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  1. Without struggle there is no opportunity to feel meaning in your life. From where would meaning come if you do nothing. And that struggle, that daily confrontation and resolution, allows you to exercise your faculties and grow ... and it has to be in the body not just in the head. This society as it is now, with it technology has removed so many physical and even emotional work from people that they have little way to grow. They resort to trying to grow in their mind by overthinking or through psychological problems. The LGBT movement is probably people trying to generate conflict so that they can feel some sort of meaning and save them from the death of the plastic soulless desert of society. A world without conflict, without opinions, without culture, without differences. A desert of insincerity and life hatred. Those who wish to go to the Utopia where everyone is the same make a grave mistake because you cannot feel alive without being alive, and being alive means confrontation struggle and difference and sorting out those differences. Mountains that urge you to climb. Chaos that causes you to order them. Peace then is a fucking lie. But yes when the disorder and bad faith and hatred of everything is so great, then it is hard to see the real challanges and the real struggles, the good struggles ... it becomes very confusing. How often can you slagg off the leaders institutions .... you slay their spirit. Those poor fools who are yes trying to run the world, like any teacher with a hateful classroom, they do in the end lose faith in the whole thing and give you what you want. In other words it is the job of all sailors to support their captain, and if you simply sit below deck calling for mutiny you damage the ship. There is a time to leave the ship to be sure, but also a time to support it. It is easy to continuously call for mutiny, you get attention and your attention is leached off of a ship that you do not contribute to. It is parasitical in the end.
  2. Charlatans ! When did that book come out "The Secret" ... 2006? Well anything change? Mankind became amazing> No. "Secrets" are big business ... and nobody cares if nothing changes. It's eye candy. Here is the actual secret that you maybe don't want to know : You are born on this planet because you are a half-monkey-degenerat-confused-nobody ... and here you will stay until you sort yourself out. That will require quite a hell of a lot of sorting out, and no secret out there is gonna help you ... because whatever happens out there ... is quite different to this person you are and that you will never escape from no matter how many "secrets" or aliens or whatnots you discover. The secret is that you are exactly where you deserve and reap exactly what you sow, and that progress is hard earned.
  3. The energetic emanations of women during menstruation is very disturbing to men actually. I am not an expert on the subject and not a woman, but I notice that during that phase not only are they up and down ... but their energy is up and down and can be felt. You can actually feel from the energy of a woman if she is in that phase. Women who live in the same house often but not always have synchronized phases, and they are also sometimes syncrhonized with the Moon. But of course these days people think they are above such things ... and they have become very insensitive as their senses are pounded by extreme food, sex, sport and so on. They wouldn't be able to feel these things any more. And those people in the OT did know a lot of things, it's really a treasure trove but it's not easy to understand. But there are a whole bunch of recent books on the subject, with women rediscovering their cycle as a gateway.
  4. In fact they separated from the family and entered a special part of the village, like a red tent, where the women could be together and do a kind of group practice during their cycle. It was one way that women practiced a kind of spirituality that is only open to them. There are many books about these traditions available today. Similarly men spent time together with the elders and went hunting and such things. The result of all that is that yin spending time in the well of yin becomes strong, it becomes YIN. Similarly with the men. Then when they return to life, the forces are very strong and the resulting creative force of YIN+YANG is very strong. These days where one just-anybody-man lives in a small box with a just-anybody-woman, the force is very small.
  5. There is no such thing as "trans". The correct designation is someone with a deformed personality so badly damaged that even the fundamental sexuality is not present in the personality.. Only an evil society would encourage such things and lend support to mental illness with surgery to ensure people have little chance of restoring themselves.
  6. Tescos, Sainsburys and some others have gone full retard. Aldi, Waitrose, even maybe Co-op and some others are more or less normal. In some shops you couldn't even tell anything was different. But Tescos is the pits ... they have a queue all along the back wall of the shop down one side to the edge of the tills then they have a 4 men traffic control team waving you down to the available till. Idiocy is no the word. There is one local whole food story which has about 50 items in it and still manages to organise a full retard one way system ... stopped going there.
  7. @oddsnsods can't have a good conversation without stereotyping
  8. I said beautiful women are not good in bed. Non-anglo women are more spicy but mostly you have to exclude the really beautiful ones who are busy thinking about their appearance.
  9. Beautiful woman are often the worst in bed, most anxious and boring. Character and humour, makes you beautiful in a different way.
  10. Language is very interesting and does shape your consciousness; It is a means of remembering consciousness for a nation. Almost a hundred years ago George Orwell said that the English of people is deteriorating, people no longer make any effort with their language, they use words that come ready made in ready made sentences or ready made ideas ... they no longer have the feeling of painting and developing skill with language but they just grunt a few ideas from others. They don't bother to speak proper. It is a sign of descent. Does not seem likely that telepathy was every more than a niche market, although it is possible with much effort. Once upon a time all humans lived in the peace of the "dreamtime", in a kind of paradise ... but it is not a Conscious paradise, but a Subconscious paradise. They were animals and when you are an animal there are not many problems, depression or complaints, you are so much part of the subconscious matrix of life. To leave the subconscious realm and go up is very difficult. The rise in consciousness of a people seems to piggyback on economic or cultural growth, and fall when those things fall.
