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  1. @pi3141 Is Jesus really depicted as white? No I don't think so he normally looks mediterranean, where is he a while northern European? Never seen that. And so that is more or less accurate. You have to remember that in China or in Siam, Buddha is depicted as being a little more Chinese. Why? Well to help the local population identify with it. Same with advertising when advertising or book publishers publish they use local actors and language. To imagine that this is a Christian only lie .... this is really stupid, I mean you have to be very very stupid to not see that everyone does it and it's not necessarily bad. What colour was Jesus, he was mediterranean. Another important thing is that Jesus wanted to plant his light inside Israel but they rejected him and his Apostles, so it got planted elsewhere most notably in Rome ... this was not planned but the Romans connected with it and if their paintings are somewhat Roman then that is fine, they deserve it. After all Jesus' homeland did not want him. Mary Magdalene ended up in Southern France so the European deserve all credit and can paint any paintings that look like them because it is them that became Christians. Christianity is indeed white. So throw your Bible away, that is a good thing. It is good for the kingdom of god that imposters don't go in. That's why Jews never convert anybody. The threshold for entry is very high, most enter the gate of destruction. As for all that talk of SIN in Christianity. Why does Christianity talk about SIN so much? Well it's like this ... you go to church and speak to a man of God and reveal to him everything you did this week that you are ashamed of. It's like psychotherapy, same thing. And he listens and he is trustworthy. Of course on shit-planet ... neither the therapist nor the priests are fully trustworthy so you should be careful ...and if you are careful you can find someone who is reasonably trustworthy. And you tell them all your SINS all the things you hate about yourself or others all your aches and pains all the defilements. With therapy they will then bore you with some long-words and show you some diploma they got in counselling and it's just meaningless - well at least they listened to you. The priest will tell you to say several Hail Mary's and Our Fathers ... when you do them you initiate a high state of consciousness and light inside of you ... which cleanses all the darkness that you have revealed. That is how these practices work ... first you bring your darkness out ... by revealing your inner lust hatred and foolishness .. you are honest about what is inside you ... you dare to be honest .... then you bring in the Light to wash it clean using these ancient practices. But ... modern people their whole and when they die ... all they are thinking about is house prices and how superior they are. They don't need to do any work, they are already full of themselves. That is why the enter the wide gate.
  2. @peter Exactly, you just don't get it at all. It doesn't matter what I say does it, you think I am trying to reason with you, but it's not about 'reason'. Those who have not been initiated will never understand. So if you have not been initiated it just doesn't matter what anybody says to you. Initiation is a living thing it comes from person to person, most often through your family. And this is why humans are sharply divided and why traditions protect themselves, why they say that their's is the best. Because the world is full of people who will make no attempt to save themseves from being thrown into a hole in the ground, it's a dangerous place. So you must light the fire of your own tradition. It is protected, concealed and so on. Otherwise the ignorance and materialism of the general world will destroy it. As for shamanism, yes t is a path, but it s a sub-conscious path, meaning it is an ancient path of a lower level than say Buddhism, Taoism, Islam or Christianity. You can see what life is about from nature. For instance under an oak tree there might be 10,000 acorns ... but how many grow? How many perish? This is life, just look at it, don't turn away. These are the rules of life. And although the paintings of oak trees often show them as big beautiful trees growing in lots of space on wide open plains ... it's not always the case. Sometimes a bird will carry and drop an acorn in the middle of a shithole with no light and boggy ground. Well that is our situation on the Earth. It is easy just to die here. The entire situation here for those who feel God is very dangerous, both from nature and from the ungodly lost people. And no you cannot really blame people who don't understand. You say you are a good person ... okay peter I accept it, I accept you are a good person. I am a religious person, I feel god, I work towards god and I am leaving this kind of world. The writing is on the wall and I am responding.
