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  1. Some More F-ing G** Shit Trying to find jeans without going to a shop ... bought 2 pairs of wranglers to try ... one was stretch ... of f***king fat idiot world. The whole world is being redesigned for victims and assholes. Then I bought 3 pairs from different retailers ... thought I'd go Old Skool and get Levis 501s different colours and sizes. First one arrived today looks good. Tried it on ... fk the pocket stretching like a comic book. Elastane. FFS ... on 501s ? Are you fucking joking. These c********s. You can believe these retards. They will be burning the books anything and anyone that is straight will be killed, so they can feel comfortable in their degeneration of s***. Just checked ... all the Levis I ordered are for retards. F****ing hell ... Hermes is gonna do a lot of labelling for me. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.
  2. @DarianF Yeah ... well doesn't bother me that much like that ... it's just sad to see sort of thing. I started studying Buddhism about 15 years ago, reached the first stage of 'awakening' about 5 years ago, so it's all good ... or rather it's all as good as it gets. And it continues. It's not easy to get peace here to even do meditation ... but there are retreats around (try the IMC chippenham) that are good value and quiet.
  3. @DarianF Great movie great actor. I'll watch it again next week. Yes there is great hate in me, for betrayal. Is it just me? What did Buddha see ... he came back to the palace after seeing the misery and death out there in the real world ... the family put on a banquet, dancing girls from local villages ... what did Buddha see? He wasn't hungry any more. Looking around at the smiling teeth the gorging on food and drink and laughter. When the fires had died, late under the Indian stars ... he walked out around the grounds, alone .. there in a pile were the dancing girls no outfits no kohl the eyes, just dogs lying in the dust after the lying had stopped after the deceiving had stopped. What did Buddha see? And what did Jesus see ... What do we all see ... But who is honest ... to get angry, really angry, really angry. To hate to loathe ... to ... Most are too dead to hate, they have died and all their anger died to ... I see them walking around behind their dog, picking up its shit and holding it in little blue bags in their hands. These are the dead and damned, they have no dignity, they are lower then slugs. One needs a sword and cut the head off this world this snake. In one hand a sword in the other ... tears. Can notice this .... pure shit. And then seek. And then find? Can you do that. This world is a test. A grave test. A test without judgement. A test with only death at the end. Gandalf says "Look to my coming, at first light, on the fifth day. At dawn, look to the East." Yes ... can you find until dawn, can you hold back the hoards until dawn ? But that is not where we are. Our world is darker. Can you fight in the middle of the darkness, with no hope, and no saviour. And with no hope of survival. Then .... then ... can you fight? Can you fight for death? That is the mark and on this world that the deal. Everybody dies, but not everybody dies like a man. A sword day, a red day, here the sun rises. Ride for ruin, and the world's ending Death !!!
  4. @Basket Case This says more about you and your narrow understanding of people, then me.
  5. There are No Inoculations Whatsoever. When I was young the word "vaccine" meant "inoculation". This means that you take it and you are good for life. But the drugs invented in the last year are not inoculations at all. They are just drugs. In fact the big pharma corporations used the "vaccine" to make it seem like it is an "inoculation" ... this is a recent practice that they use to sell sand as pearls. And the definition for the word "vaccine" has been altered so that it no longer means "inoculation". That is why the Seasonal Flu Vaccine has to be repeated each year. Because it does not inoculate. It is just a drug that is effective for one winter or so. This is a dirty greedy business today, it is no longer real medicine. What will the effect be ? In some cases in our history drugs rushed out caused birth defects and long term paralysis ... we cannot know right now what it will be for these drugs. But what we do know is that they will very likely produce "vaccine interference" which means that although the drugs are effective for SarsCov2 virus, they will actually weaken your immune system for other viruses. Your immunity has become damaged making you more susceptible to other diseases. Here are some details about that : https://tinyurl.com/y2neq64d And there may be other effects based on ... what is in the drugs, like mRNA and tissue of aborted foetuses ... aluminium etc...
  6. As Global forces (banks, social media and trans national corporations and their belief system justifications the NGOs) destroy natural normal sane national Governments and replace them with unelected c***s ... as this has kicked in from the mid 90s onwards .. politics has been reduced to retarded fools. Now you wish to get rid of it. But again you miss the real problem. At PMQs on Wednesday, the opposition leader will say such things as : "Will the Prime Minister explain to my constituent Mis Miggins 47 of Shrewsbury with Joey her little cat was stuck up a tree for 3 hours without the Fire Brigade attended ... tell me why, why, why ...." And such idiocy that belongs in a nursery. But it was not like that when I was young. It is because demonic unnatural c***s and the businesses behind them have destroyed the hard work of centuries to thieve throughout the world. Globalisation means ... structured thieving from the hard work of honest people throughout all human societies, with the brainwashing to facilitate it. It is not an NGO problem or Government problem or Covid problem ... it is simply thieving.
