, keep it to yourself, stop speaking for others. If you got a problem you deal with it.
  7. Why don't you stop going around telling everyone you feel insulted. You accuse yourself. It's easy to walk around and find fault with everyone - it's not useful ! I don't see anything different between that tone .. and the endless moaning NHS workers claiming that someone is out to get them and they are constantly offended. This is just madness - I hope all involved are enjoying this empty party. Did you see something wrong with the world ? Who gives a shit. There are so many things wrong with this world ... does anyone care anymore. Worn out with the theres-something-wrong-alerts.
  8. I'm getting bored of people wanting to pick holes in absolutely everything ... soon they will be goPro'ing a pile of horse shit on the Mall and saying that there is something dodgy about it and that seeing the NWO in that steaming pile of horse poo is going to "set you free". It's just getting stupider. Will you take the red poo or the blue poo ? It's all poo. Look nothing is for free. There is no magic hidden truth freedom ... the fact is humans are lazy stupid bloody monkeys; start doing something useful for godssakes.
  9. Society is in a lot of trouble. I see very few people who are moving in a healthy situation, on all sides there is wide indulgence in misbehaviour. What kind of future is there for such a world ? Floyd seemed to be a very disturbed man. Chauvin also a disturbed and angry man. The history of Minneapolis is filled with violence going back to 1900, gangs, murder, civil unrest, protest movements, and the LGBT. It's a chaos place with a history of violence, people become accustomed to it, and are drawn to it. As for the video, I don't know why Floyd died. A man who can't breathe doesn't talk about it, so I don't think breathing was the main problem. Chauvin was trying to let out some of his anger by hurting the guy. Floyd seemed to be ranting like a very disturbed person. Probably he died of a heart attack. The knee pressure was at the back of the neck, but the trachea is at the front and Floyd did reposition his head several times. But he was struggling while handcuffed and most likely cardiac arrest or something like that. Chauvin will serve time. Nowadays it's filmed and then the whole planet can gawk at it and be "disgusted" meanwhile ... what are they watching tonight on Netflix? Don't ask. Is anyone in our society doing anything that benefits society these days? I think I'll read Revelation today.
  10. @Quanthematic In all the violence and revenge ... what is important is to remember the Real Law of this existence, the Absolute Law. For instance that you reap what you sow, or a stitch in time saves nine, the best way to fix a problem is before it starts and so on. More of that please.
  11. @TrueSon There have been some children who were left to their own freewill in the wild, some famous cases ... it didn't work out well for them, they were extremely retarded and in many cases unrecoverably. Humans are not individual creatures they need a society, but society must function well according to the prime symbol. However for whatever reason of their own or not of their own making ... humans are extremely corrupt - I would say it is simply their layer of evolution, they corrupt things as a way of understanding, first you corrupt many things like a child making a mess ... only after can you do it properly. So in such a world of corruption it is sheer practical folly, easy to observe, that leaving people to their own devices is going to work out. That is sheer folly. But due to the extremely unpleasant situation here in society, most everyone wants to escape into a dream where we are all just great. But ... the only real answer is engagement and making the road straight. Through making the road and society straight that the way to learn, because this whole world is wonky. Leave things for 5 minutes and it's already deviating, it is a continuous honing environment. There is no perfect society and there is no magic utopia out of society ... our only choice is to engage and make the road straight, again and then again. That is why we are here, it is all by design. If we create world wars environment destruction, if we suffer and are ruled by evil ... it is not an accident, we are not here by accident ... it simply reflects our own personal level. To be born here is a grave warning, a personal warning. We are like crops if you grow wrong at the beginning it is very very difficult to correct later, but not impossible. And so on ...
  12. Well the problem is that once a person is reduced to a stimulus-response-unit ... that unit is no longer a human being nor does it represent the soul at any level. It may "choose" ... but it is not choosing. Like those young people who refuse to leave the computer ... they are actually totally miswired and what they need is to be thrown into manual labour for a good 6 months forcefully if necessary, and if not they are in a state that is worse than death and it is damaging to their souls. Unfortunately no matter how it might seem, humans are part of a world that is quite low, and needs brutality and violence strength and courage. And there is little need to talk about free will. Mostly what is appropriate here, is manual labour and such type of work .. .that is actually what people need, because they all want to be free and flex their psychological powers and so on ... but they are only on the cusp of such things and if they reach up there they will fall like Icarus ... a wise steward sets them to work from the body and if they continue their higher powers will naturally grow but from the soil and so be unified strong and real. Otherwise like many they will waste this life and fall from the sky onto devastation below, and the only thing to learn is never to do it again. We are what we are. Strength the bones, fill the bellies, empty the minds, return to the soil and the salt of the Earth - this is the way.
