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  1. @78ast78dgyad No not really, because I am living in the past in some cases the ancient past. Why bother living in the s******hole that modern people are destroying them in?? That's not required, it's not helpful and it's not necessary to keep up with all the insanity they are doing. Because real strength real success and real life does not come from following donkeys. We are lucky to have a very great amount of culture, wisdom, music, and religion ... that is still living an emanates from sources in the past when societies were in a better condition, people had rich inner lives and knowledge and created many pieces of culture that are still very available. You are a living creature and you need living food and living waters or you will perish. For humans the "food" includes culture and "spirituality" i.e. connecting to the higher world - this is because our faculties are of a higher ilk than animals - at least supposed to be. In the 80s the burning off began, they began burning off the wealth off the past ... somewhere in the 90s it started to be exhausted and the party was over. That was when the worries began, the worries about glaciers, about the end of fossil fuels. This was because inside the mass psychology of people they realised something was wrong. They had drunk so much champagne they could see the end coming. Meanwhile the party was pushed on, using the last reserves of the heartwood until the entire tree was dead ... then in 2001 some pieces collapsed, again in 2008 ... greedy people invented disaster capitalism to try and rape whatever remained. Above oil wells you see sometimes flames burning off gasses that are excess. Burning off the energy makes a lot of noise, bright colours ... that is what the 80s was, a burning off of energy that had been accumulated by the right living and consciousness good natured society post WW2, several decades of wealth accumulated that was ... turned into a mass party full of colour an noise. Society burning away wealth that other people had accrued. The correct way to run society is to burn off a little excess on Friday night. Rest on the weekend. Then work honestly from Mon-Friday. But people have a taste for 5 Fridays a week and destroy everything. Some put the origins in 1700 Jacobitism, others at the Bronze Age Collapse and the loss of Atlantis. Others think that the entire plane of consciousness is so low that the yuga cycles are inevitable. Nevertheless the most important thing to do is to disconnect yourself from the black river, and connect yourself to the pure source of life that still flows. Authors music and culture of the past is fully available, as is religion. Of course to find what is full of light requires experience and skill.
  2. Killing all family life nations and people is exactly their goal and you are repeating their mantras.
  3. Interesting books ... but ... gaining control of the global financial power is a bit abstract. These crises are simply way to make billions of dollars very quickly Just like Coronavirus. Just like 911. Disaster Capitalism. Wolfe doesn't call what is happen ... Theft. But that is what is happen, they are stealing money by creating phoney crises that force the public to respond with billion dollar bailouts or injections. Talking about the political agendas, the great game, the historical British banks .... this is all nonsense. This is abstract. Al that is happening is Theft.
  4. Doctrine is for people who have a good understanding, can lead people to heaven and they form a church to do so. You make a grave mistake if you think worshipping the goat is edgy or some sort of mix that is really groovy and encouraged by popular culture.
  5. Your are a "drama queen", very concerned about your self image and psychologically naive. You keep say it's "very telling" ... telling you what? I won't be replying again .... bla bla bla .... this is nursery school talk. If you don't like me no problem go find somebody you do like and ask them your spiritual questions if you have any - as you say you are ignorant about it - in other words you have spent your life not finding out anything. I suspect you are just looking for a place to say "I won't be replying again" and "it's very telling" ... these little nonsenses are what you seek.
  6. 1 > many modern technologies are fabrications concealed by complexity ... for instance it has emerged that many scientific professionals do not know what it means to isolate a virus. Many papers are written claiming to isolate the virus when in fact they are "isolating" it in computer models, or through indirect measurement. This is not "isolation". Notice also that the term "virus" still has the feeling of inoculation (a one shot permanent fix) ... when in fact it is used to simply mean a drug with no permanent curative effect. In other words science and the morality behind it is in decline, whilst greed and public relations is ascending. 2 > viruses including coronaviruses sweep around the world continuously, this means precisely nothing, I would expect that most deaths with SarsCov2 are caused by something else, and half of those from SarsCov2 are actually triggered by the extreme fear and doom projected by the media. Newspapers are suffering incredible decline in advertising revenue and circulation, this is due to the internet. Many have and are going bust. They are in dire straights are have use Covid to stay afloat, whilst replacing traditional journalism with soulless divisive inversion news .... push button reactions and all manner of psychological manipulation evil. 3 > Occult? Society in the West is under massive attack, witnesses the satanic ceremonies at the British Olympics and the opening of that tunnel in Switzerland. Evil is everywhere, it walks in the daylight and is not challenged. In previous times such people would have been charged with capital crimes against society and literally executed. 4 > Bio-weapons ... one interesting thing is that the PCR test makes millions of copies of viral RNA ... and what happens to those copies? Can you imagine in the UK millions of these tests are done and each one creates millions of copies of the virus ... and in fact introduces occasional mutations i.e. new types of virus. PCR is in fact not a test but a technique to manufacture copies of an original genetic life form. What happens next ... they flush it down the toilet. Humanity has extremely little chance to survive. New generations of young people who have no connection to a sane grounded and natural existence do not comprehend what modesty restraint or self-reflection are. It is difficult to see how total disaster would not occur within the next 50 years. The things that are occurring today like fracking under aquifers to dumping rubber waste in roads as "aggregate" are so evil ... There is only one thing to do on this planet and that is leave rapidly if you know how. If this world can be saved it will not be by human hands.
