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  1. @Macnamara Yeah it's true, the damage is spreading although there is resilience in other places. In many countries people don't have a lot of freetime, weekends or bank holidays or easy dosh ... and they most likely never will. But given eating each other is the dish of the day on Planet Earth, just how good is it every gonna get here? Leave or die.
  2. I think it's much worse in the West. It is not easy to destroy the traditional collective cultures in the 2nd/3rd worlds - they don't respect individuality so much. Yes Western money has arrived to degenerate those places but it will take a long time. It's generational. Most likely the West will fall before it is done. One thing that is very important, and that I don't see people doing, is to recognize in all this lying culture ... one of the main aims is to have you believe that "everyone agrees with sodomy" or "everywhere in the world its the same". This distortion of reality so that you are intimidated to not do anything, so that you feel alone atomised and despise everyone ... this is probably the main goal. It's all a lie. But like I said, if this world is all you got you will die in it. It is not easy to leave, you must enter a different world and learn how to do that and not return.
  3. "In the old days" ... people would study the Bible and Christian teachings quite diligently. In this way they entered the real world or the Christian world and kept it alive inside themselves and they lived in that world because they chose that world. If you do not have this you live in the degeneration. In other words ... all this horror that is going on is never going to end, but you must leave this and connect yourself strongly to the real world the world of light, through any teacher or means that works for you - and you must make that connection and that world strong enough inside you that the mess outside barely touches you. And yes it can be done, but it must strong, meaning regular prayer meditation yoga or whatever path it is. Stick to it, invest time in it. Reduce time in the world of insincerity shocks and exploitation. In this way you choose to live in a better, which indeed your ancestors did, somehow we have all been encouraged to forget so that we can be torn to pieces.
  4. Interesting if the cultural brainwashing that is occurring in the West will activate an older Reptilian part of the mind and reduce the humanity in everyone. I have seen that look in many people these days. They start to look like insects, insect part of the mind. Others look like animals and are still sort of okay. Especially amongst younger people. Sadguru (yogi teacher in India) said that he noticed the bones and spines of people have been reduced and weakened in the villages of India once electricity, television, mobile phones and technology arrived.
  5. This is another attack of Men ... in order to weaken the country so that it can be raped and thieved by outsiders with their fifth column friends. It has been the tradition to threaten or to make examples of any Strong Normal Men that still exist in the country after so many were killed defending the country in WW1 WW2 leaving largely weak and cowardly men to breed. Not sure where I am on that spectrum, but I am not hiding from the truth.
  6. Society can only function in a certain way otherwise it will die. If accountancy disappears and everything is centralised ... society will die and everyone with it. All these horrifying ideas what they are is not what is being planned. They are just more intimidating horror stories that will never come true .... but judging by the posts here they have had their effect, people imagine they will come true and start worrying. Society can only work in a certain way. Any society that actually does the great reset or any of this nonsense will die, and because of that powerful people will not let it happen. A prison society will simply die and those at the top will die with it, so it will never happen. But ... these ideas are fodder for the mind which then ruins its life by thinking about dystopia.
  7. I suggest studying a genuine path an trying to become enlightened. In this way you will bring as much light as possible into the world. Then you will know what to do even if you are put in prison, and you can still make progress. And trying to work in an industry that won't go bust, and is not involved in 'services' ... accountancy or bricklaying might be good. PR/marketing/politics would be bad. Many people are suffering in this world, there are no real winners when everybody is like this.
  8. @Basket Case No, you just told the OP to read a long thread about the Great Reset and told him to take care and not wear a mask. But the OP asked how is it possible for all these things to suddenly be happening. And I explained to him the causes of social degeneration seen many times before and commented on through the ages by countless philosophers, sages and religious figures - the causes which were well known even 30 years ago. Then you have a go at me at being negative. It's exactly what the Millennials do. You tell them that there might be a difference between Men & Women, and they say "don't be negative", I was just enjoying my dream. Plus let's not forget that you just troll me on every second thread. Why? Because I have different view of life then you? Don't worry so much. You present your opinion, I present mine, it's all just fine.
  9. @Basket Case Oh here we go ... personal personal ... 'you don't know anything about me "... "I have special talents" ... and all that. You don't have any interest in this thread at all do you.
