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  1. But you have to answer these questions with a good heart and wise reason and with a wide view. Asking is easy. Perhaps the answers will not be to your liking, but still inside you ... reason can prevail. The choice to honest is the only choice we have. For instance, I am here in this body ... is this coercion? Perhaps I would like to be 6'5 and a billionaire. Am I coerced? What about if I have lunch on the menu is chicken and veg. The chicken doesn't want to die. The vegetables also don't want to die, why do you think roses have thorns? So I kill them all and eat them, and my immune system goes to work of mass murder. Okay ... so who is coerced here? A much bigger view of the situation is necessary if you want answers. Who am I anyway, do I even know? And let alone the Men on this planet do laissez-faire ... what about the Tigers? Ever seen a tiger killing - they are not stopping much for human rights are they. In fact ... it is very interesting to engage with what is happening, it is illuminating.
  2. Reality is reality, you know. It is what it actually is whether it is convenient for you or not. It is what it is. Many people have utopian ideas and they say "why wouldn't it work" ... as if surprised or something. But the answer is very obvious. It is not done because it cannot be done, because it doesn't work, because we are not ready. Period. Anyone can dream up world peace or ... whatever ... whatever dream you have, it just pops in your mind. But in the real world things are not like that. It rains sometimes. Sometimes you fail and fall on your face because there are many things you don't know. It's really strange when people dream up a utopia and think they are just going to deploy it on this world, as if this whole world is like a canvas that you personally are going to decide about. Like it's all about you and your own dream. Rather than a shared space for countless people and other creatures. Rather than a place for all of life, rather than some place for your ideas only. It is what it is. You are where you are. And so on ...
  3. Okay but who will keep such Principles in place? Say there is a group of people who wish to do evil and co-operate to do so, who will stand up to them ? And who will be responsible for nuclear waste disposal ... most people would simply forget about it as it is "far away" ... but if it goes off it is not far away from anyone ? How is that dealt with ?
  4. And I love Muhammed Ali because he loves his family and his people and his race and his religion. So I know he has a soul.
  5. Here's an interesting thing. Who exactly is it that is interested in promoting the sodomites and all races live together ideology ? Who is doing that ? Since I was young, because I was on the fringe, I was friends with several gay guys I knew ... I was just treating them like everyone. So I know that those guys are not necessarily really making a political movement ... they are just people. So who is making a political movement of it ? Same with races ... my best friend for 30 years is from China, so I spent many many hundreds of times with his family, I know some Chinese culture now - for me it is not on TV. But also it is not Chinese people who want multi culture. So ... so who is it that is pushing all this ideology ? It is the White MIddle Class losers, or Guardian readers. It is them. Because they are the Telling People Off class ... their job, since they are useless people, is to tell everyone what to do. They say: - you should be gay, - you should apologise for being white - you should marry black and green people - you should apologise more - you should wear mask - also apologise to NHS - and also feel bad about being alive. Because I know working class people, because they work in reality world using hands and brain and screwdriver and not bullshit ... I know working class people still having working brain. But middle class people have dead brain, just like their cats have dead brains ... and they have only 1 game they like. Make chaos with ideology. (I give trophy to myself because this is good post and making me laugh)
  6. If you are superficial then you see only outside. You see not the inside. All races are races, and they are different inside. Not bad or good but different. Foxes live with foxes. Bears live with bears. Dogs live with dogs. Cats live with cats. But in human house, dogs have very small brain ... domestication destroys the brain of dogs so it is small, maybe 50% of wild dogs. Same with cats, wild cats are smart ... house cats are dumb. When you are dumb then you live together. Humans have house with dogs cats anything ... because all have unnatural small brains. In nature everyone is strong and they meaning. In nature you cannot take from dog, he kills you and feeds him family. Only stupid dogs in the house they sit there and do nothing. This is why Jesus says, "honour your father and mother", and fulfill the Law meaning you must follow the Jewish law which cars for family very much. Also he says, the poor will always be with you. He helps when he can ... Jesus does not setup charity, because he is not wasting time. But anyone who comes to him, he helps if he can. Compassion is very much abused by evil people. Humans have big heart ... but too much. Evil has learnt to deceive using the heart. Therefore you must have sword in one hand. Just in case, because many creatures live in this world.