  11. You sound like a liberal ... go down to the UN and the Pope ... just get up on the podium tell everyone that everyone is free they are just too stupid to notice then take the money and go home. I am only interested in practical solutions not just another kind of day dream. You know how many dictators came up with the very same words as you?
  12. I think that's naive and patronising to the people of the world. Perhaps you think you are the only one who knows there are problems with the world ... and of course everyone but you is brainwashed. ... such ideas are useless and mostly untrue. But it does feel really good to tell everyone that the future is just round the corner and heaven is just there if you look up ... it feels good to say these things and you get a bit of everyone's energy. After it doesn't work again ... everyone forgets for a while. ... other people are more constructive.
  13. @awake Well .. perhaps they are actually interested in the sense that ... if they get there in 10,000 years they would feel they are making good time. Just read a history book to see how interested they are in getting there now. It's not good news for those who sell World Peace lies. Maybe it's time to take responsibility for your own journey rather than dreaming that everyone else is coming with you?
  14. Recycling Causing countless millions of households to play a stupid game with their garbage weekly because politicians are too cowardly to face down the corporate manufacturers of consumer goods and too inefficient to organise a total national recycling system. Local Government Letting go of the responsibility to run the country whilst creating a tranche of local fools who can take the blame when things go wrong. Creating a gravy train of overcharging for the local mafia of suppliers and contractors.
  15. Technology The means for me to become an overweight idiot whilst dreaming that I am doing something futuristic.
  16. I wonder if it is simply true that most human beings like things this way. Call them evil if you like ... but after all the talk of peace love and the UN ... people actually do not want to change, they are of a low outlook and they simply like it. You can talk to them about higher ideals ... but they don't really like it. Everything they want is right here. That's why JC said "anyone not with us is against us". Because they do not stand idly by but oppose you. Anyway ... if all this is not fully true, it is true to quite an extent.
  17. In the Bible it says that when the Asyrrian invaded new areas ... what they did was to bring in foreigners. They brought in 5 tribes of foreigners to mix families and languages ... this made people weak and powerless. Then the people can be ruled easily, they can be robbed and enslave. The secret is to destroy their family. This is ancient strategy of dictators, even in the Bible from 2500 years ago. So Student, I know you repeat all the lies you have been taught by the NWO, ... I just want to ask ... are you Asyrrian ?!!!
  18. Anyway regarding communities ... they are worth exploring of course and maybe it goes well. In the famous old book "The Good Life" it was about a couple of homesteaders who made their own place, took many years ... they said at the end it's better to live with others and there are communities up and running. Whoever you join, it's like you join a campaign and movement ... with unique flavour, and life is like that, just make sure you like that flavour then you can grow with them. Worth trying, then you learn something.
  19. In off-grid communities ... things often do not go well. If you read up about it, people's stories, you see that politics factionalisation ideology etc... this all recurs in those kinds of communities. Then they start making a constitution to make sure nothing bad ever happens, but that becomes oppressive. Some declare themselves to be wholly non-religious, other wholly religious. All efforts to stamp out things they don't like. Oh ... and then there's the money thing. I investigate these communities a lot. In some communities they start all free and liberal, but eventually the people who have money from the outside world they build bigger houses and live a different life to those that don't have the money, then people who join the community might be debt ladden and unhealthy people who don't contribute. In one community I saw, a very idealistic woman had bought up a massive property in France that cost some millions ... and she wanted some families to join her off-grid ... and share the debt, that she had run up. Didn't work out very well. Of course you can simply go back to Nature, where the wild beasts drag you out of your tent by the ankles and carry you still alive a couple of miles before eating you. Read about that too.
