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  1. What is the point of building a castle made of sand ? Everything must have a point or it is wasted time. Today the point of the BBC, or the point at the BBC, is degenerates who let their degeneration spin wildly venting all their cunning and nastiness. But once upon a time the BBC emitted something much better and was a unifying force, at some level - I can value that, back then. People want to be free, of propaganda, of many things... but the wild boys and girls born in the wild did not fare very well, neither was the technologies of the various indiigenous tribes very good ... they were closer to nature and closer to something existential but they were also like the animals more or less - at least, so it seems. Can we be free of the air ? Or the ground, of our security ? A better model in my view is to imagine you are a sailor on a ship on a voyage ... contribute because it carries you. You can be inspired by the freedom and openness of the ocean, but if you get in ... you won't survive. Not yet at any rate.
  2. The "Akashic record" is considered demonic because gawking is demonic because it gets in the way of your personal growth and ascention. People lost in the world lose their souls through their eyes, and Akashik record business is simply the spiritual version. The only thing you need to know is the practical technique for entering Salvation, which by all accounts is difficult and takes diligent effort. If you do not do so ... in one way or another, then you know that death is coming and it could come tomorrow. Look at the acorns under the oak tree ... do you see ? Look at the Titanic ? So yes anything that is distracting from the main goal of Conscious Salvation is discouraged, after all who cares what happened in the past. > That doesn't mean the Akashic record doesn't exist.
  3. Channelling is a big business on the internet everyone is telling you what to do ... and "the real truth" about whatever. And you can gawk at it. Spiritually speaking you are totally wasting time and don't understand the question, you are still looking outside of you for the answers. We live in an era of mass degeneration, from morality (bestiality and cannibalism in California) to modern are, the news education medicine. Nothing is untouched in the falling society. The internet is the perfect place for people to try to take ownership of Judaism Christianity Esotericism and whatever, with new groups channelling Jesus and God and who the fk knows. It's all bullshit. When you are Channelling it simply means that you are so empty, so vacant, so soulless, that other energies and influenced flow into you ... this your doom. Those energies and voices talk, sometimes they say "interesting things". Sometimes who cares. It's all gawking. This has zero to do with spirituality because spirituality is about Salvation, survival beyond death ... but if you leave your head open like a brothel then you don't want to live now ... let alone later. Countless people and groups are devouring all the existing teachings. And of course "Buddhism" and "Nondualism" are the cultural marxist spiritualities gain ground because they promise nothing except your non existence. Such is the world.
  4. The BBC has been an important asset to the UK. The problem with the soulless degenerate people in the UK now is that they seek to go into every important area of the country and degenerate it ... after it is destroyed then they walk away feeling proud. I am surprised though that one of the newspapers hasn't simply started streaming video news as it is easy to do these days, and they are under financial pressure. Always remember though that this world is hell and will be hell until you die and after ... so your solution must be beyond this place.
  5. The living death people who run most of the world always talk about "digital" "IT" and "apps" ... because they think that's popular so they run to the front and bark on about it. They have absolutely no clue what they are saying and their only ability is to be so soulless that they don't question how hollow they are. MORE I.T. let's give kids an app as they emerge from the birth canal !
  6. Excellent sources of information in this one:
  7. Yes but there are other considerations on this planet of continuous disco chaos. If the people are in general badly behaved unregulated and have no real direction and spend their days staring at the phone ... then giving them more power is not going to have the desired effect.