  7. One of my neighbours has got the chainsaw out and is sawing through some lows ... ZZZZZZAAAAAWWWW ...... ZZZZZZAAAAAWWWW .... ZZZZZZAAAAAWWWW .... ZZZZZZAAAAAWWWW It's 12:15 on a Saturday. I can see next to him is a family with the kids sitting down to lunch. That family sitting down to lunch ... they are actually the ones with the C*** dogs who bark through the night every night. Everyone is just f-ing deranged scum. Aren't they? They should rename the planet .... WELCOME TO PLANET MENTAL ILLNESS We take it in turn to f__k each other up until life is not worthy living. Another neighbour chooses saturday to throw everything outside of his shed and then rummage around in it like yoga in a swamp and bang everything and be generally f-ing noisy. All whilst wearing white headphones and listening to some bullshit. His garden is about 2 metres square after all that. Then some old woman across once a week she has the leafblowers come and destroy the silence of the neighbourhood because this equipment is "more efficient" than a rake and broom. These people are the dead and damned. If not were are the living dead, if not here. This is what zombies means. These people are sort of alive, and sort of f_ing dead. Christ have mercy on everyone.
  8. The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America : Charlotter Iserby She is known for writing the book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. The book describes that changes gradually brought into the American public education system work to eliminate the influences of a child's parents, and mold the child into a member of the proletariat in preparation for a socialist-collectivist world of the future.[5] She considers that these changes originated from plans formulated primarily by the Andrew Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Education and Rockefeller General Education Board, and details the psychological methods used to implement and effect the changes.
  9. @Macnamara Yeah I saw the documentary it's very good, although I believe the corporate personhood laws are about 100 years old and were granted in the US to some utility companies for completely different reasons for which they are used. I will either make a claim under the distance selling 2015 laws, or do a bad review on youtube. The blind is just useable as it is in any case. @peter This world is not what you make of it. That's no longer adequate. Unless you can take this world seriously and honestly there is little point living. And the fact is its very ugly and humans are such that they create so much hell for each other. My neighbour downstairs who is a "phone person" him and the wife, they renovated the flat and installed 3 x 30kg internal doors because they like the sound of it thumping shut, so they feel secure. Now every time they walk in and out of the house it's like 3 gun shots richocheing through the building. Such living dead. They had a baby, cries a lot. Not the only one. And such things just normal today. Hence Jesus's many statements. "You know neither the day nor the hour". "You live in poverty and you are the poverty itself". But nobody cares. The living dead do not live, they are damaged broken machines who live through destruction. Such an evil world. Fallen world. If you want to make something of it good ... start by being honest. Inside themselves the level of trauma of this place, that is considered normal, the lying the speaking dead people with deranged ideas ... all that .. is a daily trauma and people live in a false shell to protect themselves and often die whilst living. It's a disaster and every sage has said so.
  10. I wonder sometimes if this is all a joke, on me. Like human beings act as if they have an IQ of maybe 3 ... it's all an act they are putting on, like a tradition to act like a goddam brainless moron. And I'm the only one who didn't get the memo. I do feel that I am losing my respect for ... any of it. For the whole thing. I don't see any bad guys ... everyone ... who isn't like that? And btw that includes most spiritual idiot teachers. Not all but most. If their sages are idiots.
  11. Oh .... vent vent vent You know what else is stupid ... is jeans with stretch. Is everyone retarded or 25 stone or something. The dumbest thing in the world is that Fashion Brands now have half jeans with plastic in them, and the other half with organic cotton. So half the jeans destroy the planet and the half save the planet. This is so dumb ... these monkeys ... oh Jesus .... You can't dignify this shit, it's just so dumb-f***k Come on basket case you can give me 20 penalty points for fing swearing
  12. F*** Big Moan. My f*** neighbour has taken to working opposite on the floor above right next to the window so he looks right down into our lounge and everybody else's like a dirty peeping Tom, he even put up some back gauze so you can't see him properly but he's there. So I ordered a roller blind online ... f***k I read the measuring instructions about 50 times, measured it 100 times double checked it checked it with someone ... and it arrived today and is 4cm too narrow. For f************* Sake. I am so f**** angry. That's £60 I did everything, I checked everything so many f***** times. For gods sake. And I know tomorrow they're gonna say, f u, this is how we make them ... go get your lawyer you not getting your money back. I hate every single person on this planet. I hate this place, all people do is f.u. up. That's all they do. It's all lies, and shitness, and screwing everything up. Messing everything. Concreting on everything. Destroying everything. And hurting everyone and just being shit. And then smiling and clapping and saying "don't be miserable" ha ha. I hate this fucking place. I hate every thing about it.