  10. @Basket Case Yes, try to be a little more intelligent - if you are just waiting for somebody to tell "it's gonna be alright" ... are you actually interested in making it alright? Isn't that whole attitude the problem? In the old days people would tell each other "YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW". And because of that they paid great attention to their lives. And their society worked. I am just telling you now what you have become accustomed to forgetting. And btw .. who was it that fed into your culture the idea that "other people dunnit" ? Who was it? It was the degenerates of course. As soon as you believe "other people dunnit to you" ... you have brainwashed yourself with victimhood and powerlessness and you don't pay attention, you don't clean things up - because you believe you can't. ... cunning isn't it .... Sober up. In your head. You should thank me Basket Case, clearly you just get more nonsense from other people you communicate with. But > It is also true that you reap what you sow collectively. Therefore you society needs to be run according to the principles of life. And farmers rigorously weed their fields or their fields perish. Probably the most important thing is the progressive weakening of people with low energy. Victim ideas. "Democracy" (i.e. rule by the masses). Pride vanity. All degenerations, once they become weak the the NWO and bankers arrive. There is only one solution which is to restore contact with reality from above and from below. Killing bad guys will make almost no difference. These ideas are empowering, assuming you know how to be sober and sane and grounded.
  11. Only truth is uplifting. What you want is more booze so you can just carry on - that is not positive or intelligent. In previous eras I wouldn't have even needed to say it people knew already.
  12. In February there was a story about Prince Harry losing some more titles ... it seems the Crown has been informed of what is to come and took action. The media story about Harry ... it does not come from the general public, it does not include those who think he is being played like a fool and betraying his country and family. It comes from degenerate victims, the type that are alcoholics and journalists, those that wish satan to rule. The losers and nobodies of the world who cannot get a proper job, so they invent nasty things all day for the papers. They are the people who set the media tone of our country. Everything you read is from their eyes and their degenerate souls.
  13. The preparation is ancient and traditional. The same in Rome as elsewhere. After WW2 such murder rape and destruction had been committed that people sobered up for a minute. A clear sense of right and wrong was established ... and society reminded itself all the time with stories of the Nazis that they must behave. They were suitably intimidated and did behave. So much murder left a large space in society, and with no real questions and a society to rebuild society established once again traditional natural living, marriage and right living in many ways. Many Christians existed in the West, an so society was natural and good, support from above by Christianity, and from below by natural traditional life. And so society was successful and chaste, and corrective. Any outliers were plucked out like weeds and society continued to grow, living was good and people were happy. With their wealth that had been built up it was possible to enjoy entertainment more, and the society because full of colour, fashion, music and "new ideas". Everyone enjoyed and got drunk regularly, dancing gyrating their hips. These "new ideas" were degenerative but such fun, a certain interesting much of traditional and chaos created interesting things. Then people found that they were too good for traditional life. Gyrating their hips and having 5 Fridays a week ... was more their thing. Insincerity grew and those who promoted such excitements sold their books, those who were traditional were condemned. 'We don't need the church, to behave, to follow anyone". Even the Royal Family, or Men & Women. "We are so drunk we are above it all." Society began to die, because more was being eaten then being created. And various strange distortions were introduced to mask the decline. Money was no longer gold, money was plastic and plastic is good we were told ... and we agreed. Debt was good. Divorce was good. Killing unborn but living babies allowed great exciting freedom. Being healthy upright and honest ... was for losers. Eventually the wheelchair and cancer were badges of honour, and people clapped you if you had them. Honest uncrooked people ... found things extremely difficult. There was so much degeneracy that it was difficult to know what to do. Generations of young people raised with degenerate ideas of freedom that came without a price ... entered politics and education, and taught society new tricks of easy living. Acceleration of the decline began. An industry was created to mask over the insanity and dying of society. PR, marketing, social media, and spin doctors. Few were left to follow the old ways or who had a more objective view of what was occurring. At the physiological and psychological level the new breed of people were very different ... they grew in a vast of degeneracy and their body was used to certain kind of exciting stimulation ... it was in the blood, hormones, even the organs. It was not easy to change these things. They were weakened, gravely weakened until they could no longer stand upright. Worshipping your doctor became common. A sense of panic arrived in society, people could not remember what was wrong, but something was wrong. In their panic they made culture changing decisions, according to their deranged view of the world. The decline accelerates. Successive implosions, cracking in the foundations, show the heartwood is also dying. Society starts plunging one disaster at a time. Eventually society can only survive by becoming a prison with insanity at its core. People are no longer buried but turned into recycled food. Strange child sacrificies, sexual practices, and the worshipping of evil begins. All that is heard is the wailing of women, and the gnashing of teeth. As Jesus said 2000 years ago. Nothing happened to you. You did it to yourself.
