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  1. Do you really need to wash your hands ... with anything? Doesn't water work on its own? How did human beings survive for millions of years without groovy Coconut or ... you know all that trendy expensive shit ... let me think ... there's oat milk hand wash, fermented hand wash, goji berry wash ... and who the fuck cares. This is a middle class retards hobby, how to throw your money away feeling superior whilst waiting to die.
  2. How old are you? You seem young, young people talk like this ... because this is what society talked to them about. Hello young person, do you feel like a girl or boy, do you want to cut your dick or you titts off? We can help you, just like the rainbow. Let's have a chat about it, because we are so fucking evil compassionate. I really feel sorry for young people. British culture is run by evil and dark people with grins. Really I am sorry, I don't think anybody could imagine this place even 20 years ago. Young people just don't know where they were born.
  3. I have done an extrmely long and intensive investigation with "what is wrong inside" of people. And I can tell you that infinite love and acceptance and compassion is useless. It will only reach the outside shell of people, the ego, and the ego treats it as license. I am afraid that actually helping someone for real is not for free and it's not a public information broadcast. For somebody living in this world to open their soul for healing is a very very risky thing and they wil absolutley not do it, unless they are in a situation of actual safety which means that who they work with is a soul who has healed himself. And this is all very personal. Jesus was such a man and people would trust him and open their soul to him and he would help them. But ... like i said all these public information broadcasts about loving everybody are useless and they are taken as licence by the exterior. The interior is deeply shielded due to the fictional and dangerous nature of this world. If not they would be destroyed. So all these things, "the light", the path, real love ... are not for free, they are not easy. On this world only someone who is a great warrior and also a great lover can hold back the darkness as well as honouring his light. It's a dangerous place and for most people their best bet is simply to enter an existing honourable tradition and to the work, and they will slowly get there and be protected by that tradition, for instance Buddhism or Catholicism or Yoga. That is the best way for almost everyone, it's just too dangerous to do anything else.
  4. The rise in the damaged-self-image of people comes from the all out attack on men, and also on women. It is a typical thing, there is a New World Order, an evil order not based on nature, but pure fantasy and degeneracy. In order for the parasite to grow it must destroy all forms of existing power. Normally this means killing rulers overthrowing armies and empires. However this time it is different. Probably because of nuclear weapons it is no longer possible to fight actual wars, unless you bomb brown people in the ME ... and that's been done already. So the next acts of violence will have to ... avoid real wars, so .. what else is there to kill maim and destroy? The Earth, yes that's well underway. Greta's carbon fibre yacht is probably the least biodegradeable thing on the planet it will be a wreck for billions of years before biodegrading. The next target, the family, the soul, the human body, everything good and natural. This evil is consuming all life on the Earth. Killing is too easy, killing ends. Suffering, betraying your soul, living in hell ... that never ends. The devil is rising on the planet and all these disfigured men/women/whatever and in pain and it wil only get worse. Your children's teachers leaders and fashion icons will hurt them. Be very careful. A Limited World One thing on this planet is that you cannot help everyone. Once a person has cut their genitals off it creates such damage to their basic identity and self-image that there is very little chance for them to regain sanity. They are lost, they are undead. You cannot for instance bring them into a church or spiritual place. In the same way you cannot bring in drug abusers. It contaminates the area. If they are to be helped they can only behelped outside, a small amount. Those are the rules and they are not flexible. You cannot have f***ed up kids in a classroom, or you lose the entire classroom. And people who cut their genitals off ... it's finished. Who can help them? Will you put them in a group of men or women ... no, it would damage everyone. Maybe there are special places for the damned to get help. Those are the rules, this world is limited and dangerous ... once you go to far, nobody will help you less they themselves be destroyed. This is why Jesus said help only the lost sheep of Israel, and avoid the villages of the Samaritans. Some can be helped if they are lost or have strayed. For others ... such is this world. It was their parents that betrayed them.