  7. We are NOT the same. Only insects are the same. Saying we are the same is a lie, it is death, it is evil. Human beings, we live in societies. Our parents work, they work for us, they make a house a home, our grandparents work also. And it is our job to work also. Together from one generation to the other, we make a small house, a good house, our own house. And this is our effort, for our kin, for our young. Evil is when somebody tells you to open your door so that somebody else can eat your house. After your parents and family work so hard, for so many years, they hope that you will have a good life ... and you throw it out the window. You give to outsiders. This is wrong. This is evil. Everyone must work, everyone must earn. Everyone must honour their family. Or you are an insect. Worse then an insect ... you are insect-man. Because even insects protect their family. If you don't protect your family you are lower than an insect ... you are a liar. If you have worked hard and you have good house, good family ... then with excess you share with other ... you share only the excess. Like if you are farmer and you have big year with lots of rice, then you can give excess rice to outsiders. This is corect. But the evil ones ... are lazy are stupid .... they not work. They tell you to give your house to them, because they refuse to work. They refuse to help. They are the liars. Shut the door in their face. Trees help birds because birds help trees. Everyone must help. But if someone comes who does not work, then you shut the door in their face. Because they are liars. And they speak evil.
  8. If I am in a relationship with a "white" lady ... are we similar in appearance? Not really. Everything is different really, even our white arms aren't really white or the same colour. But coming from the same culture, white christian european stock, we have many connections that are deep, passed down through generations, through dna, through history. If I go out with a Chinesey "yellow" lady ... well it's a different kettle of fish. Maybe we like watching Game of Thrones together, or we like to eat spaghetti and sauce together .... well, it's okay .... but it's superficial - what we like together is the same "products" you can buy from the shop. This is the recipe for a superficial relationship. But if you want to really be with a nice lady ... you have to have deeper currents of connections, then you can really be together deeply. Otherwise you will just have to keep shopping ... whilst missing the real thing. But, no rule is absolute, I suppose.
  9. Yeah well that's the big frustration of the world isn't it. It's a bit of a mess, but maybe it's worth thinking about a bit. Sometimes like with young people they say something (ridiculous) but really want you to agree ... they really want you to like them. That's what it's about. And if you fight with them then they feel bad because you didn't like them. Unfortunately many people are not taught how to think well ... and so they have this equipment (thinking) that they try to use and it all comes out a bit of a mess, and then people don't like it ... and they feel that nobody likes them when they use their equipment. And then they go into self-lockdown to protect themselves from the world. Same with our feeling equipment ... we feel terrible, angry, lusty ... or whatever - and nobody helps you. What you supposed to do with it? Many people shame you for feeling the way you do. Others encourage you to be more lusty. And many people tell you to cut off your genitals. How's that gonna work ? Confusing is not the word. But at the same time life is going by and you want to be on the train, so you try to jump in - with whatever compromises you make. Mess. That's really how I see things these days ... we are monkeys with additional equipment, we all desperately want to use that big equipment but who will help us to learn how ... and how can that higher equipment be merged with the inner monkey that is at the base. You see many "Scientists" are using their intellectual mind at maximum speed ... but it is decoupled from the inner being, from the original subconscious substrata .... so it becomes like a high velocity cloud up in the sky that talks and thinks and makes bombs ... but no longer feels the soul - it becomes a soulless thinking machine, and not a person. A real person, a finished person, has the monkey-subconscious underneath and then on top of that it has fully working higher intellect and higher feelings ... all working and integrated. And this is a big job and in general right now ... instead of that you have a big mess. That's our problem as a species. And of course when you are a big mess, so darkness comes to prey on you.
  10. Take the knee = I'm a victim ? Take the knee (in the balls) ?
  11. Are you promoting having sex with someone that looks like you ?
  12. "We care about Your Privacy !" - We are forced to do this by the EU, just click accept and ignore it ... we have no idea what it's about anyway.
  13. These things, although they are traditional ideas, are not waking up ... they are external to you. The path is through a narrow gate, it is not that easy I'm afraid. Making big bold outward demonstrations of shaving your hair, throwing your clothes away, or living in poverty ... and making sure everyone sees it is I am afraid not the same as "waking up". Human beings love to make a big song and dance so everyone sees them. Prayer, merging with God and so on .... well if you let go of the outside things, fully, and as they say go into your closet and shut the door ... that is the way to pray. Because inside there only God can see you. Then you must enter into God ... not God the fan club, not God a big idea .... but the reality of what is there. Nobody will know, nobody will give you a prize, only you will know. One important thing is to honour your pain anger and other things inside you ... that people reject. Sit quietly and when angry say I am angry and feel it ... but not lost in it. So on with all your pains. Do not try to escape yourself. Do not try to escape, instead ... in-scape. Find the answer by going inside. Be competent in daily life. All this is trusting God. Cutting down everything God put here is not trusting God ... And for sure, wake yourself up ... it is hard enough. If you can do that think about others. Best move quickly with all these things as life is painful enough without taking a long time.