  7. Disease feeds off weak flesh. As we see nobody is fighting off the decaying of the society. Nobody says a word. Why? They are weak in mind body and spirit. The weakening of ... 'traditional values', the foundations of the society, of the environment foods supply .... the weakening of men, and the weakening of mothers. How did the weakening happen? Arrogance - being too good for the past Selfishness Greed Sloth Stupidity Pretty much everyone has willingly co-operated with these things. And so pretty much everyone is going to face the consequences. These days there is lots of finger pointing, but not much pointing the finger at one's own face. Interesting the' traditional values' in the West involve telling people over and over again that you reap what you sow, and that this world is corrupt so be none too trusting. A long way from the utopia of 'equality'. The Environment ... young people are brainwashed about this so they won't notice that all their lives have been willingly destroyed by the powers that be and that they will not be able to have a healthy and wholesome life and family with job security as the banks politicians journalists intellectuals atheists and 'artists' have fucked them forwards and backwards before they were born. All their concerns are channelled into "The Environment" so they don't throw the aforementioned list of snakehumans off the edge of a cliff.
  8. Trek went woke a few years ago. Satanic aliens. Then the new Picard was about an old man kneeling before a young girl like a rat. Another series with Seth Mcfarlane which was similar (space ship with crew) had two brown sodomy aliens looked like 2 walking poos. All these media/ movie/ tv types ... they are selected from the most degenerate useless and "emoting" sheep losers of the planet.
  9. Jesus was clear he was the Messiah and so was John who recognized him on sight as the Lamb of God, the who bathes not with water but with the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that he was higher than the Judaic prophets because he would give them water from which they would never be thirsty. He said "I Am The Gate". What is the meaning of the Father Son and Holy Ghost. Well it's like this: 1. Father : Universal Consciousness (Macrocosm) 2. Son (Soul) : Personal Consciousness (Microcosm) 3. Holy Ghost : a sense of divinity without identifying either the Father or Son in it ... or any emanation of God that can be felt When you feel God it is your soul that feels Him, not your animal functions ... so you are actually experiencing yourself as the Son and feeling the Father through that aspect of yourself. So self-realisation is when an ape man has a sudden shift where he experiences his own Soul and the Universal Consciousness through it. These are potentials in most people but are mostly not activated. Whether these 3 are 1 ... is not really the point ... each one needs attention and deepening, although when you feel Presence inside you it can be challenging to determine which of the 3 you are experiencing. We experience many things inside ourselves simultaneously so it is a skill to discern which it is. In the Lord's prayer for instance you are invited to experience yourself from different positions on different lines of the prayer, and so the prayer is a kind of practice to awaken and integrate different parts of your existence, something like this: Our Father : recognize universal consciousness Who Art In Heaven : recognize it is in Heaven (i.e. it is of a higher intelligence) Hallowed By The Name : recognize that Holy nature of this This Kingdom Come : may consciousness grow through me Thy Will Be Done : may my will be a refelcting of God's wil On Earth : into this mortal plane As It is In Heaven : so that it may be full of Light like Heaven Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread : in our simple human lives and needs ... ... And so on. Most prayers are like this, they are a very profound and powerful practice if you know what you are doing which most Catholics do because as the prayers are read out they feel what they priest is feeling on each line and so they intuitively do the prayers more or less correctly and transform themselves. Of course those books like Thomas Sheehan are not written by people interested in spirituality they just want attention and attack any structure in society to sound edgy, be that the family, white people, Jesus, the newspapers, history ... this is a cheap way to get attention from people who have no intention of working for a living like a normal person.
  10. @peter You are not asking a question you are having a dig. I suggest to you that you start to be more honest, and if you are unhappy or angry or want to criticise somebody ... then just do it like a man. And don't pretend to be asking questions about other bullshit you have no interest in.