  5. You can sure cut your d*** off if you like it doesn't change anything. I used to go to a cafe regularly up here, every day I hung out with a bunch of guys having their morning cappuccinos. And then this couple came in ... f**k what stinking energy. One was a trannie, dressed as woman. I tell you half the people in the cafe walked out 5 minutes later. What stinking energy. No it was a man, obviously a man, and you cannot change that. I have been doing qigong for years, today I did about 3 hours of qigong, I have been doing this for 7 years intensively. I can feel energy very clearly. A man can never change his energy, he cannot change what he is. Impossible. God made you and if you cut your d*** or your head off ... well nobody cares because more fool you. And no there is no infinite love that loves evil. On this world where people are so low ... the creatures eat each other. This is the level of "intelligence" of this shithole. The only thing the creatures here understand, the only thing that makes them behave even half sane, is violence. Violence is the appropriate way of living on Earth. It is the level of the creatures here. Infinite love is not for these beasts. Save that for the privacy of your prayer, where none of these creatures can thieve from you. Out in the world, there are rules.
  6. Christ ... the director is Andy Wakowski a man who cut his genitals off and now pretends to be a woman. What degenerates. Evil people doing evil things. I suppose he insists on going to the toilet with women in their bathrooms and playing sport against other women. No there is no rising feminine spirit ... today women are proud only of killing their babies so their babies are thrown in the garbage behind the hospital or used to inject into other people. Women are now a driving force in the evil in the world, completely against their nature. Nobody protects women to look after children or protects motherhood ... their kids are forcefed an evil diet of early digital screens to totally destroy their minds from a young age and taught language through "phonics" so that they know words without knowing the real thing - therefore they talk meaninglessly. Already the first generation ofyoung people raised like this is entering the work force and destroying the planet. Such evil you could not even imagine.
  7. The Evil Samaritans Everyone is told that story of the good samaritans ... help this help ... everyone is so nice like in the lion King, we all dance together in a rainbow. Right. Matthew 10:5-6 These twelve Jesus sent out after instructing them: “Do not go in the way of the Gentiles, and do not enter any city of the Samaritans; but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Jesus did say that Samaritans (ungodly) could do good things, and that God was open to them and that you should help them if you can. But he did not say not to recognize that they are ungodly. There are too many ungodly insincere and evil people to live like that. The good much protect their own and indeed Jesus instructed that. The decline of Christianity (or at least what is said of it in the media) ... comes exactly from picking only the verses of the bible that have no strength or discrimination in them, only those which are full of victimhood. And they are chose by the degenerate drunks who populate the "media" and tell you everything you ever heard about Christianity. All of which is a lie.
  8. Some more evil today. I was down the seafront and there is this place were kids play basketball and do exercise it's a little area for them ... and I saw a few dog owners (you know there is a lockdown dog boom) take their dogs into that are and shit and piss all over the place. They clean up some of it, some of it they leave for the kids. Got back to my place, some dog shit on the round close by, got a bucket of bleach cleaned it down. Such people ... they are not benign, they are actively doing this stuff. Same with the BBC lgbt stuff ... they are deliberately trying to get revenge and hurt your families. It's not an accident or something. These people are evil And they programme each other for more evil. This era is degenerate.
  9. Stop following me around desperately. How many posts now you following me around. I don't think I ever messaged you once here. But you keep coming, what's in it for you. You should ask yourself what this is about. And some other users I noticed also you go hunting them around to the same way. Repetitive habitual thing for you. Think about what it is that you want - don't tell me, just think about it to yourself, why you are doing it.