  3. I can answer these questions. The perspective of a religious person is not the kind of perspective of life that you see on the BBC. For a religious person they recognize that there is a reason and meaning to life as part of a holy existence. They don't 'just live', nor do they 'just do what everyone else is doing', nor do they let themselves go to the dogs, or believe the TV because it's convenient. No, they feel God. Anyone who says they believe what it means is that inside them they feel something of a higher world, literally. It's not an idea or words or something. Sitting here they feel inside and they recognize that it is non-material, non-human and divine. And that's a simple thing anyone who prays or lights candles in church feels that. So ... then you are faced with the fact this human society doesn't care about God or religion and just does it's crazy shit and you don't want to live like that. So you need protection structure church path .. you need organisation, because you are not wanting to live like everyone else just going round until the grave. No. Therefore you need to face the harsh reality of human society and give yourself a solid boundary, which is where every Muslim has a large boundary around them. They are muslims, they pray they limit their mixing, they adhere follow believe and thrust themselves into the Islam. That is their path, it is the best the only way. Same for any real Jew or real Christian. They adhere close, they stay close to the church, they pray every day and their friends are mostly Christian and they limit the world. So that's why their religion is the best. Now some donkey can stand outside and say ... oh mate, you are the best and he is the best and they are the best ... ooooh ... it's not logical ha ha ha ha These kinds of people never had any introduction to any religion. You can certainly be a good person without being religious, but standing back I'm afraid that you will see that the being a good person has much more to do with the TV than with reality. Each religion has a set of practices, they have been designed and improved over centuries in order to literally transform the substance of your body being and soul so that you will go to Heaven. Literally. It changes the energetic structure of the subtle body and and initiates a higher type of conscious and subconscious intelligence all of which means that you no longer live at the level of general humanity. Anglo cultures like yours they are the most recent Empire given the world its languages, they are rich. And like Jesus said it is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the gates ... because rich people think they have everything already. Problem is when it's time to die ... the bullshit runs out quite quickly, you won't be taking your pergola anywhere.
  4. The more conscious you are the less this kind of thing happens. The astral plane is the subconscious plane meaning it is full of subconscious creatures and is a world of mist and shadows and strange creatures. Nobody is conscious there and so it is trouble. Some people want to open the door there because it is exciting but it is not the kind of excitement you want.
  5. I saw one of the census drones walking up and down the road with fluorescent jacket on no doubt knocking on doors and harrassing people
  6. This is all marxist manifesto. Everything become "democracy" and the sheep roll into the polling booths and instead of voting for parties they vote instead on "issues" a whole list of issues. And this is "direct democracy". And what happens is that people do exactly what either the BBC or Russell Brand said yesterday. Such ideas come up during the decline of a society when there is enough plastic money and moral degeneracy around so everyone gives up and the society starts to slide. I think it says that in the Kali Yuga there will be no more schools, just hospitals. Freedom is something that comes from effort, wisdom, education, leadership and so on. If society stops all you will see is violence. Society is 3 meals away from civil war it is said. I used to have those left wing dreams of direct democracy. But I see now that humans are .... you see what it is with people walking around with their joggers round their arse and teaching kids transexualism ... this is exactly what they will do. And whilst the plastic money continues to flow everyone can get drunk. Then it will stop because someone will call in a debt and not be satisfied with plastic money. Then society will stop go into a police state, and then it will collapse and large numbers of people will die. And then one day a society which is "relatively normal" will start again. And that society will work in the only way a society can work which is ... man is man, woman is woman, everyone does there job and does their best and tries to support their leaders. Only this kind of society can work. And in Britain were people are so rich ... they are only rich because their ancestors lived like that. But ... the problem is of course, corruption lying and stupidity. Well human beings on Earth are at this slender level of consciousness. It's pretty ugly and unhappy. But let's say between hell and heaven there is a place, a world, where there is enough light for it to look like a good place ... but if you look closely you see a lot of corruption. This is our world. How to live here? Try to be good, make progress, don't be naive, forgive others their debts, move on. It won't last forever.