  11. No you didn't. You made a sarcastic statement dressed up as a question and show your ignorance of all things spiritual at the same time.
  12. Why? All the Buddha and Jesus did was point out how fallen the entire society is, and that goes also for Laozi in China and the ancient greeks and Romans from Marcus Aurelius to Seneca. Your problem is that you never actually studied any of these things so your superficial and vain ideas about spirituality come from the TV.
  13. If you are a solid worker who then works at home .... it can be okay. But for many they start bunking off and quality slides. That's just human nature. Later the company goes into bankruptcy. Richard Dawkins stole his ideas from earlier scientists and spent most of his career in Marketing and PR, promoting Oxford University by writing stupid books with big drama titles. Like Neil deGrasse Tyson he's not a scientist. He's a face to sell.
  14. @atenea That is true ... but why? Because to become a force of nature you need the thunderclouds as well as the sunshine. Nature is like that. However ... promoting what is "good" is trying to indicate a higher type of intelligence - it is a beginners understanding but not a bad understanding. There are stages of spirituality. First you need to find the Light and focus on it, then it creates a foothold inside you. Afterwards you can integrate with that the clouds and storms and darkness together until you are an integral being. So at the beginning you usually need to focus just on the light, otherwise you will not even begin.
  15. It is true, everything is alive and the Sun is channelling some aspect of God's fine energies. That is what light is, light is alive in some way. Some esoteric people have details of which part of God's fundamental structure is emerged through the Sun portals.
  16. Gospel of Thomas 76. Jesus said, "The Father's kingdom is like a merchant who had a supply of merchandise and found a pearl. That merchant was prudent; he sold the merchandise and bought the single pearl for himself. So also with you, seek his treasure that is unfailing, that is enduring, where no moth comes to eat and no worm destroys." 77. Jesus said, "I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all came forth, and to me all attained. Split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there." 78. Jesus said, "Why have you come out to the countryside? To see a reed shaken by the wind? And to see a person dressed in soft clothes, [like your] rulers and your powerful ones? They are dressed in soft clothes, and they cannot understand truth." Here Jesus encourages you to find the pearl inside and sell all your merchandise to concentrate on it. Later he says that your clothes are soft and are shaken by the wind. What this means is that inside you there is a pearl, find it an make it your home, that is salvation to make a home inside the pearl that is within. If you do not then all you have is soft clothes which will be torn by the wind. The pearl is within ... as a potential, as a possibility, as a means of self-realisation. But it is not already self-realised, self realisation requires conscious effort because it is like an ape who aspires to something higher than himself, it is not so easy a journey ... the journey leads to a higher part of himself, that he may or may not activate. Just like the possibility to become a doctor, you may or may not activate that possibility. Jesus in this mode is speaking from inside his realisation, he says : "I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture." John 10:9 He is talking from his realised state, he says you must come through me through this state. But ... he does not always talk from within his state, the parables are more basic orientation to life and how to live it. Most human beings live in confusion, they believe they are already great ... why? Because they know not the day nor the hour, they fall on their face but just redouble their problems all the while smiling insincerely. Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it. This means that if you like most humans are full of yourself ... you will perish. For the unconscious human there is only one self. For the conscious man there are two, the false an the real that they can feel distinctly inside themselves. Therefore, if you feel only one self then you are in the wrong place.
  17. Which verse is that you are referring to ?
  18. Jesus came to fulfil the law. What does this mean? Well Judaism is a well ordered patriarchal society, keeping boundary and defending itself, working hard and being productive, they have great intellectual and spiritual traditions and esoteric knowledge. But ... what they lack is the flame, the direct transmission of the state. And that is what Jesus is ... he transmitted the higher state ... directly. This means that when he spent time with his students they started to experience inside themselves the State of Consciousness, this is represented as the halo, a golden sphere around the head ... this is because it feels like your min has expanded somewhat and is clear and pure and stable without noise thoughts or confusion. Jesus directly transmitted this and several other things to his students. Judaism did not. That is why the Eucharist is practised ... it is the direct transmission of the State of Consciousness to the students. In Zen they also do this but one on one in a private meeting called Dokusan. The Eucharist is however more powerful as it works on both a higher and lower level. In Church you can sometimes see very subtle glows around people's heads because they have initiated the State of Consciousness inside themselves and their souls will live after their body dies. It is very rare for human beings to trigger this state without a teacher, very very rare. In India for instance some sages die initiate the state privately in a cave ... however normally they spoke of the visitation of an immortal being (for instance Babaji) who transmitted it to them. People who imagine it's all going to work out without a path an teacher ... are most likely kidding themselves. For ordinary people in the West ... everything I have said on this page is so unknown to them, they can only run away and block their ears.