  8. From my own experience, it seems that with the Sun on one side and the Moon on the other there is an unusual balance with forces pulling from one side and the other. This can go two ways ... if you are in a very grounded mood you just enter deep meditation extremely effortlessly, I have seen this many times ... I need do almost nothing and bang I am deep. But if you are wobbly on that day then you can get extra wobbly and lots of accidents happen then. Women groups used to use the time in sync with menses for special spiritual practices worth trying for women imo
  9. Life After Death I sense that a deep fusion is needed to solidify the human being so that it survives death, if that is not done ... it was always wobbly and remains wobbly at death .... the sheep are people who allow junk to pass right through them like a knife through butter ... who is there actually? How can melting butter reincarnate? A person with an empty head is not really a person it is a biological sheath over the wind. It's quite fine, it's not a problem but the wind blows in and out and nothing happens. When life is traumatic tragic and difficult ... AND when there is the Spirit ... then something happens, something starts to try with all its might to hold together to yearn to fight to struggle. And that causes FUSION. Like putting clay in the furnace. This body is dead it is dying now ... you should want FUSION not temporary health. You should want Trouble and a lot of it and meet it with all your being. Another thing. IF you do fuse yourself into a reincarnatable soul ... that's all just great, well done. But you have to remember that the existential material that makes up your soul ... once upon a time was floating around in the void, in the great soup in the sky, it probably tried to incarnate as a soul many times, over and over, until the right combination of soup and external conditions gave it the power to FUSE, probably that happens due to intense tragedy that you feel rather than avoid. Thus there are two guidances for people who wish to exist eternally, which cause FUSION: 1. Let yourself hurt, be honest and feel the pain ,then the deeper pain, face it feel it do not hide from it, do not be like steel, let it hurt your marrows 2. Make choices, plan, and ACT, and then COMPLETE ... each time you say I will, I can .. you fuse something
  10. @zarkov Sort of ... but ... if you want to build a house you have to use rebar to reinforce the concrete ... structures here are not idealistic they are realistic. So it may be that such voluntarysm must be mixed with some sort of structural violence due to the conditions of life on Earth, an imperfect but essential compromise.
  11. I was thinking about this yesterday. Another angle is what is the proper relations between people; if we are not slaves are we then "all free" ? Not really, if you work for a boss and have to pay taxes you are still a "slave" at some level. That word slave has bad connotations but maybe it is not quite that. A company started by a man is like a ship, and you can get a berth on that ship and it carries you to, you have your responsibilities if not you swim. So you can be grateful. One type of problem comes when the ship is no longer founder-owned and then it just becomes another fucking commodity. Society should be a series of ships all going somewhere, all founder owned, and with willing sailors. There is no real "freedom" nor is there escape from some form of "slavery". In the same way orange trees give you fruit, and you eat it gratefully, and you pay by spreading the seeds. It is a virtuous circle. This is a good model.
  12. Yes I'm also a student, I've got a beautiful copy of the 1931 version, actually I just got hold of an old copy of "With G in St Petersburg and Paris" by Anna Butkovsky. And the notions about energy is very interesting ... not sure what he would say about nuclear power. He also said that one of the main causes of our suffering is not enough screwing - in this era although sexualisation is far and wide, sex - normal sex is probably much reduced and reduced in natural quality. But anyway, Gurdjieff is a blessing and one of the finest teachers to walk on the Earth, but what is the endgame - that is my question for Gurdjieff because the 3-centered-self-remembering work is subconscious ... rather than conscious. The bridge between the two is rarely explained and probably not understood, for instance G says talks of "Real I" and "merging with the Sun Absolute", he also says that the Eastern way is correct and that the way of the Yogi is the second best after his way and takes about 10 years ... so those are various end point ideas, but the link between 3 centered work and the end point is unclear, and in fact I use yogic teaching to make the bridge, but I use Gurdjieff for the subconscious human world - that's my synthesis. Luckily I was never induced into any Church which is why I love Catholicism, likewise I studied Gurdjieff directly and independently and so see it differently then people who were group induced. On energy: Vagina apparently means "sheath" ... and when the energy is sheathed as it is in a traditional marriage then there are no leaks ... parasitism is when you cause leaks in other beings and feed off the leaks ... the thing about that is that it is incredibly inefficient from the point of view of the entire natural energy system ... what often happens is the hosts then are damaged and function very badly and the amount of energy parasited is quite small really ... so in divide and conquer as we see today ... a great deal is damaged in order to feed just a few parasites; and furthermore if the host organism are sufficiently brainwashed then they no longer feel the joy of ordinary life and ordinary continent relationships ... and so they demand their own parasitism they lose their souls in bright lights big cities big agendas ... because it "makes them feel alive" ... in other words you are taught that ordinary life is wrong or harmful to you ... then you demand lgbt life and as the degenerates take over your society and you slowly die, you get a bit of a buzz out of it. You are betrayed. Parasites often cleverly feed the host a little bit of their own flesh, so that they won't fight the parasites more strongly. A fully continent well ordered society has very few leaks, people do their life rhythms and all energy are converted at the maximum but there is no big show. When society has bright lights and big noises coming out of it ... it is actually a bonfire of the living energy of the those beings, being burnt alive by parasites. ... well hope I explained that well enough to get the gist of it ... If you can understand this energy metaphor than many old adages become clear about "all that glitters is not gold" and so on ... and then you can understand the virtue of a proper marriage being a maximisation of Yin and Yang energy creation. G says that in the "old days", yin goes for retreat with yin to be revived by the great Yin Well (women together), likewise for men hunting together ... then when they return the Yang meets Yin and the result is big creative force. Such was the wisdom in those days. They had power.
