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  1. It's all total nonsense. These aren't living things. They are a few cells stuck together that survive in a petri dish for a few days. Human beings will never ever in a million years make anything that really is alive. They may take a frog brain and strap a iPod to it and call it a great thing, but it's garbage. These people are fucking idiots. They aren't scientists. In 1 million years the state of the art will still be a colander on the head. Why? Because there is no access whatsoever to the "mind". No machine will ever interface with anyone's mind. All you can do is measure electrical activity in the skull and take a wild guess at what it means. Never will there be direct access. Probably in a few years some soulless "teenager" will attach an ipod into its head, maybe it will secrete serotonin and he will rush around like a twat and say it's really great. It's totally moronic. There is no AI. That is just a brand name. You people are so damaged, in a few years they will swear on their life that their toaster is as intelligent as they are.
  2. @Edgecrusher Add a few more options will ya ...
  3. @Edgecrusher In Brighton where I am ... everybody is out the beach is rammed massive flocks of people no mask not giving a fuck at all. But yes there are the occasional daft pratts with blue hospital masks who look like they are walking to the bog whilst in intensive care or something, but they are pretty few round here I'm glad to say. Some 'person' dived into the bushes the other day to show they were important, and some people walk in the street. But few really. Saw that in Florida its the same thing. Must be the beach vibe. I imagine it's a bit worse elsewhere in the country where the mental patients are in the majority.
  4. What did Hitchens say ... that he took the injection because he lost and he is happy to admit it? W.T.F What a f-ing loser, a loser a loser a loser. Christ what a nobody. He is nothing, like dog shit on your shoe. He is nobody.
  5. Journalists are in general total losers with degenerate insides, they talk a lot but when it comes to it ... they got nothing.
  6. After Talk Radio was banned by Youtube and then re-instated, they have become ... very changed. Cowardly. Avoiding the big issues. Hiring less radical interviewees. Presenting the Government line. And so where do we arrive at ? Most human beings are just 2 steps away from taking it up the arse and saying thank you. They are all fit for nothing but the bottom of the ocean. Even their complaints are entertainment. Few people survive death, because few are anything except nothing. You are better off with Buddha. This society is evil and everyone is it. It is a lie from top to bottom. Forget about the illuminati and the bankers ... it's much deeper than that. The plane of consciousness is very very low. Only radical effort will change your consciousness, using the few techniques that have been discovered. Learn zen and sit 2.5 hours every day, that is the standard for the first 10 years. Otherwise where will it get to. Society, yeah well it goes up it goes down, it'll kill you sometime or not. It'll be as stupid as ever the day you die. What justice is there? The corruption is not in the system, it is in the people more or less. They are the system. It's such a mess that you simply need God, you need a radical solution. And you have to work for it. You can't even judge this place, it's just a messed up world with messed up people doing messed up things. Your only job is to get yourself out if you can. That's it.
  7. Fact is human beings have had to retain a dark and violent part of them inside to deal with the vicious animals of the world. Kill or be killed. This seems to be the nature of this world. Not easy to move upwards from that whilst being here.
  8. The Barren Society People have little to give you except their unconsciousness, their false self. And why? Why are people so desperate to tell you their agendas? It is because they are desperate inside, they are not loved, they do not feel themselves inside at all ... they are "hungry ghosts", and in a desperate attempt to find some nourishment they need to feel important to say the right things, to sound important so that you will "respect them", so that they feel "respected" by you ... something they try to use to feel themselves to feel something. Because inside they are barren, just like the entire society. It is barren, it has nothing inside, and the frenetic outside is an exact response to have nothing inside. The internet and corporations has just made the inside even less, whilst people circulate desperately on their phone to find someone who likes them. Christ, it's a sad picture.
  9. Society is deeply insincere both from the top and the bottom. Neither is there any attempt at God or real culture, so there is no access to truth from above. And as normal life, animal life, physical emotional intellectual has all but ended as people think staring at their phone or doing robotic jobs ... is a life ... there is no more normal life from below. There is no access to reality at all. Strange to see for me being almost 50 and seeing how degenerate it all is. WRT ... the drugs that are being injected. A number of big studies show that drugs (not vaccines) against one disease although effective against the target disease ... damage your immune system in general and cause you to get other diseases more easily. The way this is calculated is simply to take a sample of people who had and another who did not have the injection ... and see how their health was overall afterwards. Big Pharma never does these tests. They only test whether people got Flu or Covid. But they do not test the overall effect of the drugs over the medium/long term. They only test Covid injections against Covid infections. Did you get one or not. And they test how many people dropped dead 5 minutes after getting the injection. That's all. The long term overall tests are only a few... they are all done by the military/CDC ... i.e. Government bodies. And the results are very bad. They show that flu injections damage your immune system so you are more likely to get Coronavirus/Meningitis and other diseases. So the entire thing is a lie. A large number of businesses in the West involve manipulating reality and lying in various organised ways. The entire picture is very bleak. But then again many people never ever use the internet and live quite well.