  10. BBC is at the forefront of the destruction of the family, the introduction of sodomy into the world, the Anglo-isation of the world, towards a communist New World Order. 20 years ago in 1999, without knowledge of most of the British public, the BBC stopped working for British people and began taking money from Bill Gates and other left-wing powerful and rich people to change the world into a rainbow paradise, to destroy all natural society and create a top down NWO. The name of this project is BBC Media Action which although it carries the name BBC is an independent partisan left-wing-only Gates funded evil empire, going into all the 2nd/3rd world countries to destroy them from within, so that only the soulless will remain on the planet. To overthrow all the natural societies that exist, they must first destroy the family, marriage, man and woman, and any normal sane picture of health ... reeling out "world experts" who tell the black brown and yellow people what their new values are. Truly evil world. As it is said by the ancient sages of India, 'one becomes ashamed to want anything from this world'. Wikipedia BBC Media Action : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_Media_Action BigTechopia : http://bigtechtopia.com/2020/09/bbc-receives-millions-from-the-gates-foundation/#:~:text=The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has provided,’ receives heavy funding from the Gates Foundation. Bill Gates : https://unitynewsnetwork.co.uk/revealed-a-guardian-website-receives-millions-in-funding-from-the-bill-melinda-gates-foundation/ FOLLOW THE MONEY I was just reading one of the annual reports for BBC Media Action, which is all about what they are doing to the black and brown people of the world. But at the end there is a strange section about the BBC Pensiosn the staff at Media Action will continue to receive, very generous pensions. Of course for Bill Gates gettion an order for 1 billion injections makes him the richest human being in history with more wealth than most countries and his descendents for thousands of years will never have to work. But he can't destroy things on his own. Some golden pensions for the media action staff are enough for them to sell their soules. Ultimately under all the helping of brown yellow and whatever people ... they are all in it for money. I have a friend he works with these "charities" helping little black people to be happy .... and behind it back at home he has a big stock portoflio full of evil coporatikons who's shares he owns. These people are deeply insincere.
  11. I had a very strange question come to me recently. I see these people in the world and looking at them, their faces, bodies, hands and legs ... they seem fully formed, they seem like they should be okay. But when they open their mouths things are not okay. And my question is ... how can that happen? How can they have wings but not fly? What happened? You see I don't think humans could be fully formed like this ... withotu have the consicousness to match it, otherwise the body would not have formed. So I believe that the inside and outside grew together and once upon a time humans were in much better shape than today. Something very bad has happened here, and now although the body remains, the inside, the consciousness has decayed. I am afraid humans are crops, and what happens to crops in the field has happened to them.
  12. That comment was not addressed to you ... why are you answering it? I think you did it before. It's strange you do that.
  13. Perhaps you could let me know how much the costs are for the purpose, running, and mooring and things like that? Thanks
  14. The difference is that AQ was a man, and he was making a joke. The new generation have been raised in a way that they are not men inwardly and they are not joking. This is how it goes. Brave New World will roll in, or maybe something resembling the Azetcs ... and they will say "oh people always did this", don't be such an old fart. Don't think so? Just wait. It's not far away, too many young people were raised with a sick view of the world now, it's unstoppable. Just like Coronavirus. The scene is set, enough people are now damaged, for all manner of evil to flow into this society.
  15. The answer is that it's all about money. Corporate power. Chomsky wrote about it in "Manufacturing Consent". As the transnational corporations destroy all industries around the planet (a.k.a globalisation) they destroy whole cultures and in the desperate panic that results everyone sells their soul to the advertising industry. People are scared and desperate and so bend over and do exactly what the power wants. Politicians, journalists, priests ... everyone is scared because the Corporation is an evil machine that is killing society. Unless it is brought down ... nothing will be left. There will be 3 corporations controlling the whole planet injecting people in a matrix. Particularly social media companies are now programming people for evil in many ways. I was just reading how many murders were committed by people watching Netflix series. A lot. People are no longer taught to be upright and moral and good. They are taught to be dark and evil and hidden and distrusting by the new type of series. And indeed ... that is exaclty what they are doing now.