  13. I am with you on the goals, but looking deeper I see unsettling truths. It's too easy to blame a group and say they are the bad onese without them it's all okay - I just looked much deeper and found ti very disturbing. Even here in the garden I look over yesterday I saw a squirrel fight 3 magpies for space. And then the neighbours have a small bird feeder hanging from a tree and a pigeon was trying to get a seed out of it, except it didn't fit on the little perch ... so this pigeon is grabbing the feeder with it's talons, then frantically flapping it's wings and down a sort of yoga move to bend forward and get it's beak ... Jesus what's wrong with these animals. And then on the roof tops there is a pair of mating seagulls right by my window, I call them Mr and Mrs Genghis Khan ... you know why because they are the top seagulls of this few streets and all the neighbouring chimney stacks are ruled by their offspring, they have 2 or 3 babies every year since I have been here and the ones that don't die take up places around, they are all chummey and frinendly and they have vicious fights with outsiders ... it's like barnstorming, the skies alive like the battle of britain. And they draw blood, I saw two of the with beak inside beak grappling, must have been 2 hours ... like mma or something, blood streaks down their white feathers. That's the peaceful natural bloody world for you. But anyway I am totally for these off grid efforts, I have been to quite a few and I don't need much myself ... so that's a good effort and a bit of peace ... but there is a bigger picture about where there is to go. Soon enough I have seen and know of quite a lot of shenanigans in these places, I am shenanigans expert. I personally "follow the path" and study every day, but it's not something I want to bother people I meet with, I don't expect them to be any different in the end to the seagulls.
  14. Heard this today: Most humans are not actually individuals, it is more like life creates temporary individuals but few of them are interested, they wish to return to the undifferentiated womb they were born in ... only a few are interested in individuality and take a painful journey through it until they flower into individual souls who are once again one with life, but from a higher level. They are born as individuals. This is why a rock can be one with everything and a sage one with everything, but from very different levels. And this is why many human beings seek to prevent individuality, whilst others are travelling into it and then into "God". So the dead are not really caught in the matrix, they are the matrix.
  15. Are you referring to the 4th way ? Far as I know, that is a subonscious technology -3 centered being- but it's not a conscious technology. In that tradition the link between consicous and subconscious wasn't clearly pointed at.
  16. Struggle is the root cause of all growth. For instance in the UK there are 3 known waves of prehistoric settlement ... broken by glaciation periods where the islands were abandoned. The interesting thing is that tools of the last 2 waves are significantly worse than the original ancient pioneers who travelled here for the first time to an unknown land with no support and no foreknowledge. Need is the mother of invention. The bigger picture is then that struggle and conflict is necessary, and imagining anything else is glorifying laziness and idleness. But ... yes conflict can also be dumb and meaningless. Probably the alternation of conflict and peace is what human beings require to keep them growing, and this is pretty much what the universe provides to them. People living in their heads with little contact with nature or the physical world are in my opinion much worse off then those working with their hands. The degeneration agendas in the UK are held by the office middle class people ... the lower class who work much tougher jobs are in much better shape and have a better grasp of reality. As technology creeps forward what is left for people to do but stare at their phones and dream up weird realities, and get cancer and mental health problems. This isn't progress. Whether people know it or not, like it or not, choose or not ... the foundation for sanity comes through the body and those who work with the body are in much better health. I don't really care about the depopulation agenda ... as most humans are quite insane it's not a priority, the lack of sanity is. Nobody's plans, whether you are a dictator emperor or ordinary bod ... nobody's plans are actually ever carried out. We never really lived under a capitalist or democratic system ... because there is so much interference from everybody to everybody ... that no single plan is ever carried through. It's a living rolling disaster and there is no one group in charge, there are many competing awful groups fighting each other and everyone else. The entire situation has no solutions whatsoever. Except one, leaving.