  10. @Michael Yes but we live in a society, if society is in extremely bad shape it makes things extremely difficult.
  11. @Michael It is easy to point out the flaws in the world, but who can point out how it should be. That is the critical thing ... how should it be? When things go well nobody notices. How things should be? Well we need physical-emotional-intellectual activities to remain sane. These have been destroyed by gigantic corporations that have replaced countless small businessess. No you are left with 2 options only, stare at the screen or work in a factory. It has been incredible damage to human beings. Because with work, competition, responsibility and wholesome meaningful activities ... you live by slowly dying. You must live normally to feel alive, to feel meaning, that means physical emotional intellectual. The food is dying, the culture is dying. These gigantic corporations, the debt based money, the destruction of family, tradition and natural world. All these things means that we are planted in deeply diseased soil. Probably the things most important are : - corporations - debt based money ... fix those two and everything else will follow.
  12. It's not "climate change" that is the problem. It is "climate change c****". It is the degenerate psychopath herdlike agenda wankers. Identify the people and their phoney fascist agendas themselves as the problem. Behind all evil is evil people.
  13. @Artmuzz Yeah I did. I bought a bottle of Chartreuse 6 months ago and they shipped Jamaica Rum. I thought wtf? Anyway sent it back with Hermes and they waited ages to credit me, I was sure they were going to screw me and spend half hour with Indian chap on livechat and then they gave me my money back. Don't know wtf is going on. I assume they have a 3rd party system, as a frontend for various dodgy bastards. Couple of months after that they sold me some Chartreuse for very cheap price and then ... 2 weeks later sent email saying sorry don't have it cancel. Some things they are good for ... shipping from US is cheap. Also I was looking for stainless steel muffin pan ... very hard to find these days without poisonous coating. Bought a couple from them, they were dented and fubared. Was going to send them back ... when I noticed that on my amazon listing was another steel muffin tray ... very high quality, but was on massive discount for me. No doubt they thought I would never buy another one. But as the ones I had dented, I bought the really expensive one for £20 (normally £50) and after I paid, only then did I send the first lot back. Also bought very rare qigong DVD from them recently was £17, no delivery charge. Almost impossible to get apart from with them ... turned out a good investment. Of course they are corporate tyrant bastards.
  14. Psychologically speaking it's very clear what's going on with these trannies. They are heavily f***ed up inside their heads, some severe trauma etc... They have dealt with this by cutting off parts of their body and trying to be something they are not. Inside them is a lot of insecurity, because something inside them is saying "you are a man". One of the ways they fight the voice of sanity in their head is by seeking public office and damaging other people's children, making them as weird as they are. Basically, the f****ed up people in the world are taking over. Many of them are journalists and politicians. That's not necessarily a cabal thing, it's more like society is deeply insincere and f***ing itself up. It's like a war with countless really damaged people in it. And they push it on others to make themselves feel better. The more they can damage the better they feel.
  15. Sometimes things seem very bad, many dark thoughts .. but in the morning the Sun rises. Life can be very difficult, sometimes painful, but try to relax be calm. Everyone on Earth has some suffering in their life, everyone .... think how many people are crying right now around the world. Yes life can be difficult. It can also be good sometimes, sometimes beautiful. If things are difficult it does not mean we should not do. We all need love.