  16. "Can you not see that from the beginning the Lord made them man and woman, and so you shall leave your mother and father, and the husband shall find a wife and the twain become one flesh". In this statement Jesus points out the essential nature of the universe and our lives and the universal distinction of man and woman. What is happening in the West fantasies of degenerate insincere nobodies in the Guardian ... is corruption. They are full of hate and they are trying deliberately to damage the young. They live in a world watching Breaking Bade and Dexter, of programming themselves for evil, hatred mistrust ... and so they respond to that by hatred and if they can get revenge on your children, all the better. Such an evil society is completely unimaginable before 2000. Something has gone very seriously wrong. If you are young and forcefed such evil you have little hope of ever finding out who you are as the basic sanity of your life is destroyed. Such people become the damned, they will grow and try to apply the evil they have been taught and fail and then they will be angry but have no understanding of what is wrong. It's their clothes that are wrong. It is them inwardly they are manufactured and grown in an evil laboratory created by evil and miserable degenerates. Such degenerates are always forced to the edge of society, in a healthy society. This is how it was when I was young in Britain. This country is declining. When these generations of young people grow up, with men-women prime ministers and sodomy parties ... who will know the difference between up and down, day and night. On satan is laughing, everyone else will suffer. And aren't well all experts on mental health diseases and cancers ? More is coming. Much more. The only solution is to push degeneration right out the society. Or the entire field of wheat will perish.
  17. Thanks, I like him, he is likeable. But I am not longer a left winger complaining about class divisions and empires built on sacked towns. And I think Parenti eventually (sorry just spent 5 minutes on him) seemed to reach the end of any sane analysis of human beings. Humans are continually causing all sorts of trouble and nothing is certain. Their words and ideas and histories are so bent, so ignorant, so malicious, so constructued ... it's a Tower of Babel. Certainly the way we live in Britain now ... you see peter up there talking ... he switches the TV on and the TV shows happy people and unhappy people and so peter and most of the country is programmed to be one of the "happy people". But the entire show, the whole society, is degenerate, is a fiction, is a lie, is a maze made over decades through cunning deceit ... and shit this life is not real. Sure make the most of it... but something is deeply wrong. For instance the British Empire was when intelligence and courage and morality was shining in Britain. There strength is no joke and no mistake, it was hard work and earned. But ... people hate that don't they. They hate strong and fine people. BRING THEM DOWN !! That is the sickness of the world. A world run by vermin who are only jealous. One great thing about America, at least before 2000, was that they would be happy to pay you ... they would congratulate you and give you the cash smiling. But in Britain there is always suspicion, they hate paying you anything. And history, media, journalism and commentary ... is dominate by miserable lowelife alcoholics and immigrants with big chips on their shoulder and they cycle around all parts of society taking pot shots. Out of jealousy. Bring em down. And that's why Lynch Mobs are always so popular. Everybody comes and feels a bit better. Well ... that is the human sickness, that is Wetiko, that is maya, or whatever you call it. Misery and negativity. Closely followed by fake plastic smiles and rainbow waving. What a nauseous place. Everybody said it, Buddha, Astavakra, Socrates, Jesus ... everyone with a brain. This place is only a test a barrier ... see if you can hold on to truth hope faith and light, when this a dark. It's easy to fight a real battle against real opposition. But here ... you fight miserable corruption, it's just ugly. And all that ugliness - it represents a society with only a small amount of intelligence. And that small amount is only big enough to bend rules and steal and thieve ... That's the reason. Humans are monkeys plus a small amount of intelligence just enough to make an ugly mess. Anyway. Truth reason and being a good man are always there, even if few around you are interested, you still must be interested.
  18. @peter The .... if you look at a history book, right, what you see a story and there is this one bad man, and over here is this one good man. All of history is like that. In fact the story that human beings tell themselves is always like that ... there is one bad guy , or 1%, who's doing it. But it's a story that human beings have cultivated and rehearsed their whole ugly lives. When there is a lynch mob everybody ... every-body ... comes, they bring their family, and gawk and gawk. They are low beasts. Does it not happen like that? Even today, if the lynch mob targets Sadam or the Jews or the Whites or .... whoever it doesn't matter. They "peiople" live like this through lynch mobs. What an ugly shit people. I don't know how it comes to be like this. This is a world of beggars and thieves. Like Jesus said "you live in poverty and you are the poverty". All that ugliness out there ... that some bad guy is doing ... no - you are doing it. Every one is. And as they continue with these little games, rehearsed over thousands of years, they say to themselves ... oh yeah well if only we got rid of that one bad guy over. Nudge nudge wink wink. I have read the lives of many saints and sages ... and it's very interesting because when they start waking up they are shocking by the suffering of one person over here, of the insincerity over there. And they rush home to their friends and tell them all about it - and their friends ... do ... nothing And there is a point when they look all around them and they with a shock realise that they are on their own, and everyone else is the same. These moments are recorded in their life stories. People if they leave do so on their own. Everybody else is the same and all the cancer and destruction and war and lying and all that ... is exactly what people want, what they do, what they are, what they are, what they are ... to the bones. The entire world is like that. And everyone in it.