  13. Humans don't know anything. Just look at "Coronavirus", they can't even work out that more people died in 2008 then 2020. You would be lucky if you can find someone who can count to 3 on their fingers. Most modern technology is absolute shite. Like Ikea which is not made of wood it is made of glue with wood chips inside it, that's why it is so heavy and difficult to repair ... because wood is much better material. We are not progressing we are sliding into the swamp. That's why there is cancer and mental healthy illness. The soils they grow food on are 3/4 dead, they have to spray special chemicals so the plants still grow ... the cows pigs and chickens have to be injected or they will die ... the whole society is almost dead just kept alive with a few tricks. There is no progress. Even modern buildings made with spray on concrete because nobody can make a victorian house anymore, nobody has the skill - people are stupid with their elastic jeans. And "awareness" has been solved, since about 5000 years ago with the Upanishads back when people had half a brain.
  14. All Complete Bullshit & Marketing 1. IMPLANTS You can surgically insert any USB key or toaster in your head. That doesn't mean s**t. Nothing interfaces with your "mind". Nothing has access to it and nothing ever ever ever will. The state of the art is today exactly the same as it was when all this nonsense first started, namely a colander on the head that simply measures electrical impulses. It has no greater knowledge of you or your mind or what is really inside you than that. And it never ever will. The only difference today is that young people are educated to be so naive ... that they can be sold such nonsense and they swallow it all, because there is no more a normal world for them to live in, so they stare at their phone and try to make a world in all the nonsense there. 2. NEW SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE There is very little new scientific knowledge at all. What is new? The thing that really is happening is marketing. For instance AI is a particular type of computer programme invented in the 1960s. But marketing has improved and human intelligence has turned to diarrhea, now you can sell a bit of plastic as the solution to your life. Such is the decline of people. It's much cheaper to lie to everyone and market stuff on Facebook that to actually develop anything new. Nobody really wants anything new because it's risky, it's expensive and it rocks the boat too much. Bad for business. Much better to write an app to destroy the intelligence of young people ... yes of course there are 500 genders and you are a chicken if you want. An the parents do nothing to stop this, they are living death. 3. SINGULARITY The extreme level of over-sensitization that people receive now, extreme food, extreme satanic movies, lies and everyone hates everyone button pushing ... it is very damaging. Very damaging. People can't sit still, they can't appreciate quietness. The entire culture is dying. So as it all dies, as people are fried through extreme stimulation ... they have the feeling of meaninglessness and emptiness and nothing ness. What they are feeling is the singularity of their own death. 4. AI This is just marketing there is no intelligence that is artificial. I have said it before, and I am a software engineer btw ... what this is, it's like this. You have a computer that models the weather, clouds, wind, pressure all this stuff. A big computer model. And you run this computer and it says in Brighton it's gonna be 17C today. And over time you compare the forecast with the actual temperatures and you notice that it's always about 0.5C too high. So AI is really amazing .... what it does is minus 0.5C from all forecasts so that they are more correct. That's all. It's complete bullshit and marketing. Nothing more. Basically some children in the world are still raised more or less normally ... but there is a generation of young people who society is absolutely destroying, absolutely. They are educated to have no understanding of reality at all, or normal human life. They live in such a lie you could not imagine if the devil himself was their parents. And the gutless cowardly parents who sit there an let sodomy and genderisation be taught to their kids ... they are also dead. Such a sight is quite ... against nature, against dignity. But people don't do anything. They are the living dead.