  17. More personal witterings : It seems to me that human beings when they die have not actually learned very much. And that means that the only option open to them if they were to live again is to come back to another planet of violence. How could a violent man be born in a higher world of angels ... I don't think it works that way, you'd just be put in jail. And therefore the only option is to achieve radical and I mean radical inner change, otherwise we will 'at best' come back right here. I suppose another option could conceivably be you are born on a planet of primitive savages ... that's also possible. Anyway the point is, I see so many people talk ... it's all empty talk isn't it; I get the sense that nobody is changing.
  18. In China there is a saying "conceal your strength, and bide your time", I was thinking about this today. Conceal not in the sense of deceiving anyone, but it's not for anyone to know that you are gathering strength. The way people are, in such incredible disorder on this planet, what good will come of it? Who is going to save mankind? I think the only option is to leave through the spiritual exits through self-realisation. Much as you might love this planet or people and so on .... you might wish things to work out, but nothing is going to work out here. It's not just human beings that are in disorder. On the roofs here in Brighton there is one pair of seagulls that dominates the roofs here. They have been here at least 15 years, and every year they have baby seagulls that now occupy most of the street. They are all related. One big seagull mafia. And anyone else who tries to arrive gets a war, I have seen seagulls draw blood against each other and fight in 3 hour battles together, vicious battles. Not just the birds, but also I saw squirrels vs magpies this week, another violent clash. So ... that seems to be this planet as a whole. "Mankind" reflects it. There is no saving anyone. There is only moving far way to a much higher place.
  19. It's not the USA ... it's the liberals. It's the same with the kneeling or licking the floor "for Black people". They want to "bring down" everyone and everything so we call be fwwee and eqwal. Can't see Boris saying yes to this, or DJT demanding anything. Many of the US institutions are infiltrated just like the BBC with the anti-reality people.
  20. Scum NHS Just called my dentist -I thought the Gov had opened the dentists now- they said 'yes we are open' but we are not allowed to use a drill. ... not allowed to use a drill ... I can't imagine how many people in the country are sitting there without access to medical treatment because these scumbags refuse to help anyone. And we are supposed to clap for these assholes. A health service that refuses to treat anyone, unbelievable. Apparently in Germany they never stopped treating anyone.
  21. My view is that the work and activities available to human beings today no longer provide them with the possibility to grow and so human beings are degenerating. This is a grave degeneration, that covers most human beings on the planet. The work and activities available is not planned by they arise from various eras of technology and causes and all sorts of things. It is also not very easy to change which work is available as work is not just for fun but must be part of an economy. As humans degenerate they are in increasing conflict of all sorts and of internal disorder. Utopian ideals although they are very attractive as they seem to fix everything without effort ... are what society often imagines it is trying to do.... to create world peace and sameness to avoid conflict. But such ideas are ridiculous because it is conflict and struggle itself that causes meaning and personal development. Otherwise you will be reduced to a vegetable. The trend of degeneration tends to cascade as new generations of children are brought up without no reference to higher goals, expecting an easy life. In this world although some challenges seem to exist, much of the apparent world - the world we are educated about - is really a museum which is stage managed, so although you might struggle at work ... or in relationships ... underneath something is fully managed by a plastic sterile society, and so you never are really nourished by your efforts. You are not living in the real world, but in the prison you have been educated within. The castle that we live in supports many generations of degenerated people, and masks the descent until at some point ... pop, or without consciously recognizing it ... the country's ownership is owned by outsiders. Suffice it to say that all world leaders to not talk of the value of conflict and struggle, mostly they are trying to lay another blanket over people's faces to smother them some more .... peace through death. We are all part of a large system.
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