  19. Once upon a time In a world of words and phony smiles The light burst through and there was silence and peace Until they tore him to pieces And forgot again
  20. All nonsense. The fact that you are talking about this total bollocks as if some cybernetic machine is gonna get you ... you know what that means? You know what this is all about? Cunning monkey-men with money have convinced you of things that don't exist. And you fell for it. You already lost. They won, because you believe their bullshit. Of yes living cybernetic meteor alien giants are coming to get you. The more you replace real life and contact with reality with this total bullshit ... the more you are dying and losing your mind. And they win, not because the borg is coming ... but because you were tricked by other idiots. Last week I read an article about the state of the art of these science. The peak the pinnacle the greatest university minds. You know what they are doing? Exactly the same as they did in the 60s. They stick a colander on your head and if you squints with the right eye the electricity in your brain on the right side is less. And they some program that measure the electricity in your right and left brain and if the right brain is 2Volts and the left brain 1Volt then it makes a little ping pong ball on the screen go left. Same as in the 60s. Only difference is that now they are getting desperate as there has been ZERO IMPROVEMENT in 60 years, nothing at all .. and so now they are sticking the voltage electricity under the skin as an "implant" or something ... and so they will means the voltage and make the ping pong ball go left or right. And this donkey doodoo is the state of the art after 60 years. NOTHING. Oh sorry there is some improvement instead of using the traditional spaghetti colander, they now making them out of plastic so that they are more comfortable and you can prepare dinner at the same time without cleaning hair out of your colander !!!
  21. Bill Evil Gates ... social engineering tricks and deception for Window 10
  22. According to this they cannot force you: https://www.peoplemanagement.co.uk/experts/legal/can-employers-enforce-tests-for-covid-19 Unless the Government issue specific guidance that employers can force you to have a test then you are covered, and I would simply tell them the same thing. Say you are unaware of any Government guidance to force employees and if they had they would have provide very specific guidance saying so. Just general PHE nonsense does not cover it. Because it is a huge violation of your rights, it would have to be specific Covid Notice coming from the Government saying yes you can force employees to do it. Otherwise you are covered by many other laws to protect your rights. Tell them you are unaware of any specific legislation or guidance to that effect. If there is no such legislation then removing you from shifts is constructive dismissal ... i.e. they are trying to fire you in an illegal way an they can be sued for it. If you have a 12 month contract then on the renewal of it they may insert it into the contract, and you might have to speak to a trade union about it. Perhaps speak to them anyway they are supposed to represent you. Anyway, you probably like your job and you are in an industry of psycho-sheep and fear (which by the way is not very good for health) so .... I would just keep ignoring them for another 6 months after that see what the situation is.
  23. @Macnamara What I mean is that degeneration comes to those who can afford it the middle class, but in India the middle class is never going to be very big and when you are poor there is a limited amount of bad behaviour you can do before you die. And India is a very traditional country, how long it will last i don't know but if it breaks down people will die in large numbers, it's a poor country. Once a foot hold of evil degenerates is established in the hierarchy system they will bring in infection and the devil, and once it enters the education system perhaps it will take 30 more years until the country enters a phase of unstoppable destruction. But then again ... Osho once said that if you put a notice on a wall in Switzerland everybody will read it and obey. In India nobody will notice. Many Indians just don't give a fk. They live in a different world. You have to be brainwashed when young to become the miserable depressing robots that proliferate the west.
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