  19. Yes it is true ... modern spiritual is 99% total BS just like most of the culture. However real spiritual is ancient and still very much living, although it seems to be unknown to most human beings. For instance many people think that to be Christian means you go to Church on Sunday, but after a great deal of searching I saw that Christians go to Church many days of the week and pray constantly all day like the Muslims. I realised that when I was 45 years old after visiting India and studying many other things. Christianity is unknown in the West, all that is left is a very superifical nonsense about it. It is actually a very powerful and well designed religion that does indeed make you immortal.
  20. There are very few real Christians in the West. In Eastern Europe there are still many monks and nuns living in cities and visible as there was in the West when I was young. Many still pray judiciously every day and passed down through the family. In the West people can't be f****ed. They are so up their own backsides and conservatory extensions. Jesus had 12 students only. Not more, it is a rare thing. Love They Neighbour As Thyself Western people who are natural victims like this phrase because it means somebody will be nice to you, and they will love you no matter how much you are evil and fk yourself up. But a free license to do whatever is not what it means. In fact Jesus gave TWO instructions, the first is to love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul, and only second is love thy neighbour as themselves ... which for Jewish people means to tell your neighbour off strongly if they do wrong - that is loving your neighbour is Judaism. It is not "I don't see it when they are doing bad things". Such evil interpretations of this statement .... is just ugly and insincere. Resist Not Evil This statement shows a kind of deeper insight into our situation that Jesus had. Society creates a story of the "Bad Man" who is causing all our problems and the "Good Man" who will fix them all. Of course the idea is that we are all very innocent bystanders. But no .. .Jesus says you reap what you sow. What you experience is the product of your actions, individually and collectively. And in the current society ... people love the infighting and hatred ... gone are the Christian phrases that built our society .. people saying "You reap what you sow" ... to you in the Post Office. They used to remind themselves. We should be our brother's keepers, remembering the good law to each other each day and gradually as a group slowly climbing a mountain. Today ... all people adore is their extensions and their brand of the "Bad Man" and "Good Man". Such decline in such a short time. Why Women Are Not Priests It was not easy to find the answer, but there is an answer. The first thing is we are designed to live as husband and wife and as that unit you are meant to live, if you do not ... then the divine plan is not going to work very well. In that pairing the wife invests her energy for child rearing and all her faculties are developed towards that. Men on the other hand have the most Objective Minds, which is related to the hunting faculty that men excel at. For instance recently in the US the US National Womens Team (average age 24) played the 14 year old boys at soccer and lost 8-2. And the women were 10 years older. Anyway men's mins are more Objective, they can therefore understand the Word of God and pass it into the family. This is the design, because the women is adapted for childrearing. Of course such things mean nothing to those who murder their unborn but living babies whilst talking about Tinder. Why God Is Male Everything inside itself has both Male and Female energies at some level. But of course for the human beings they are chosen as human men or human women, because they are designed as a pair. When we talk of God we do not know what God looks like inside himself ... he is very very far away. But ... we can relate to him. Like the Moon relates to the Sun. God is the Sun. And we are the Moon ... which means our spiritual part is reflecting the light of the Sun. If we die the Sun still shines on the other souls. But if the Sun dies there is no light. So God is the Sun, he is the light, and he is male and emitting. Our spiritual part is receiving and is female in that relationship. Of course God in himself we conjecture has a male and female aspect. Taoism is very rare in the West but they are a tradition that focusses on the feminine aspect, the valley of the universe ... this is a very rare tradition that few know about it. So ... as we see the wisdom that was passed down to us is absolutely concrete and objective and comes from wise people who did not have plastic money and plastic faces.