  14. Virgin Broadband are sending out email telling you to do your census to get "carer" points or something. They are one slimey shitty soulless company of sheep victms. The only reason I am with them is because there is no other choice where I am.
  15. @johnkim It's good that you get tired of it. That's a good sign. As you will see on the internet are hoardes of people who have made this their entire life, they find "information" and then "more information" and they "spread the information" and "be informed" ... and in 30 years time they will still be sitting in their boxer shorts hunting around for "information" and "more information" and "getting the word out" and so on ... and one day they will die. And it's good that you don't even get started with this BS. If you want something, the just go get it finalise it complete it and achieve it. If you want to know God, then pray and get taught to pray, or if you prefer Buddhism or Yoga go on a course and then follow the instructions. If you want to know about the power structures of the world, well Noam Chomsky wrote some books about Manufacturing Consent and so on. But frankly you are a small fish you have to ... take what you can from the environment as you find it. Most of the great sages said ... "look mate, this place is dodgy, these people are a bit mad, so just let it go, get what you need, achieve results, live simply, don't get too involved with the nonsense" ... and that's good enough. If you want more do some spiritual practice. Other than that this world isn't gonna change too much so don't wait for it to change.
  16. Yes. Your best bet is to disconnect from everything and just live like a normal person. If you want practical guidance for how to live honestly you can read Jesus's ideas in the New Testament, which are to be a simply sane and honest person. If you want spirituality then get taught how to pray or meditate and begin doing it. If you want wisdom then read Seneca or somebody like that. The world is full of excitable monkeys inventing new bad guys to distract you from living a normal life.
  17. Since ancient times conquerors who have entered your country will kill the strong men so that they can thieve without opposition. They did this in several ways, like the kings right to the first night with all brides, or they took 1 in 10 of the men and executed them, or they made an example of particularly strong types to warn others. It continues today with an all out onslaught on masculinity. The mental damage that results in the population is what we can see today. Such are the ways of this species that has used its limited intelligence to invent countless types of evil. One of their tricks is to introduce impurities into society to weaken them. Bringing Opium into the country, or booze, or foreigners, or feminism, or quantitive easing. They know where this will take the country. They prey on the weak, or use overwhelming force ... they never engage in a fair fight because they are cowards and liars. They are concerned only on maintaining their domination, power structures and control. And every word they say is a lie to this end. Where there is a hanging, everyone comes to watch. It is through ritual violence that society feels 'safe'. This is the level of human beings. The species is very primitive, but unfortunately a part of man has evolved and is more intelligent ... this mix leads to great corruption, evil, and suffering for everyone. It is an ugly world. John 18:37, "For this I was born, and for this I came into the world, to bear witness to the truth. Every one who is of the truth hears my voice."
  18. The only convincing ones are Monster and Google ... (Google > the rainbow is also a sign of the destruction of the white light).
  19. Haven't listened to him in a while but powerful Benny Hinn
  20. The Great Reset is the inevitable result of the deliberate dumbing down of children and society which leads people to see the world incorrectly. Your rights and values are not dictated to you by some degenerate loser politician from his podium. You are a sovereign being created by God, under no laws but God's. The Environment is not the problem ... your environment is. Your environment is systematically destroyed meaning you will have difficulty living a normal family life in a natural and happy way because evil degenerate thieves have worked hard to bend this world so they can rape it. Most the media journalists politicians and powerful people are simply degenerate useless fools who are willing to do evil things - they run a small cabal and they check for your willingness to be soulless before you get it. Your life is your own, what you make think and build is your own. Your life should be about you and your loved ones.
  21. @peter Thanks for the public information broadcast, I couldn't care one bit. It's clear to me you have no interest in anything at all.
  22. @peter If you want to know what I think this forum is full of my postings about spirituality, there is an active thread on Christianity for instance take a look. But I don't think you are interested in anything meaningful are you. Somebody gave you a Christian name, why don't you take more interest? Those little stunts you pull, that's how you do things isn't it; some people live like that their whole lives.
  23. @peter You say that you are totally ignorant of spirituality. I see why.
  24. @peter I thought you had decided not to post again. "You'll know the answer by your reply" ... Are you trying to be a mystery man or something? Or do you just not know what you are doing? If you look up under the profile some of the posts I have made on various spiritual or religious threads you can find out what I think.
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