  20. @zarkov There is a "system" that is run by the universe that causes very gradual progression ... and I mean gradual. So all these lunatics here are progressing but so slow that you should really want anything to speed it up, which means learning how to self develop and there is lot on many levels; physical, emotional, energetic, of consciousness, psychological. Anyway most people just get slapped around a bit then die, and will do so 1000 more times before anything happens. That is a lot of pain. Question is what is the absolute maximum you can harvest form any situation. Somebody attacks you. What do you do? Grovel, run, smokescreen ... hide, kiss ass, kill, negotiate ? Well which of those can actually expedite and not just in your imagination? Which of those is worth training more? Reason it out. Because there are so many things to improve and you really don't want to come back to this place if you can help ... best is to take proper instruction with no bullshit, if you can find it. And improve many things at once. One way is like Seneca (Greek) he reasons everything. It's good, rational. But what about your feelings ... you are dead are you. What about physical force because it all begins in the body. And so on. People always try to do everything with their mind, but truth be told your body (or your dynamic physical power), your psychology ... is just as important and needs much work. Most humans do very little at all ... it all showers onto them good and bad they drift through die, and at best come back 1000 times. Okay ... so we can all imagine world peace because part of us is more conscious ... but just a part. Get that, it is just a part. At best it can guide us, but don't be fooled and think it's time to set up shop, that's like slowing down when you are on the final straight - big mistake. In fact you should look to overshoot the finish line by at least 20%. If you are honest you know there are beasts in side, and deeper down maybe the beasts are quite frightening and will take a lot of taming. That is your real world, that most people don't know. And that's your job - no escape from what you are. Wherever you go ... all that comes with you > and causes the universe to reflect it. That's my view. > start a new thread if more's to come
  21. Well ... I know all about Government problems ... so I am just presenting the other side of the case, it's not that I don't think there is a problem. Government is simply another name for a collective organisation to organise this group of people - that's what it means and that's all. (Is there corruption stupidity and idiocy - absolutely.) This is interesting is war antithetical to life ? This is a very interesting question. Is death antithetical to life ... because we all die ... so it seems that being alive is antithetical to life ... how can a life where you die be ... er ... pro-life ? Well ... therein lies a story. How about this ... when da Vinci was young he drew all sorts of shit on crappy paper and threw it in the bin. And over time that helped him to become the kind of artist who never needs to throw anything in the bin because it's all awesome. ... this is an anlogy. You know it's good to have an 'ology' ... so here's another one. If you want to make a steel suspension bridge across da River, it is often necessary to build a kind of wooden bridge first as a sort of temporary scaffold, supports etc... ontop of which you build the big one. Then you throw away the wooden one. The wooden one is nothing compared to the steel one ... but it's necessary and whats more if you don't build the wooden one well ... then you screw up the steel one. So each stage needs to be respected. Of course you can say that you only want the steel one which is the best and refuse to build the wooden one ... but then you have to swim.
  22. New Normal Promoting wet carpets in the Titanic Bar as a "new feature" rather than a sign of imminent demise.
  23. Evidence-Based Ignoring everything you empirically feel think and reason, and replacing it with the current ideology of the Top Monkey organisations on the planet, who are continuously failing to help anyone. "Science" When good ideas randomly pop into your head whilst you are on the crapper, making a big song and dance about all the fussing you do with test tubes and whatnot as if such arduous micro management has any relationship to your ideas ... and associating yourself with the great people of the past like Einstein and Newton when you actually have more in common with a margarine and cheese sandwich. Bearing little or no relation to Science. Feminism Exploiting women, by concealing the degenerating protections and social organisation for women ... and inventing flashy and loud sense-driven ideas for them ... which allow women to conceal to themselves that they are unhappy. Peer-Review Putting idiotic monkey power groups in charge of Science to prevent Science from being objective, and to keep the money flowing into the right universities and companies. World Peace Justifying your own personal cowardice and stupidity by telling everyone that there is no need for personal effort in this world when everything on this world tells you the opposite. Truther Gawking at a specialist sub-section of the internet and imagining you are doing something different to the other gawkers out there.
  24. Well ... like I said the animals of this world kill and eat each other all the time ... we do as well. So it is an inherently violent place. In fact Earth is a kind of energy system, the plants convert one kind of energy, animals another, and we eat them all and also convert energy - we need energy to live. People who talk of being peaceful ... it's mostly bullshit ... because you are protected and appreciate the protection of your ancestors that have created this society - living in the wild is not very easy and the animals will kill you - they aren't like household pets you know. They don't care, they are just hungry and they have claws and teeth. So living in a protected place we can forget. But ... maybe peace-talking-people are feeling something of a higher ilk ... but we are in a mixed world here, we must keep our own claws sharp whilst aiming higher. Is there corruption, absolutely but that corruption needs to be continuously struggled against in society. Just like in our own lives when we are lazy or ignorant in our own lives and we have to find a way of straightening the line so we can get the job done. Lots of work to do. Rest when you are dead. And yes there is time to be peaceful, but we are enjoying that peace inside a protected area and we must honour that and contribute. Of course there is corruption, and a large part of it is the continuous delusion that life is going to be just fine without Government - that is actually an attack on reality ... just as corrupt as those at the top that wish to take more than their share.
  25. More on the Orange Vests of Italy: The pandemic does not exist, it’s total bulls–t,” Pappalardo told a rally in Bari on Sunday, Italian news agency ANSA reported. “The coronavirus is not lethal, it only kills the already sick over 80s. Enough with the lies and falsehoods, you have terrified the Italian people,” he reportedly said. Similar demonstrations were seen in Milan and small rallies in other regional capitals at the weekend. Speaking to a crowd of orange-vested supporters on Tuesday in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo — many of whom were defying a government order to maintain social distancing and to wear masks in busy public spaces — Pappalardo made similar claims, alluding to a high-profile doctor who said at the weekend that the virus “no longer exists clinically.” “Now virologists also say that this coronavirus is nonsense,” Pappalardo told the crowd as he argued against the use of masks. In addition, Pappalardo called for Italy to return to using its former currency, the lira. https://tendancecoatesy.wordpress.com/2020/06/03/italys-orange-vests-gilet-arancioni-protest-against-coronavirus-lockdown-measures/ on youtube with subs
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