  15. Yes when the words disappear from the language ... people think they never existed, they simply do not know about them. For instance do you know that human retina can see ultra-violet light. This was discovered by mistake, but it is true it points to certain powers we had in the past. But no the bastards are just as fucked up as everyone else. Society is dying together, those on top and those on the bottom. Those fools may be doing satanic rituals but that just shows a desperate attempt to gain some power or something, because they have no knowledge. Real knowledge is just knowledge it's not begging someone for power. Even listening to G.Orwell in interview from 70 years ago you hear someone much more intelligent than those today. Same with Shakespeare he was incredibly gifted, incredible power, and thats 400 years ago. But nothing is for free, on this planet for every 1 good person there are 1000 aholes and imposters. First thing stop blaming start looking. There are many wise books wise men and things you can do. The Rosary, or Buddhist Meditation. I'd start doing them if I were you or anyone ... because there is nothing else in this mad world. I don't care who's fault it is, I want to stop complaining and get to the answer asap.
  16. Yeah and for the same reason. But on the other hand as people forget so easily, it indicates that great knowledge and immortality may well be real.
  17. Yeah ... well we are seeing today what has happened in ancient history. Some things are clear to me: we are like crops if the food is bad the crops are bad; there just isn't anything for people to eat, there are no higher goals, no honest people, no people with backbones or real dreams. Something has died in the soil. They are so confused they don't know their power sources, like marriage or being healthy and straight. They no longer recognize those things. Another thing is ... yes it seems people can forget absolutely anything very quickly in a couple of generations ... even what man&woman is. They can forget that. So the ancient ideas that we were once very great beings and have fallen, forgotten, is quite likely. As people forget the words ... those ideas just vanish from the culture ... and young people will never know. It's pretty fucking scary. Or maybe not, just normal. Once the dust settles on Covid things will "get back to normal", a new lower normal. Globalisation means people are no longer in control of their world, globalisation means foreign powers trample all over you. Reading about child sacrifice and the Aztecs ... yeah it's quite possible we could forget not to be beasts as well. My advice, seek God ... if you don't know you need it by now ... well the writing is on the wall.
  18. There is little in the way of sanity culture or higher goals in the West right now. People are regressing.
  19. They are degenerate journalists from a degenerate family ... excuse me for saying so, but it's true. I see nothing of value here. Degenerates always have gawkers.
  20. Look what I just dug up, Early life of him and his brother from wiki fupeia Peter Hitchens was born in Malta, where his father, Eric Ernest Hitchens (1909–1987), a naval officer,[1] was stationed as part of the then Mediterranean Fleet of the Royal Navy. Hitchens had hoped to become a naval officer himself, but an eye defect prevented him from doing so.[2] His mother, Yvonne Jean Hitchens (née Hickman; 1921–1973), committed suicide in Athens[3] in a pact with her lover, a defrocked clergyman named Timothy Bryan.[4] The pair overdosed on sleeping pills in adjoining hotel rooms, and Bryan slashed his wrists in the bathtub. ------------------ Christopher Hitchens was born the elder of two boys in Portsmouth, Hampshire.[12] Even when they were children Christopher never got on well with his brother Peter Hitchens,[13] a Christian and later a socially conservative journalist.[14] Hitchens's parents, Eric Ernest Hitchens (1909–1987) and Yvonne Jean Hitchens (née Hickman; 1921–1973), met in Scotland when both were serving in the Royal Navy during World War II. Christopher often referred to Eric simply as 'the commander'. ... Later in life, Hitchens identified as a secular Jew after he discovered his mother was Jewish.[17][18][19] His mother had been a 'Wren' (a member of the Women's Royal Naval Service).[20] His father's naval career required the family to move a number of times from base to base throughout Britain and its dependencies, including to Malta, where Christopher's brother Peter was born in Sliema, Malta in 1951. ... Hitchens was bisexual during his younger days, and joked that as he aged, his appearance "declined to the point where only women would go to bed with [him]."[27] He claimed to have had sexual relations with two male students at Oxford who would later become Tory ministers during the prime ministership of Margaret Thatcher, although he would not reveal their names publicly.[27] Hitchens joined the Labour Party in 1965, but along with the majority of the Labour students' organisation was expelled in 1967, because of what Hitchens called "Prime Minister Harold Wilson's contemptible support for the war in Vietnam".[28] Under the influence of Peter Sedgwick, who translated the writings of Russian revolutionary and Soviet dissident Victor Serge, Hitchens forged an ideological interest in Trotskyism and anti-Stalinist socialism.[20] Shortly after, he joined "a small but growing post-Trotskyist Luxemburgist sect". =================== Degenerates from top to bottom.
  21. @DarianF Well he's an ahole, so .... but an ahole with family abroad. Does it excuse him? Well you know what, pinning your hopes on an ahole journalist is a bigger problem them him being weak. You need to pin your hopes on what might actually work.
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