  13. Don't know much about this subject, but if the Liberals keep forcing foreigners into a white country then the white country will be angry. But maybe that's what "Liberals" really wanted in the first place. Not to justify any violence but you have to see the context. It is not blacks that are under attack it is whites, authority, the whole western culture. Are people supposed to feel nothing as the land of their ancestors is burnt by newcomers ?
  14. The problem with many of the ideas presented here is this : in order to learn wisdom you have to encounter many things. You have to engage in many things. It is a long journey, wisdom is hard earned. And therefore it is exceptionally valuable. A carpenter learns to cut many joints, one by one, through trial and error, success and failure, in the end he has amassed greate skill. He knows when to employ craft and planning, when the time is right for brutal force, he knows when he is strong or weak, he becomes formless ... his intelligence connects what is needed externally and internally and delivers the coup-de-gras spontaneously, whether that is hard or soft, fast or patient. That is wisdom hard earned. What then is the place for morality and rules? Well there is a place, it is a basic grounding, it is a coarse understanding ... but at the bottom of the mountain you must start if you start at all. Later you can become refined. Organised religion? Every church or priest is different, why paint with such a big brush ... isn't that a failure to engage ... to choose to discern. Can you make it alone? You fool yourself nobody has a cat in hell's chance of making it alone. But you must choose your teacher path church and school. And remember always they are just a local well running to a great aquifer set up ages past ... it is not their job to draw from the well. After all they are the aquifer and they made the well ... can you not then do your part and draw carefully? It is your job to create wisdom, you are wisdom itself or you are chaos itself, according to your history. How shall you deal with aggression? Is there a way? First know what you are capable of ... if you are still influenced by the world then your options are narrow. Perhaps it is the right time to let them have it - if you are strong - or if not walk. But if you are not influenced by the world then you have no question of vulnerability ... then you must look at the aggressors and consider what is best for him and for Truth as a whole ... then you act. But few are capable of such things. A high vibration ... well yes, but it is easy to sit in a corner vibrating and you will not gain mastery of any faculties except one. But this world is difficult and if you can lay one stone well it is better than a thousand badly, it's true. Those who wish to exit this world by losing good and evil ... shall not go far. The history of human spirituality is full of desperateness like that. In fact whilst everyone is trying to leave and run ... the answer is the other way. To enter. Because mankind's problem is that he has not entered. He is wishing to leave but he has not even landed. Hence it is said that they are the Salt of the Earth, be like a child, and embrace the Earth and Heaven will Follow. All very nice but again the truth is a little complex ... you need to expand upwards and downwards together, a little Heaven with a little Earth gets good results. Too much of either is limited. The flux of this world is not an accident you can't learn much by sunbathing, you need a few storms shocks and soakings to wake you up. And those that travel will not be disappointed. In the end they will kneel in gratitude. Was this all bullshit? You decide if it was.
  15. Well I am not sure what that is. From observation, after all the European brave and strongest men were killed off in WW1 and WW2, the society was not really lead by men and many socialist-feminised organisations like the UN were created along with feminist ideas. From observation we now live in a world full of cancer and mental health issues, without meaning and with women now gladly destroying their own children ...and of course the environment is suffering. So, let's say we have tried matriarchy and it didn't work ... at all. If we don't untry it rapidly the species will become extinct in a painful way. That's direct observation. Sophia seems to be sort of practical wisdom, basket weaving perhaps ... and so it is wisdom of a certain level. Male reason is of a higher Conscious level - this is clear by the masculinity of almost all great inventors saints sages warriors and leaders. With a few notable exceptions. I think that's clear. Today there is much talk of women this or women that ... well if they start to deliver something I will be the first to see it, otherwise I can only assume that the traditional society was the best way and was decided upon through wisdom by ancient peoples over millions of years. And ... it if you wish to have a society with real values, that values life wisdom and higher things, on this planet you first have to dig a foundation build a castle and defend it with violence .. that is why men should lead. Otherwise everyone either dies or becomes victim of external circumstances. This is the savage reality of this world. Violence and courage is the only thing that allows real love to exist. Or humans can return to the wild with their tails between their legs, and live like the beasts, undoing tens of thousands of hard work by their ancestors; or total failure.