  7. Where is God? One thing is for sure he's not rushing to alleviate the human suffering. Maybe he figures they need it or deserve it. Or maybe thinks it's the price for living at all. Often I hear people talk about the meaning of life or spiritual meaning. But I don't think there is one unless you make it. In other words the only meaning there is ... is the meaning that you personally can work out. It's all up to you. Otherwise there is no meaning. Which means that you personally have to investigate learn and understand things, which takes time and effort and love. Otherwise there is no meaning, there is no prepared meaning. Meaning means that you have to know something. My teacher he said he went to the holiest place in India, Mount Kailash, which is in a barren region you have to drive there for days with no supplies and up there is this holy mountain and holy lake. He said he went twice to meet Shiva ... and there was nothing there. The kingdom of god is within, meaning that when you become a Conscious being it happens inside of you. There is a great deal of work to do. Most people never do any, are unaware of any method of doing that work. Mostly spirituality on this planet is just people talking and having ideas or "feeling something". Well it's not going anywhere, it won't save you being thrown into a hole in the ground. The methods of transformation, for instance the Catholic Rosary which is a prayer with 50 hail marys and 5 our fathers etc.. in it, or vipassana meditation, or the vigyan bhairav tantra methods .... these must be applied and done for years. A teacher who can show you how is the most important thing, because that's the only way you can learn. It has to be shown by another person. Living in Britain, a place where nobody does anything except check rightmove and people are obsessed with waiting calmly whilst they slowly die, and at the same time are completely up their own arse ... there is very little chance.
  8. If we are so free how can there be a spell? And what is the point of being so free when someone can cast a spell on you? Doesn't make sense does it. Look human beings are very confused, but basically everything is earned. You don't get to be magic god man for nothing. You must work, learn, grow ... all the practice, the meditation, energy work, prayer, devotion ... so many practices ... these change your substance. Any person can say I am magic god man ... so can a monkey, but are not. You can sense something from the beyond, but you are not beyond. To be beyond you must change your substance that is what the paths and techniques are for. That is literal change your substance and you will live in a higher world and become immortal. If not, if you lived in this world then you stay here or die here. Nothing is for free. You can look at the mountain, but to climb is hard work. Just read the testimony of so many saints and sages ... they were close to death on their treacherous unforgiving journey. As my vipassana teacher said to me ... "it doesn't matter if you die for it, it doesn't matter if you die here in the hall" ... because you are dead anyway. So yes it is good if you can feel something higher, if you can see the sun shining from the peaks ... but you are still here watching and you are in danger. You reap what you sow. If you want it you must deserve it like all those who struggled so hard, who woke up at 3am and began praying every day. They were brave men and women, hidden away. And when they died, they did not die.
  9. I ... used to think that, but I think it is wrong. If we were under a wicked spell we could all happily kill ourselves and everything turn out okay. But in fact that would not work and I'll tell you why. What is the universe trying to do? As we see there are many little bits, dogs, cats, armadillos ... the universal energy is splitting up into little bits, and it has also created a school (this universe is the school) and slowly these little bits are evolving and getting smarter. And so when the universal consciousness is inside an armadillo it can be formed into a little being. Which is like a miniature of God, in a small box called the body. And over time these small boxes are evolving so that they are more like God and have more functions. In the old days it was only bacteria which are very small boxes. So ... what I am as a human being is a contained for God's energy. Now if I break the container all of the universal consciousness flows back into the soup, dissolve and stir around. And nothing happened. And that's okay. However if I treat my human life as a passage then when I come out of the other side I am formed into a soul. When my body dies I also go back into the soup ... but I do not dissolve because I have been fused. My journey as a human has fused me into a soul that will never dissolver and is then immortal. So two kinds of humans exist, those who are like animals who are not fusing - when they did they go back in the soup and are never themselves gain, they dissolve. And those that do fuse. Those never dissolve again and they are immortal. This is why human life is not a joke and many things must be learnt here. You can say "we are all universal love" ... well it's true but we need better explnations. We are here to fuse ... or at least whilst he we can fuse. Now the problem with this world is that humans are getting closer to the fusion point ... in the animal world it is very rare for those creatures to fuse, very few are immortal. But for humans it is possible and so there is a desperate struggle to make it happen. Around us are many confused humans who have no good instructions. And many animal humans and many other creatures. It is chaotic. Only the brave cut straight through.