  21. Real reason ??? Often there is a money problem. For instance lead is a very high quality material to use on flashings and roofs. You can also use copper and zinc but it's expensive. So these days they use fibreglass and plastic which is cheap. Except that it is unnatural and will not break down for hundreds of thousands of years. Often the "real reason" is economic mixed with ... getting a pretend solution now, which somebody else will pay for in the future. Like electric cars made of lithium batteries, or nuclear power with the dreaded nuclear waste that nobody deals with or carbon fibre that also cannot be broken down. Such insanity. Another example is that chemical companies have waste products which are toxic. They try to find a reuse for these waste products to spare them the cost of disposal. For instance plastic and rubber waste products are today used to make roads as aggregate. Of course this means that in a few hundred years where there were roads there will be toxic rubber piles lumping down the road. Whereas the tarmac sand rock roads biodegrade reasonably wel.. Such assholes are human beings Lead in the environment bad for fish, ends up biomagnified up the food chain. On the other hand many frying pans now made of Aluminium rather than steel ... which causes parkinsons disease. Why Aluminium is cheaper. Assholes
  22. It would be rare. But some scientists do "yoga" ... meaning they do the stretching exercise which has nothing to do with yoga. Isaac Newton was a scientist who was spiritual, not spiritual at night ... but spiritual all the time. This means that his mind was Conscious and he used his Consciousness to do science and so the science he did was of a totally different character. That is why he was the greatest scientist who ever lived. He encoded his notebooks so nobody could read them, and only recently have his esoteric works been revealed. In fact all his work is esoteric, but the monkey people try to pretend it isn't. His mind in the day and night was in a state of realisation. The fools of today who are only interested in money .... they would do exactly like you say. By day they would do monkey science for money, and in the evening do some crappy mindful-crappy-meditation which is like pretend yogi. And it's all just idiotic. Few people like Newton ever existed and if they did, they kept it quiet. Tesla maybe was another one. Rare. And there are others. Gurdjieff. The monkey people .... they kill these kinds of scientists. They kill them and dance around on their graves.
  23. @karantanc Yes that is true. There is consciousness in all things. And consciousness is living intelligence. This is why there is the "uncertainty principle" for subatomic particles ... we cannot be completely sure of their state (position and velocity) .... why not? Because they are alive and living things are unpredictable as they have some small amount of free will. There are 3 levels of 'consciousness': - unconscious : this is the lowest level this is consciousness without a centre, without a "me" - subconscious : this is consciousness with a centre .... animals have this .. but it is mechanical and not properly awake - Conscious : this is for awakened being ... they have a centre and a properly awake ... this means that their structure has become sufficiently advanced that the Universal Intelligence is fully channelled into that being and he sees with the "eyes of God". As intelligence increases there is a quantum shift from unconscious life to subconscious life to Conscious life. It does not increase gradually there are thresholds with quantum shifts. Another factor is that human beings are mixed beings, they have many parts, one part of us ... the hunting mind ... is more advanced and close to Conscious. But 99% of us is subconscious. This mix is very bad and causes destruction and confusion and corruption. Spiritual technology, meditation, prayer, yoga ... these things are a technology of a much higher degree that the plastic silicon machines the scientists churn out. A yogi sitting in a cave is a scientist of the finer energies. And in order to use those finer energies you have to personally be of a very high level of intelligence-conscience. A scientist is just a glorified monkey and nothing more. All his technology is glorified banana rock and tree ... just remixed. He tries to fool himself that he is something other than a monkey but he isn't. In fact when you talk about the material world and human intelligence ... you are really talking about a state of corruption delusion and insincerity. It is not really a state, but a state of fear. Somehow humans have fallen into this nasty state where everyone has 2 faces and lies for a living. This is why it is called Samsara or Maya - madness and illusion.
  24. We can know because material knowledge is of a lower type then spiritual knowledge. Material knowledge is the knowledge of monkeys, or animals who cannot connect themselves with objective reality,the reality that is experienced when your mind functions at a higher frequency. That is why science is full of lies, like the East Anglia Climate scientists who were caught manipulating their data to make the climate seem worse that they actually found in their experiments. Human monkeys are full of lies and fear and all their "knowledge" is riddled with greed and lies. Objective reality is not like that. It is vastly superior. Scientists have no idea how awareness is formed. It is not formed from matter but is part of the universal consciousness. It does not exist in material things or technology and never will. It is created directly from universal consciousness by the Source. So humans do not have the ability to do that. A spiritual person who is awakened can see where is own Awarenesss comes from and can be sure that no toaster is ever going to have it. But the monkey experts keep promising very big bananas. They make a lot of money and never deliver anything.
  25. @Seeker And Lloyd's announced today it will be becoming a landlord and buying up UK properties. No problems as far as I see. The article above is from the C***Guardian Let's Look Closely At This Article. Let's learn how the C***Guardian degenerates do their business. The title of the article is : Bank of England: Rapid GDP Rebound but if you look at the URL of their page it this: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/feb/04/uk-banks-given-six-months-to-prepare-for-negative-interest-rates UK Banks Given Six Months To Prepare For Negative Interest Rates Do you see what kind of C-*-*-*-S these people are. That is what a journalist is today. A walking breathing C-*-*-*-S. It is these "people" that have concocted the entire Covid bullshit.
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