  16. @Kais_1 I am not sure what you are looking for exactly. Cranes are beautiful birds with flamboyant mating, so they are symbol of beauty life fertility and so on ... the 3 Cranes in refer to Goddesses therefore they are represented as the most beautiful bird, so it's straightforward. Book of Idols: By al-Lat and al-'Uzza, And Manat, the third idol besides. Verily they are the gharaniq Whose intercession is to be sought. So they are praised for their beauty gharaniq (Cranes). Are you asking why Muhammed mentioned them or if he did? Lot's about it here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Lat#Islamic_tradition I can say that this might be another Feminist agenda thing. There is a lot of that going on for instance there is a cottage industry of Mary Magdalene books who say that she married Jesus and was the greatest of the apostles because in one of the gnostic gospels it is mentioend. Well, in other gnostic gospels it states again that women are of a lower nature. So there is a lot of cherry picking and point making, which is simply Feminism agendas aimed at religions. I am not sure what your angle is; just reading a bit about it now, the Book of Idols seems to be a warning against pagan practice and the verse above is an example of what pagans did in the past. There is only One God and Muhammed is his prophet. There is a lot on cranes symbolism here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crane_(bird)#In_mythology_and_symbolism
  17. Identifying a problem is not the same as identifying a workable solution and is not the same as implementing a workable solution.
  18. In the orient it is symbol of longevity and good-fortune. In the Traditional Chinese Arts (Wuxing) it is sometimes assumed the Crane is the "Vermillion Bird" (a mythical creature). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red-crowned_crane https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vermilion_Bird
  19. @Lore If there is something you don't like that's your problem. Start a new thread if you wish. Don't talk for other people. And stop following me around.
  20. There is a way to live this life ... to honour the truth inside you. There are some rules here, one is you reap what you sow, another is that when yin and yang part death follows, another is that you must balance the tripod of faculties body-mind-heart. These are the rules. But Luciferians distract you into believing in materialism. Other branches of Luciferians tell you there are no rules, or that you are always free, or that you are empty, or don't exist, that your mind doesn't exist and so on. But no ... if you know the actual rules then you know how to live. Fk everyone and everything else, they seek to turn you against yourself. This environment can hone a deep character in you, by causing you to ride over many mountains valleys, to endure shocks to force you to activate many qualities, strength, peacefulness, struggle and avoidance, the yin and the yang ... it is a great arena of honing. But of course with such a powerful torrent coming to you most lose their purchase and are washing back down to the bottom. Such is the way existence tests you, then tests you again, and then again ... until nothing is left apart from what cannot be divided.
  21. I have transcribed from the trailer ... with comments ... A soul is either going to be informed and shaped by a spirit or its gonna be information and shaped by an external world of conditioning. What is it that is completely an expression of the essence I am ? A soul is not informed. It is part of God. Only something that can be programmed is "informed". A soul comprehend truth because it is directly connect to God, or the Light of Consciousness. Clearly these people are looking for another way to programme their madness, this time with "positive" madness. The power that can implement a mind in humans can control anything as long as humans are not acting as a spirit. Here you see they use the word "Control" ... they wish to Control. Which means they are not looking for the spiritual, spirituality is to no longer need control because you are in harmony with God. Whether you Control things with Organic Permaculture or with Corporate Capitalism it is all the same. The problem with spirituality is that people have not made the next step to see what the material reality of spirituality is. No, the problem with spirituality is that in this era it is extremely degenerated ... to the point where the world is in great decay. There are few people who can even transmit what spirituality actually is ... meanwhile many false prophets are on youtube trying to monetise it. This drama of the good guys and bad guys has been playing out for so long. It doesn't matter which way you move the characters when it's them versus us there is no winning. Spirituality requires an exceptionally high degree of discrimination between good and bad. It is only through deep long term practice that you can sense what God actually is in reality. This is a power of discrimination so high that it is not native to a monkey-person. All the sages and saints spent many years in meditation to achieve this high level of discrimination. Jesus spoke of discrimination at the basic level ... the difference between planting a seed on rocky soil, or on soil that will be trampled by people walking over it, or eaten by birds ... or entangled by weeks. He had many parables like this to teach people the basic discrimination of good and bad on Earth, so that people have a beginning. This quote from the series where discrimination is being rejected means that these people function at an extremely low and insincere level. You will find a plumber to have more wisdom. ... to go from a state of survival to thriving ... The internet is a fine place for people to talk of the Shift, the magic that is about to happen, and so on. Meanwhile in the real world Cancer, planetary destruction etc... Spirituality is so exceptionally difficult to find today. Much more difficult that in other eras. I have seen new prophets have appeared with exceptionally low conscience to talk control of the income streams of Christianity Judaism and all paths, one by one these are being re-owned and re-Poped .. .destroying any smattering of light that may have remained. The writing is on the wall, this species is going to down.