  10. Matthew 10 http://www.drbo.org/chapter/47010.htm Luke 22 http://drbo.org/chapter/49022.htm
  11. @Mr H A good answer from you would have been ... okay let me go check those verses in Matthew and Luke and see if I can understand a bit better what he was trying to say. That would have been a good answer. But you did give a good answer because you are not interested in Jesus or Buddha.
  12. What do you know of Jesus or Buddha? You say what most people would say ... you don't act very Jesusy do you. But how do you know? Did you study them? For instance Jesus says: Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. Not the Jesus you know hun ... But these statements are in the Gospels, not hidden. Matthew 10 and Luke 22. So the question is why is the Jesus you were taught about so gey? So cowardly and sitting quietly doing nothing? Why? Because the people who taught you want to destroy you. And it is the same with all traditions. So all that 'you don't act' like Jesus stuff comes from your education to be a slave.
  13. I don't really think this is gonna work. I know one guy "Shawn James" he is building himself a big homestead in Canada, he works 12 hours a day with an axe and saw, good worker ... but it's not for everyone and he has millions of subscribers on youtube and gets big cash from them. For most people ... I still think better to go to an Intentional Community. Or if you really want to leave become a Buddhist and go into a Zen monastery. Struggling in a wet camper whilst trying to grow a few potatoes ... well if you want to make it work you have to work really hard and have equipment expertise and really want it .. not to escape but just because you like the wild. Expect to be strong and fit and work many hours in many areas, food, hunting, as well as driving into to town to get supplies and fix the boiler, mend the roof, learn about solar power systems, water and drainage. It's not a joke it's hard work and lot to learn. Other option is to look for job in quiet part of the world and just live low profile and get some organic food or something. It's also important to have real interests and cultivate yourself, you skills, learn an instrument, read philosophy ... or something because living far away growing your own food does not mean you are going anywhere inside. And always remember that the degenerate psycho sheep that run the world do get sick of themselves and straighten themselves out into a reasonable society at some point.
  14. Well you are repeating nonsense from these donkeys ... repeating nonsense will do you a lot more harm in the long run than any flu. That's a fact. SarsCov2 is a relatively typical respiratory virus (let's assume it exists) like countless others that circulate the globe and always have. The death rate last year was so low that 2020 is in the 13 best years ever in the UK, I believe it is No 13 best year out of 181 years on record. One great danger of vaccines, vaccinated people, and staying at home is that your immune system becomes weak from lack of use. Lack of use is the most dangerous thing. It's like you stay in a plastic bubble and then one day you go out into the real world and there are colds and flus and shit everywhere .... what do you think is going to happen? Your immune system that you need to live on Earth must be used, must get infected and fight off infection. So you should go everywhere. As for you dumb inlaws ... it is true that they are likely to be sicker than normal people in the future because the "vaccines" damage their immune system in the long run. So treat them as people who are prone to be sicker than others because they messed up their natural immune system, and make a call. If they are stupid enough to go and have more injections I suggest you lose their phone number, they are the kind of people that will damage your life.
  15. What is good is to know how life should be lived. It is difficult to ignore the degenerates around you but ... it can be done, then you live in another world the real world.