  16. Yeah I used to think that when I was an atheist. I thought my ideas were really cutting edge radical ... now looking back I see how stupid and sheeplike they were. I was just repeating my idiotic education, of feeling superiror slagging off anything different and never actually trying anything. Has "religion" been defiled and inverted? Maybe not. But there sure are a lot of people telling you that aren't there. Who tells you anything different? And what do you expect to walk in and be handed a 3 course meal to eternal life on a plate? Well I loathed Christianity back then. Just like I was taught. I took a very long journey to yoga, hinduism and other things before I went into a church one day and started reading what Jesus actually said. Shocked me ... because very few people have actually read anything at all. And then one day I saw an old woman walk in to an empty church kneel right at the front an with her arms outstretched begin praying. And I realised that going on Sunday is not for Christians. Christians are praying all the time, just like the Muslims and the yogis. They are not fucking around. They feel it. That is what belief means, it means I feel when I pray. One things for sure, it is later than you think it is ... and the only thing coming is the grave. Great sages have lived on this planet, did anyone every bother to listen? So many people find excuses. The truth is ... they are very few human beings who aren't terrified of leaving the herd, so terrified they prefer to die, then to try. Luckily for me, when I was very young a few family members once or twice did do something spiritual or religious and I did feel something, and I remembered in time. That's the best way when you family initiates you. Difficult to know what to say to someone who can't feel it ... don't think it makes any difference.
  17. Why should Hitler have been evil? From this footage and others he was a nice man wasn't he. Family life, family dinners ... all good. Rarely these days do we see such pictures of happy people with their families. Can you imagine half the children staring at the brainwashing photos, the others talking about how many "vaccines" they injected. Christ. Anyone who is said to be "evil" by historians means what ? Basically the absolute c***s of the world write history, write the news. They are slimey vermin scum, who's only talent is to twist everything and blame everyone and paint people in the worst light and lie and lie. That is their talent. To be soulless delusion c***s. And these people are the journalists and "writers" of the world. What should history have written? Hitler was right, but he lost the war? He loved his country, but so much was against him it turned out bad? That he could have love his country without blaming it all on "the jews"? That the British monarchy had been taking it from the banks for hundreds of years ... and they lived in fear of the debt repayments? That Churchill was an asshole who had killed 250,000 men in Gallipolli and wouldn't rest until he had cleared his name - something he could only do by winning a war? That Hitler offered Britain peace 3 times during WW2 ... peace including returning to the starting positions and giving up all the territory the Germans had gained. That so quickly after WW1 the idiots and frauds and c***s who run the world organised again and mass murder of innocents throughout the world ... and blamed this one guy, when those leaders ... all of them should have had their heads loped off for the good of the world. That nationalism is in fact natural-ism, it is a society that is sane ... and not invented by assholes on their whiteboards. That humans are insane in general, and the less they go to church the worse it gets. That this world is frightening idiotic and if you want a better world go and find a good teacher. Just look at human beings ... everyday every where. All they talk of is ... who is bad ... who is good. Who did it. Always something outside of you isn't it. He's evil she's a hero. Never you. People should be forced to sit in front of the mirror 1 hour everyday so they can see what they actually are. And that is pretty much the point of spirituality. Yeah let's all unite for peace and march for peace. Meaning ... if I can hide myself in this other herd then I don't have to "wake the fuck up" and blame myself. And unfuck myself so that I can be a little bit better tomorrow that I was today.
  18. @Curious1 Someone at work? Why do you encounter this person?
  19. I don't think so. All the papers are using stock photo of the Queen, there is no photo of her with a needle in her arm. I think it's a lie. They would be terrified of injecting such an old person and if she dropped dead the entire world would stop. They would never risk it.
  20. @oz93666 The problem is that you are trying to sway someone. Why are you doing that? You spend your time hunting around the internet for "evidence" of something. You should take a step back and observe how you live. Watch yourself hunched over this machine wasting your time. This is not a life. Do you think you are the first person who noticed "something" is wrong? You are not. But put your house in order, your own house. Stop blaming people and get your shit together. Sort yourself out and live a good life. Put your finger down for a while and stop pointing at other peiople.
  21. MSM always creates stories that are the exact opposite of normal thinking. They do this deliberately to create shock and fear inside you. This makes them more money in advertising revenue and desperate customers. They are taught this in modern "journalism". They no longer have anything else for the world. The entire industry is stinking shit these days. A large part of the media has gone bust since the internet .... most of them sacked all the old journalist and hired new cheaper assholes that are capable of being evil. Circulation of newspapers, and newspaper ad revenue, all is fading ... in desperation they act like this. Many more will go bust.
  22. There sure is a lot of shit out there on the internet.
  23. Found this cool guy on the ground in San Fran discussing the role of the media, politicians at totally lying about our society to further their own interests and selling ... when our society and reality is just fine. From the street level view:
  24. These guys are very good for British tradition, doing a lot of great stuff ... here at the beginning they discuss the dumfuckery from BJ & the gang:
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