  22. These days people talk about "the information", the "truth movement" ... and so on. In my opinion this completely misses the point. Real goodness comes from the body, from the regulation of the subconscious body. Humans are so desperately in their mind they imagine they have no body and it makes no difference. As longs as they get more eye-candy they don't even notice if they have cancer or destroy the planet. So ... the young indeed have vast quantities of "information" ... but they have no body, no being, no conscience no contact with the Earth. Many people talk about what's wrong with people with society with politics and whatever. But almost universally they are lost in their heads, which they adore, more head talk more information more staring at the screen. But actually something hidden is that it is those practical people with well regulating straight living physical lives ... it is them that are connected to reality and from that ground of basic truth ... ontop of that is the Path built. Whilst the many who gates are wide open and pour data through their eyes into their brains and talk intellectual all day long ... they are going precisely nowhere, they have no ground no roots no soil ... it goes in and goes out and nothing happens. This is barely recognized in society which the whole disaster. Except in the Tao Te Ching where it says that a good ruler should empty minds and fill bellies and strength bones. That is actually the way to bring heath to society. From tilling the Earth. But people are lost in their mad minds, almost everyone. .. therefore those kids that are plugged in are certainly not the answer. I was shocked to discover who Elon Musk had married, some celeb called "Grimes" who has weird tatoos on her hands and long black fingernails, and their new kid is being called ... "X AE A-Xii". One is truly lucky to get the hell out of this place.
  23. I'm also GenX although I also reach back to tradition and the old ways. GenX seems to me was rebellious energetic, cynical, and many things. They had enough material, enough struggle and friction, to come to some good reality-based conclusions about life. The way I see it, the real danger is having no friction because they you just live in bullshit-advertising land and turn up at work and think it's going to be like that ... how else can you cope with the friction of real life, it's lethal to walk around with vacuous ideas. Ultimately if people get enough friction they will learn, one way or another - no matter how you were raised and with whatever ideology, you just need to be pushed around enough and you'll work it out. And all this weird phoney media we are subjected to ... is psychiatry, and maybe that generation is trying to get some friction some nutrition with their phoney culture ... plants don't stop growing even if they were raised in a bad way, they continue to grow ... and they try to get what they need from their environment ... one way or another. And they need friction, so they make friction. Another thing I notice is that younger people have less character in their face, they are any-body, and their bone structure seems weaker ... I notice that for instance with Dune the movie, the difference in the faces and bodies of the original cast and the cast for the currently developing remake. I don't know if that's due to the food have less nutrients in them. I heard a yogi (Jaggi Vasudev) he was saying that he noticed that people in rural india, that their bone structure has been declining as long as he knew it. They used to be bigger and stronger in the body.
  24. @Grumpy Owl Your cynicism is not nearly grumpy or skeptical enough.
  25. @Grumpy Owl Oh yeah ! One more thing there. There is also some more subliminal things to do with the hands of the figures. And a red glow around Murdock's head. Altogether a smorgasbord of hatred. Here's something interesting ... is Divide and Rule really a thing ? Machiavelli had some much more complicated ways of ruling society ... which I have seen echoed in some recent books on how to succeed. I wonder - and it's just a question - if "Divide and Rule" is something that the sheeple tell themselves is happening - it's a traditional understanding, but actually other things are happening. Or ... explained another way ... bad things are happening, but the traditional explanations to not really point clearly to what is going on, it's too dangerous. So people have a moan and then forget about it so they can live without being in total conflict. For instance although people might imagine the NWO is dividing and ruling them, perhaps the more important reasons are : 1. a cyclical change in the celestial bodies that affects human behaviour 2. a mass depression resulting from the decline of Christianity 3. the low nutritional foods that affect how people think and feel inside ... there are others ... something to note about these 3 is that they are intrancatable and not possible to easily fix. If you imagine however that the NWO is hurting you then you can also imagine you have a chance of stopping it, which is comforting in a strange way. And if you keep dreaming about defeating the NWO, then you can continue not going to church. That's genius. Anyway, the Path is the only answer.
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