  14. Fruit Test Positive For CV19 I heard that the Tanzanian President had done some tests on fruit and they returned CV19 positive ... is there any documentation about this that anyone has seen ? Or was it a joke ?
  15. Did you ever try T.R.E or some stress release stuff ?
  16. That video is not about informing the public; he is producing a disaster movie with all sorts of allegations designed to push your buttons, stupid logos and flashy graphics. This is not information, this is entertainment.
  17. Everything he said is balls. I don't think these experts and Government officials have the slightest clue as to how infections work or any basis on which to make any policy. Better off just trusting nature, and common sense. These people just keep talking rubbish and by the time they actually do anything it's finished. Then the go to lunch.
  18. What's your solution then ? The hacker knocked out several of the icke systems ... so it seems it should be out of house somewhere or other. Either that you simply backup the machine and practice restoring it regularly or something.
  19. "You" did nothing because you no longer have the ability to do anything. Your whole world is a lie, and you have been turned against yourself since day one. Particularly the means your ancestors used to gain strength ... you have been taught to hate them, that is really the foundation for the decline. Because your ancestors were strong and wise, and strengthened themselves every day. They had no soppy deer-hugging ideas of life, they held the sword in one hand and God in the other. They recognized that both are needed to succeed in this plane, they knew all too well that talking about love all day long is a lie ... and the entertainment of the coward. Your ancestors created the castle ... that you know sit in and watch crumble. You may be experts at witnessing and commentating ... but deep inside you have been taught to loathe everything that could set you on the right course - but you don't quite understand that point. You accurately reflect what you are inside. Cowards. And you are the cause of the roof caving in.
  20. This is one of the techniques of psy-ops. They con you by giving you the impression that "a lot of people" have a particular idea. For instance: "White people don't think of themselves as white." "White people when they say they are a couple they mean they are black." "White people don't defend their country." "White people leave their money on the street because they are really really smart." "Everyone knows that white people have sex with alligators." "Science says that white people should kill themselves." Once you hear that "everyone knows" ... it reprogrammes something in your subconsciousness. This kind of thing has been done for thousands of years, it is easier to steal from people if you first convinced them to kill themsleves. After all "everyone knows". Young people in particular have little life experience to know that this is evil bullshit. Many were born in their mobile phone and have been psych-opsed since they were born, they have absolutely no idea what reality is. 2+2 = 3 is just fine for them. It's a good way to kill whole generations of people by controlling the media.
  21. Maybe a google backup forum or chat room or something, i.e. one run by a big company but is maintained without being used.
  22. Google and other media are trying to systematically damage traditional white Christian patriarchal society, which is appreciated by their liberal NWO agendas. Same for Hollywood, why is Sodomy appearing in Disney and Star Trek. The ordinary thing to do is to round up all the weeds from the field, if not the entire field will be lost. Which very much seems to be where society is going. The darkness has no power of its own, it runs like a parasite on what is alive ... the way this works is to turn people against themselves, against what is natural and good. Once you have tricked a soul to turn against itself then that soul leaks energy ... which is then parasited by the enemy. A healthy soul has no leaks of energy and is sattvic. So, the darkness teaches souls to turn against their body, against their hearts and real feelings so their activities damage the environment, or to hate your parents and ancestors, your culture and the knowledge inside it. White is taught to turn against white, black to turn against black, men to turn against men and women against themselves. To hate yourself. Then society as a whole is leaking vast amounts of energy and the darkness grows. But the signs are on the wall ... everything wood is replaced by plastic, money that was gold is now plastic (the cheapest possible material), families that stay together are replaced by a collection of freaks, news is replaced by bullshit, and health by cancer, reasoning by aspergers. Society is going down. The darkness has no power of its own ... it works by turning you against yourself, against every connection you have to reality ... until you are bound in self-delusion, and all your energy pours of you to feeds the demons. That is the state of hell. At some point you cannot be reached any more, and become a vehicle for a new dark normal. Blackness appears on your arms and legs.
  23. Signatures are annoying : members abuse them and put a page of A4 in their signature that gets in the way of reading threads.
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