  16. On the other hand British people are so dumb they often seem not to be worth saving. My shelves are filled with books on the British Raj a time when British people did have some balls ... but today I listened to two white British women discuss their "refugees" ... apparently it is a badge of honour to have a refugee at home. I know lots of interesting and alive people in this country ... but none of them are of British stock, they are all 1st/2nd/3rd generation immigrants. Some of my white British friends are salt of the earth, meaning they live normally, and I like them the best. But most are busy taking up the backside as a virtue. This country is exactly what it is, I am bored of trying to remember something real to these losers. They are not the same as their ancestors. British people are starting to remind me of "The Jews" .. they are so unlike their ancestors, betray themselves and their traditions, that they do not merit the badge. I don't know who these people are, losers are losers even if there is a country full of them.
  17. Do you know the story of the Buddha, how he began his journey. It was because he switched of the part of him that had been programmed into him ... the part of him to not be negative and keep smiling. He switched it off one day and with a shock he saw the true state of human beings. It was a shock for him. Most people receive with their education that evil thing to pretend you are happy. But one day he switched it off. Then he woke up with a shock. And he never went back, he chose to be real to see human misery insincerity insanity greed and despair for what it was. And he walked out and he sought an answer. And after a great deal for courageous effort, he found the answer. Don't you see how you point to another TV character for your hope. Jesus wept at this world.
  18. @Grumpy Owl I am not talking about the situation from that level. If you take a big step back and observe what mankind is actually about ... then perhaps you will understand what the saints and sages have spoken about. This is not necessarily to blame anyone, you have to separate insanity and degeneracy from blame. But if you consider that very few people do anything about the obvious fact they will be thrown in a hole one day ... and you come to the conclusion that there are precious few people to talk to about this. Talk they can, but they are not actually interested, just like a sheep in a field would not be interested. Very strange world indeed.
  19. I was listening this morning to an old esoteric master ... he says that because humans no longer partake in their divine life and choose to live like animals then they function very badly inside with many unused energies which end up after some time manifesting as disease, and that this is the origin of cancer. If you don't use it you .... those things you don't use don't just sit there. Anyway I think we can forget living in this world according to the BBC's ideas and then trying to be healthy. Human beings are lost. Looking at them sadly walking through the street with their asses hanging out their joggers and so many weird evil ideas in their heads ... how can these people ever be healthy. First - you have to care not to live like worms. A total shift in perception of yourself.
  20. @CosmoGenesis Good picture, microcosm of the macrocosm
  21. Actually I buy "Black Soap" on Ebay a dozen at a time, it's about £1.20 for150g - cheap and really good quality. It's African origin, bit like the Indian ones full of herbs and spices ... but the Indian stuff is expensive nowadays. Dudu Osun brand. I also went through a phase of just using olive oil like the Romans , put some on a face towel and wipe the body under the shower ... even the scalp - had short hair back then. Was really good although the shower tray gets oily. But yeah no problem at all.
  22. Once somebody is born in a vat of poison, taught from a young age and by his parents teachers and the BBC ... that cutting your dick off is a valid "lifestyle" choice .... How can you speak to people like that? There is nothing there. You have wait until they are gone, and start over.
  23. I used to like that coal tar soap ... but I think they had to change the recipe because of the EU
  24. @Seconal So ... how old are you ... whats the number? Do you want me to take guess?
  25. I was thinking about this total c***s****er this morning. I've been wondering why all the men in Britain are gey these days. Was it that in WW1 and WW2 ... all the brave and intelligent men went to war leaving only the vermin to breed afterwards? Meanwhile ... let's talk about everyone's favourite .... "The Jews" ... trademark applied for. Yeah well wasn't it King Henry the VIIIth or some old fat git who couldn't lift a sword in his fat retarded hand and instead made a little party trick of being in debt to the banking houses so he could drink and whore ... just a little more ... which ended up in the Balfour Declaration where the British People were totally betrayed and change Britain from a Christian country to a Jewish one overnight. Britain was betrayed by its own people ... its own goddam monarchy. Gone were the days when these guys would be the first in the line of battle. Nah, they are too busy in Brighton taking up the arse and getting the bankers to pay for it. And let's not forget King Henry the fk head had bent British Christianity so he could betray a few more wives to make his royal fat arse feel a little less sorry for itself.
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